President Trump Speech to Joint Session of Congress – 9:00pm Live Stream *Video Added*


Tonight at 9:00pm EST, in lieu of the traditional State of the Union address, President Donald Trump will deliver a national speech to a joint session of congress outlining his perspectives, policies and forward-viewing objectives.

The speech is being carried live by all broadcast networks beginning at 9:00pm Eastern Time, and we have some live stream option/links below: Update – Video Added

RSBN Live StreamFox10 Live StreamAlternate Live stream#3 Alternate Live stream#4



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1,862 Responses to President Trump Speech to Joint Session of Congress – 9:00pm Live Stream *Video Added*

  1. 4bleu says:

    Gee. we’re all getting educated at Trump University!

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  2. kimosaabe says:

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  3. regrulz says:

    Did anyone notice that Paul Ryan did not clap when The Donald mentioned TPP.

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  4. SteveInCO says:

    Holy smokes, this is the eighteenth page of comments!

    Usually 1800 comments fits on like 6-8 pages.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I know! lol. I’m going to have to move onto other posts and come back later for this.

      I expected greatness from Trump tonight and that is exactly what I got. A merit based immigration system? Yes, please! I’ve been hoping for this all along. It will be interesting watching the mental gymnastics Dems will have to go through to speak against this although I do see Rachel Maddow jumped right in with #veryfakenews, lies & bashing of the deplorables disguised as praise for Trump.

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  5. The Boss says:

    Pelosi and her white-clad Mrs. Clean army took the slogan “I’m With Her” to an epic new low tonight. Way to make a statement Nan!

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  6. jparz says:

    President Trump was phenomenal!! I am so very, very proud of him!!
    The Dems looked so pretty, just sitting there, looking goofy in their white coats (or whatever they did). They spend so much time trying to get noticed as “resisting” they end up looking short-sighted and sullen.
    I cried along with many others when President Trump acknowledged the Navy Seal widow. Oh, just heartbreaking. God Bless her.

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  7. DebbieUK says:

    Melania has so much class..The white coats thing .In some cultures its for mourning but looks like they are mourning for their party after that speech.

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    • Wavetheshales says:

      Yep. With the DEMON(c)RATic Spirit-cooking, baby-killing witches, it couldn’t have been white for purity…..


  8. Beverly says:

    Did you all notice that President Trump hung the crashed and burning wreckage of our suffering economy around the neck of President Boyfriend? like a burning tire he did! it was masterfully done — he said, “We inherited a MESS. A MESS, folks.” and then went on to detail the huge disaster that Prez. B.O. was with a handful of shocking facts, each one landing like a daisy-cutter bomb. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM.

    I’ve been waiting for this one. All the normal Americans out there heard that loud and clear: it’s like the cops finally getting into a crack den that the neighbors have been calling about, and they come back out and say to the neighbors, “Well, folks, you were right — what they got in there is a MESS!”

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  9. SteveInCO says:

    I am watching it (I had to be elsewhere while it was live) now, just got through the part about Ryan Owens…add another to the list of people who couldn’t keep their eyes dry for that.

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  10. wodiej says:

    Inspiring and hopeful. The only thing I would have changed was saying the Lord’s Prayer before speaking. Then as a guest, Marlana VanHoose singing How Great Thou Art. For those that say no, freedom of religion-yes, you have the freedom to NOT pray, not NOT listen and to NOT be blessed. This nation prospers because we put our faith in God and that is the bottom line. I have lived long enough to see my share of pain and sorrow as well as blessings and hope. I believe.

    Thank you Sundance for every day starting your blog with God. I know of NO OTHER blog that does that.

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  11. missmarple2 says:

    I am getting ready to watch the speech again this morning. My pitiful internet system got hung up several times last night (I think there were too many people watching on line in my area) so I am very appreciative that the video is posted here so that I can re-watch this wonderful, historic and inspirational speech. Thanks, Sundance!

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  12. JLG 🇺🇸 says:

    What an awesome speech – What an AWESOME President! 🇺🇸


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