Sunday Talks: Rand Paul -vs- Jake Tapper…

Primary passive aggressive interviewer Jake Tapper interviews Senator Rand Paul on CNN State of the Union.


Tapper is a toxic media duck with a personal dislike toward the incoming administration, perhaps driven by his previous employment within the Clinton family. No single media personality exemplifies the ‘David Mamet principle’ as Jake Tapper; pretending not to know things in almost every single media interview.


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62 Responses to Sunday Talks: Rand Paul -vs- Jake Tapper…

  1. dadawg says:

    Jake the Fake…

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  2. repsort says:

    Bah. Rand is a p#$$y.. He’s walking on egg shells, bending over backward to make sure everyone knows how much he respects and loves this dirt bag because he’s a so-called civil rights icon.. Juxtapose that to the man we just elected prez.. Night and day. It’s why we love Trump. He fights evil head on and calls and spade a spade.

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  3. furtive says:

    CIA Mercenary contractor SLIMEBALL tap-tap-Tapper’s favorite word is “obviously”

    Greta’s is “sort of”

    Speaks volumes about their 2ndary income spigot.

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  4. NHVoter says:

    I like Rand. I overall enjoyed this interview (even if it was conducted by Jake the Snake).

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    • MaineCoon says:

      I like when he said we shouldn’t be calling russian/putin a ‘war criminal” (Rubio’s premise in T-Rex interview) & his reasoning using Sen Nunn’s testimonry. Direct deserved slap on Rubio.


  5. Disgusted says:

    I wasn’t unhappy with Rand at all. He was redusing to accept the premise that Lewis had to be right and could not be questioned.

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  6. Disgusted says:


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  7. M33 says:

    “I’ll be the one to throw the first stone – I have never said or would ever think anything like that about women.”
    – Jake Trapper
    Professional Liar and POS

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  8. Michael says:

    Rand Paul is a spineless moron. I liked his father during my more libertarian leaning days but his son is just an embarrassment. I mean, I agree with Rand on a number of issues, but I feel like he’s become part of “them” and no longer cares about us.

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    • Marygrace Powers says:

      Agree/ Rand may have started his career on the right foot/
      but McConnell eventually got his clutches in Rand;
      McConnell said in an interview of Paul, “We’ve developed over the
      last four years a very close and good working relationship.”/

      Translation/ Paul now a card carrying member of the GOPe/

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      • Katherine McCoun says:

        Rand lost me when he and Cruz sat together in an interview saying they would not help anyone running against GOPe incumbents. I thought to myself, My, how fast ya’ll are to flip to insiders! He lost me in 2014. I like and appreciate anything they do with which I already agree including many things Cruz is doing for Israel, etc. (and it pains me to like Anything that Cruz does!) but I would Never trust either them after 2014. and after the general election of 2016 I am proved right to always be suspicious. I will never forget either election no matter what they do from this point forward.

        I like that Rand stands up for no one being above criticism just because they did something great in the past and that criticism for one thing does not equate to criticism to the thing they did in the past.

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    • flawesttexas says:

      Rand Paul is just another Open Borders Free Trader Globalist

      His economics are Obama and Soros, especially on Free Trade. He backed Mitch McConnell over Matt Bevin for Senate. Rand is no Conservative nor American

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    • ediegrey says:

      I thought Rand did a great job in this interview. I hope he continues to be on the Trump train, he is an asset when he is doing the right thing.. As far as becoming part of “them”, there are far worse than Rand Paul.

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      • I agree, edie. Also, I think he is very, very smart. I also think PE Trump has respect for him. Sen. Paul’s discussion of Medicaid, the replacement for Obamacare, and other topics was Southern-polite, firm and intelligent. What else could anybody want!
        PE Trump and Team MUST rely on Senators and Representatives to get their programs through! We didn’t like the plethora of Executive Orders, did we? So, all laws have to go through Congress.
        Besides, I’ve been in enough negotiations to learn that supporters and opponents both have good ideas to contribute to the construction of a complex policy.
        I think Sen. Paul is going to be a source of much good as time goes on.

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  9. NJF says:

    Podesta email:

    “Why is Tapper such a dick?”

    This message was broadcast to the world and yet he still carries their water.

    New assessment, “Jake Tapper is a stupid dick.”

    And clearly it can’t be fixed.

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  10. rsmith1776 says:

    I hereby apologize to my own intelligence for having somehow somewhat liked Chuke the Konstipated in the past. How foolish of me.

    Too bad Jake the Peeper never followed great Louis Armstrong’s advice, encapsulated in this advertisement for Swiss Kriss (the older among us, and even some selected young, know exactly what that product is):

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  11. Southern Son says:

    I slept with the TV on most of the day.
    Not restfull.
    Everytime I opened my eyes, it was Trump Bashing.
    Brennan was With Chrissy Wallace, and assured that I couldn’t sleep restfull again.


    PRESS ON!!!

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  12. I noticed that he actually let Rand Paul speak – as contrasted with his last interview with Kelly Ann, in which he interrupted constantly and spoke over her, with volume turned way up and Kelly Ann’s volume turned way down.

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    • repsort says:

      That’s because he knows Rand is too p#$$y-whipped and cucked to go anywhere controversial or to tell the unvarnished truth. He’s been trained by the traitorous media to self-sensor for fear of being called names, like “racist!”… He’s PC and so they let him speak.

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      • Wrong, repsort! It is Tapper who has been trained – by the best: DJT!!! You don’t need to use that vile language to describe an excellent Senator, a medical doctor who HAS A PLAN to replace ACA, contrary to what the media have been repeating over and over.
        Polite, civil discourse is a difficult art to practice in today’s poisoned world, but Sen. Paul was doing that brilliantly.
        So, enough of that dirty talk. “Would your Mother like to get a kiss from that dirty mouth?”

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  13. missmarple2 says:

    I, too, found nothing to object to in Rand Paul’s comments about Lewis.

    Also, Jake Tapper blocked me on Twitter for criticizing him. I was polite, too! He also blocked a friend of mine, for the same reason. She’s a retired teached from the South and not prone to anything rude or name-calling.

    Tapper is very think-skinned.

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  14. Bob Thoms says:

    I contacted Randy Paul’s senatorial office this week, asking for a copy of his healthcare plan…..there isn’t a Rand Paul plan….just a bunch of taking points.

    The GOPe is going to blow this………………

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  15. Oh… so now it’s become mlk weekend??? See how they do it?

    So tired of the color black being a tool for racisssss’s. So. Tired.

    So are my black friends with brains.

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    • booger71 says:

      These useless fools all cry and weep for MLK and many claimed they walked with him.
      Did they not know he was a Republican? Lewis did walk at Selma and was hit over the head by another Democrat.

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    • Toronto Tonto says:

      Sure, because it’s always a Monday. So, you get a four day weekend and then you take Friday off, too, because you’re maximizing your vacation days, even though it was just “Christmas”. That’s how they think.

      I don’t know why MLK day is in January when Black History month is February. They already have President’s Day? But everyone accepts civil rights dogma as religion like MLK is a feast day up there with Jesus’ birthday.


  16. MaineCoon says:

    Why are We The Deplorables continuing to be subjected to this Sunday morning msm interview stuff.

    President Trump — I repeat, we don’t want to be subjected to the msm. Please ban MSM Sunday morning show interviews.

    I didn’t listen to any postings in their entirety and won’t in the future.

    Torture treatment.

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    • wvcoalman says:

      I totally agree. This Sunday morning gotcha propaganda needs to end.


    • SteveInCO says:

      Allow me to make a suggestion:

      1) Problem: The sunday morning talks treat Trump people horribly.

      2) Problem: By going on these shows Trump people help shore up their ratings and give them legitimacy.

      So, we have a situation where Team Trump is giving life blood to a bunch of parasites. So one might say, stop doing that!

      3) Problem: The talk shows will then become nothing but a leftist echo chamber since they’ll bring in Team Schumer and Team Pelosi and Team Obama. They’ll suck and be less relevant, but since each sunday show is hit, they have no reason not to do this.

      4) Solution: Every monday, identify the show (or two) that was most egregiously bad. Ban participation next weekend on those two shows.

      5) Result: The worst actors have to bring on irrelevant dweebs and their ratings suffer, relative to the other shows. No show producer wants their show to do worse than the other things in its time slot*** (see note below)

      6) Second result: This forces the shows to compete to treat Team Trump better, instead of worse.

      Problem solved, WITHOUT ceding the battleground to the leftists.

      ***I remember many years ago in pre-cable days, shows becoming popular then being rescheduled to compete against 60 minutes. When that show didn’t do well, it wasn’t moved back to its old slot…it was killed. (I never have been able to understand why they didn’t simply move the show back to the slot it could win in. Personally, I’d rather have the most popular show in every time slot except one, than have the most popular show on TV and everything else sucks…but I’m expecting logic out of the media.) Basically the networks other than CBS took their best shows and sent them on suicide missions to try to knock 60 minutes out. They HATE being worse than the other shows in their time slots. Let’s use that against them.


      • MaineCoon says:

        Well thought out viable options, Steve. I commend all Team Trump interviewees who continue to handle themselves well with these idiots, particularly, KAC, bless her heart. They never get the best of her and she rarly lets them talk over her to cut her answer off. She always just keeps on talking and somehow has a voice tone that continues to be heard and wins the day. Thanks for the suggestions.


  17. Tapped-out wanted to know what Rand Paul thought of how Trump “attacked” Lewis, but of course did not care to ask what Rand Paul thought of Lewis’ originating tweet/attack on our PE Trump.

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    • of course there is no reason at all why one should dissect Lewis’ statement that PE Trump is not legitimate /sarc. PIECES OF GARBAGE ALL OF EM!

      oh, and Rand obviously forgot to put on the other side of his hair this morning.

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    • Toronto Tonto says:

      Tapper acknowledged Lewis is partisan. Rand says he can respectfully disagree with him. This is Tapper having neutered poodle Rand on the show proving that he doesn’t have it out for Republicans, just Trump. And Rand is hoping there’s an in for him somewhere down the road, like all senators who gaze in the mirror and see a president looking back at them in this post-Obama political climate.


  18. yakmaster2 says:

    At least Rand Paul refused to be baited by Jake Tapper. I like Rand’s response that just because someone is held up as a Civil Rights “icon” doesn’t mean that person is always right and can’t be debated. He also refused to baited by Tapper’s “Trump’s response on MLK weekend” nonsense. I think his calm unemotional demeanor highlighted Tapper’s own partisanship, which isn’t flattering to the increasingly irrelevant mouthpiece.
    Oh, and he defended Sessions against racists attacks and Tiller against the msm Russia hysteria. So, on this particular interview, I give Rand Paul a good grade.

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  19. I thought this was a very good interview for Rand. He stood with PE Trump on everything. Thank you Rand, good job.

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  20. Thank you, littleflower. Good comment.


  21. UKExpat says:

    Get used to it America this is how its going to be for the next 8 years as the Lame Stream EneMedia the PROPAGANDA ARM of the undemocratic DemoncRAT Party takes the LEFTARD Political angle on everything Trump says or does. Thankfully most Americans , except those on the MORONIC LEFTIST fringes of society, now know just what the ‘Meejah’ is and treat the BS accordingly.


  22. CNN is so talented at finding state specific “republican” voters with non conservative hopes for future policy, that it really makes a person wonder if a $100 bill or two was involved. In this interview they were clearly at the woman’s residence. Must have been days and days of canvassing to get a 20 second snippet?

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  23. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Hopefully, individual Republicans don’t let there egos get in the way of getting a replacement up and running. Whether it’s PaulCare or RyanCare or BarrassoCare, WhoCares? I’m betting that any of them are better for the country and cheaper than ObamaCare and his “an abortion in every pot.”


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