President Trump Speech – Boeing Plant, North Charleston South Carolina (Video)…

President Donald Trump arrived in North Carleston South Carolina to  “talk jobs” during his visit to a Boeing plant.   The plant workers recently voted against unionization.

The president delivered his remarks Friday afternoon as Boeing revealsed its new Dreamliner aircraft, Boeing’s largest 787 model.


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39 Responses to President Trump Speech – Boeing Plant, North Charleston South Carolina (Video)…

  1. gettherejustassoon says:

    “Coach” Trumps wants America to dream, to be inspired, to work (and, to play), and to succeed. To bad more people don’t see him in this light rather than the malignant image shaped by the MSM. Maybe, just maybe, more people will catch on. We’ll pray they do.

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    • deplorabledaveinsocal says:

      They will… If he just keeps doing as he is doing, they will… President Trump is now serving His purpose and serving us…

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    • mamadogsite says:

      One by one they are.

      More Independents are getting tired of the hatred, negativity, BLM-type riots, anti-everything marches, and the scarey stuff coming from college campuses..once in the dark…now in the sunlight.

      The obstructionist Dems are pushing the Independents to the right and Trump.

      Even the nasty Republicans like McCain and Graham are losing traction and respect.

      Independents are simply fed up. How do I know this? Myself, and most of my friends are Independents.

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      • gettherejustassoon says:

        One of the questions: What has he done since he took the Oath of Office that makes him deserving of such abuse hurled in his direction? I’d like for somebody to answer this. I don’t believe a reasonable explanation can be offered.

        So, glad to hear you and your friends giving President Trump proper and due consideration. And, I think you have to go back to Ronald Reagan before you find a President who had the best interest of the U.S. at heart.

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        • mamadogsite says:

          We all voted for him.

          He spoke with common sense….the abuse hurled at him is coming from people lacking integrity, morals, values and common sense. Somewhere along the way, they lost themselves and their hatred is like falling into quicksand…the more they flail, the quicker they sink.

          One of the tools forest fighters use is setting backfires…so by the time the larger fire reaches that backfire area, everything has already burned…and there is no fuel left for the fire to continue into that area.

          The fact that more and more people are employing that principle of good common sense backfires may just force the resistance to burn itself out. And they can’t stand that.😁😁😁

          Case in point…the angry, hostile Democratic Party is in shambles. Their leader, Schumer, cries during speeches. They are rudderless and trying desperately to remain viable via the 3rd party, aka the media. But now, thanks to Trump, even the media is beginning to doubt itself.

          Oh yes, they are putting on their happy face makeup each morning, but it is beginning to look more and more like circus clown makeup, and they are finding it harder and harder to look and act sane and happy.

          So, I don’t worry a whole lot about the left. After all, they eat their own anyway after a fashion.

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        • justfactsplz says:

          I believe President Trump was raised up by God for this job at this time. Satan also knows this. It is evil incarnate in those who hurl abuse at this fine man. It is a spiritual war. Evil has had control over America for quite some time. The American people prayed and God heard our prayer and gave us President Trump. God and his army will help President Trump to fight for us. Praise God!

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  2. fedback says:

    A wonderful event.
    Governor McMaster, early Trump supporter, delivered a MAGA introduction.
    The President gives an amazing powerful speech, with a Big League included
    USA USA chants from the workers as President Trump spoke in front of a Boeing plane, as he did so many times during the campaign.
    And Mr. Trump even visited the cockpit in the new Boeing 787.
    Great event

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  3. duchess says:

    So very proud today here in SC!

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  4. Nancy Blowski says:

    Aircraft industry is one of the last manufacturing giants of the U.S., protecting this technology is
    very very(bigly) important and President Trump is very aware.

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  5. 3x1 says:

    It’s great to see Trump making pit stops outside DC.

    These events reinforce support and help to demonstrate how biased and fake the MSM and DC in general are.

    I think it’s good psychological support for Trump too. He needs to know and hear real support, especially when under fire from the deep state scumbags.

    WH & AF1 are probably bugged, so Mar a Lago may be a safer place to talk too. Hope he has his guys sweeping it. He should also remember that any cellphone is a bug (until you pull the battery, not an option on all phones)

    Wish we had a better way to show national support.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      I mentioned on another thread that I thought it was safer for President Trump to discuss sensitive material at Mar a Lago too. You are right about the phones. They were listening to President Trump’s calls not just General Flynn. It makes you wonder what kind of new technology Obama had installed at the White House towards the end of his term. Someone besides our government should sweep the White House thoroughly for bugs. I wouldn’t trust the sweeps that were already made, not for one second.

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  6. fleporeblog says:

    Our President truly loves our country with every ounce of his blood! He connects with his audience unlike anyone that I can remember. They feed off of him and he feeds off of them. After listening to him, you feel like we as a country and as individuals can accomplish anything put in front of us. His detractors realize they will never be able to break him from us and us from him. As SD has said in the past, it is what binds our resolve!

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  7. Yes, keep all that technology here in America. Don’t let China have any of the plans or technology.

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  8. Katherine McCoun says:

    President Trump, thank you for the Press Conference, for today’s speech in SC and for tomorrow’s rally. I am a bit embarrassed to say that I Needed these! They are reinvigorating by energy, my spirit and my hope that this election win did not come too late for our country. They are the pep talk that my flagging spirits needed – not that I ever stopped believing in you or agreeing with your agenda but I did become absolutely overwhelmed.

    The last several weeks have had So Much Winning but also eye opening revelations of DC machinations and startling corruption. I thought I had a clue but it is so much worse than I had thought – even after reading Sundance for years! These Deep State/globalist/uniparty/Dem trickery, deception, fraud and betrayal of We the People have only made me more determined to help in any way I can and to speak my often, in more venues and louder. I am taking action but felt discouraged and somewhat disheartened. While my resolve never weaken, with these events, I am again feeling confident and energized!

    Thank you, President Trump, for running, for winning and for all you are doing in the face of continuing overwhelming odds. We are counting on you and you can count on us! We love you! MAGA!

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      By the way, one of my favorite lines what when our wonderful President said that he used to give these kinds of speeches and attend these kind of events for hefty fees — and now he does it for free! He did this visit today as our President and is our President for the love of country, her traditions, her history and her people. You are Much Appreciated, President Trump!

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    • Windy Day says:

      Unfortunately, President Trump probably won’t read your wonderful encouragement here. Head over to and click the Participate tab and sent it to the man himself!!!


  9. South Carolina is so lucky to have Boeing… Washington state really got the short stick when Boeing moved. On the other hand, S C is a comfy place for Trump. Trump wouldn’t find our Governor very welcoming… Wish I didn’t live in one of the bluest states!

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    • BAM says:

      Washington Earned the Boeing move. Boeing is in the process of slowly downsizing their footprint in WA.


    • 2x4x8 says:

      Washington State is know as northern California, forget about a “short stick” use a 2×4 on the Leftist bastion, companies are not appreciated, their heading to Right To Work States in the South


    • frogstamper says:

      We lived in that area when Boeing came to SC.
      They relocated in an effort to “fight” the union in WA.
      Of course, the media can’t be bothered to look that up when reporting that the workforce there voted down the union today.


  10. Pam says:

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  11. Pam says:

    This was a wonderful speech and it was great seeing the enthusiasm of the Boeing employees.

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  12. PTrump looks really good today. He’s probably getting reinvigorated by getting out to speak directly to the people again.

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  13. Suite D says:

    May God bless President Trump! I saw (Yes, I was standing outside on my front porch, patiently waiting.) his plane fly over my house as it came down to land at Boeing. I’ll probably never be that close to Trump The Magnificent again. I could feel the love of country and patriotism from 5,000 feet. MAGA

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  14. MIKE says:

    Great, great speech. I had to turn the sound up to hear the audience, and the speech was even better. No Boeing in China, ever.
    Admittedly I know very little about new governor McMaster. Anyone have the skinny on him or an old CTH article? I’m pretty new here. Thanks, in advance.

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  15. Ramona says:

    Just telling hubby how much I needed Trump’s campaign speeches to keep me going. This keeps me going, again. And, I agree with other posters – one by one – MAGA is irresistible to Americans.


  16. lorenetn says:

    President Trump begins with cheers of “USA USA USA.” Remember when that happened with Obama…Oh, wait a minute!

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  17. 2x4x8 says:


    after the Trump spotlight was put on the H-1B Visa Program, and a bill to double the salaries paid to those Visa holders, ACCENTURE is going to hire 15,000 high skilled IT workers in the US, to give you an example, 46% of their business is in the US, about 40% of their workforce is from India, the scum_bag company moved to Ireland to save on taxes

    America First


  18. Bonitabaycane says:

    Nice to see our President get out of “Swamp country” and feel the love and appreciation in real America. A reaffirmation of what he is doing and for whom should give our President some sustenance. Thank you South Carolina!

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  19. Stringy theory says:

    This week started off a bit on the downside, but our President has turned it around and is now counterattacking with extreme prejudice. Love it and love our President Trump. The rally tomorrow will put the icing on the cake.


  20. I went from watching the low energy Senate stream to watching the high energy Boeing stream and got whiplash. People were hyped!

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  21. das411 says:

    Interesting that he did not mention that he is the first President to…own his own Boeing 757!


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