Gaddafi being shotDead-Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi Lying in State Reposebill-oreilly egotrump-killers-2libya_1951480c

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238 Responses to “Killers”

  1. Europeans took several centuries to forget about the threat of Islam. Many conservatives and/or libertarians have clearly forgotton about the danger of collectivism.. literally months after two do or die electoral moments (Brexit and Trump) which stopped the almost certain collapse of Europe and America… and most probably the whole world at the hands of progressive fascists.

    Some of you are mad. Thank God for Putin and Trump who have already shown their willingness to support the best option available to stop these fascists. Now what do we call these people who implement pro-active foreign policies whereby hostile foreign regimes are prevented from becoming long-term threats by seeking out the best strategic alliances that ultimately deliver the best peaceful and stable outcomes?

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    • “Satan Came, Satan Saw, Civilization Falls into Ruin” at Veterans Today has accurate analysis of the wanton destruction of Libya.

      LibyanWarTheTruth website by James and Joanne Moriaty, ten year business dealings in Libya and eyewitness to Reptillary piracy, trafficking and war crimes. Interviewed on CaravanToMidnight, reposted at BeforeItsNews website.

      “Where is Eric Braverman” investigative series on YouTube…. more evidence


  2. DeWalt says:

    They may be liked by some on here but the Bush’s left many more bodies than the Clinton’s. Bill’s ascending to the Whitehouse was preordained payback for assisting the CIA with the gun running to El Salvador and Nicaragua. The CIA paid the Clinton’s with Coke. It showed them Bill was a team player. The whole Iran Contra affair was Bush orchestrated and Reagan took the fall.
    Bush was reorganizing the Cocaine routes to the U.S. as Pablo was going down. He was using Noriega and other Central American Leaders to protect the shipments. This was all CIA orchestrated. Ever wonder why W got the go ahead on the border wall but never built it. Dad didn’t want it built? George Sr. and the CIA have been neck deep in the Narco trade for decades. Lots of money to be made. Ever wonder why the Cartels never started thier festivities on our side of the border?

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    • deplorableinmt says:

      Look at Grandfather Bush, long list of prostituting in this family. Watched a video on boobtube not long ago where Big Daddy is said to have been part of the assassination of President Kennedy. Very interesting video with some good facts to back it up.


  3. TreeperInTraining says:

    I laughed out loud when I heard him say this.

    A. Because he is right;

    B. Because this is what BLM, Code Pink and various other Progs have said about our country for years;

    So, how do they counter argue this? Do they begin loving our country and embracing our greatness?

    Too much truth. Too much winning . Stocked up on cheap wine.


  4. mari says:

    We have plenty of killers starting with Hillary. How many people has she killed to keep her secrets? Seth Rich? John Ashe? There’s hundreds. I’ve seen the list. And that’s just Hillary. Then we have Obama and his failed wars, drone strikes, mass massacres. Then there’s Cheney.


  5. ZC says:

    These photos just broke my heart all over again, I really liked Colonel Khadafi, he was also our ally, the US under oblahblah completely betrayed both he and Libya, and what happened when he was murdered!!! to the applause of NATO was a sick, sick disgrace. Look at Libya since then, it is gone. And shrillery Laughed!!!!!…. that made me the sickest of all.

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    • racerxx says:

      We had Khadafi back in the box. He was playing ball. Why they decided to overthrow him made no sense to me. Part of me thinks we (US) are the mercenary army for the House of Saud. Either way, it was a waste. And they are trying to do the same thing with Bashar in Syria. He’s a way better alternative than the other dictators in that region. The decisions to reshuffle these guys defy logic a lot of the time any more.


    • smarty says:

      Did Khadafi play a role in the Pan Am Lockerbie plane explosion that murdered hundreds of people? I thought Libya was behind that? My friend was in that plane. Just sayin.


  6. Radiopatriot says:

    WELL DONE, SD. Well done.


  7. Mickey Wasp says:

    James & JoAnne Moriarty ~ https://caravantomidnight.com/james-joanne-moriarty/
    We are whistleblowers as eye witnesses to the war crimes committed in Libya by Hillary Clinton. After getting home we were targeted by this government and soft killed/black listed. We are the official spokespersons for the tribes of Libya and have given actionable intelligence on the ground in Libya to the DIA who agent (Eric Maddox) was in our home many times. We have also had the FBI and CIA in our home (the CIA was brought into our home by Glenn Becks production company “The Blaze”) The CIA lady told us if we did not shut up about Libya we would have no life, at that point we went public. We brought back from Libya with us, 2 Gb of proof of the war crimes committed by Clinton and her NATO partners. We have proof that the Libyan war was started by a lie and was a false flag. We also know that Clinton and Obama have been supplying the terrorists in Libya with arms, money and mercenaries since 2011. We stay in touch daily with the tribes of Libya.

    Libyan War The Truth ~ the most comprehensive and verified actions of the Obama / Clinton St Dept actions towards Libya. ~ http://www.libyanwarthetruth.com/


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