Definitive CNN Gigapixel Image of Crowd During Trump Inauguration Speech Confirms Sean Spicer Correct…

gigapixel-1(Interactive Gigapixel Image HERE)

The New York Times and Trump Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, appear to be in an argument over the crowd attending the President Trump inauguration.  In the politicized era of jaw-dropping media bias, fake news and constructed Potemkin villages, does this come as a surprise.

Generally speaking, most intellectually honest political followers/researchers already anticipated a massive amount of DC-based hostility in all things related to President Trump.  After all, Hillary Clinton won the DC vote with 91%, and only 4% of DC residents supported Donald Trump –LINK


Pause.  Consider the disparity. Think about that for a moment.

WASHINGTON DC VOTE: 282,830 Clinton (91%),  12,723 Trump (4%) Trump.  That’s more than a 22:1 ratio of Clinton supporters -vs- Trump supporters amid DC residents.

It’s Washington DC.  Political shenanigans should always be anticipated – it is just how DC rolls. Slow-walking TSA screenings under the auspices of “security”, obstruction, annoyance, intentional delays and all manner of historic DC employee behavior is the norm – not the exception.  Again, reference the statistical political ideology.

Seriously, have we forgotten the spiteful DC park closings during the “sequester” budget debate when DC authorities closed open space –including war memorials on “Memorial Day weekend-  because they wanted to create the optic of impact from budget cuts.   To wit, they put barricades around the National Mall, and transmitted warnings to kids in school about the zoo animals no longer being fed.  Remember all that nonsense?

The behavior of federal employees in DC is nothing if not predictable.  President Donald Trump is an existential threat to their interests; and by extension anyone who supports Donald Trump is antithetical to their interests.  That is the correct background for the “optics” of crowd size.

However, all of that said – we can see a Gigapixel Image HERE [we can zoom in/out and drag the image etc.] of much of the area during President Trump’s speech and decide for yourselves.


Explore Interactive HERE

Despite the shenanigans Sean Spicer was correct.  The crowd grew significantly just as the event began.  Yes, this was mostly due to the crowd being intentionally delayed from attending.  Yes, tens of thousands of people could not get through the screenings.  Yes, the federal workers and DC Park and Security leadership made attendance more difficult than any previous inauguration.

Yes, every imaginable tool and technique was utilized last week to provide the maximum level of crisis and discomfort….

…and yet, given the history of DC doing this with other events, this somehow surprises people?


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546 Responses to Definitive CNN Gigapixel Image of Crowd During Trump Inauguration Speech Confirms Sean Spicer Correct…

  1. dimfizz says:

    I can’t see how you can photoshop that pic. Not to that degree of resolution. I have photoshop. It doesn’t go there.


  2. Sentient says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a pink pussy hat about 15-20 rows behind President Trump. She’s in front of the woman in the lime green raincoat.

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  3. deplorabledooku says:

    Looking at the megapixel I noticed something that may be of importance, if it has not already been pointed out. 1) Many Dems were wearing solid purple (at least I see that color) ties. Is this support for Soros’s Purple Revolution? 2) Additionally many of the same Dems and others were wearing what appear to be campaign buttons of the same color with white lettering, but could not read the writing. What are these Dems supporting?
    P.S. Elijah Cummings did not boycott, he can be seen in the photo. So if he has some damning confidential report against President Trump, why did he attend his Inauguration? For the free lunch?

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    • DianaK says:

      The buttons are expressing support for the Unaffordable Care Act I believe.

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    • severance23 says:

      I think the little blue badges were about saving Obamacare.

      There’s a post on the previous page about this picture being a composite stitched together from several, to explain why some people aren’t even looking at Trump or looking so bored – and I think that’s right. There’s an electronic console on the press stanchion that displays the time as 12:12:55 – but way, way over on the clock tower of the Trump International Hotel, the time is 12:17. I don’t believe for a second that Trump would allow the clock tower to be 5 minutes out.

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      • Many people are looking the other way because they are watching a jumbotron. Jumbotrons were placed all over for people with less than a stellar view. If you notice just where the people up front that are looking away are, they fall behind that huge press tower and most likely, can’t see much of anything as it is an obstructed view… not to mention the tree in the way. As for the time difference. I am going to guess that the time difference might have to do with the super high def capture of the photo… it may have taken just that long to scan the entire crowd and pick up all that detail. Extra long exposure time. You will notice some people’s faces and such are distorted from the movement of the camera looking like a bit of a time warp. Of course, there is the even the plausible… cuz one clock keeps time different from another. That DOES happen. Not all clocks in this world keep perfect or even the same time. We can’t expect ones on prestigious buildings or on video cameras ALWAYS reflect the proper and to-the-second accurate time.(especially on cameras run by CNN) .

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    • Jim Smith says:

      In his defense…. it was a really nice lunch! 😉


    • Embroiderer says:

      I remember that when Illary finally sobered up and showed up to speak the day after the election both she and Slick were wearing purple.


      • creeper00 says:

        Purple is the color of the SEIU…one of Hillary’s largest voting blocs.


        • politcalimho says:

          Seems I recall Killary bragging that they were turning red states blue – supposedly not there yet, but getting there. Hence, purple would indicate what was a red state will soon go blue. I could be wrong, but I specifically remember them saying something about flipping red to blue, so wear purple.


    • M. Moreland says:

      I believe they are security pins. Those are security guys. If you will note… they are nobody we know their names and the proximity to key figures. Not to mention the size of them and they are all rather large men(at least the ones I spotted) Elijah Cummings is a liar like all the rest… They say one thing and do another… expected behavior for politicians… especially Democrats. I haven’t a clue regarding Soros and the color purple.


  4. wondering999 says:

    “Unaffordable Care Act”
    first time I’ve read that phrase. It’s true too

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  6. Jim Bob Lassiter says:

    People who have to work (in order to be taxed) in Red flyover counties don’t have the time, $400+ per diem money or energy to load up the car or get on a plane and go to DC on a Thursday night in January and be back on the job in po-dunk Red state Monday morning.

    On the other hand Federal government workers and the millions of negro undertow public housing dwellers in metro DC-Bodymore can easily go to the Mall in DC for a Friday par-tay with the Magic Negro

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  7. Trainer says:

    I hope President Trump rubs this in every MSM nose….

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  8. bruce says:

    Sean Spencer, Pres Trump, KellyAnne were right. 1.5 million who travelled to get there and not the locals.


    • bornbackwhen says:

      This^, imho, is the most powerful tool that Sean could have used when spanking the press yesterday. We The People traveled to DC, many for the first time, more likely than not in a car using vacation time to finally claim our seat at the table and love our president in person and feel what winning for a change feels like and they are saying we didn’t show up. First, we couldn’t win, then didn’t win and now they’re saying we didn’t even show up. Invisible, again. The press made it about the size, again, never once noticing that we were even there. Also, I love Sean Spicer and he was my pick all along. What good is a man without some fire?! This is my second time posting, my first was right after the Fletcher, NC rally and I was pretty excited, still am. Heartfelt love and thanks to ya’ll for this entirely-awake-now, new view.

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      • Yes, being from out of town… most likely… they DIDN’T ride the local’s commuter stuff… probably mostly shuttles and buses. Out of towners aren’t, typically, ‘down’, or even comfortable, with the local ‘shortcuts’ on public transportation.


    • Carol says:

      DC is one of the most liberal cities in the country, right behind Baltimore. Maryland is a heavily blue state. The bedroom communities all around DC (such as Northern Virginia/ NOVA) are packed with federal government employees who are Pro-establishment. No wonder there weren’t huge numbers of locals. Speaks to the passion of Trump’s voters: they showed up in similar numbers, even though coming from further away (on average) than Obama’s. So remarkable considering all of the obstacles!


  9. JC says:

    Ridiculous. My erudite, eloquent response to Ninny Todd “interview”:
    he looks like Satan…


  10. Les says:

    This guy speaks my language, and hits it right on the head with this one: .com/watch?v=Z1Y7V2fQKTU
    (take out the space to watch)

    Stefan Molyneux is underrated, he’s one of Canada’s best. Now I’m going to make pancakes because I took a mental health day and they seem to go together.


  11. jdvalk says:

    They’re still using the picture apparently time stamped at 8:07 a.m. and then cropped out in subsequent stories to “fact check”, this time AP:

    Deceit on steroids.


    • Carol says:

      NYT reporter Binyamin Appelbaum tweeted out the original pic at 8:20AM (I saw the time stamp yesterday; hopefully it’s still there if you click on the date stamp). Clearly not an accurate picture since the swearing in was at noon. This makes the media’s agenda crystal clear.

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  12. Lori C. says:

    I was there at 8:30 am and the National Guard and police had the 4th Street public entrance gates CLOSED! There were thousands of people in line and they wouldn’t let us in. A cop told me we could walk around to the back by the Washington Monument, but I heard from other people the gates were closed there also. I had my 20 year old daughter with me and didn’t want to go that far from Union Station so we watched it at a coffee shop on our cell phones. They definitely were not letting people in and you had to go through security check points which slowed the entrance process down a lot! They have never had security check points before at an inauguration. There were a lot of people on the streets. The truth will come out! Also, when we left to walk back to the train at about 2:30 I saw the news organizations were posting that bogus picture of the crowd, and next to it the picture of Obamas 2009 Inauguration. I have also contacted a satellite photography company. They said it was too cloudy that day, they could not get an image.

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  14. Alberto says:

    Watch a timelapse of the National Mall on Inauguration Day:


  15. jdvalk says:

    The time lapse thing is interesting, especially how you never see an end to the flow of people coming in through the entrances, particularly the non-ticketed sections. Additionally, you see the placeholder image on the screens up until 21 seconds in and then as late as 36 seconds in.


    • jdvalk says:

      It would also be interesting to see the same time lapse and angle from 2013 with the same mall covering. Haven’t seen one online yet, but would be another apt comparison for context, including whether the access was still streaming through checkpoints throughout as it appeared with this one.


  16. Carol says:

    The original photo, now plastered all over the press and social media, was tweeted out by NYT reporter Binyamin Appelbaum at 8:20AM Inauguration Day. His Twitter feed bears time stamp. Not quite a fair gauge, as the gates had likely just opened. We don’t know when the Obama pic was taken, but its highly unlikely that it was taken that early. Who can compete with the first black president anyway? Add in the mix the very steep security and additional barriers, including human chains that blocked entrances while DC police did Nothing (Obama in advance specifically told them to stand down). I heard that there were lots of people wanting to get in who never did get in for the ceremony.


  17. jdvalk says:

    This coincides with the bigger numbers for Metro ridership for the previous two inaugurals. As has been observed in the dedicated crowd size thread here, the Metro area, particularly DC and Maryland including Baltimore, had a population of Obama supporters. This includes fed workers, and some remembered that fed workers were courage to attend by the brass.

    Also, it must be remembered that as part of this year’s inauguration, officials were suggesting that attendees be prepared to walk, which was quite practical for those packed into the hotels nearby. Metro was additionally impractical for many who already had accommodations nearby because five close stations were shut down for security reasons, leading many to just walk from where they were staying. More people in hotels, especially under said conditions meant less taking Metro.


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