15 People Killed as Tornadoes Rip Through South – Multiple Warnings For Today…

There is an extensive area currently under tornado warning until 8:00pm tonight.  Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers.  Any Treeper in need of aid or assistance please feel free to use the comments section to reach out.  Stay safe, and pay attention to emergency broadcasts from the National Weather Service.

(VIA ABC) At least 15 people have died over the last 48 hours due to tornadoes, as a violent system of storms continues to work its way across the Florida Panhandle and parts Georgia and Alabama.


At least 11 people died and around two dozen were injured in Georgia from tornadoes early Sunday morning, adding to four tornado-related deaths that occurred in Mississippi on Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, new tornado watches were issued this morning for the Panhandle of Florida and southern Alabama, and the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency has issued a state of emergency for the seven south central Georgia counties impacted by the storm.

“The National Weather Service predicts a third wave of severe weather today, which may reach as far north as metro Atlanta. I urge all Georgians to exercise caution and vigilance in order to remain safe and prevent further loss of life or injuries,” Gov. Nathan Deal said in a statement.  (read more)


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93 Responses to 15 People Killed as Tornadoes Rip Through South – Multiple Warnings For Today…

  1. fuzzi says:

    Praying. We may get some of those storms late tonight (NC).

    Thanks, sundance!

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    • Pam says:

      Yep, I just watched the video on the page with the map with the time lapse loop and it almost looks that way.

      My heart really goes out to the people who lost loved ones and their homes. When these storms come in after dark, it is an extremely dangerous time because when debris becomes a flying projectile, that’s when you can’t really see what is going on outside and most of these tornadoes seem to come in the middle of the night when so many are asleep.

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  2. Cow wow says:

    Sav has a torcon rating of 9 out of 10 chance for tornadoes until 9 tonight.
    Very rare. SC has a 7!

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  3. singingsoul says:

    Much prayer for all those who have lost home and family members.

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  4. JAS says:

    God Bless Them! Those families affected are going to need our help ASAP! Suggest the Salvation Army. They bring in free hot food with their food trucks on a daily basis, plus clothing and other basic necessities.

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  5. Cow wow says:

    T Y Sundance for alerting TCH. Fla panhandle through Jax is under the gun all the way to the coast up through Ga and Sc coast

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  6. Binkser1 says:

    Terrible news about those that were lost and the property damage. Here in Jax, FL we are battening down the hatches, should be here in a couple hours. God be with and protect all Treepers in the path of the storm.

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  7. peachteachr says:

    Please pray for us. We are now awaiting the back end of the front which is filled with rotating winds and hail. “God is close to the brokenhearted and those crushed in spirit,” Psalms 34:18.
    We still have neighbors who do not have power from the storms that passed our way 2 weeks ago. They did an estimated $20 million in damage. My people are hurting.

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  8. FofBW says:

    Spent many a nights in the basement growing up in a small southeast Missouri town due to tornadoes. It is very scary and a helpless feeling. Thoughts and prayers to the victims and those in its path.

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    • frogstamper says:

      Small southeast MO town for me, too. Was once hit by a tornado. Destroyed the local shoe factory warehouse – the train tracks were not far from the building. A train engineer stopped and blew his whistle until the employees were alerted? As a result, no one was injured or killed.

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  9. sandraopines says:

    We live 15 min from AL and GA line here in Florida. Our weather app has been going off all night with Tornado watches. Presently saying Severe Thunderstorm warning.

    Prayers to all

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  10. Sundance, i posted this in yesterdays Open Thread last night as soon as I got the below email from Team Rubicon’s Regional Administrator as they are preparing a mission to help our Missisippi brothers and sisters hit by Tornadoes today (yesterday). If you are interested here is copy of the email with a link if you want to help them out. God bless and thank you for your considerstion.

    I hope it is ok to re-post:
    A three mile wide tornado passed through Lamar Forest and Perry Counties on Saturday, January 21st. It left destruction in its path, with hundreds injured and tens of thousands without power. Team Rubicon is mounting a response.

    If you can, we’re asking you to help out your neighbors. Please donate TODAY to Team Rubicon’s response to the tornado in Mississippi.

    Thanks for being on the team!

    Joe Messere
    Region IV Administrator, Team Rubicon

    Disasters are their business, veterans are their passion.
    Deplorable Georgia Grace says:
    January 21, 2017 at 7:54 pm
    Better link as copy/paste of email didnt cause link to appear: When i pressed link out of my email it sent me here:

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  11. gettherejustassoon says:

    Psalm 138:3 “In the day when I cried thou answeredst me, and strengthenedst me with strength in my soul.”

    We pray for all those who, in whatever manner that might be affected, cry unto the Lord that HE hear their pleadings and strengthen them according to His divine will and purpose.

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  12. BabyBoomer says:

    Very, very frightening. Prayers for all those hurt or who have lost a loved one. The utter tragic loss of homes and other personal property appears to mounting at breakneck speed. Perhaps, depending upon local weather warnings for overnight, sleep in your bathtub or in the strongest central interior room available. Sentry duty, with an hourly change, with family members may be wise. I am praying for the Lord’s favor and deliverance from all harm.

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  13. Concerned Virginian says:

    Thank you, Sundance. It’s a warm winter here in Virginia. That can make opportunity for things like severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Even though it’s supposed to be Winter.
    I will take time today and pray for those in harm’s way and especially for the injured and killed.
    I will also take time today and make sure I can get everybody including the dogs into a safe place in case of severe weather and have with me the indispensable documents related to property insurance, emergency contact information, charged up cellphone, etc.

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  15. Howie says:

    I just spotted one NW of Crystal River Fl moving NE fast. Looke like it fizzled when it came ashore in Gulf Hammock. This is a strange weather pattern. The cells pop up and then get wild then fizzle in 20 30 minutes.

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  16. quintrillion says:

    32 tornadoes in the last 48 hours. Prayers for calm and safety.


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  17. Deb says:

    Prayers for all those already affected and their families, and for those who are still in danger.

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  18. Everyone please stay Safe,(Fla~Ga~SC 7 NC) Have your Weather Radios ON, If you have them, or otherwise keep tuned into your Local News Weather Service

    My Local AFD..NWS
    Area forecast discussion
    National Weather Service Wilmington NC
    316 PM EST sun Jan 22 2017
    a potent upper disturbance will bring a severe weather threat
    this evening in addition to heavy rainfall.
    Near term /until 6 am Monday morning/…
    as of 3 PM Sunday…primary focus is pending severe weather
    potential. The storms on radar moving into NE SC are not the
    main players, but farther upstream organizing from the Florida
    Panhandle into southern Georgia. This activity will undergo/sustain
    squall like organization into NE SC around 7 PM and across southeast
    NC 10-11 PM, then off the coast around or just after midnight.
    50 knots winds at 925 mb may readily be brought to the surface by a
    thunderstorm during squall passage, enhanced by outflow winds, raising
    the odds of straight-line damaging winds. 0-3 km helicity fields
    migrate across the area 00-04z. This will overlap with elevated
    boundary layer instability, upping the prospects of isolated
    tornadoes as well.

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  19. sundance says:

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  20. LW says:

    We have a second home in Sparks, just outside Adel Georgia. Praying it didn’t get damaged. Looks like there’s more coming.Y’all stay safe.

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  21. NJF says:

    Prayers for those effected and any who may be in the path tonight.

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  22. KBR says:

    A verse of prayer and comfort:

    Psalm 57:1
    Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me, for my soul trusteth in Thee. Yea, in the shadow of Thy wings will I make my refuge until these calamities pass by.

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  23. Pam says:


  24. Pam says:

    Crossthread, you might want to spread this info around.

    NOAA weather radio unable to broadcast due to cable damage, stay up to date with free WECT Weather App

    ce says the installation of a new antennae cable may take a couple months to complete.

    With the possibility of severe weather Sunday, people are encouraged to have other means of obtaining weather information.

    You can stay up to date on any weather information by downloading the free WECT weather app in the Apple App store or the Google Play store.

    You can also receive weather information through the National Weather Service Wilmington NC website at http://www.weather.gov/ilm, various local government social media outlets,and local media broadcasts and applications.


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    • Pam says:

      For the line that didn’t make it into the previous post:

      “The National Weather Service says the installation of a new antennae cable may take a couple months to complete.”

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  25. sundance says:

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  26. Pam says:

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  27. amwick says:

    We just turned on th evening news.. We are exptecting the storms to pass through this area (Myrtle Beach) between 9 and 10pm… I went out earlier and put my car in the garage, just in case there is hail. Prayers for those people in GA who are suffering right now. A trailer park,,, and it is gone.

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  28. Pam says:

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  29. Howie says:

    These storms are moving at 70 mph to the NE amazing.

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  30. Howie says:

    This one is on me in 5 min


  31. Howie says:

    Wow the weatherman just said that the reason for the hail is that the wind is blowing up in to the clouds and the rain freeze. They went right over me without raining then the hail hit 25 miles to E and damaged cars.

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  32. Digleigh says:

    There was video of a tornado 2 mi. from my house around 2am yesterday. Another one hit an area where low socioeconomic folks in a trailer park that was demolished. They are searching for people and bodies as we speak. A commissioner says not to come.(earlier asking for volunteer medical people) because of the debris , water, and electrical issues, it is UNSAFE. Police , EMT , emergency etc. are there. We know there are potential for many deaths. A whole family and trailer missing! A 2 month old missing was found in a dryer alive from a facebook report (not confirmed) some fatalities but they are not giving numbers, and there are many missing. Our town was hit just a few weeks ago that damaged multiple neighborhoods where houses were destroyed , damaged, and there are thousands of trees down in multiple neighborhoods.Samaritan’s purse (Graham’s group) have been down here for weeks!! Many in the Albany area had power out for 4-12 days and are barely recuperated from this. This is already the fifth poorest city in the U.S. of its size (about 90,000)The First United Methodist Church needs blankets , cots, sheets, kids toys. I am hearing the school buses are transporting the trailer park survivors to the Civic Center also. Prayer, prayers, prayers…. I am grieving for our town, and our nation!

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  33. justfactsplz says:

    Our weather radio has gone off a lot earlier this evening. Our closest town is Deland. There are transformers and trees down there. I haven’t heard about homes or any injuries. We are all calm and quiet and the tornado warning will soon expire.

    Prayers for all of those who have lost loved ones and homes. May God dispatch all of the help they need at this time. Stay safe Treepers.

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  34. Good night sweet Treepers. God be with you all and yours wherever you are. Prayers and help lifted to those in need. God bless


    • Digleigh says:

      Thank you, deplorable!! We also need prayer for a type 1 diabetic who has almost died 4 times in 6 months . He is one of my own with a toddler, and pregnant wife ! Their stress is at peak level. (working on possible pump malfunctioning,sugar swings etc.) Precious folks in their early 20’s. God has been merciful! Amazing people !

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  35. Jimmy Jack says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I have family in south GA. I hadn’t seen this elsewhere. Praying for those who lost loved ones and homes.


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