Democrat Fascists Rush Toward Their Position as a “Super Minority” Party…

The Democrat party is unfortunately embracing their Frankfurt school (now Columbia University) origin as a party of communists, socialists and left-wing fascists:

The end result of these efforts will be a new political era as a super-minority party beginning in 2018.


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299 Responses to Democrat Fascists Rush Toward Their Position as a “Super Minority” Party…

  1. John Brink says:

    I always wondered about that snake poem -Brilliant propaganda


  2. shallbe4 says:

    A super minority — Only the Dems see that as a winner.


    • Jedi9 says:

      I tell you what! Any Democratic liberal who wants to try to punch me in the face, I will F***ing shoot and blast his or her face clean off. That is right! I am packing heat and I know my constitutional rights!

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  3. Cheezus says:

    I worked at Berkeley. Police Department is in the building just underneath the protest location. They could have easily stopped the protest. There are doors that lead right down to jail cells off the plaza….just grab a black clad azzhole and drag it downstairs to jail. What a disgrace! I don’t care if the protesters were not students, they were on UCB property and arrests should have been made.

    I am Jewish and the most uncomfortable place I’ve been is walking through the Sproul plaza filled with BDS trash talkers. Shut it down! No federal funds to this fascist training camp!

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  4. Joan calhoun says:

    They will be hoisted on their own petard. Just look at the red map.


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