Making Marine Recruitment Great Again…



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153 Responses to Making Marine Recruitment Great Again…

  1. NoOneButTrump says:


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  2. paper doll says:


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  3. belle819 says:

    My Dad was a proud marine – Semper Fi

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  4. Joshua2415 says:

    The master marketeer, making Marine recruiting EASY again!

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  5. 3x1 says:

    Beats the last one…

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      Now, now, a long full skirt and knee high black boots are a must when riding off on a broom. πŸ˜„

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    • Sunshine says:

      Obama looking at Melania and then looking at his wife. I wonder what went through his mind. And Michelle looking at Melania, I wonder what went through her mind.
      The Trumps inspire respect. The Obamas don’t. I think they felt it there and then.

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      • nimrodman says:

        “Obama looking at Melania and then looking at his wife. I wonder what went through his mind”

        I’m guessing: “Melania looks almost as good as that Pockistani boyfriend I had back in the old sofa-sitting days …”

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        • Hahahahahahaha! Yes, I was going along those lines too…

          Only I thought Zero was thinking, ‘Lucky I’m a homo or I could never have married him…her…whatever….’

          But I am happy for Mooch because now, out of the glare of the WH spotlight, she can finally transition completely. Look for her in the shot-put competition at the next Olympics. As ‘Michael’ tho’…

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      • Pepperjelly says:

        There’s internal beauty and then there’s external beauty. We can only manage the genetics we are born with, but it’s what’s inside that really determines who you are.

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      • emet says:

        I listened to Michelle Obama speak at West Point Washington Hall in 2011, and I saw her from a few feet sway. She speaks intelligently and smoothly, and makes a nice appearance. She was very well received by the cadets. No, she is not a model like the new first lady, and it is certain that she sees the world much differently than the average deplorable, but I believe she represented our nation quite well, and did not disgrace the Whitehouse like the Clintons.

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        • TheseTruths says:

          I tend to think there is too much criticism of Michelle’s looks. I didn’t like her clothing choices, though.

          I do not agree that she represented our nation well. Her comment early on about it being the first time she was proud of her country did not represent us well. Her palling around with Beyonce did not represent us well. Her agreement with her husband’s policies, which were unAmerican, did not represent us well.

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          • ZurichMike says:

            I think she deserved every criticism about her looks. If you recall, she was praised 24/7 for 8 years for her daring fashion choices and for bringing (finally) grace and poise to the White House — as if the meticulously dressed Laura Bush were some kind of bag lady. Remember all the “she’s channeling Jackie Kennedy” nonsense?

            Michelle set herself up as some kind of fashion-forward beauty, and the press amplified that patently false meme lock, stock, and barrel. Yeah, every middle-aged woman with a difficult figure should try to squeeze in her daughter’s too-tight twin sets, sleeveless bandage gowns that highlight, rather than work with, her minimal bosom and ample butt. She was a walking fashion disaster. Google “Michelle Obama fashion disaster” and you’ll find hundreds of photos of her stupid looks.

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          • Charlie says:

            lol… you’re kidding right? “to much criticism of Michelle’s looks”


        • ZurichMike says:

          She’s a good actress, then. Remember, this was the bitter, nasty woman with the perpetual frown, who had hot mic moments where she dissed patriotism, who was caught several times (as was her husband) not making even the minimal attempt to repsect the flag by placing her hand over her heart, the woman who, after leading a life made possible by affirmative action perks, said she was proud of the US only when her feckless husband became President. She went on TV after Trump’s winning the presidency, and stated incredulously that Americans have no hope.

          She should be grateful, not proud, that Barack was the breadwinner in the last 8 years, because her oh-so-important job as a hospital administrator was not replaced when she left, and because she had been forced to surrender her law license, which, had she not been First Lady with a staff and huge budget, would mean she would have no way to earn money. By the way, law licenses are generally “voluntarily” surrendered in the course of investigations for attorney fraud or malfeasance.

          She represented the perpetually aggrieved, entitlement classes well, where everything whites did was bad (excpet when they stupidly voted for Barack) and gave her mother a job babysitting two teenagers so her mom could pull a government pension. She spend millions upon millions on trips abroad that served no purpose other than to have a taxpayer-paid vacation for her, her daughters, and mother, and other family members.

          In short, she is a loud-mouthed, racist bitch who scored the ultimate welfare coup for 8 years: high paid public housing and an unlimited EBT card. Good riddance to that galumphing, graceless wookie.

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        • Kathy Brown says:

          She ‘represented’ us disgustingly, as did her putrid hubby.

          Tell me Emet: Which of her remarks do you admire most? Her ‘For the first time in my life I’m proud of my country’? Or, ‘All this for a damn flag’?


  6. MissV says:

    How true! What that young man is thinking! It’s my new desktop picture! I just love it!

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  7. Beats the hell out of escorting a man dressed as a woman… But, the best thing for making Marine recruitment great again is ending the endless nation toppling for oil and nwo bs and having our incredible troops here at home protecting us from the invasion that is in full swing.

    Yep, Trump is already working, and so am I. There is much to do on both ends of the spectrum. The insane moonbats are constantly b!tching and moaning about “social justice” or some other equally destructive notion, it’s time we all get busy working to balance the scales, no pun intended.

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  8. Farmon says:

    Yes sir, now you’re talkin. They must have had some excellent considerations for the officer who received that tough duty. Way to go Marines! Proud of you boys!!! Oh, the First Lady is… stunning. Great pic.

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  9. auscitizenmom says:

    “You, too, might have the opportunity to escort First Lady Trump if you join the Marines”

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  10. Melania at the Ball – TOTAL WOW!!! You guys should see her!

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  11. Loving Eugene says:

    Wow. She is stunning. MAGA

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  12. Lucille says:

    Listen, the United States Marine they chose to escort Mrs. Trump is not so shabby either. That is a honey….LOL!

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    • trumpsbamagirl says:

      Agreed! Who was it on here that suggested the calendar with Kelly, Manafort, T-Rex etc…? Please add the above Marine!

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    • Yes Ma’am, that Marine isn’t at all hard on the eyes now, is he?

      But then I’m just so hysterical with joy that we don’t have to listen to our president endlessly opining on the joys of perversion, depravity and unnatural freaks 24/7 anymore, that I’m probably overacting to this gorgeous guy…

      Oh wait. I just looked at him again. No: He’s gorgeous no matter what the circumstances!

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    • John Galt says:

      They don’t pick runts for honor guard duty. I was in a huge bar fight in the 80s outside a DC bar called Winston’s. I was boxing, meanwhile no-neck Marines were slamming guys against a brick wall like they were milk bottles.

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  13. aprilyn43 says:

    And we keep on winning, General James Mattis has been confirmed by the Senate, and Mike Pence swore him in, with the oath of office.
    This is a win ! A huge win!

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  14. John Franco says:

    Watching the Inaugural Ball, with both couples dancing, absolutely wonderful!!!

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    • And not a same-sex dancing couple to be seen John! Think of that!

      That’s as great as having NO muslim ‘chaplain’ today at the invocation! I mean, what a RELIEF. ‘Cuz I just hate it when they recite prayers for you which turn out to be wishes for your agonizing death, when they’re translated!

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        Yeah, whenever they have a muslim imam do a prayer, they should have a translator there and jerk them off the stage as soon as they start their curses.


  15. Patriot1783 says:

    The 1500 Marines that marched in the inaugural parade was an awe struck moment. I can’t remember when I’ve seen such a turn out of our military men and women in a total celebration of honor toward our President.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      Our military and law enforcement officers love and respect President Trump. Watching those D.C. police and National Guard today proved that. They got their swagger back. They are now free to do their jobs without being told to stand down

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    • honor78 says:

      We now finally have a president who respects and admires the armed services as every president should. These young men and women must be thrilled to realize they will now be appreciated for their commitment to our country. God is on our side.

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  16. got243kids says:

    My son enters the Corps in the spring! He’s so happy it’s not she-who-shall-not-be-named.

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  17. beelza says:

    Once again, another brilliant headline.

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  18. John Galt says:

    Melania = 5′ 11″ + 4″ heels, so the career choice would be Marine or Power Forward.

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  19. CharterOakie says:

    I had that same thought when I saw that moment live via C-Span:

    Marine, you scored BIG time! OORAH!

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  20. JimmyJack says:

    I love my Marine.

    Semper Fi

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  21. RedBallExpress says:

    Can you imagine how proud the parents of that Marine are?

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  22. Bill says:

    …great job skipper…you represented the Corps superbly … and made this retired Marine very proud — and damn jealous!

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  23. FofBW says:

    Ah the good old days when I could fit in one of those uniforms!

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  24. E, ROBOT says:

    The FLOTUS scored the best looking guy on the planet and a Marine too.

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  25. auscitizenmom says:

    FLOTUS. Melania is our FLOTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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    • Kathy Brown says:

      Oh I know, I know! Isn’t it just TOO TOO WONDERFUL!

      I spent the whole day alternating between sobs of joy and fist-pumping jumping up and down!

      I teach American History at our local [trad] Catholic School here in Topeka Ks;; and when I arrived today the whole student body (50 kids plus priests and mothers) were arrayed in front of our huge TV with the Pres. just about to be sworn in. I mean: Moms were clapping, some were crying; it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  26. woohoowee says:

    Wonder if that young man had a hard time not smiling? πŸ™‚

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  27. jdvalk says:

    She waved at me today.

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  28. redsequin4 says:

    Melania is stunning, she has a quiet grace and elegance about her. She was seamless today, as if she has always been the First Lady. But even more than that, she seems to very devoted to Barron, it’s obvious he’s the light of her life.

    The Trumps are such a breath of fresh air from the dour Obama’s. What a truly amazing day, was so full of pride for our country. I almost ran out of kleenex πŸ™‚

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  29. ZurichMike says:

    That Marine must be getting good-naturedly ribbed by his fellow Marines “You should be so lucky to have a girlfriend like that!” kind of thing.

    Honestly, after the angry wookie, it is so nice to have a First Lady who truly glows with confident beauty and grace.

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  30. SteveInCO says:

    Imagine what must be going through Melania’s mind…born in a poor village in an outlying province of a small communist country not even aligned with the Soviet bloc…and now she is the First Lady of the greatest country on Earth.

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    • Son of Rusty Shackleford says:

      I’m flying my Slovenian flag outside the house today in honor of her.

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    • Kathy Brown says:

      That’d be an ‘only in America’ thang. Which of course is yet another reason that the left hates GORGEOUS Melania. Because-imagine-she OBEYED immigration law and came her legally!

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      • SteveInCO says:

        To quote Yakoff Smirnov: “What a country!”

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        • Kathy Brown says:

          Yes that’s so. Exactly.

          Now the ‘Bikers For Trump’ apparently encountered some of the womyn protesting. And their head asked them: ‘What rights is it that you lack? We’ll help you get them.’ But their response was that they ‘feared’ they’d lose rights under Pres. Trump.


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          • SteveInCO says:

            Yeah, the left is just…bags of flaming gas. No solid substance.

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            • Kathy Brown says:

              Tho’ now that I think about it, these womyn should be alarmed. Pres. Trump is definitely going to appoint at least 2-maybe more-new Supremes. And they could revisit ‘Roe v Wade’, and overturn it.

              I devoutly hope this will happen, tho’ it actually has nothing whatever to do with their ‘rights’. From the instant of conception a baby is a new human being. Last time I looked, we have no ‘right’ under the American Constitution to commit murder.


              • SteveInCO says:

                Undeniably some have reduced everything to “abortion” (That’s true on our side as well–I know people who would never support an otherwise-perfect candidate if he were pro choice…99/100 isn’t good enough for them if the missing 1% is abortion)

                This march was silly because they were so willing to throw everything else overboard they were in solidarity with that great respecter of women’s rights…Islam. Just because Islam is anti-Trump.

                They haven’t learned yet that sometimes the enemy of your enemy isn’t your friend…He is your enemy’s enemy because your enemy isn’t evil enough for their purposes.

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  31. Brett says:

    I wonder how it was determined which fortunate Marine received THAT honor?

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  32. jeans2nd says:

    Having recently visited our local Marine Recuiter (no, I did my time), I can assure everyone that a visit to your local Marine Recruiter will lift your spirits immensely. All my Marines are gorgeous.

    Well done, Captain.

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  33. Son of Rusty Shackleford says:

    That Captain was one lucky devil dog!!!

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  34. Pam says:

    I was so glad that Melania spoke at the ball even though the speech was short. I just love hearing her accent. Yes that Marine was indeed a lucky man and from the looks of it, and a good dancer too.


  35. Wookiebush says:

    Ahh it is so nice not having the First Wookie anymore. Sorry Chewie.



  36. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    None of you have mentioned the lucky lady marine to got to dance with our ruggedly handsome brand new POTUS! Imagine the thrill of dancing with the president of the US on his inauguration day or any day?


  37. entagor says:

    Is there a video of Melania dancing with Staff Sgt. Jose Medina at the Military Ball?

    The president is not often upstaged, but he was this time by the soldier named Medina.

    β€œI was chosen by my leadership because they were looking for someone with the confidence to represent the United States Army,” Medina said.

    Confidence? That is one word for an NCO, who led the first lady with authority and twirled the former model at least three times.

    Medina told Breitbart News the president was pleased with the staff sergeant’s take charge attitude. β€œHe was congratulating me, like he did not believe that I would actually pull that one off.”

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  38. cupcakecache says:

    So much strength and beauty in Melania’s face. Such a simple upbringing produced a beautiful woman. There is no reason for women to march against President Trump. They need to see how he treats his wife, his staff members, and his daughters with respect, and gives voice to their thoughts.

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  39. wodiej says:

    What a lovely first lady. All class.

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  40. GueppeBarre says:

    You couldn’t knock the grin off that soldier’s face with a 2×4 – MAGA!!

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  41. Scrapiron says:

    Sgt. USMC
    1973 – 1980

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  42. Lauren says:

    I love it! Class has been restored to the First Lady office.
    Did anyone see the “side eye” Michelle Obama was giving at the Inauguration? Good riddance!


  43. Dougger says:

    So proud that the Marine Captain is a fellow graduate of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina!

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  44. Rsmith says:

    I would be curious if anything has been publically released about the Marine who escorted a the new First Lady. I would assume that this is quite an honor.


  45. Nancy Warner says:

    What is the name of the Marine Captain. He looks just like my son.


    • Joseph Ferrier says:

      As he’s representing the entire Corps he doesn’t need a name, but it could come out lol. Congrats to you and your son, a USMC Captain is a force to reckon with.


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