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Secretary Rex Tillerson Begins Deconstructing 7th Floor “Shadow Government” at Dept of State…

The term “shadow government” is not a construct of critics; it’s actually the term the professional bureaucrats within the 7th floor of the Washington DC based Department of State gave to themselves. The career political operatives who reign within the … Continue reading

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Justice Samuel Alito Swears In EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt…

Epic subtlety not withstanding, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito delivers a  presidential commission to EPA head Scott Pruitt. During the swearing in ceremony, Justice Alito outlines the importance of the oath of office and the constitutional responsibility carried out by … Continue reading

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Raw Footage – A Builder President Visits Boeing Builders…

This is so cool.  In the raw footage feeds of President Trump touring the Boeing manufacturing plant the president is actually engaged in discussion of the structural component of the aircraft itself. Usually these are photo-ops and tours of optical … Continue reading

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Epic President Trump Tweet – Perhaps The Best of The Year (so far)…

Our President once again exhibits a level 10 acumen.  President Trump knows how to enjoy his own weekend, yet simultaneously -almost effortlessly- send the tender media snowflakes into panicked all consuming overdrive. He makes it look so easy… The most … Continue reading

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Scott Pruitt Confirmed As Secretary of EPA…

Millions of protesting sand smelts held up little sand smelt signs and chanted in little sand smelt voices: “hey, hey, ho, ho, he’s no Richard Windsor bro“, as they defiantly march toward safer hospice in Mexico… Yes, today the Senate … Continue reading

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President Trump Weekly Address – February 17th, 2017

President Trump delivers the weekly address from the White House, Friday February 17th, 2017:

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President Trump Speech – Boeing Plant, North Charleston South Carolina (Video)…

President Donald Trump arrived in North Carleston South Carolina to  “talk jobs” during his visit to a Boeing plant.   The plant workers recently voted against unionization. The president delivered his remarks Friday afternoon as Boeing revealsed its new Dreamliner aircraft, … Continue reading

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