January 27th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #8

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

Sean Spicer Twitter @PressSec

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1,197 Responses to January 27th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #8

  1. muffyroberts says:

    Oh good, Tucker is back.

    I am in a very sarcastic mood.

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  2. cheekymeeky says:

    Please help me hammer this POS reporter into the ground. At @mattdpearce. That is all.


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  4. JoeS says:


    Someone please post the first segment of Tucker Carlson’s show tonight!

    It was about the refugee issue and Tucker Carlson just did an epic job of burying his guest Kevin…..something!

    The guest stated (basically) that not taking refugees was going to cause violent backlash among people living here and cause more internal terrorist acts. Tucker Carlson said, in response- basically, “so you are saying that if we don’t take more refugees there is going to be more violence, so we need to take more refugees?”


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  5. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Trump to skip dinner with Washington elite.
    Wonder why?
    Membership list:


  6. muffyroberts says:

    I keep trying to think of a really good wall song, but this is all I can come up with.

    Please chime in if you can think of another.

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  7. cycle1 says:

    America is more fun again:

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  8. Bull Durham says:

    This is where the Lies are taking Europe. The Fake News, the listing of Patriots as Traitors, the demonization is in the entire Liberal West.

    A Christian Danish woman who posts articles and videos on Internet websites arguing for the unity of all Christians, Orthodox and Western civilization Christians, must stand for their values together.

    She is now listed as an enemy of her country.

    You can see from her FB page how “radical” she is. Ha!

    This where we were heading before Trump. But it is just one man away from happening.
    Read this background she just posted on Saker.


    I think I linked this several days ago. But it’s what she does. Promotes the word of Christ.

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  9. Finalage says:

    Just the first week! MAGA!!!

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  10. BakoCarl says:

    In PTrump’s Executive Order – Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals, Sec 5 (f) refugees may be admitted to the U.S. on the basis of religious-based persecution, provided that the individual is a minority religion in the individual’s country of nationality.


    In May of 2016, 1,037 Syrian refugees were admitted to the U.S., 1,035 Muslims and 2 Christians, about 0.2%. Yet Christians are about 10% of the Syrian population.

    Christians are being driven out everywhere in Syria by Muslims, murdered by Muslims, and raped by Muslims. The refugee camps, overwhelmingly Muslim, are so dangerous to Christians they risk their lives by going there.

    Eight years of a traitor-president who apologizes to Muslims, bows to Muslims, empathizes with Muslims, and enables and supports the Muslim jihad is over!

    Common sense returns!

    Thank God!

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  11. Rickster says:

    Tulsi Gabbard coming on Tucker’s show right now! Grab the popcorn.

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  12. Pam says:

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  13. JoeS says:

    Check out Tucker Carlson again!

    He is interviewing Tulsi Gabbard:

    LOL: ALOHA John, Adam, Evan, and company!

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  14. Dale says:

    Their seems to be an uproar about Trump holding hands with May… that made me recall W Bush holding hands with a Saudi…

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    • Wiggyky says:

      Actually that is a custom in Arab Countries. I saw it when I was stationed in Morocco. Was shocking at first until we were told it was common there, not did not denote homosexuality. Customs are always different in various countries. My Mother liked the one in Japan where you leave your shoes at the door and walk in the house in your sock feet. (Keeps a lot of dirt out of the house).

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  15. Brian Drake says:

    I know it’s late in the thread and this might not be seen by many but the harpies are at it as the workday ends and the winning line of the day is:

    “We can’t have one day without that man doing something racist. Not one day!”

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  16. aur1640 says:

    I’m excited to post a pic from my iPhone, how do I do that?


  17. Humble Soul says:

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  18. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Amazing to watch #NeverTrumpers like Michelle Malkin elbowing their way in to take a front seat on the Trump Train. Amazing thing to watch. LOL!

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  19. Bull Durham says:

    Mike Pompeo’s best moment. I have no illusions about this, but it is good to watch and see how Clinton was obviously lying and in serious trouble. It all led to nothing because the UniParty is everyone up there on the Hill. Apparently, the only honest man is the one they fear and are trying to destroy in the long stall. Jeff Sessions. He’s the mongoose that will kill the snakes.

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  20. Bull Durham says:

    Tulsi marched with the women of Syria.

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  21. nwtex says:

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  22. nwtex says:

    1-The man is thinking…BIG!
    2-Right on Newt!

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  23. MrE says:

    This is late in the thread, but seems the best place to put this.

    Breitbart is saying that right after the swearing-in ceremony for General Mattis, President Trump issued a 120-day ban on refugee acceptance:

    I found an unsigned copy of the order here. So far, it’s the only place where I’ve actually found the text. None of the “articles” online provide a link to the signed version, and I couldn’t find it on whitehouse.gov either. So perhaps a grain or two of salt is needed, but it seems legit. In any case:

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  24. snaggletooths says:

    Ms. Shealah Craighead, who has worked for the GW Bush WH and the office of former VP Cheney, also Sarah Palin was tapped for the job that will call on her to document the president’s daily work and travels virtually nonstop. She was with Mr. Trump on his first flight on Air Force One to Philadelphia Thursday.

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  25. nwtex says:

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  26. Dixie says:

    I have not had a chance to read all 1,161 comments on this thread today as the news is coming so fast it is hard to keep up so this might have already been posted, but remember that female teacher who used a water gun on the image of President Trump on her board at school?

    Well, she has been put on administrative leave to be investigated further. Turns out she was teaching in a school for students who were too rowdy to be qualified for entrance into a public school and was among those who might be easily influenced to move to criminality. I would have posted the Youtube video reporting this but it was not impressive so not worth posting. It was a new news video.

    Just thought you’d like to know she was busted.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      In light of WHO she was teaching, I hope there are some other charges which could apply…and are!

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    • nwtex says:

      Yes, I remember that insane scene. Thanks for the update, Dixie. Seems like may be serious issues going on with her.
      She should not be anywhere near children especially the type you described.
      Keeping her on a short leash may be appropriate. There are “types” that are lookin for her ilk and def have a road to contact and recruit her. imo.

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    • She is at Adamson High School in Dallas ISD. I worked there for two years. The school and area is known as Oak Cliff. What is unique about the school? It serves those who are immediate arrivals from Mexico…has a special ESL program, and recruits illegal aliens for college, offering an “early college,” where students earn college credits while attending high school, shooting for an associate’s degree at graduation.

      The entire area is managed to create a “safe haven” and “no-go zone” for illegal aliens, and politicians recruit voters from this select population.

      The students would be especially vulnerable to the Marxist manipulations of teachers like this one, as all of our students are.

      My sister counselor is reporting that conservative educators at her school are being targeted.

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      • Dixie says:

        Wow. Thanks for the additional information. The video I watched had none of the information you mention except the name of the school. You might have seen it, but when we first saw the video here on CTH which the teacher herself apparently posted, we were all appalled and concerned that behavior of that nature would go unreported, so a number of treepers sent a link to the fbi facebook tip page in the hope of getting her tracked down and investigated for the very reason you mention. I’m sorry that you are so close to the situation and your sister is even closer. Prayers for you both.


  27. cycle1 says:

    Treepers, I trust Trump is telling the truth in the following tweets. Can you help debunk the “fact check” in the following tweet by NYT people?


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