Tom Price HHS Secretary, Senate Confirmation Hearing – 10:00am Live Stream…

The Senate confirmation hearing for Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary nominee, Tom Price, is today beginning at 10:00am.   The repeal and replacement of ObamaCare is a top tier initiative for incoming President Donald Trump.

President Trump has nominated Representative Tom Price to lead HHS in part due to his overwhelming knowledge of the Obamacare construct, and his specific plans to replace it with patient-centered insurance reform legislation.

As the only legacy legislative accomplishment of President Obama, Senate Democrats have vowed to fight against the Price nomination in a political proxy war to defend Obama’s  legacy.  Live Stream Link – and embed below


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328 Responses to Tom Price HHS Secretary, Senate Confirmation Hearing – 10:00am Live Stream…

  1. Paco Loco says:

    These hearings are nothing more than grandstanding by losers! The Dems will pull every nasty play in their playbook to stop or disparage the Trump agenda. Too bad for them its “not gonna happen”! All of the video clips of the Dems expressing angst over Trumps cabinet picks will be good for about 48 hours. In the end, the Dems will all vote no and all of the RINOS will unite behind Trump as they are all afraid that Trump will break their rice bowls.

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    • TheOldBear says:

      I am listening 👂 to these hearings how in the hell do morons like this become US Senators I am ashamed and dumbfounded. We would have a Senate with better common sense and judgement if we picked citizens at random and threw darts 🎯 at a board to choose them…

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      • rashamon says:

        Well said. I think they need their salary and benefits reduced by half with pensions eliminated, so they have to go home and operate in the real world. It might help, too, if they had to use the same healthcare plans as the public they represent. Talk about the 1/2% elite…!

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      • Somewhere in Dixie says:

        I have been thinking the same thing OldBear. It should be mandatory that members of congress pass a drug test and and IQ test before even running for office.

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      • deanbrh says:

        Ashamed, dumbfounded and embarrassed that these incredible dolts can take advantage of the time they are given to act like the MSM. Tim Kane was particularly arrogant, dismissive, smug, ignorant, insulting, ill-mannered and disingenuous. It made me sick to my stomach, thinking he MIGHT have been our Vice President. What a CLOWN!

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        • Fe says:

          I hope Laura Ingraham makes a run for his Senate seat. Tim has to go. The actor James Wood tweeted to her saying he will contribute money and his help to her campaign …. he really wants her to run. I do too 😁

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  2. Andrew E. says:

    Sen. Scott bringing up health disparities among ‘communities of color.’

    Sigh….whites endlessly looking after blacks.


    • Coast says:

      It’s nothing more than trying to paint Trump as “racist”.

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      • Concerned says:

        Exactly. For most people, self-care plays the biggest role. Don’t eat massive amounts of fast food. Don’t do drugs. Get some exercise. Practice healthy hygeine habits (floss!). You don’t need to spend much money to accomplish any of these things and sometimes going the healthy route is actually less expensive. Why is there no self-responsibility any more??

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  3. Andrew E. says:

    Patty Murray: “Birth control is an essential aspect of health care for womenz.”

    Translation: Nothing must get in the way of consequence-free sex in this brave new world.

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    • Concerned says:

      Cheapest and easiest birth control for women: keep your legs closed. Why is this never an option for the Democrats?

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    • Sorry but my reaction is “OMG”. Still? You can get birth control for less than $20 / month. (To eliminate this argument PE Trump wants birth control to be over the counter.) I have been listening to this ridiculous argument for 30 years. And, this all belies that fact that birth control has nothing to do with your health!

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  4. NHVoter says:

    More ‘women of color’ nonsense from Patty Murray. Yawn.

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  5. elize says:

    As a child I went to a circus and had no interest in ever returning. Watching these confirmation circus acts reminds me why one circus in my life time was enough. God forgive us for electing these idiots and actually paying them to occupy a chair while using up oxygen.

    First step to save the planet and decrease global warming??? Remove all of the fat, bloated bodies and hot air in DC!

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  6. yardman says:

    I was ok for 5 minutes of hearings and then had to turn it off.

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  7. NHVoter says:

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  8. Paco Loco says:

    Patty Murray stimulates my gag reflex! The liberal/socialist crap she espouses is always dripping with uber concern for the poor, the disenfranchised, the helpless women who must have the government provide them with everything. If we can ever get real conservatives elected to congress, we can finally drive a stake through the heart of these ugly liberal beasts.

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  9. fedback says:

    Wilbur Ross hearing has ended. Top performance

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  10. Jason says:

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  11. NJF says:

    So is this stock trade thing gonna blow up on Price?

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  12. LBB says:

    Murray coming back to question Price about his stock purchase might be a hang-up because it will be on the record. When she asked him at beginning of session , he said he did the research and purchase the stock (which surprised me, because pre-word was it was done through a broker) . I think this is what led her to get clarification, which then he did say it was done by broker.

    Will have to see if further investigation brings out the exacts. Should not of had two answers.

    Was it intentional of Price to do this ? Rhino move ? Delay?

    Not having as much patience with those in the “system”.


  13. recoverydotgod says:

    Dr. Price did well for being nominated for an agency that many seem to want to define as a women’s issue. Healthcare: costs, quality, access, services are everyone’s issue. Patty Murray’s voice seems mad…hurt really. The club’s candidate didn’t win.

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  14. Orygun says:

    I have often wondered over the years why the people running our country are always the dregs of society. Good people watch this character assassination and give up trying to help. The Democratic party is full of pathological liars and miscreants. The GOPe is running a close second. You can’t have a good and caring government without good and caring people running it and we have a handful.

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  15. Andrew E. says:

    God bless Sen. Inhoffe for bringing up Climategate since the Dems seem so interested in the ‘science’ of climate change. Fraud!

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  16. Andrew E. says:

    Second time I’m seeing Corey Booker. Totally unimpressive, just like the first time with Sessions. Not a threat at all for 2020.

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  17. spacette55 says:

    Background info on Senator Patty Murray:
    “Sen. Patty Murray has worked hard on Capitol Hill for port security funding, and her husband’s Seattle employer, SSA Marine, has benefited.”

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  18. Worlds Lagest Lie

    Man Made Climate Change

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Actaully, fob, it is true.

      First – tax carbon emissions.
      Intermediate – noise
      Second – establish that you-mans (human) emit carbon dioxide when they exhale.
      Intermediate – amplify noise.
      Last – tax you-mans every time they exhale.

      Which actally make their obvious lie true.
      And that is how they do it.


  19. deanbrh says:

    The LOSERS of America got their political jobs because no one else was craven or stupid enough to run for office Why else would someone like Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or Tim Kaine have their jobs? Has to be no one else wanted them.

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  20. kinthenorthwest says:

    is this a satire site???
    If not oh crap
    Close Clinton Friend Arrested For Threat to Trump


  21. iya jenkins says:

    Thoughtful ideas . I learned a lot from the specifics ! Does someone know if I could find a blank UT DHS-DSPD Form 1-8 form to complete ?


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