Press Secretary Sean Spicer Delivers First White House Full Press Briefing (Video)…

Immediate DC legacy-media ‘splodey heads because this White House doesn’t defer to Washington DC insider corporate news agencies. The Trump White House sent a clear message to DC-based major media outlets, and that set a tone of equality the tender snowflakes within corporate media just cannot accept.


For decades the White House has deferred to newswires and major TV networks, all of whom are represented in the first row of the White House briefing room, for the first several questions at the daily briefing. However, press secretary Sean Spicer called on very different group of reporters.

He first called on the New York Post. Then, the Christian Broadcasting Network. That was followed by Univision and Fox Business. Spicer then took a question from Urban Radio Network, and then finally the Associated Press, which up until now has usually gotten the first question.

Epic arrogant media ‘splodeys begin immediately as NBC’S Kelly O’Donnell said Spicer was skipping over major news outlets that cover the White House all day, every day.


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250 Responses to Press Secretary Sean Spicer Delivers First White House Full Press Briefing (Video)…

  1. Howie Rosen says:

    NBC’S Kelly O’Donnell. Nice to look at. With the sound turned off. With the sound on, all I hear is “blah, blah, blah, blah.”

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  2. Something ironic dawned on me today while watching this. There was a question asked if the President intends to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Latino Caucus. My reaction was prudently no. But if you think about it this is a brilliant strategy to keep GOPe/NeverT’s/DNC at bay to pass virtually anything he wants. Rhino’s honor the OneChina and are beholden to China for that reason. Rhino’s also don’t have the guts to use DNC tactics against them. This President can and very well may. It disables most of the de facto political armor that the DNC has come to rely too heavily on. And it will finally come back to haunt them.

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    • Shadrach says:

      Interesting regarding the Black Caucus. They almost spit up a liver over Obama not meeting with them for so long…..keep that in mind if they start giving Trump a hard time.

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    • Paul Revere says:

      The question I heard was “when is the Spanish speaking web site going to be back up and running”. I think the Spanish speaking folks need to realize they are in America and our national language is American English. Perhaps it is time we knock off all the accommodation American tax payers are making to pander to multiculturalism.
      That is not racist, it is realistic, and a cost savings.

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      • I agree. Learn English the language of the country you are living in. I don’t think other countries have multi-language sites.

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        • SteveInCO says:

          I guarantee some do. Canada. Switzerland.


          • I live 45 minutes from Switzerland. Yes, many speak English in Switzerland, and also Italian and French. English is a worldwide language and a must for business and commerce; Italy and France are nearby. However, Switzerland does not provide translations in Spanish, Portuguese nor nor Samoan nor Vietnamese nor the other many other foreign languages.


            • SteveInCO says:

              Switzerland is basically the best example of how to deal with having multiple languages under one roof. There are, if I recall, four languages that have been spoken there for centuries, and very little squabbling about it, and I suspect it’s largely because the central government provides so little there’s not much for “interest groups” to fight over. There isn’t much feeling that the government favors the Francophones over the Germans or vice versa, because it’s not doing all that much in the first place. They’d be as irate as we are over the Spanish speakers (even though the other groups there are native) if that were not so.

              Canada has more tension. The fedgov officially pushes bilingualism as a policy, but apparently only one province (New Brunswick) is truly so. Quebec wants French only, Manitoba westward wants English only, as do the other Maritmes. Only Ontario seems to want bilingualism as a policy. Just goes to show that trying to make everyone happy with a top-down solution doesn’t work very well.

              As for English being spoken worldwide, I think in a way that skews our perspective here in America. Other places have to learn a foreign language, we don’t, because we happen to speak English to begin with. (Sometimes it’s even grammatical!)

              But even there, it’s rarely an official language of the government.

              The Dutch, so far as I know, only have Dutch as their official language, but, surrounded as they are by three much larger countries, they generally all have some French, German and English. The older they are though, the more time they’ve had to forget those languages especially if they aren’t in a career that requires them.

              It’s beneficial to know some foreign languages, but it’s anathema to spend millions or even billions of tax dollars catering to people who live here but cannot/will not learn English. No ballot–something that should require citizenship to even have to deal with–should ever be bilingual.

              I say this as someone who had a naturalized citizen grandfather whose English wasn’t very good. But it was present, and he never once bitched about his language not being available.


      • Of course it is not “racist,” as language is not a race and Spanish-speaking peoples are of all races. What IS discriminatory is providing Spanish, yet not Italian nor Portuguese nor German nor Samoan nor Vietnamese nor Chinese nor any of the other 300+ other foreign languages spoken in America. To be fair to all, either have it in English only, or have it also translated in all 300+ languages. We cannot cater to just one language. And probably not feasible to have it translated in over 300 languages. Therefore, it is much more equal and fair to just have it in English.

        There are outside agencies and volunteer groups or low-cost or no-cost services that assist immigration of foreigners with language if they need assistance and let them use these if need be, but we need not treat the rest of immigrants in America unfairly by catering to only one language.

        It’s funny, the Africans that come to Italy all speak English and they speak it well too. Even the Arabs and Moroccans here speak English. There are more than a dozen African countries where English is an official language. These include Zimbabwe, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana. Namibia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Liberia, South Africa, and Nigeria.

        Spanish language, only one of the 300+ languages spoken in America, to be fair either post translations in all language or English only.

        English is one of the easiest languages to learn. My Italian cousin here in Italy learned English in 6 months during her 6-month stay in UK.


    • WSB says:

      PS Notice the beaming union heads on the other thread? Simple question…have you ever been invited to the White House? Bam!

      It’s what the White House is for! Trump knows…Barry didn’t.

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  3. Ejay says:

    On Jonathan Karl: Sean, please punish Karl by ignoring them for several weeks. Karl was essentially lying and slandering through deceitful questions.

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  4. ecmarsh says:

    Wonderful Job Mr. Spicer!

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  5. seabrznsun says:

    The media people will soon figure out its not about them or Trump. It’s about the American people, all of them.

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    • flova says:

      Can we please have a March on the Media in DC? How do we get this real grassroots march going? A GoFundMe account for Americans to march against the media in DC? I don’t know. We don’t have a Soros nor do we want a communist funding us but it seems we need permits and at least some organization.S.

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      • Trumppin says:

        no need to “march” hit them where they live “ratings” and on social media.. so far it’s working pretty darn good! and you realize this once you step back and look at where the media stood in the world 18 months ago vs today.

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        • flova says:

          So true–all we have to do is keep praying, exposing and refusing to listen to any of their lies. So far it has worked beautifully and they are sabotaging themselves. The Left is being exposed day after day as insane.

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      • seabrznsun says:

        I’m inclined to encourage people to go to their Facebook and twitter accounts and let them know the American people expect to see a change in their reporting on the President before we start a grass roots campaign to boycott their sponsors. I realize, like me, many have stopped watching the MSM news because we know they can’t be trusted to conduct themselves as real journalists reporting real news; but they don’t know that 😉

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  6. jbrickley says:

    At least he won’t have to deal with Helen Thomas. As they say in the south, “God bless her soul”.

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  7. NorthIdaho says:

    Articulate; Informed; Excellent. Good job, Spicer. Hope they do something with the unrighteous room.

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    • WSB says:

      It’s really not very professional looking anymore. The only reason there is a Briefing Room at all is because FDR saw reporters standing in the rain one day on the driveway, and he invited them in.

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      • Really?

        Be fun to see them back out in the rain☔

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        • WSB says:

          Sorry, I meant Teddy! But yes, they whine about needing space, but why?

          Apologies, Wikipedia, but PBS has these archives, as well:

          Building on McKinley’s effective use of the press, Roosevelt made the White House the center of news every day, providing interviews and photo opportunities. After noticing the reporters huddled outside the White House in the rain one day, he gave them their own room inside, effectively inventing the presidential press briefing. The grateful press, with unprecedented access to the White House, rewarded Roosevelt with ample coverage”.


  8. Shadrach says:

    He did a good job. I found him likable and imperfect (which probably adds to the likability).

    One thing CNN and the rest of the constant bashers seem to forget is that they’re Peter Crying Wolf. What new words will they pull out if DJT does make a mistake? How will they get people to listen when they’ve been nothing but negative from the start?

    Now if Lou Dobbs said DJT did something wrong, I’d sit up and listen.

    These people are so dumb they don’t realize they’ve lost all their power over us, and it’s all their own making.

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  9. Sunshine says:

    I just saw CNN Breaking News: Trump meeting with Congressional Leaders. Oh my God! You should see Paul Ryan, this is NOT a happy guy. Camera shot was on his face for some 30 seconds.

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  10. C. Lowell says:

    Associated Press — they’re they’re terrible!

    Right down there with WaPo, NYTimes, Reuters, and — dare I say it? — CNN…

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  11. CaptainNonno says:

    Great job, Sean. Keep up the pressure and call them out. Even to say at the end of the presser ‘now let’s see what you all write’.

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  12. This has nothing to do with the substance of Spicer, but I’m pretty sure Josh Earnest and Jay Carney wore that exact same tie. I’ll take the pocket square though.

    Even in the Presidential GOP debates, everyone seemed to wear the exact same thing. Below are some suggestions.

    Trump’s wardrobe as of

    Good quality ties that don’t break the bank

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  13. Sandra says:

    Bleah to the question about the “hispanic community” and their concern about the wall. Really? The wall is their concern? If they are living here in the US their concern should be job, ecomony, taxes, schools, etc. Why the wall? These stupid agenda questions drive me nuts.

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  14. psadie says:

    I would like these reporters to STAND, STATE THEIR NAME and the MEDIA OUTLET they represent. There were some snarky questions and I want to know who is asking them so I can take appropriate actions…like not watch them or use their website!!!

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    • Sandra says:

      Great idea!


    • Trumppin says:

      I seem to remember back in the old days they did that, as well as rise to their feet as the president entered the room R.E.S.P.E.C.T

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    • WSB says:

      I thought Sean started out today very well. He had a list of names by news organization and called out who he wanted to have a question from. It only got a little disorganized later when he took hands.

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      • I thought he was kissing A$$ too much, as if these “people” deserve some respect, remember what they did and tried to do to us and DJT, they deserve NOTHING but cold anger and suspicion …………. They are liars and hate us and DJT, HOW DARE THEY ASK HIM IF HE WILL TELL THE TRUTH!???????? AARRRGGGHHHHHH
        OK, I’m done.

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    • wyntre says:

      Easy. Don’t watch, read or visit CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, PBS, WaPo, NYT, LAT or any other “Big Lyin’ Media” Outlet except FBN (skip Cavuto) and minimal Fox (Hannity, Tucker).

      Check out blogs like TCTH for all your information needs. 🙂

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  15. Trumpelstiltsken says:

    At approx. the 1:02:38 mark, one of the journo hacks seems to make a snide remark about DJT not serving out a full 4 years of his (1st) presidential term. He mumbles, but says something like “at the end of the 4 years….assuming he’s still president….”

    Anyone here able to translate the mumbling?

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  16. The guy who disputed most watched inauguration ever looked like a complete dumba$$. I tried to find him but don’t know his full name. I believe it was Jonathon something.

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  17. tempo150101 says:

    Those arsewholes at ABC keep showing that one picture with about 2/3 of the Washington Mall empty. THEY SHOWED IT TONIGHT ON THE TEASE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE NEWS!!!! I switched the channel right away.

    Trump is correct to fight them.


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  18. kallibella says:

    Sean Spicer did an excellent job in this administration’s first press conference!!!!

    The media continue to show how diabolically biased they are, as evidenced by the question by Jonathan Karl. I don’t remember anybody asking that question during the pressers of the last administration. But we all know the MSM is not interested in facts, but rather in fashioning a narrative to advance their globalist/Leftist agenda.

    They are unhinged and totally rabid.

    This was so good to watch and I loved the sound of sense being made, questions being answered without hesitation and without spin. I loved the repeated statement about President Trump’s objective of keeping the American workers’ interests first/America’s economy first, above any other country and above any other interests.
    Awesome press conference. 🙂

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  19. clash108 says:

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  20. wyntre says:

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  21. Ip Siscr says:

    Major NEWS outlets ?!!!! There haven’t been major NEWS outlets for over a century.

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  22. ABC, must remove Martha Radditz regarding any reporting on the Trump Administration. Following the press briefing, they cut back to Steffy, and he asked for her thoughts, but my complaint isn’t about what she said, its the fact, every time she’s asked to comment on President Trump, she’s on the verge of frakken tears.

    Its unacceptable.

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  23. lubyankafh says:

    Heck the whole point of “The Columbia Shool of [progressive] Journalism” was to make a graduate scholl to crank out Propaganda Doctor PhD’s” at the end and failure of The Roosevelt-Wilson Progressive Era.

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  24. mikeyboo says:

    I love the fact he cut them off at the pass by naming a list of union leaders who will be meeting with Pres. Trump following the meeting with business leaders. It was an artful demonstration of inclusivity in the Pres. Trump’s quest to make America great again.

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    • litlbit2 says:

      IMHO, if I were a union leader invited to speak with president he better bone up on how to represent the worker and America! The old division, dictatorship, my way or the hyway, us against them attitude that place union members and unions on poverty lifestyles will not work again!
      Workers should remember how the union leaders bent over grab their ankles, as obama destroyed jobs for years while retaining their plush lifestyle, Keystone!

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  25. wyntre says:

    The moralistic, intolerant, puritanical presstitute Prom Queen strikes again.

    Here’s ABC’s Jonathan Karl’s question to Spicey:

    “Is it your intention to always tell the truth at this podium?”

    Just who the F**K do these a$$has think they are? The Grand Inquisitor? Mother Theresa? A Supreme Court Judge?


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  26. Helen says:

    Sean Spicer was awesome today. I was hugely impressed. Well done!

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  27. remuda2016 says:

    Ok, for recall, who actually started the ‘largest inaug-watch’ kerfuffle? Did it come from the Trump crew, or some media outlet comparing Obama and Trump photos? Perhaps I’m wrong, but I thought I’d heard or seen someone ‘initialize’ this comparison as coming from the media, not Spicer or Trump. Anyone? All I remember is this:

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  28. justfactsplz says:

    Spicer did a fantastic job. I just have to really watch his face as he talks a bit too fast for this southern lady. I like that he called on people and gave the little minions a fair shake for a change. I wonder if the Media Mongrels follow CTH? They appeared to be a little more dressed for success today. Spicer is very sharp, they won’t trip him up. He will be in command of these briefings as it should be.

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  29. I loved his fast paced style in the beginning! You almost get exhausted just hearing how hard our president is working! All of the leaders he is meeting with & listening to!
    Mr Spicer did an excellent job!
    I felt it ran a bit long. Most of those jerks didn’t deserve such a lavish amount of the administrations attention. Nor do they respect it.


  30. xyzlatin says:

    I just crossed Press secretary off my list of nice jobs to do. Faced with the rudeness, and triteness and nitpicking questions, I would be like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland and would shout “Off with his head”! Spicer deserves a medal for doing this job, if he is going to appear every day and take on these hostile hacks.

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  31. Smplyamsd says:

    Seems like having a new group of select news organizations covering the White House 24/7 is a good idea. Given that the person asking the question drives this dialog, and that.these are times of media sedition, having that group be picked by the President seems like an even better idea. I am sure that the prestige would outweigh the cost of providing resources for this purpose. The old group of “select” “news” organizations are obviously working against us so why allow them to drive the dialog ?.

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  32. anarchist335 says:

    Good job Sean Spicer! Looks like another good pick by President Trump.


  33. I did not care for Sean Spicer’s reason of it being “demoralizing to the Trump Administration and volunteer workers” as being the problem with the media’s unfair and untrue reporting. At no time did Sean just flat out simply say “the American people deserve the truth and facts” and leave it at that. Instead Sean went on an on making it sound like the Trump staff is so dependent on the reports of the media to feel good and stay energized, that they become DEMORALIZED having hurt feelings to see the MSM reporting it falsely.

    It sounded weak and like he was begging CNN “please don’t hurt us,” to me it came off like whining. It made me cringe.

    CNN’s unfair and untrue reporting should be stopped because it is propaganda to skew the news in the way they are doing it. BECAUSE IT IS UNFAIR TO THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES. Period. Not because we are snowflakes and get demoralized and hurt feelings which is how I heard Sean say it.

    I understand it was Sean’s first press conference, and I am hoping he will speak for us rather than how it affects his staff. If his staff gets their feelings hurt and become demoralized over the lying MSM we got bigger problems than the media.


    • With that said, Sean was very pleasant and is people friendly and has a great smile and a big heart. Not sure that is always good with alligators though. He was spot on keeping the questions and answers precise, giving answers honestly and truthfully. It was a very good first press conference. I would prefer Stephen Miller who gets straight to the point and doesn’t get submissive nor accommodating to the press. He words for us, not the press. The press is there to get information for us the people. In any case, obviously Sean Spicer is who and how Trump likes it so I trust his reasoning for choosing him. Perhaps Sean takes the lumps out. Balancing out Trump’s decisive stance. No worries.


  34. This is a working man’s view of this mess….Warning, graphic language and lots of it.

    Amen Brother.


  35. Just wondering if anyone picked up on that statement about opening up a Skype feed to the news media outside the beltway? That should have made cnn and other liberal news medias cringe. The truth can get out there before they have a chance to spin it, or lie about it. Mark Twain “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” The truth just got a jump start.


  36. waltherppk says:

    A few pictures to put our propaganda ministry adversarial press “masterminds” on notice

    Do the “trusted journalists” remember what happened in Detroit as Trump was receiving a prayer shawl and blessing from the black ministers of a church, how suddenly Reuters cut the video feed abruptly because the optics were too favorable for Trump?

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  37. waltherppk says:

    Remember Detroit and when the video feed was cut and why, and then you know the press for what they are


  38. waltherppk says:

    Lock Her Up


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