VIDEO: First They Ignore You, Then…

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. ~ Gandhi

Walking in a Winner Wonderland – WATCH:


…“and we will win, and you will win, and we will keep on winning, and eventually you will say we can’t take all of this winning, …please Mr. Trump …and I will say, NO, we will win, and we will keep on winning” !…

~ Donald J Trump


….”Complicated Business Folks, Complicated Business”…

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272 Responses to VIDEO: First They Ignore You, Then…

  1. Raffaella says:

    Here is my explanation: Self-Preservation by MSM

    From the moment our President stepped in last night he looked so amazing and Presidential and then delivered one of the most amazing speeches any President has given while the whole county and world was watching – MSM would have looked more ridiculous and irrelevant if they trashed him last night. Their reaction was self preservation more than any thing else.

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  2. Dudley says:

    Have you ever stood on holy ground and had someone desecrate it. The dissonance is shocking to one’s spiritual sense. President Trump raises up a God Blessed America while the Democrats spit on the flag. You don’t have to be a Christian to feel the effect, but it you are Christian the effect hits your vital organs, your spiritual center. Most people don’t gravitate to those who desecrate. Those who desecrate cannot hide their evil actions. God is shining a light through our new President. I praise God for what is He is doing.

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  3. LEET says:

    I take umbridge at Van Jones asinine comment that Trump “became” President of the United States at a specific moment in last nights speech. NO! He became president when the PEOPLE ELECTED HIM AND HE BECAME PRESIDENT on January 20th when he was inagurated.

    I don’t trust the press whatsoever and I think they KNOW they are turning off the majority of the country and most people have tuned the MSM out. They are merely attempting to be relevant again.

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    • 4bleu says:

      Hmm. To take this point further: How many people felt better or vindicated when they heard all the ‘presidential’ talk last night from the usual suspects in the hostile media? An employee who used to work for Obama, Van Jones, makes the transformative assessment? period.

      But exactly like you said, President Trump was 100% vindicated by being elected and sworn in as POTUS January 20th.

      Back to the ‘battered conservative’ problem.
      So, the media conditioning/grooming to get people to accept that the Left has the period word on all things needs to be consciously identified and rejected every time it rears its dishonest little head.
      Like you said: “NO! He became president when the PEOPLE ELECTED HIM AND HE BECAME PRESIDENT on January 20th when he was inaugurated.”

      So who the h*ll are these pompous people who have simple jobs suddenly pontificating to announce their stamp of authenticity approval on President Trump? He didn’t need their ‘approval’ or ‘vote’ to win, did he? Who of the people needs this useless input? The approval train left the station in January and from then through the end of February they’re saying they’ve been hanging in the waiting lounge, not even on the platform.

      So, yeah, stuff the ‘approval’ talk. Just the sound of buzzing knats. The People didn’t just say Trump is president, they VOTED their approval that he earned the job.

      Not just a wimpy little period, but as they used to use in telegrams – STOP for end of sentence and for the end of message: FULL STOP. President Trump has been POTUS since January 20, 2017 The People have decided. FULL STOP.

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  4. Bob Thoms says:

    Nice touch for the President to start off with an acknowledgement thank you to Melania.

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  5. Athena the Warrior says:

    I guess the Swamp Media is trying to save face because they are continuing this falsehood about President Trump softening his position on illegals. He did no such thing last night. The section on immigration was nearly the same as his AZ immigration speech except for adding merit based immigration. I think around # 7 or #8, he stated that immigration reform would be tackled. This was after getting the criminals out, cleaning up the visa abuse.

    They are so desperate to divide us they will just make up things that he didn’t say.

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  6. aprilyn43 says:

    Hey … a little off topic but I need to know.
    The liberals are saying that there’s a White House video that proves the video showing Democrats, Debbie Wasserman Schultz & Keith Ellison, “Sitting & not clapping” for the the widow or the slain Navy Seal, is FAKE NEWS.
    Anybody have the answer ???

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    • aprilyn43 says:

      I’m just looking for the truth

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    • aqua says:

      I was watching Fox last night, and at one point, they scanned, and it was clear Shultz and Ellison were not standing, and not clapping. I had tears in my eyes, and they just sat there. Horrible people.

      Fox did a great job of showing the full pan of the crowd throughout the speeches, by the way. Many of those in white sat, talked, and were generally disrespectful throughout the event. If anyone finds a list of them, please post.

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    • Maggiemoowho says:

      Her and Ellison stood for the first ovation but quickly sat down. During the long ovation, they were sitting when the crowed was shown. You can see them sitting around the 55:46 into the video. In all fairness though, you can’t see if they did that quick sit stand thing that they did for Mrs. Owens first ovation. Either way, it’s very disrespectful of them not stand for the entire ovation.
      You can bet they stood for the entire ovation that the Dems gave to those pathetic mothers who lie and ruin good officers lives, because they want to make a buck of their dead crime committing kid.


  7. mazziflol says:

    Except…On January 20th, in that moment in when Trump actually became President. They just finally came to accept that fact, last night.

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  8. Publius2016 says:

    The MSM like Wiley Coyote is laying its next elaborate trap. It will not matter. President Trump will continue to grow stronger. Today another member of his “Team of Patriots” (not rivals) was added. Tomorrow, Dr. Carson…With Commerce, State and Treasury, moving mountains, Our President will begin overseeing construction of the “Great Wall” to be completed before our Quarter Millenial Celebration! If the stars align, we may see our footprints on Mars as well. Believe in power of positive thinking. MAGA!

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  9. louche9 says:

    If I were one of the “witches” who wasted my time casting a spell on President Trump a few nights ago, I’d be looking for a refund on my eye of newt.

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  10. jackphatz says:

    Tomorrow, they will be back to being there normal nasty selves, lost to their oblivion. For now I’m going to watch that video again!!

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  11. All American Snowflake says:

    After all the that fake news and untruthful polls the media had a change of heart? Was it because their ratings were sinking like a lead balloon? I find it difficult to believe anything the swamp media says because that like a juicy worm on a fish hook there is going to be a lot of flip flopping when we take the bait.
    FYI the Greek word “beguile” translates “fish bait.”
    /eksapatáō (“deceived into illusion”) emphasizes the end-impact of deception – i.e. missing true reality because “biting on the bait that brings the hook!”

    [As an intensified form of 538 (apatáō), 1818 (eksapatáō) means, “thoroughly taken in – biting the bait that hides the hook!”]

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    • Wayne Robinson says:

      Snowflake thank you . You sent me to find my STRONDS/ I haven’t opened it in years . Thank you for challenging all of us to use our brains

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  12. Pam says:

    You know it killed all of these MSM snowflakes to give POTUS his due. Yes, winning feels good. 😀

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    • guitar107 says:

      But I noticed that their praise is not sincere… PDJT gave a great speech, but… this is his New Tone, he became President at that moment, the best speech of his shooooort political career, etc etc…

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  13. I find it galling, the Media is calling President Trump’s address a ‘New Tone’. These are the same words and themes he’s been talking about since day one. But I guess they, the lying Media have no choice but to backpedal here.

    I don’t recall the line but it was right out of the President’s inauguration speech, word for word and Jonathon Karl on ABC said ‘This is new’. I was like, what now?

    Narratives of course, are why these people are Fake News…

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    • Zennalou says:

      I’m so glad you posted this, as I thought perhaps I had gone senile. Where have they been for the last year and a half? I thought his message was the exact same.

      I think this all a ploy! They have finally realized they aren’t getting anywhere with vinegar, they will try some sugar, spice, and everything nice to get what they want. They want a lot, but this ploy is to get him to soften on amnesty! The old we like you, we think you are doing a great job, you have a kind heart, and we know anyone with a kind heart would compromise on amnesty. Wait for it!

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  14. The Renegade says:

    President Trump just solidified his power and authority and sealed himself as a true Force of Nature.The Ebenezer Church Democrats in white damn well knew it to and skeedattled once he finished. They were shamed as they should be after seeing an American President lead from the front! Godspeed President Trump!!

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  15. TwoLaine says:

    I think they all had their first true TRUMPgasm. For real, this time. 😉

    They’ve been waiting for a long time. And you know what they say, once you’ve had one… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  16. roy1982blog says:

    Funny cause to us, this was just another Trump Rally!!!

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  17. Naslod says:

    I kept thinking… wonder what stupid Madonna, or Crazy Ashley Judd, or old Meryl Streep responded to last night… good ole hollyweird.

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  18. Ejay says:

    Thank you for your sacrifice and service, President Trump! Am trying to do my small part, also! I just incurred additional inconvenience and expense, this afternoon, to NOT purchase Starbucks coffee beans for my espresso machine. Just one of the many purchasing habits I’ve changed. No Starbucks, no Macy’s, no Target, no Nordstrom, no Kellogg’s, no Penzey’s. Can’t wait to see the hit Nordstrom stock will take from lost sales for Easter, Spring and Summer weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations…. all of those occasions celebrated by CONSERVATIVES through clothing and gift purchases. Any other CEO’s want to open their big fat liberal mouths to insult us???

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  19. Sandra says:

    When logging out of my Yahoo email account I was confronted with the usual array of anti-Trump stories, including one about Melania wearing an expensive outfit at the SOTU speech (or whatever it was called). Unlike Hillary who made her money by selling out citizens, or Mooch who with her husband won the affirmative action lottery, President Trump and his lovely wife are wealthy from hard work. Melania has been dressing like that for many years, she’s not grifter riche like Hillary or Mooch.

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  20. Mike diamond says:

    The press needs to know the american people are no longer listening to their fake news ! If they don’t get on board the trump train they will be left with no money from sponsors!!!!


  21. Texas Senator John Cornyn, Senate Majority Whip, came out against the border wall tonight on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News. We all knew that the Republican leadership(GOPe) is against the Trump immigration agenda, and this confirmed it. Truly a shocking interview!

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  22. JBrickley says:

    For most of the Left this is the first time they actually heard what Trump said outside cherry picked sound bites. It’s not like they ever streamed one of his rallies or paid him any mind. If they did watch a rally they bashed his simplified speech patterns which is how he speaks without a prepared speech. This time he had a prepared speech one that was a collaborative and focused address. But it was clear he believed in it. On the drive over he had his reading light on and the speech in his hands and he was practicing and clearly he was pumped about it. He was on fire over the speech.

    The Left is accustomed to regurgitating talking points handed down from on high. This is why the name calling kept rolling. They were told these horrible things and just parroted them over and over. The Big Brother narrative must be repeated. Saint Alinksky says we must repeat the lie until it is believed. The main population of Democrats are useful idiots, especially the protestors, organizers, and news media, etc. There is no critical thinking. They think what they are told to think.

    The brains behind the operation are like this:


  23. NvMtnOldman says:

    I am so sick of the talk about “being presidential”. I’ve asked libs.conservatives/ind what that means and they all relate to JFK,Reagan/amd even Obozo. I think that this speech and his work ethic are the exact definition of “being presidential”. Compare this to anything Obozo did and you will see what I mean.


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