Canadian Prime Minister Requests and Welcomes All Mid-East Refugees…

Oh Canada.  This guy is the best Prime Minister evah.  Can we get him to tweet support for Keith Ellison for DNC head.  In the not too distant future – Twinkle Wunderkinds is going to be squaring off with President Trump over a NAFTA re-write.

trudeau-tweet-islam(LINK)  […]  Trudeau’s press secretary, Cameron Ahmad, said the prime minister is looking forward to discussing Canada’s immigration and refugee policies with Trump. But he wouldn’t say when that will be and referred questions about those affected by the ban to Transport Minister Marc Garneau.  (read more)

Dramatic video below of President Trump meeting with Trudeau’s Canadian advance team:




…And legend said when he first went to Canada, he ate their Prime Minister…

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411 Responses to Canadian Prime Minister Requests and Welcomes All Mid-East Refugees…

  1. Joe says:

    Canadian border can be a bytch to cross. They turn back American citizens ALL the time for chickenshlt reasons, usually politics.

    Trudeau is a typical cuck.

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    • Jenny R. says:

      Having dealt with the insanity (and the smug) I am finding this “Canada Welcomes You” bitter, ironic hilarity…probably to turn to schadenfreude shortly.
      Well, Canada always wanted to be European rather than American; they got their wish.

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      • Trumppin says:

        They actually are European.. The Queen still rules over Canada


      • Sammy says:

        I’m Canadian and this vain prick is Canda’s version of your Obama just less educated and a trust fund baby. His father the former Prime Minster in the 70’s first adopted “multiculturalism”. That was than imported to the rest of the West. And he’s full of sheet. If he did a poll of Canadians 60% would actually no.

        He actually doesn’t believe Canada has a national identity so to him it means nothing flooding our country with the third world. In office less than 2 years and already under unprecedented federal investigation for corruption.

        “Late last year, Justin Trudeau told the New York Times that Canada is becoming a new kind of country, not defined by our history or European national origins, but by a “pan-cultural heritage”.

        “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” Trudeau said, concluding that he sees Canada as “the first post-national state.”

        Canada’s democratic values and traditions date back over 800 years, to the signing of the Magna Carta by our political ancestors.
        That document helped enshrine our natural rights and freedoms, and limited the government’s ability to impose its powers.
        Canada a country that was 98% white & Christian since it’s existence or until these last last 25 years, a which it now 75% and declining fast. And this clown just ignores 300 years of values, identity routed in history and strong traditions.

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    • Bailey02 says:

      Trudeau = Obama lite.
      Laughable as much as it is loathsome: Trudeau who is an avowed Muslim empathizer, the media had their cutesy PC poster boy. They had help to. Word on the street was that Obama’s community organizers ventured northern of the border, they would led a hand together let along have a cogent thought. Years earlier, MP Trudeau, an admitted pothead, when informed that Canada’s southern neighbor, the U.S. would deny him entry, cried on camera. His mother was a hippie, burning bras during the Vietnam War, go married without wearing shoes. After married with his Mickey Mouse father, she went as a scarlet woman, admitted had so many affairs with many men, despicable.
      how long will it be before citizens wake up? Will they ever realize their error? By electing Trudeau, ordinary Canadians have embedded a Trojan horse in their households. Suit Trudeau cannot be trusted. He will pick their pockets bare. Prudent fiscal responsiblility is beyond his comprehension.
      Since Trudeau was elected as PM. We, have to pay for his nannies!! He went on vacation paying by Aga Khan – pay to play. He gave us new taxes: Carbon tax on top of the energy tax, b..ll sh..t taxes, he gave millions to the Philippines to promote their tourism and millions for security in Mindanao and how many Canadians are homeless.
      In BC here, we already accepted how many thousands of refugees, with Trudeau’s money??? Nope…the refugees get paid per month more than the GIS for old Canadians.
      Trudeau can read teleprompter, do a lot of selfie, a pothead, he can teach ski, vow…meet the new boss wearing a new diaper.


    • Andy Krause says:

      Scott Adams noted that this solves our refugee problem. We can transport them to Canada where they will be welcomed with open arms.

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  2. mopar2016 says:

    We’ll need to build a wall on the northern border too.


    • Jenny R. says:

      Reverse the Treaty of Ghent.


    • Bailey02 says:

      We did. We need passport to enter USA. But most Canadian don’t run away to the US. We crossed the border to get cheaper gas, cheaper groceries and other tax free items. B.C., Canada, we just chopping woods and fleeted water to the USA. Most of the manufacturers are in the Eastern part. Both borders are well kept and legally with border patrol and immigration law officers.


  3. Mr.Right says:

    To keep it short , Diversity is a weakness, been true since the birth of human societies.

    Historically proven for millennium, Unity and Trade is a strength…
    If only Trudeau wasn’t a drama teacher, but actually studied history 😦

    Justin Merkel Trudeau… doesn’t take any imagination to forcast the end result of his policies.

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  4. not2worryluv says:

    Well one easy solution is to load up those being held at our airports and send them to Toronto this afternoon. They will obviously receive a warm welcome from the Canadian Prime Minister.

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  5. Mark says:

    Canadian liberals are the worst. People here have no CLUE what the people of the US went through under Obama. I still hear idiots at work crowing about how Obama was the best president ever, although they can’t think of any concrete reasons why. The steady hand of our last PM Stephen Harper got us through the recession of 2008 and we haven’t had the problem with terrorists (yet) that the States has had. Thank God we’ve got our own version of President Trump (businessman Kevin O’Leary from “Shark Tank”, and a Trump fan) in the running for the Conservative Party leadership. Justin Trudeau comes from a completely privileged bubble, living off his daddy’s multi million-dollar trust fund his whole pampered life and gallivanting around the globe as a professional tourist. He’s the world’s biggest globalist idiot and completely unqualified to run the country. We have to suffer through at least 3 more years of this moron.
    I think we’ll see more and more countries electing their own versions of Trump in the coming years once they see how the American economy is booming under him.


    • Dekester says:

      Amen. Liberals the world over are deluded and dangerous.

      Everything you say is spot on. Our schools, universities and the media are pure evil.

      We will keep fighting back though. My family are sick of the B.S.

      I used to be a scrapper back in the day. So I am back to kicking ass. ( metaphorically speaking of course.)

      Our kids are adults and established now.

      So My actions only hurt me, so I am all in and am calling out the liberals nearly daily, and loving it.

      Thank you DJT.. We owe unsparing loyalty.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “People here have no CLUE what the people of the US went through under Obama …”

      Yes. I tell liberals that I’m looking forward to the Trump years so we can root out the anti-American decay and abject corruption of the Obama administration.

      When they ask “what corruption” then I proceed to tell them.


  6. Joe says:

    I could write a book about the incomparable hassles that I have been through with Canadian immigration.

    I have been doing business there since the 1990’s.

    One indecent led to me being handcuffed, in front of hundreds of people, then jailed…only later on to be released and profusely apologized to from Canadian immigration minarets for their mistake

    At the time Canada was PO’d at the US about something and they were taking it out on US citizens trying to cross the border..

    I am the son of a Canadian war hero as well.

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  7. Bob says:

    So when Trump gives the boot to our current refugees Canada can welcome them! Great. Diversity is not a strength. It heralds the death of Nations.


  8. Mr. Morris says:

    Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is as brilliant as German Prime Minister Angela Merkel.

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  9. TreeperInTraining says:

    Apologies if this has been posted already:

    Canada is screening out young males under their refugee program.

    How funny is that?


  10. Paco Loco says:

    We fortunately escaped this madness with a Trump presidency.


  11. From Tom Kratman’s _Caliphate, available as a free on-line book here:

    “Even so, it took a combination of three miscalculations to make the United States move. The core states of the European Union broke diplomatic relations with America within hours of the launch of the retaliatory attacks. Canada, always one with the EU in spirit if not in fact or law, did likewise. Cooperation in terms of border control ceased. The effect of this, though, in the case of Canada, was to rob the United States of any sense of security on its northern border.

    The second miscalculation was to admit into Canada some two millions of mainly Moslem refugees from the irradiated ruins of Islamic civilization. A few of these attempted cross-border operations against the United States. Most of these Canada put down. It only took one failure, however, to give the United States all the excuse it needed to invade.

    The final miscalculation, on Canada’s part, was the assumption that the United Kingdom could somehow dissuade the United States from taking action. The UK, under the new monarchy, busily rounding up its own Moslems and fearful of terrorists entering the Kingdom from Canada, was simply not interested.

    Nineteen Regular Army divisions, one dozen divisions of the Army National Guard, plus the Second
    and Fourth Marine Divisions, rolled across the border just before dawn on 11 May, 2020.
    Despite the gallant resistance put up by the main elements of the Canadian Forces, notably the Royal 22nd and Twelfth Armored, which died in defense of Quebec City, the Royal Canadian Regiment and Royal Canadian Dragoons, shattered in the forlorn defense of Ottawa, and the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and Lord Strathcona’s Horse, butchered in detail in a hopeless defense of the long western border, Canada—rather the thin strip of well-populated area that roughly paralleled the border with the United States—fell quickly.

    It is both interesting and sad to note that it was only those most despised by the government of Canada, and its ruling party, who actually proved willing to defend that government. Those who had most despised their own forces, and who had themselves signally failed to fight, soon found themselves the center of attention of a country-wide sweep. Almost as quickly they found themselves in various well-guarded logging and mining camps in the cold, cold lands of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories . . . “


  12. ed357 says:

    We might need two (2) walls……..

    Canada can pay for the North Wall.

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  13. UKExpat says:

    Trudeau just confirming that he is indeed STUPID.


  14. SF says:

    URGENT :: Shots fired in a mosque in Quebec city
    Many ambulances on the scene


  15. UKExpat says:

    Hey Trudeau and all LEFT WING MOONBATS and SNOWFLAKES everywhere it has just been confirmed that those who just perpetrated the TERRORIST outrage on the Mosque in CANADA are recently arrived SYRIAN MUSLIMS – so what you got to say for yourself now you BOZO.


  16. Might have to build a wall in the north.


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