Awkward Pause – Nancy Pelosi Denies Meeting Sergey Kislyak, However Photo Reveals She Has…

There was an awkward pause during a Q&A session today, which led to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi replying she’d never met with the current Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak.   See Brief Video:

However, a photo from Pelosi’s 2010 meeting with Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev shows Sergey Kislyak at the table across from Pelosi.


Whoopsie daisy…

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86 Responses to Awkward Pause – Nancy Pelosi Denies Meeting Sergey Kislyak, However Photo Reveals She Has…

  1. H.R. says:

    Nancy Pelosi has had bacon, eggs, and toast every morning for the past 40 years and yet she can’t remember what she had for breakfast this morning.

    Either that, or she was lying.

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  2. rsanchez1990 says:

    I expect Trump to tweet about the hot mic moment between Obama and Medvedev any minute now.

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  3. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    Seeing that tweet, it made me smile and reaffirmed why that is the man I voted for, that political pugilist, the Troll-master-in-chief…

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  4. Bryan Walk says:

    Take the both of them to the wood shed.

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  5. maga2016 says:

    she has mad cow disease

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  6. Paul Keller says:

    They should check on her regularly to ensure she’s not eating own feces for breakfast. open up the mental institutions again. Rehab/reeducation.

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  7. wizzum says:

    Why is it the POTUS job to do this, how many media outlets and congressmen/senators staff have this photo.

    FFS he shouldn’t have to do everybody’s jobs for them. He has a country to run.

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    • Landslide says:

      I hear you. I would imagine, though, that his staff (Bannon, Miller, Spicer, Scavino, etc.) are on top of the daily onslaught. They probably let him know the very latest and then he tweets about it. The tweets are MUCH more powerful, of course, coming from his account. Then there’s that workaholic thing…..he multi, multi, multi-tasks!

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    • Summer says:

      If you actually look below the picture, you will notice that it was posted by Politico first.

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    • Snail says:

      They don’t want him to Run the Country….that is the whole reason behind all of this !


  8. Ammo says:

    Please Refuge do some investigative research on why Pelosi and the Women’s Auxiliary of the KKK were allowed to attend President Trump’s address to both houses of congress. It should be very interesting since white is the color used to represent purity…false flag?

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  9. You know, I think she is a liar.

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  10. wyntre says:

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  11. wyntre says:

    Drudge Headlines, now, with pix of Botox Nan and Head Clown Schumer.

    History of Meeting and Exchanging Gifts…
    Basic Formula For Every ‘Shocking Revelation’…
    Prosecutor Obama promoted would oversee probes…
    FLASHBACK: Valerie Jarrett’s Daughter Hired At CNN To Cover Trump DOJ…


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  12. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    Dang!!! Ah luv muh President!!!!!!

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  13. oldgrunt68 says:

    In the meantime, the great Mattis does this…Eliana Johnson reports that some White House officials are opposing the selection by James Mattis of Anne Patterson for the position of undersecretary of defense for policy. The opposition reportedly stems mainly from Patterson’s actions as U.S. ambassador to Egypt in the Obama administration. Eliana explains: Patterson worked closely with former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and his Islamist government.

    This is all we need……Why is Trump using people from Obama’s admin…This makes no sense

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  14. StaleDale says:

    Atta boy Congrats to who ever dug up that photo of Nasty Nancy!
    Smart of POTUS to toss out both of these tweets before the 5pm weekend news!

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  15. Lucille says:

    The Deep State War on Trump
    Paul Joseph Watson

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  16. gary says:

    what a difference a day makes! 🙂

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  17. Sandy says:

    Botox Pelosi is senile. She doesn’t even know who the President is…what more is there to say except she is a LIAR and a Witch!

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  18. woohoowee says:

    Oh, Nancy…what have we here?

    By Eli Lake – The Washington Times – Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    Four leading House Republicans, citing national security concerns, are urging Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner to block the sale of a Wyoming-based uranium mine to an arm of the Russian government’s main nuclear agency.

    The lawmakers are raising alarm over the proposed sale of a Powder River Basin, Wyoming-based uranium processing facility operated by Uranium One USA, a Canadian-based company, to Atomredmetzoloto, a subsidiary of the Russian government agencyRosatom, according to a letter obtained Tuesday by The Washington Times.

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  19. beaujest says:

    Next question for Pelosi ,did you have the same Botox Doctor as Lurch Kerry ?

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  20. MIKE says:

    Aaaawww..kward… and incriminating! Vile woman, that Botoxi…

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  21. Pam says:

    She’s getting back just what she deserves for all of the lies she has spewed and is still spewing about Obamacare and their ridiculous witch hunt against POTUS and his cabinet. Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of their crew deserve a swift kick out the door.

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  22. georgiafl says:

    Obama and the Russians:

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  23. NJF says:


    On the radio today someone pointed out the coffee run pics took place in NY and Head Clown negotiated Luke Oil (gas stations) contracts with Putin. Big here in NY (I actually go there, so I guess I’m a Russian sympathizer!)

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  24. kinthenorthwest says:


    REPORT: Obama Administration Set Up Meeting Between Jeff Sessions And Russian Ambassador

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  25. Joe says:

    I demand Nancy Pelosi resign immediately.


    What am I saying?

    No. Forget that. Please don’t resign, Nancy.

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  26. freepetta says:


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  27. fedback says:

    Recommend a visit to Daily Mail and their Pelosi/Schumer articles.
    Great fun in the comments section

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  29. georgiafl says:

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  30. JoD says:

    When Miss Nancy denied ever meeting Kislyak, you could almost smell this one coming.
    Amb Kislyak has been all over DC for years. There was NO WAY that their paths haven’t crossed multiple times. Tick-tick-tick-tick….

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  31. allhail2 says:

    I have a friend that lives in Russia now. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little worried. Either the deep state is watching me, or my neighbor got a new black Suburban. Still running the matrix of options. Stay tuned. /s

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    • Political Reviewer says:

      You think you’ve got problems? HA! I’ve got you beat by a country mile. My grandparents were from Russia and came to the USA after WWII. My grandmother always believed their names were written in a book somewhere “just in case.” I can’t help but wonder if …Hold on. Knock at the door. BRB.

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  32. Paul Killinger says:

    I see the Boss is on this. Good!

    Now the Daily Caller is reporting the Russian Ambassador visited the Obama White House no less than 22 TIMES.

    Not to mention there’s a photo of him SITTING WITH THE DEMS during President Trump’s speech to Congress!

    So let’s DEPOSE THEM ALL, and we can start with how the Russians came to own 20% of our nation’s Uranium supply.

    Let’s ask Bill, Hillary and Obama, “What did you know, and when did you know it?

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  33. The Raven says:

    Something tells me that Nancy is about to claim dementia…

    “I don’t recall…I can’t remember…”

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  34. TreeperInTraining says:

    The Russians Love Their Children, Too….



  35. E C says:

    I think SNL can cut back on the comedy writers. There’s enough material here to last them for eight years.


  36. toriangirl says:

    Folk wisdom (no one tell the Democrats, GOPe, uniparty), don’t throw a candle flame at someone holding a flame thrower. Unwise.


  37. kinthenorthwest says:

    Russian Ambassador Kislyak Met With Obama White House 22 Times – Dems Silent


  38. JAS says:

    I am ROFLMAO!! This is sooo good. They all forgot their glass roofs!!

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  39. Curry Worsham says:

    How about the REALLY WEIRD pause at 1:05 of the linked politico video? She says “…when these meetings were occurring with not just……..[i..2..3..4..5]………. he’s still Attorney General Sessions”. She looks like she ate a bug.

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  40. What makes me the most angry about deflection of Hillary and Obamer actual (treason) relationship with Russia is Obama and Hillary arming ISIS, that is what must be investigated. That is the crime against humanity…Oh and don’t forget their close ties to Muslim Brotherhood. And our uni-party senate and congress is not talking about??? Russians and Trump…we actually live in twilight zone.

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  41. Jarvis says:

    The Shadow Gov strategy is to completely isolate and box in Trump in such a way that he is allowed to continue giving the appearance of being in charge but has in reality been emasculated. This seems to be the wish of the spooks, moles and subversives B’raq has embedded in the intelligence machinery. Only senile goofs like Pelosi and the other incompetent Democrat Clown Circus are making the nefarious plan far from seamless.
    I doubt B’raq is just loitering around D.C. out of sentimentality. He needs the physical proximity to keep in direct contact with his moles in the WH and/or IC — not gonna chance electronic surveillance or a phone tap.
    Someone please follow the comings and goings at the Kalorama mansion, even and especially secret service details and any other support staff. Someone is keeping The Dear (former) Leader apprised of sensitive goings on. I would especially note the duty logs of Secret Service personnel, in particular any recurring common duty by any given agent for both the ex and current POTUSes.


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