President Trump Speaks To CENTCOM MacDill Airforce Base…

President Donald Trump traveled to MacDill Air Force Base today in Tampa Florida to visit to US Central Command, meet officers who form the tip of the spear implementing his strategy to defeat the Islamic State group, and deliver remarks to the military.

CENTCOM military command is responsible for an area that includes the Middle East and Central Asia.  It plays a key role in Operation Inherent Resolve — the US-led mission to “degrade and defeat” the Islamic State group — which has resulted in 17,861 strikes across northern Syria and Iraq since August 2016. President Trump also ate lunch with the troops.


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132 Responses to President Trump Speaks To CENTCOM MacDill Airforce Base…

  1. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Sounds like he’s got a supportive group!

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      President Trump got very warm welcome and support. He needed the uplift. We have to stick together and encourage one another. Thank you Centcom!

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      • Fe says:

        Well said farmhand! I never get tired of watching President Trump speak. I love how our heroes in the military receive him so enthusiastically. I needed this uplift too, indeed all in the Treehouse needed it. Thank you Sundance for posting this video and thank you farmhand for reminding us that we must stick together, and keep on our knees praying for our President, our military, our other leaders, and our country.

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  2. jmclever says:

    So glad for a patriotic president who gets it, a real man who’s not afraid to stand up and be counted.

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    • Shirley32 says:

      What a classy president. I’m sure the troops will appreciate a man of action, not words. You could just tell by the greeting he received from them. Time to kick a$$.

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    • filia.aurea says:

      Every single American, especially the MORONS like BLM terrorists, Berkeley ANARCHIST, Rotten’s entitled SNOWFLAKES, and others who don’t appreciate our Republic, should get down on their knees and give thanks for the bravest serving Military and Veterans on God’s green earth.

      President Trump will never, ever let you down. You will never be forgotten again. With President Trump in office, I believe there has never been a better time to add a box to our federal tax returns, so that we may volunteer an amount of our choosing towards “Veterans Only” accommodation. Derelict properties could be renovated along the lines of “Embassy Suites” hotels, which would provide privacy for individuals & families, along with a sense of camaraderie.

      We should have a collective goal of NO HOMELESS VETERANS by Thanksgiving of 2017. We are generous people, we raised billions for Haiti, only to discover it has been @#ssed away by the rotten, criminal Clinton Foundation. Time to take care of our Veterans.


  3. Lawrence says:

    Is CENTCOM compromised by Islamic spies too?

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  4. The Boss says:

    Pres. Trump was very clear yet again that he intends to do everything possible to prevent radical Islamic terrorists from setting up shop in the USA, despite the head start they got from Obama.

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  5. India Maria says:

    As a builder, Trump never hired a contractor and said, “let me know when the skyscraper is finished.” He would show up at the site and watch the pouring of the concrete. Looks like as CINC, he is not gonna simply hire Gen. Mattis and then just read one page summaries. He lunches with the spearchuckers.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Who he does not trust in the military is the JCS. He may say nice things about Dunsford, but the JCS is not in his inner security group. He knows the generals and admirals who went along with Obama and Clinton/Kerry have no morale standing with the troops. Flynn knows all their weaknesses.

      The brass, if you look over the last twenty-five years, is vastly overrated, hugely inflated in numbers, and politicized. There are too many with stars and many with too many stars. It is a bloated officer corps.

      Good ones forced out, or fired. There is real conflict within the military who wanted a nice safe career and the men who wanted to win a war, somewhere, anywhere.

      Special forces have performed in over a hundred countries, but ISIS and AQ still spreads.
      CIA is backing and directing AQ and ISIS elements in several countries.

      These are real issues. Beyond which, rules of engagement, collateral damage, interrogation issues. and the pansifying and feminizing of soldiering has had its impact.

      Trump will make them leaner and meaner, not just give them more toys to use.
      He wants victories, not “bombing stats and body counts”.

      First comes building morale. Then comes the red pencil and cuts in the Pentagon.

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  6. Bob says:

    Hopefully DJT see’s the terrible uniforms and gives an order to get rid of the maternity suits for work and has a redesign of the Dress uniform as well. They both are unbecoming and need to look to something with some class. The troops will respond positive for sure.

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  7. carnan43 says:

    A President who really wants to connect with the people, not just the rich and famous. No golfing today. Keep this man in yours prayers.

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  8. cosmo221 says:

    Looks like the military coup is not gonna happen like the libtards want. Never really thought it would but just wanted to say libtards. Hahahaha

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    • Mary Kate Conly says:

      Libtards libtards libtards in the congress congress congress, you will like them like them like them when they’re goners goners goners….

      Sung to tune of Libby’s Libby’s Libby’s on the table.

      I’m no Bako Carl that’s for sure!

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    • I think maybe they thought the coup through and it dawned on them that having seal team six kick down their back door was not a good idea……

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Liberals who long for or promote a “military coup” have no concept of what our military is like or what its traditions are. Nor do they realize that on the whole members of the armed forces take their oath very seriously. The rest of the country may be becoming a banana republic. The military–no, especially the enlisted men and women.


  9. Pam says:

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  10. Orygun says:

    After the results of that last mission, I am thinking he wanted to reassure the folks that they were working diligently to clean out the traitors. He is making sure the word is getting out and they should feel free to out anyone working against our nation.
    I love how he takes personal responsibility and goes right to the source.

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  11. Pam says:

    These fine men and women know that president Trump has their back and will do everything he can to make sure they are given the very best to fight our enemies and that they are a priority in his administration.

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  12. Indy_Trump_2016 says:

    How many times did Obama visit CENTCOM?

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  13. Dekester says:

    Thank you again folks.

    Your President has,and I am sure,will continue to inspire good people. Not just in the U.S.A, but throughout the world.

    It is unlikely that true leadership can be learned, it is an innate quality that your DJT has in spades.

    When he is around kind, good and strong people those folks excel, conversely the weak, cowardly and manipulative shrivel. ( Ryan, McConnell, McCain.Kasich,) to name just four.

    If we look at Sen. Sessions,Sheriff Clarke, Mr Tillerson, General Mattis, General Kelly. Then in sports Jim Brown, Tom Brady and many top golf pros.

    Who would you want to have a beer and a pizza with, or tofu and organic beet juice if you are from The West coast.

    Thank you.

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    • Mary Kate Conly says:

      Hunky Tom Brady apparently only eats raw vegetables and some fish. Hopefully President Trump extends his hand, and a bucket of KFC, when he visits the Whitehouse.

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      • I’m sure Gisele had a hand in Tom’s menu choices.

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      • wondering999 says:

        If his diet works for Tom Brady, good luck to him and I hope he keeps with it. Don’t tempt the man, let him stay ageless!
        “Tom Brady was ‘hurting all the time’ at age 25, but he saved his career by changing his diet and lifestyle:

        Diabetes is an example of something that you just have to work around regardless of former food preferences. I’ve heard from several people with arthritis issues that let up when they laid off certain food groups (esp. sweets). Alcohol is another one. Some people can tolerate alcohol, others are wrecked by alcohol and shouldn’t touch it. Let Tom Brady be Tom Brady!

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  14. Stringy theory says:

    I attended a 2 day meeting at MacDill some years ago and we met in the CENTCOM war room. I remember the commanding general telling us not to touch the red telephones we all had in front of us. Glad to see President Trump taking care of business there.

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  15. Joe Knuckles says:

    He’s calling out the media for not reporting on terror attacks. What a departure from John Kerry saying we need to stop reporting them. I’d like to see a compilation of all the attacks in Europe and the USA over the last 2 years released and publicized. Also would like to see a similar list released regularly moving forward, much like the provision in a previous EO that calls for a reporting of all the crimes committed by illegals in sanctuary cities. The American public as a whole needs to be educated on the threat that an open borders policy brings with it.

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  16. fleporeblog says:

    What I marvel the most in is that every time I listen to him speak, I internalize every word and know that he means everything he says. Those men and women that had the opportunity today to hear it directly from Our President must be ready to run through a wall for this man! Morale in our military must have skyrocketed since his election. Dying for one’s country has become once again the most admirable thing you can do!

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    • W Barna says:

      I liked your comment….except for the last part, even though I knew what you meant. However, in the words of my old Drill Sergeant Ford (Columbia, SC, circa 1971), “I’m not here to teach you how to die for your country…..I’m here to teach you how to help your opponent die for HIS country”.

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  17. Windy Day says:

    Oh my goodness! If I were at the table with Trump, I’d be thinking, “Am I using the right fork?” Never mind. I’d be much too nervous to eat in front of the president–well, THIS president. If the previous Idiot-in-Chief was sitting across from me, I’d be starting a presidential food fight!!

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  18. xyzlatin says:

    Why does no one look happy in the photos? (except one on far right table). First photo of Pres Trump with servicemen that does not have smiling people.


  19. Howie says:

    The President is getting ready to ‘create’ a million dead terrorists.

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  20. disgustedwithjulison says:

    Anyone remember when Minnesota House member Michelle Bachman was ridiculed by the left for her comments regarding the Muslim Brotherhood? I think we are beginning to learn that she was correct.

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  21. Maybe you’re not allowed to smile while standing at attention? I have no military experience or training, so have no idea.

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      Military personnel are to be expressionless while at attention, especially when their Commander in Chief is present.

      As to why they don.t look ‘happy’, most likely they are sorry they didn’t have President Trump in charge years ago.

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  22. yakmaster2 says:

    The media wondered if Donald Trump could be “presidential.” POTUS is handing out “presidential” every. single. day.

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  23. Duhders says:

    Everytime I listen to one of his messages to our military I become very proud that we elected this man despite the hurricane of media lies that was (and continues to be) launched at our psyches. Thank you, everyone, for voting and I hope we remain a source of strength against the daily onslaught so as to prove our unwavering determination that we all matter and we have the right to decide what is in our collective best interest for all hard working and honest Americans. In this manner we shall attract more supporters so that we can maintain the momentum achieved to take our government away from special interest and return it to its rightful duty of serving we, the people.

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  24. facebkwallflower says:

    Wow! President Trump looks GREAT! He looks younger and healthy and vigorous. I love winning!

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  25. paulgilpin says:

    find out which command is responsible for langley. when they begin bombing, that will degrade ISIS more than bombing done by Central Command.


  26. aqua says:

    May God bless our Commander in Chief and our men and women in uniform. Thanking all of them for their service.

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  27. Pam says:

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  28. Bull Durham says:

    This is what our Navy faces in the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf and Straits of Hormuz.

    The Houthi attack on the Saudi ship. Actual video.

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  29. skeinster says:

    Islamic terror. How many times did he mention that straight up?
    See, pols- not so hard to say.

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  30. Bull Durham says:

    Almost Two-Thirds of US Navy Fighter Jets Can’t Fly

    I don’t know if this is actual. Clearly, parts and maintenance is a problem. I think some of this is to pressure for Trillions, not billions. But we have a problem.

    Although, since so many carriers are not at sea, why would we need as many jets anyway?

    So I think corruption, waste, fraud, abuse, and incompetence are battling for budget money.

    A serious audit is long overdue.

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  31. justfactsplz says:

    President Trump is building morale and rebuilding our military with new equipment. Thank God we elected a builder. The bombing range near me has had an uptake in activity. We are getting ready to put a boot in their behind.

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  32. Syna Flores says:

    Nice lines. thanks for share.


  33. Beverly says:

    He sounds tired and wan to me. He IS 70, and he’s been keeping a man-killing pace. And the hurricane of abuse from the vicious ones has been taking a toll.

    Keep praying, keep praying, keep praying, friends.


  34. jwingermany says:

    Peace through Strength. Indeed.


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