Governor Rick Perry Receives Presidential Commission as Energy Secretary (Video)…

Vice-President Mike Pence delivers the oath of office during the official swearing-in ceremony for Energy Secretary Rick Perry.


Rick Perry Cowboy

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57 Responses to Governor Rick Perry Receives Presidential Commission as Energy Secretary (Video)…

  1. Pam says:

    This was a very nice ceremony. Rick Perry gave a very eloquent speech about party unity, how POTUS tapped him for the position, and how he encouraged our VP to run for governor of Indiana.

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    • Justlurking14 says:

      Perry was as in his element as I have ever seen him.

      Fascinating that Cruz was in the room, getting that shout out.


  2. I didn’t realize he would be confirmed tonight. I thought it would be tomorrow morning. How do these guys end up with such lovely wives.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      In the case of Rick and Anita Perry, they were high school sweethearts.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      I’m sorry, but did anyone else notice the body language between Perry and his wife? They didn’t stand close together, she wouldn’t look him in the face when he was introduced by Pence, she basically frowned at Perry when he cracked his little joke there right at the first. Either they had just had a big fight or she is mad as hell that he has signed on for yet another stint in public service. Very uncomfortable….but then, I could be completely wrong.


      • Beverly says:

        I noticed that, too. Let’s hope they just had a little spat last night. 😉


        • Mrs. Perry looked strained, tired. Perhaps they caught a last minute flight to D.C. It seems the timing of the vote was a surprise one, somehow Turtle shifted into gear to get the votes done for The Gov and Doc Carson.

          BTW, Mrs. Carson as always looked devoted and upbeat. I find her interesting. I think they will do some super things as a couple, with his new role.

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  3. Rob says:

    An excellent pick IMO. He just might bring some common sense to the DOE and EPA.

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    • R-C says:

      Agreed. The Dept of Energy is in dire need of COMMON SENSE. It is all too often placed into the hands of an academic who knows little outside the narrow field of study, and such academics generally have NO clue how to lead an organization as large as DoE.

      Perry is a proven chief executive whose state has a large stake in our nation’s energy production and distribution. He’ll get a handle on this bunch, the DoE, and bring them around.

      One note: EPA is a separate entity.

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  4. NHVoter says:

    I really like Rick Perry. I’m happy that he’s part of Trump’s cabinet.

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  5. Now THIS should be entertainment!

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  6. Pigg says:

    Maybe now I want be forced to buy that high efficient appliance that cost twice as much, takes twice as long to do the job and breaks down in half the time.

    Good luck Rick, shut this down like you promised so many years ago.

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  7. auscitizenmom says:

    I have always liked Rick Perry. And, I think he is pretty good looking. And, I liked what he said.

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  8. 3.2.1…He spoke 2 the Russians!

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  9. CharterOakie says:

    Very inspired and inspiring remarks by Perry. Good man.

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  10. andi lee says:

    Hm. Sober. Great work, Mrs. Perry, you look exhausted.

    Congratulations, Governor and Anita Perry! Texas pride! Very nice speech, Governor. Teamwork! 👀

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  11. wheatietoo says:

    Perry is a good man, an Eagle Scout as a boy.
    He will do a great job as Energy Secretary, I have no doubt.

    Maybe now we can get a couple of new Refineries!

    We need more refineries…and have needed them for decades.
    That is how we can keep the price of gasoline down.

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  12. Disgusted says:

    Another happy and hopefully day in America. Thank you. So much to look forward to this Spring, Summer. And, also, Hilary ain’t in charge of anything!!!!!!!!!Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Whew.

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  13. Mr. Morris says:

    Congratulations Gov. Perry, I know you will make us proud.

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  14. Willy says:

    One of his biggest problems is what to do with nuclear waste. As we saw at Fukishima, hundreds of tons of this incredibly dangerous stuff was stored next to the reactor, since for the last 50 years the environmentalists have prevented a storage plan. It’s time to fix this problem, before another disaster takes place. Sec. Perry, go for it!

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  15. Pam says:

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    • Jake says:

      We were worried about you, Dave. You’ve been indispensable with senate confirmation info. This was a good surprise, though. Carson and Perry both confirmed. Hope you had a fun afternoon.

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  16. Pam says:

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  17. got243kids says:

    Lets see: Rick Perry and T-Rex… Sounds to me like Turbines and Solar-in-dra’ are a bygone error! Long live coal, nuclear, ‘crude’ oil and natural gas. And they can kiss my assets on the make-believe Joseph ‘Al’ Gore-ables queen energy alarmist industry! Carbon, it’s what’s for dinner!

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  18. Pam says:

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  19. Joe Collins says:

    Can we have our Incandescent light bulbs back now?

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    • ladysforest says:

      How many ya need? 😉

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    • Didn’t Congress do that? on the light bulbs?


      • WhatDoesThisButtonDo says:

        In 2014 Congress put a measure into the budget that barred the Department of Energy from spending money to enforce the bulb efficiency standards. Those standards are still there. Halogen incandescents currently meet those but in 2020 the next phase of those standards kick in and unless halogen technology gets more efficient by then those will be phased out too.


  20. This is so great! I really needed good news today, the break through of Gov. Rick Perry and Dr. Ben Carson *finally* taking office was just the thing! Now let’s figure out how to help President Trump, Jeff Sessions, and the rest of the his team!

    I’m desperate like so many people at CTH to help the WH team beat back the efforts of the horrible people attempting to permanently disrupt Trump’s inner team. I’m not content with pointing out how hypocritical the Dems and msm are… it’s all old, repeated blah, blah…

    And, I’m afraid of what Obama and his IC / shadow government leftovers are preparing to do. I wish the WH social media leads would organize Trump supporters to go on the offensive! What to do? What *can* we do?

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    • Piper says:

      Trump needs to have Obama arrested for the incredibly long list of unconstitutional, traitorous actions he took as pres- he has GOT to get a handle on this stuff quickly! The Russian thing is nothing but an Alinsky tactic and I have had enough! Even Prrsident Trumps advisors are telling him to get rid of ALL odungpile’s appointees. I wrote Trump tonight and told him I am in full support of WHATEVER he has to do to get rid of them! I wouldn’t care if he had everyone of them rounded up and put in front of a firing squad- my patience is at an end- I’m officially wanting to see these people’s blood run in the streets. Yes, I know how evil that sounds, but I no longer care. Obutthole is the devil and I want to see him destroyed, along with the clintons and Soros! Throw zuckerburg and gates in there too!

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  21. I used to hate this guy but I have come around on him.

    ALMOST everyone who is willing to follow Donald, regardless of their past sins, deserves forgiveness.

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  22. rsanchez1990 says:

    I love his impression of Donald Trump, ha! “Perry […] I want you to do to American Energy what you did to Texas.” I can believe Trump said that and I wholeheartedly agree. Texas leads the nation in energy development and we may truly achieve energy independence with Rick Perry leading the DOE.

    I just hope Perry is happy that he’ll work himself out of a job soon! No better opportunity to shutter the DOE than this one, and no better way to do it than to make it irrelevant.

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  23. blazingnash says:

    It is just so incredibly awesome to have such classy adults back in the white house.


  24. Betty says:

    I thought it looked like the Governor’s back is still bothering him, does anyone know?


  25. Beverly says:

    I have an idea for our President: He and all his officials should throw a YUUGE garden party at the White House for all the Russians and have all his staff and cabinet there: and invite all the a*****e media clowns: and he should stand up and propose a toast “to our Russian friends: Now we’ve ALL talked to them!!!! any questions, mediots?”

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  26. racerxx says:

    I like Rick Perry. Glad he found a spot in the Administration.


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