Lou Dobbs CPAC Speech…

Mr. Lou Dobbs speaks to the ConPAC audience 2017

trump lion - romney rat 2

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36 Responses to Lou Dobbs CPAC Speech…

  1. freepetta says:

    We ❤Lou!!!!

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  2. patrickhenrycensored says:

    March MAGAness
    Be there!

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  3. helmhood says:

    Lou Dobbs, Nigel Farage, Steve Bannon, the Vice-President and President himself…

    This cpac thing turned out to be a pretty good platform for communicating the Trump/America First agenda.

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  4. Page Turner says:

    Lou Dobbs is on Fox Business at 7 PM. Best news cast on TV.

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  5. Bob says:

    A real AMERICAN

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  6. fedback says:

    An honor for Lou to speak just before the President
    Well deserved, Lou

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  7. Walt says:

    100% American! love it and no one has had a bigger smile than Lou!!!

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  8. ruralnc says:

    Mr. Lou Dobbs’ speech is so filled with his warm personality and his brilliance. He so loves America, President Trump, and us; he has called upon us to march, support, and remain steadfast in our personal efforts to MAGA. We have many BFF’s we’ve never met during our support journey for President Trump. “Mr. Lou Dobbs,” as Sundance called him, is one of our best.

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  9. If you don’t think Lou is a great American, then you are a Liberal….Here’s your sign…….

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  10. Mickey Wasp says:

    I can remember when Lou was on CNN and one of his peeves then was, as today, the illegal alien immigration issue and he received a lot of grief then by his co-workers and the same politicians and media pundits and called a ‘racist’ and against Hispanics / Mexicans. To the point of having his Hispanic wife come on camera … and soon afterwards was released by CNN.

    Lou, please keep your unrelenting exposure of Speaker Paul Ryan !!

    Folks, here is another fine speech that knocks it out of the park also.
    Wayne Lapierre FULL SPEECH- CPAC 2017

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    • quintrillion says:

      Liked Wayne’s speech very much. Judge Jeanine and Robert Davi were excellent too. Another great discussion was, cpac 2017 – why Government gets so much wrong. They are all on youtube. This year was all very good…Trump effect!


  11. JC says:

    3 trillion – 3 trillion! – in market cap gained in equities market since President Trump elected. I was not up to speed on actual numbers. Astounding.

    Yeah… good luck with those protests, you deranged leftists and you sniveling alt-left press fretting over bathrooms. If he can accomplish this on the economic front, imagine what mountains will be moved on every level in the mess that is our government.

    Thank you, Mr. President.

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  12. DK91 says:

    Love Dobbs. He totally gets it. Not so sure that audience does.

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  13. Remington says:

    Oh what a night – again….Lou Dobbs in a National Icon…

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  14. bessie2003 says:

    Great speech; love his infectious grin!

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  15. Pam says:

    If anyone is a strong believer in president Trump, it’s Lou Dobbs. If you’re a rat, he will expose you for what you are. No one can fool him no matter how hard they may try. 😉

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  16. deplorablegracie says:

    I love ya Lou! You’re like a MAGA teddy bear I could just squeeze! 🐻

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  17. justfactsplz says:

    I love this sweet intelligent fighter for American values named Lou Dobbs. He has been a great supporter for Trump and a champion for securing our borders. I don’t know how he manages to survive the Fox empire in tact. Lou and Judge Jeanine deserve a better network to work for besides one owned by Murdoch the globalist nightmare. We need RSBN to go national and 24/7.

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  18. law4lifeblog says:

    He was great….his wife even took a photo of him with my friend and me….so gracious!!


  19. Sursum corda says:

    I loved Lou when he was on CNN with Kitty Pilgrim. I knew he was great even when he was on that lousy network.


  20. Sursum corda says:

    I remember when Lou used to call Gavin Newsome precious. Lol!


  21. The RNC conspicuously EXcluded the new righters who mobilized on social media to help elect Donald Trump.

    Hey, CPAC! Where were the new young right social media? These high tech social media whizzes are masters of social media and led hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of young to tweet and post for candidate Trump?

    The new, young right also released history about the Dem candidate. History was necessary for young voters, because they were babies when the Clinton’s had power and later set up another power mechanism, The Clinton Foundation. CGI is very possibly an example of the largest example of a “philanthropic” RICO operation in the country’s history.


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