*Updated* Good Golly – Vice President Mike Pence Was Everywhere Today…

update-1Updated below to add Interview #8 (Greta Van Susteren), and Interview #9 Sean Hannity (radio)

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Veep hit as many news broadcasts, radio and TV, in a single day, as Vice President Mike Pence did today covering literally tens of millions of viewers and listeners.

Gee Wally, it’s as if the communications team knew President Trump was going to leave a jaw dropping speech impact that would necessitate much advance planning and scheduling for discussion. “As if”…  {{snicker}}

Interview Number One – MSNBC Morning Joe:


Interview Number Two – Fox and Friends:


Interview Number Three – ABC Good Morning America


Interview Number Four – NBC Today Show


Interview Number Five – Laura Ingraham (Radio)


Interview Number Six – Rush Limbaugh (Radio)


Interview Number Seven – Michael Savage (Radio)


Interview Number Eight – MNSBC Greta Van Susteren


Interview Number Nine – Sean Hannity (Radio)

All Day Long, Legacy Media Be Like:

…What this? ..this winning you speak of…

2001 SPACE ODYSEYtrump-pence-8trump-complicated-business

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193 Responses to *Updated* Good Golly – Vice President Mike Pence Was Everywhere Today…

  1. I enjoy the Von Neumann monolith. Good stuff sundance!


  2. Kaco says:

    Feeling more at ease again with VP Pence after last week’s scare. He seemed very supportive of P Trump.


  3. Bob says:

    Very impressive amount of energy the Pence is putting into this! I couldn’t last through the first interview.


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