February 28th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #40

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,177 Responses to February 28th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #40

  1. truthandjustice says:

    Paul Ryan has won the support of President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Steve Bannon in his attempt to pass his border adjustment tax plan



  2. Landslide says:

    Quick, quick! Can someone please remind me of 3 facts about Ben Shapiro?! I have a friend who is listening to him, asking me about him, and all I know is that he is a huge never-Trumper. THANKS in advance!

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  3. Pam says:

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  4. Summer says:


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  5. jbrickley says:

    Busy day. Fox & Friends interview in the Oval Office, lunch with the enemy Press, revoked the Clean Water Rule, signed H.R. 321 & H.R. 255 Bills into law (Women for STEM), and he’s still got to give a prime time speech to Congress covering his budget and possibly huge cuts to various government agencies.

    The winning never stops, the work accelerates daily, the Congress better get their butts in gear and start passing some legislation or Trump will address the public to contact their representatives. Forget email, pick up the phone people it’s more effective.

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  6. muffyroberts says:

    Lou Dobbs has a special two hour episode, and I just tuned in at 5pm mountain. So we get stuck with Catuvo during the Congressional address.

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  7. nimrodman says:

    Ah, geez, Fox News yammering that “comprehensive” “Immigration reform” is in the works, “taking up where Gang of 8 left off”, yada yada

    Would “get them ALL out” be “comprehensive”? What am I missing?

    Why does “comprehensive” always seem to mean “amnesty”?

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  8. youme says:

    The Obama’s demand money for a life of endless wealth and luxury and this is how it is done:

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  10. JohnP says:

    CENTCOM posted pictures of women in the YPJ on twitter and now the turks are all upset.

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    • rashamon says:

      I think I saw (on RT?) that Erdogen is sweeping the religious personnel again, still looking for Gulen supporters. Is this true?


    • JohnP says:

      CENTCOM is no longer referring to the Syrian Defense Force, the term is now Syrian Arab Coalition. Nothing changes except now Erdogan can’t recruit saying that the US is going to hand Raqqah to the Kurds. (The Kurds don’t want Raqqah, they want to link their three cantons along Syria’a northern border and function semi-automously just like the Kurds in Iraq.)


  11. muffyroberts says:

    On Newsmax the top story is “Trump to fold on immigration” according to NYT.

    I logged in order to post; fake news folks by the failing NYT. But it got censored. We can’t say fake on Newsmax anymore. We can still say Faux news though.


    • Oldschool says:

      How about “flake news”?

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        • Trump had Trapper over for dinner yesterday and trapper quoted him. But NYT went on to make inferences about what reform has meant historically. Tonight, I heard Trump refer to an overhaul of the system from the ground up, meaning that we first take into consideration the potential immigrant’s ability to support himself or herself and family. An entirely different type of immigrant than we have known in decades. Those who contribute to our country instead of exploiting Americans. It’s all in the interpretation and NYT is, once again, spinning. Because that is what they do.


    • Michelle says:

      I highly doubt Trump would invite victims of illegal immigrant crimes only to “fold” on immigration.

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    • Howie says:

      I have neen doing a little research….DDD Report….5 year SOL once government is aware of illegal….Dreamers may be same legal status as ANCHOR BABY…This is not a simple nut to crack except for the WALLL!


    • TheOldBear says:

      Someone still reads Jebmax, they were crap 💩 after the first week of the primaries… Get a grip everyone…..


  12. citizen817 says:


  13. citizen817 says:

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  14. JohnP says:

    A postcard from Mosul.


  15. citizen817 says:

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  16. citizen817 says:

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  17. Tejas Rob says:

    What I heard was that the President is going to say we need to fix the immigration system and that will require compromise from both side. I’d be all for kicking every illegal out on their ear but we have to face facts, and one of those facts is that past politicians have allowed our economy to be reliant on their labor, so the President is in a precarious situation. He runs the risk of the economy tanking by throwing everyone out. But on the other hand we don’t want people here illegally either.

    So it’s not as simple as rounding all the illegals up and sending them back to where they came from. I’m ok with a certain type of “amnesty” for people who have been here a certain amount of time and haven’t committed crimes. This will have to include removing them from and not allowing them any public assistance until they become citizens. They would have to pay to go through the process of becoming legal with the requirement they become naturalized citizens within a certain time period. If they cannot provide documentation from their nation of origin of exactly who they are they will be deported and not allowed to participate. Anyone who doesn’t complete the process by a certain amount of time will automatically be deported.

    Once completing the process of becoming a legal resident they would be issued a card that would allow them to obtain a specific drivers license and insurance. Both will have an expiration date that coincides with the date they must become a citizen.

    I would be ok with something like this as long as it goes along with strict rules about completing the process or being deported, along with limiting future immigration and closing our borders, both our Southern one and the one at airports and tough voter id laws.


  18. citizen817 says:

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  19. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    Pres.Trump’s speech tonight.


  20. Hollywood Bungalow says:

    Important for the president tonight to not punch down. Congressional Dems will likely act like petulant children, which they are. However, tonight’s address is going to have monster ratings. It may be an opportunity for him to stay above the fray while also portraying strength and acting presidential.


  21. Hollywood Bungalow says:

    I would also like to see the President tell Congress to pick up the pace. I am already tired of the excuses coming from Congress. We control everything. Enough is enough. We should be able to get tax reform, an Obamacare replacement, and one other big ticket piece of legislation done prior to the mid-terms. The president continues to work at the speed of the private sector while Congress continues at the speed of government. Do Republicans not understand that if they don’t deliver on their commitments that they will be swept from office – by fellow republicans!


  22. nwtex says:

    Just heard (on radio) a few second audio of a totally possessed Rosie O’Donnell screaming her head off at protest in front of the WH today. Scary stuff. Sounded like a glimpse of h*ll. REALLY scary. Made me recoil.


  23. Rush is right!

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  24. jeans2nd says:

    Oh noes. The Swamp Creatures are draining themselves.
    NSA risks talent exodus amid morale slump, Trump fears

    Key sentence – “Former employees say the reorganization has failed to address widespread concerns that the agency is falling behind in exploiting private-sector technological breakthroughs.”

    This is so true. Time to cut the dead wood, and utuilize the fresh new minds available in the private sector.

    And Trump fears nothing.


  25. Finalage says:

    Probably already posted but yipeee!!!

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  26. citizen817 says:

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  27. recoverydotgod says:

    Finally figured out why all the hate toward POTUS 🙂 I sent my husband a text today…single word “bigly”….it autocorrected to “bigot”. He told me I called him that when he got home from work. lol


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