Sunday Talks: Reince Priebus -vs- NBC and ABC…

Incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus appeared on NBC (Chuck Todd), and ABC (George Stephanopolous).

ABC Interview First:

NBC Chuck Todd Second:



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40 Responses to Sunday Talks: Reince Priebus -vs- NBC and ABC…

  1. peace says:

    Fake news (Paddock Publications Daily Herald) is reporting today on “fake news” by claiming that “It was Trump, not CNN, who disregarded the truth, and that’s damaging to the nation.” If you challenge this claim, you are invited to a real-time Facebook discussion the the editorial board from 9:30 to 10 a.m. Monday, 1/16.

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  2. paulraven1 says:

    Another Sunday, another wasteland of lost media opportunities.

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  3. Bob says:

    They are all repeating the same lies and it will be the same people that voted for Obama and Hillary that will believe it….then spread the lie more and protest against it. If the left hasn’t figured out that we have figured them out….what we need to do is make sure we watch for there new playbook. It will be right out of the Saul Alinski book Rules for Radicals. Rats are dangerous when cornered.

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    • The best way to handle rats when they are cornered is with a 26 lb tomcat and a flamethrower.
      But these radical rats are facing a Lion known as Donald Trump. I almost pity these pathetic little creatures 🙂

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    • freddy says:

      Remember Khan…They are using the same with Lewis. He’s above reproach and a gold star hero not a dirtbag trying to discredit Trump…Why play with them…Don’t go on those shows…Go on small news stations you have cleared for landmines. N matter what you say it’s distorted. So lets get real and just fight them ….

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      • M33 says:

        I agree wholeheartly. They should just abandon doing ANY national shows and only do local media spots. It is a sheer waste of time and those that watch the MSM don’t believe the truth anyway. Waste, fraud, and abuse. Ditch ’em.

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      • The Boss says:

        Priebus did a great job handling the PC minefield of John Lewis. He said Lewis is wrong, and even circled back on Todd to be sure he knew Lewis is wrong. And for an added treat, Priebus pulled obama into the fray and challenged him to be a leader.

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        • pjb535i says:

          I agree that Reince Priebus did an admirable job of handling the John Lewis attack. I only wish that he would have been more aggressive in destroying the canard of moral equivalence between Lewis’ current denial of PEOTUS Trump’s legitimacy to assume the office of president and Trump’s “birther” position in past years. Donald Trump was not an elected official when he voiced his doubts about President Obama’s place of birth having been in the United States. Furthermore, as an elected official, John Lewis has taken an oath to uphold the integrity of the U.S. Constitution. As a champion of civil and voter rights, it is beyond hypocritical for John Lewis to question PEOTUS Trump’s legitimacy to assume the office of president, and it is dereliction of his duty to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution for which he has taken an oath.

          This, of course, is par for the course for the Democrat party. They have proven themselves to be the ENEMY of the U.S. Constitution. In fact, they have proven themselves to be a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.

          Starting in four days, thirteen hours, and fifty-on minutes, the Democrat party will begin to realize the consequences of their sedition. I wish them no mercy. I hope and pray for their defeat to be followed by their destruction, followed by the salting of the earth from which they have sprung unbidden..


  4. patrickhenrycensored says:

    If the press spent half as much time reporting, as they do distorting; their ‘news’ could have some value.

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    • The Boss says:

      They’re freeing up time by using the same pre-arranged questions each week. And they save even more time by asking them in the same order as given by their pimps at the DNC.

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      I did not pay a lot of attention to Trump’s pursuit of an Obama long form birth certificate, so perhaps someone can clarify for me. I was pleased, frankly, that his dogged pursuit (apparently) paid off. I do not, however, recall his ever saying that he did not think President Obama was born in Hawaii–merely that he needed to produce the birth certificate, which is not quite the same thing.
      Personally, I have always suspect that the birth certificate controversy has been kept in play intentionally (by the President) as a red herring distraction from his losing his U.S. citizenship while in Indonesia and his mother’s failure to have it reinstated.


  5. Newman says:

    What Reince missed was that the entire media establishment ripped and ridiculed anybody who dared call into question their Muslim Messiah’s birth certificate.
    Donald Trump doesn’t have a drooling currupt media doing his bidding for him.

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  6. Okeydoker says:

    F. Chuck todd, democrat operative, all around dirtbag and propagandist. Hopefully DOJ will break up Comcast/NBC just like they did microsoft.

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  7. freddy says:

    Priebus have to finally come to understand the news media is dangerous..Not just bias or left leaning. They are running a coup attempt with their political friends. They need to stay off these shows as this news is being distorted and ends up all over radio news and printed media with their spin. There is no way to win anything going on there. The media is in full destruction mode and Reince is playing into it…Stop them now by refusing to admit they even exist…I’d rather be criticized for having no interviews than being propagandized….Stop these interviews and lets get busy ………Or go and give them juicy fake news to run down a hole with…..

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  8. PatriotKate says:

    Hopefully that will happen after Friday.

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  9. Ivehadit says:

    I refuse to listen to these interviews. I. DO.NOT.CARE.WHAT.EITHER ABC OR NBC has to say. They are the same outlets that ignored the voting data that Trump was going to win. As far as I am concerned they are not relevant. Nor trustworthy.

    The People are with Donald. Period. They are upbeat and very excited.They want to get on with things to get the job done of cleaning the swamp and making America great again, not talk about this tired, old, manufactured racial roadblocking. Those getting in the way will pay a very big price But hey, media, keep it up. You are going to get really, really burned. The People will make sure of it.


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  10. Ron Harders says:

    Comment deleted by Admin…

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  11. starfcker says:

    Boy oh boy. Who writes the script and sends it to these dullards. They have the same five talking points, week in, week out. Podesta? Blumenthal? I do see resignation seeping into both georgie and chuckie. They lost. They know it. They are splitting hairs. Smallball ain’t cutting it anymore, guys. Reince and Pence were very strong today. Rand Paul did good. Strength is contagious. This was pretty boring. I bet next week won’t be. Chuck and george might cry. Am a tired of this yet. No

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    • MVW says:

      “Boy oh boy. Who writes the script and sends it to these dullards.”

      CIA black hat goons,

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    • cjzak says:

      Tell a lie often enough and people believe it. The dumb ones anyway. Deflect, distort and confuse. Liberal playbook continues at warp speed in order to save what’s left of the democrat party going forward. They know if they don’t change the narrative in people’s minds then they won’t see seats at the power table in DC for a long time. If Trump succeeds they lose big time. Notice how they have directed everything away from the failures and corruption of the election and from Hillary. They may be done with her, but they must wipe clean the dirt trail she left behind or they get nowhere going forward. This whole Lewis kerfluffle and the blame the Russians are perfect examples of Alinsky tactics. The media will trot along with it all because they just plain hate Trump.

      Cannot wait until the smart people are in charge and I hope they put the media who have been anti Trump in the last row of the press room and answer very few of their questions ever. They just deserve to be taken down from their high horses and sent to isolation for awhile.


    • Oh, I agree, starfcker! Resignation is exactly the word! Did you hear that big SIGH from Chuck Todd at the end of this interview, which must have been grueling for him! Poor baby! LOL
      And Rand Paul was fabulous on his interviews.
      Reince keeps saying “Look.” I’m getting tired of it. My only quibble.


  12. MVW says:

    So, Priebus’s job here is to tap dance in chicken thick barnyard while keeping his shoes shiny. Just polite association with these press goons demands a fresh after shower and scented lysol.

    Priebus has a job earned daily if not hourly. He deserves Biden’s participation medal if ever participation deserved a medal.

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  13. Perhaps the Trump Admin can come up w/ a viable alternative to the Sunday Show Trials, run this alternative at the same time each Sunday and dismiss these Show Trials as unproductive and misleading.

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  14. Mike S says:

    There is no upside for the Trump administration reps to continue to go on these worthless programs to be interviewed by democrat operatives posing as presstitutes. Just end it.


  15. Eskyman says:

    Priebus did well against Snuffalupagus, he has incredible patience with that smarmy liar. The only thing he said that I really, really disagree with was a comment regarding making decisions w/respect to the Iran deal; and Preibus said something along the line of, “it’ll be a collective decision by all those in the room…” meaning the generals, the “intelligence” community, etc. (This is about 8:20 in the first video.)

    NO, it WON’T be any “collective decision!”

    It will be President Trump’s decision, and his alone; after he has heard all the arguments pro- and anti-, and weighed them in his own mind. President Trump will not ever have decisions made by some “collective.” That’s the Democrat way! Preibus should really have known better, that was a particularly dumb thing to say (yah, I know, he’s a politician, but there’s still no excuse.)

    And toward the end of the interview Snuffie just had to bring up “birther” stuff, which has no relevance but serves to delegitimize President Trump. I wish Priebus had just said, “Well, George, we still don’t actually know where Obama was born, or even if that’s his real name; since all the documents we have are phony.” Then Snuffie’s head would have exploded, to great applause!

    Yeah, I know, it won’t happen. But I can dream that one day the truth will come out!

    (Now I have to wait until my blood pressure has gone down enough to watch the F*** Todd propaganda “interview.” I’m glad I cut the cable years ago, or I’d be dead already!)

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    • It will happen next week after Reince reads your comment. Bring the plasiic to put in front of your TV for George’s exploding head!

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      • Eskyman says:

        Hey, if it’s guaranteed to explode George’s head, I’d even buy another cable package!

        Funny, to me anyway- the F. Chuck Todd interview was a lot less “explosive.” Maybe I got innoculated against the insanity from the first video! I did notice that Todd and Snuffie both had exactly the same talking points.

        I’m sure it was just a coincidence. They wouldn’t even think of colluding with the DNC, of course not. Just a coincidence!

        One more thing- both Snuffalupagus and F*** Todd accepted without question the idea that Russia has “hacked” our election; and once again, no proof is offered, and Priebus didn’t ask for any, and didn’t push back and question their supposition. These things always seem to be “passed by acclamation,” i.e. all the talking heads get their memos, then that’s The Truth. No questions are allowed about The Truth (as obtained from the guy who signs their paychecks & circulated the memo.)

        That’s exactly what happened with the Birther question. Suddenly it wasn’t a question at all, but The Truth; it didn’t matter at all that all the documents were phony, because no one was going to be allowed to ever question them.

        I reckon it’s time to tear down the House of Media, burn it, bury it, and salt the ground where it used to be!


  16. UKExpat says:

    It is worth noting that all the Congressional CRETINS bleating about Trumps ‘legitimacy’ and whinging that they are not going to the inauguration seem to be of the BLACK persuasion is that just a co-incidence – I think not.


  17. Mike diamond says:

    Little George’ stefo is such a winnie baby,he still thinks he is on the cheer leading team for Hillary!!


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