The Inauguration of President Donald Trump – Live Stream…


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1,299 Responses to The Inauguration of President Donald Trump – Live Stream…

  1. marierogers says:

    i watched the ceremonies thru tears of i wait for our new president to sign some executive orders of his own.
    any congrats from PUTIN?


  2. Bull Durham says:

    I want to thank the original force of Tea Party and Sarah Palin for lighting the Prairie Fire of Patriotism, and all the people large and small who inspired the Movement. The spirit and actions of Andrew Breitbart looms large. And I salute all these citizen soldiers! Many have fallen but not forgotten.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      ——-> ” ! am Andrew Breitbart ! “


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    • sunnydaze says:

      Yep. Tea Party finally got it’s President.

      We blew it w/ a lot of the Congresscritters- got fooled. But we got our President (and a few Congresscritters too).

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      • Bull Durham says:

        You saved the Republic and the Constitution.

        The revolt became much larger than budgets and taxes and Congressional power.

        God bless the American spirit. Our exceptionalism is internal to our borders.
        As Pres. Trump said, let’s me a passive inspiration to others. Let them choose to emulate us. We do best not to force our system or values on them.

        So, I always think what makes us special and different is what I wrote earlier about Melania. She came to America and invested her life here. And now she is Model for women and girls, mothers and wives, immigrants and hopefuls to be.

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      • Guyver1 says:

        And the MSM is making sure they do not mention the Tea Party aspect of this.
        Remember, according to the MSM… we all died over 2 years ago!!!
        Hey MSM, how does it feel like to get your butts kicked by a movement you declared dead over 2 years ago?

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  3. lbmomblog says:

    Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2017
    Incoming President Donald J. Trump, Outgoing President Barak Hussein Obama

    a builder who wants will put his abilities to work for America – at the utmost top role.
    a person who will take the wisdom, learned lessons, abilities, determination acquired in a lifetime, and lead America back to basics. Putting American people first. Repealing/Replacing the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obama Care). Insisting on border control reducing the numbers of non-Americans allowed to enter America – and living on U.S. Government funds. Making America stronger, respecting our laws and those that protect us. Backing the Blue.

    Donald John Trump, wife Melania Knuss Trump
    Don Jr., wife Vanessa Hayden Trump, children: Kai (10), Don III (8), Tristan (6), Spencer (5), and Chloe (3)
    Ivanka Marie Trump Kushner (10/30/1981), husband Jared Kushner, children: Arabella (5), Joseph (3), and Theodore (born March 2016)
    Eric Frederick Trump (1/6/1984), wife Lara Yunaska Trump
    Tiffany Trump (10/13/1993), in college
    Barron Trump (3/20/2006)

    Michael (Mike) Richard Pence, wife Karen Batten Pence


  4. NYGuy54 says:

    I do believe Charles Krauthammer is not very sharp

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  5. lbmomblog says:

    As they left Blair House:
    Melania’s baby blue dress as she left Blair house, gorgeous. Wives of Don & Eric (Vanessa & Lara) in coordinating colors to Melania. Lara looked fabulous in a light blue/grey dress. Vanessa in a auburn red dress.
    Ivanka in a Dark Blue (from what I could tell)

    As they entered St. John’s Cathedral (church)
    As they exited St. John’s we watched in-coming President Trump and Melania walk to the awaiting vehicle, followed by incoming VP Mike Pence and his wife Karen.

    As Pres. Obama began his morning
    President Obama begins departure from the White House, He takes a walk through the Oval Office from there he walked the outside corridor of the White House, and waves to the photographers and says “Thank You”, a few minutes later V.P. Biden and his wife walk the same path on the outside corridor of the White House. We did not see Michelle, nor Malia or Sasha at this time. Nor did we see his mother-in-law that lived with the family at the Whitehouse. Malia (7/4/1998), Sasha (6/10/2001). Malia was 10 and Sasha was 7 when Obama became or 44th President. (Malia being 10 at time Pres. Obama took office – Barron is 10 at time Pres. Trump takes office).


    • free2313 says:

      Barron Trump is such a ‘mini-me’ President Donald J. Trump… 10 years old and already so handsome and so tall… It seems that he does not have enough experience with a large crowd of people…

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  6. CO Gal. says:

    Oh ick. Does Hillary really have to be at this lunch? Ay least Michelle was an honest sourpuss the whole time. Hillary quickly switches from resting bitch face to delightfully smiling when she realizes the camera is on her.

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  7. lbmomblog says:

    and, on this one…when I watched, it seemed Obama was “magistrating” … leading with insistence.
    …We watched as outgoing President welcomes incoming President Trump to Whitehouse
    We watched as VP Biden and his wife welcome incoming VP Mike Pence and his wife to the Whitehouse.

    We watched as Pres. Obama and his wife Michelle stand outside the Whitehouse and await the arrival of the motorcade which drove up to the front steps of Whitehouse. Soon Donald J. Trump exited vehicle, Melania followed carrying a package wrapped in aqua blue paper, with a simple bow (note the package wrapped in paper complimented her blue dress. Also note in 2000 Michelle Obama brought a gift (wrapped in white) to Laura Bush as they met at steps of Whitehouse).

    Obama began to direct a photo op, handing the present off to a person in the Whitehouse, then took his place next to the incoming President Trump, while Melania and Michelle lead the way into the Whitehouse.


  8. rashamon says:

    Geez, President Trump must, as in “has to”, keep his Twitter account. After spot checking all the MSM, I have not found one group of commentators that is telling the truth, much less seeing the truth. Lies, lies, lies continue.

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  9. lbmomblog says:

    and, this one…interesting note at 10:15 pm (texas time) I took:
    We watched as the families left the Whitehouse and headed to Capitol Hill.
    We watched Melania and Michelle walk to the motorcade and take a seat to the automobile waiting for them. We watch as Biden and Pence walk out to be seated in automobile. We watch as Pres. Obama and incoming President Trump walk out of the Whitehouse and walk to the automobile caravan. Trump and Obama talk as they walk, Obama guiding Trump. The caravan left the Whitehouse at same time Bill and Hillary were filmed descending the steps …and being escorted to the outside Lawn of Capitol Hill. We watched the motorcade make its way down the streets to Capitol Hill.

    We watch as Trump and Obama arrive at Capitol Hill, and begin the walk of the halls, followed by Biden and Pence. Obama walked briskly leading Trump down the halls.

    We watch the Trump children (Don Jr, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron) walk the halls (apparently somewhat ahead of their father). Camera’s then roll to watch as the children descend the steps to the outside area. All Smiles, huge happy smiles. A camera took a quick look at Hillary, who was not smiling at the moment.

    10:15 am, I noticed Ivanka looked over towards Hillary Clinton, nodded and seemed to say Hello.

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  10. Patriot1783 says:

    Just a bit of history trivia, the eagle lecturn that will be used at the luncheon is borrowed from the National Society Daughters of The American Revolution 😄

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  11. Patriot1783 says:

    Hail to the Chief coming up?

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  13. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Another John Philip Sousa song for today.
    God Bless President Trump!


  14. marierogers says:

    KRAUT is a vile snake, in spite of seeming to “like” TRUMP, i do not trust him..
    what fun to watch hitlery eating crow..

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  15. Red says:

    I’ve about had enough of Neil Cavuto making smart a$$ comments about Melania wearing Ralf Lorain

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  16. SharonKinDC says:

    Where is Turtle McConnell? Didn’t see him during POTUS Trump’s signing, nor at this Congressional lunch…

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  17. NvMtnOldman says:

    I thought Schumer would never get done. The best part of the ceremony was the fact that Obama had to stand there and listen to Trump. Trump laid it all out about the selfish DC pols. It feels so good to have a REAL American in charge again. Melania is so classy. What a great wonderful change.

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  18. Martin says:

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  19. sunnydaze says:

    The prayer before the Lunch was very very good. hope it’s online later.

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  20. M. Mueller says:

    Am I the only one who thinks all this playing nice with the enemy (Hillary, Ryan, Pelosi) is wearing on our new President? I know it is wearing on me; I just want them all escorted out and ignored!

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  21. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    Trouble already….

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  22. Jason says:

    Cops aren’t playing around, riot line dispersing the crowd, stopped for a moment and the protesters started to get some nerve moving in on the line chanting and then cops cleared em out with (bear?/pepper?) spray and rubber bullets. Someone grabbing trash can to roll it down the street gets lit up with rubber bullets. Hope hey make some arrests and punish these idiots.

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  23. marierogers says:

    did not see much of the demonstrators..they were overshadowed by all the ceremonies…its over, you have a new “BOSS”!

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  24. tuskyou says:

    Pat Buchanan on Fox business


  25. Barron Trump has the Trump hair. In evidence today. Cute kid. You can see he would rather be elsewhere.


  26. R-C says:

    So approximately 200 cranks are out there in the streets, seething with their usual unhinged way, commanding a great deal of national media attention as they destroy private and public property in an unbridled hissy-fit.

    Meanwhile, thousands upon thousands of cheerful Americans are eagerly–peacefully–awaiting the inaugural parade.

    Guess which group gets the left-wing media attention.

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    • georgiafl says:

      I do not want to waste my time watching Hillary/Podesta/Soros paid operative agitators at work. RSBN isn’t getting any of my time.

      CSPAN is not spending much if any time covering Hillary/Podesta/Soros paid scum! So I’m watching CSPAN. But they did show a DC policeman throwing a reporter to the ground who tried to get past their line. That was fun!

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  27. georgiafl says:

    On the other Inaugural thread, Bill Riser posted a tally of all the jobs and $$$ Trump has saved for America so far:

    “What has been done to date!!!!
    MAJOR JOB ANNOUNCEMENTS (with strategic analysis links)”

    You will be amazed when you read it.

    Please thank Mr. Riser for his good work!…..and Thank President Trump too!

    Post and tweet the list around the blogosphere!

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  28. muffyroberts says:

    How can people think Trump gave a white supremist speech? That is what this one caller just said on C-span.


  29. StateSovereigntyNationalUnion says:

    @WhiteHouse: “January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again.” – @POTUS


  30. D Lo says:

    FYI, the letter of Sullivan Ballou is one of the most beautiful love letters ever written, for family and country. I originally heard it many years ago, as read during The Civil War mini-series. I almost memorized it by heart at the time, it struck my heart in a way I will never forget.
    Unfortunately, Schumer’s nasally voice, unfeeling recitation of the strength of the words written so many years ago by a Patriot on the battlefield, in a struggle for life and death, did Sullivan Ballou’s words no justice.
    Was this the time and place for these sentiments, perhaps not, but as a love letter, and testament to the devotion of the willingness of men to lose their lives and everything they cherish in sacrifice to this country, there are few that hold a candle to it …

    Perhaps hearing it in it’s original presentation, and in full, rather than a snippet, as Schumer did, will help you to cherish Major Sullivan Ballou’s words as I do …

    Major Sullivan Ballou’s letter … 3 min.


  31. All American Snowflake says:

    The Trump Ladies’ entourage all have sassy dresses!


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