Caught on Video Taking Pictures of Rex Tillerson Notes…

An interesting ‘hot video’ moment during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee shows someone sneakily taking photographs of Rex Tillerson notes on table during a break at the Senate confirmation hearing:


Twitter folks identified the sneaky photographer as Doris N Truong and editor for the Washington Post. However, some disputed that identity and believed the culprit to be  Lisa Song, a reporter for Inside Climate News.   No-one is certain of the identity.

update-1Update:  The Washington Post’s Doris Truong has stated it is not her.



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248 Responses to Caught on Video Taking Pictures of Rex Tillerson Notes…

  1. Sarah Palin , We need you in Washington with the Trump Administration . There Would Be No President Donald Trump Without Sarah Palin and Everybody Here Knows It!

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    • Davey Jones says:

      Wish she would have ran for Pres,or VP!!!

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    • Bob Paulus says:

      Give me a break, she’s a worthy cheer leader. She is not responsible for him winning the election. She should work on choking John McCain if she wants to help out!

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      • Sandra says:

        Exactly. That would be a great role for her to play now.

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      • psadie says:

        Absolutely agree…Sarah concentrate on nuking McLame.

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      • S.L. says:

        Oh please, Sarah has more brains than you or your entire line of ancestors has put together. Cheerleader my ass! She deserves more credit than that, but then again you are nobody with a negative yet irrelevant comment. Sarah is a brave, intelligent, beautiful, badass trailblazer and she still to this very day leaves a positive path behind her where ever she may walk. She had a huge influence on helping Trump win otherwise Trump wouldn’t have accepted her endorsement. She has tons of great economic/energy accomplishments under her belt when she was in office, more than any other statesman ever in history. She is an awesome,hardworking role model and she truly loves to help people as much as she possibly can. A word of advise: Never underestimate an individual who has an IQ higher than your own.


    • Lanna says:

      Might be in Trump’s administration 2nd term.


  2. Just Curious says:

    Comment deleted by Admin…


  3. moe ham head says:

    she might be a russian spy

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  4. Deana Knight says:

    This is not the place to be allowed to roam around freely and disrespect privacy. The Foreign relations committee notes from any member is private. He certainly does not expect someone to be copying private notes. Remove her press pass and anyone else’s who uses poor judgement to this extent.

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    • Don L says:

      Better yet, remove the press pass of the entity for which she works.

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    • John Galt says:

      What’s in the backpack? She looks like a sherpa.


    • (No Longer A) Bystander says:

      I hope not to sound too contrary, but welcome to the swamp Mr. Tillerson, where you will need to keep your guard up at all times and never allow the gators and the snakes to play “gotcha”. You see how they work, so cover your notes, etc for future encounters with the DC elite. I think the reporter did what she has been trained because it is her nature. The DNC has complained about being hacked but never was pro active enough to beef up their security or their passwords. Trump appointees and administrators should not give the detractors the opportunity to sabotage this administration.

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      • Wavetheshales says:

        He didn’t get to where he is by being naive or careless. One of the first things you learn on the way up the ladder is to read upside down (so you can read the other person’s notes), so I doubt that he’d need to be instructed about pads and note-taking. I’d suspect any writing on the pad would be either a ruse or a grocery list.

        He’s a very sharp man, has integrity, and will be very good for the USA.

        I also think “Nancy Drew II” just committed a career-limiting move, at least once the swamp’s drained.

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    • harleyone says:

      I’m not seeing it. Rex Tillerson is not a stupid nor careless man. I don’t think the notes are secret or private at all. Also I’m not seeing where this woman snuck around to do anything. She’s standing front and center in the committee hearing room with no attempt to hide anything.

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      • Winger says:

        Lol, you don’t see her looking around for someone who might be watching her or for a camera prior to her snapping those pictures (27 secs into the video)? She clearly felt guilt and knew that what she was about to do was wrong on some level.

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    • TheTribeofDAN says:

      I’m also suspicious of those 2 or 3 other guys hanging around til she was done at least one of whom she spoke with…and then left nearly together.


  5. Dave says:

    This reminds me of the mystery guy that came up to the podium to “collect” notes following the presidential debates. People should listen to DJT’s advice about cameras being everywhere.

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  6. farmhand1927 says:

    Looks like a bunch of turkey vultures after they’ve spotted fresh road kill. At least one is posted as a look-out for cars or predators wanting a share in the feast. Haven’t seen such a blatant attempt to disguise a covert operation since The Cleaner and Gang stripped Hillary’s podium of electronics and notes after a debate. These folks need to catch on that everything is taped these days. Post this story on your social media so the word gets spread.

    It is clear there is alot of information that alot of people don’t want discovered. Mr. Trump was being polite when he referred to Washington DC and our federal govt as a swamp. Cesspool is far more accurate.

    I heard two different Dem senators try to corner Tillerson yesterday regarding current State Department employees. They both tried to insist how important it is that that existing people be retained. I think Tillerson placated them with his answers in order to simply move on but the State Dept., IMO, is the first cesspool to pull the plug on. The State Dept may well have some great people working there but to leave jobs intact for Hillary Clinton, Obama and also George W Bush loyalists and sympathizers would be a devastating situation.

    Of course, the Dems and Repub’s alike want the State Dept staffed with people that will cover up deals like Benghazi, will leak to the press and undermine the Secretary and the President.

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  7. RG says:

    Whoever is in the yellow suit appears to be the picture taker…the others appear to be covering up. Since I don’t know these people, it might be wise to gain access to the camera at the back of the room to verify IDs. However, Rex must be more careful when wading through the swamp.

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  8. Trumpedinillinos says:

    I don’t think it looks like either of them. Definitely not Song.

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  9. Oh yeah, right. Did they look at the PERSON? That is not Lisa song from inside climate news.

    THAT IS Doris Trong….who in the world is trying to claim differently? Only those trying to cover for her actions.

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  10. 3x1 says:

    People are calling out Truong on her Twitter feed (see comments to her posts)

    She’s not responding/denying, which looks pretty incriminating. She certainly knows she at the center of a controversy by now.

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  11. squid2112 says:

    After watching the video in great detail, there is no way the person in that video is Lisa Song. That is definitely Doris Truong. The two look nothing alike.

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  12. SSI01 says:

    Song is maintaining she was in Boston yesterday. Says it’s Truong. Don’t believe her about this crap. Media could tell me the sky was blue on a clear day, I’d have to look to confirm it.

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  13. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    After some basic internet searching, I’ve reached the following conclusion: The mystery woman in the video is neither Doris N. Truong nor Lisa Song. Why? Well, let’s start with their last names. Truong is a Vietnamese surname. Song is a Chinese surname. So… as Warner Wolf would say, let’s go to the videotape.

    I watched the tape several times and paused it at spots to get a better look at her features. The woman appears to be in her 20s. A wee bit on the fully-packed side, with a moon-faced countenance. In fact, she bears a striking resemblance to the youngest brother of my old Chinese-American pal (surname Wong), back in my WDC days, when younger brother #2 was in his 20s. Her features do not resemble those in the few available photos of Doris Truong who, I would guess, is of Vietnamese heritage. Plus, Doris graduated from J-school in 1998 and her age is listed as being 41 years old. And no tweets from Doris suggesting that she attended the hearing.

    The features of the mystery woman also do not resemble those in the several available photos of Miss Song….

    Update, as I type, 0910… Song’s latest tweet reads: “I was in Boston all day, not even covering Tillerson. Haven’t been to DC in years, so get your facts straight.” And then a tweet from Neela Banerjee, Senior Correspondent in WDC for Brooklyn-based Inside Cimate News: “For the Record: No one from @insideclimate was physically at Tillerson hearing. Like millions of ppl, we watched the livestream.”

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  14. Pam says:

    As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter which one it was. This woman should be denied access permanently.

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  15. Ray Mccrary says:

    The WaPo is a propaganda piece owned by a virulent anti trump billionaire, who added staff specifically to attack and tear down trump at any cost.
    Perhaps this women is part of that staff.


  16. Paul Killinger says:

    The logical conclusion here is the culprit would be an employee of the Washington Post.

    That is why Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, a radical Leftist Democrat and Hillary supporter, bought this tabloid.

    Everyone who works there is virulently #NeverTrump, which is a condition of their employment.

    So anyone who has a problem with this woman’s utter lack of journalistic ethics should contact Mr Bezos at Amazon snd ask him if he condones it.

    And depending on his response, ask themselves if they wish to continue doing business with Amazon.

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    • deanbrh says:

      I boycott Amazon because Bezos. today Trump says Buy from Amazon because Bezos promising 1k jobs .

      By the way, girl, reporter is definitely Chinese.


  17. She moves Rex’s chair, takes pictures or video, turns to speak to grey-headed man who walks up to her…did he say “did you get it?” She speaks to him, pointing back to Rex’s chair/table/notes and THEN turns around and takes MORE SHOTS. She was sitting with the entire group of people. Surely we can identify which group these people are with to confirm her identity.

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    • OmaMAGA says:

      I’m sure there is a lot of behind the scenes action being taken because of this incident. The good news is that it was exposed early on with so many hearings to come. The man she is with can surly be identified as well.

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  18. dutzie60 says:

    There isn’t a list of the ‘press’ that’s allowed into a room like this? Bad security!

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  19. Security! Rex Tillerson’s water bottles are also left to be poisoned, if someone had the urge. No one was assigned to provide security to this room? Apparently not.

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  20. OmaMAGA says:

    Disappointed with commenters on this and other CTH threads today. Too much hate. That’s not why I come here.


  21. Sandra says:

    I know that in some ways the woman in the video looks like Doris Truong, I really don’t think it’s her. I see too many differences in the hair and facial features. Hopefully someone can identify all of the people involved, clearly it was a team effort. Horrendous behavior by anyone, media or otherwise.


  22. Paper Cranes says:

    And a note to Trump’s nominees–gaurd your information better. You’re in enemy territory–act like it!!

    Let’s hope that the notes were nothing of importance; if they were, we’ll know about it shortly before the Tillerson vote! And we’ll know how they were “leaked,” too!

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  23. Horsesoldier says:

    Sum ting berry wong with this woman

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  24. Truong and this woman have very similar face shape and hairline. She may be fatter and wearing a different part, but I’d say it’s her. Let me assume a CNN reporter role here:

    It’s Truong. Truong, if this isn’t you, PROVE IT.

    (Proving a negative is what the liberal media to President Trump constantly.)

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    • OP says:

      However the 2 women being discussed part their hair differently, truong parts her hair on the left the snoop’s hair is parted on the right…it’s tough to change a natural hair part…

      My 2 cents..


  25. Snow White says:

    This woman snapping the pictures is not Doris Truong, it doesn’t look like her at all. Whoever she is, she is spying for somebody, **********************.

    (Comment edited by Admin…)


    • Political Reviewer says:

      A (Chinese) media spy, thus substantiating in real time (and on film no less) the warnings PE Trump spoke about in his press conference yesterday. How ironic.


  26. rcjteng says:

    Do we need to bring in racist remarks, like they all look alike, chinese spy, etc? Ranting and hiding behind computers is petty.


  27. maggiemoowho says:

    That whole group where taking photos and creeping around those notes. Watch the bathroom breaks hearing taken during the hearing. Really pay attention to that whole groups actions and facial expressions. At the 2:34:42 mark, the Asian man and blonde woman with the pony tail, looks to be taking photos as a camera man blocks the view of main camera and some strange older man at the 2:34:24 mark actually gets up on his toes to have a look. The next break is lunch and starts at about 4:22:52, just watch the shadiness of this group. They’re really bad at trying to look not guilty. At 4:34 the Asian man looks like he is taking a photo of the papers. Then at 4:34:38, watch the two men in the back, standing behind the creeps. They seem to be watching the group for some reason, and then they all leave together. The woman who took the photos at the end of the hearing doesn’t look like either of the two women mentioned. She has a mole on her face, Truong and Song do not.

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      oops “were” not “where”😞, I need caffine really bad😴💤

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    • sundaybu says:

      They group is seated in front of the ropes. Could they be congressional workers of some kind? They press is sitting behind the ropes (looking at 4:34 mark). Also they don’t look like they are frantically filing a report like the other media does during breaks.

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    • Concerned says:

      That is REALLY crazy and suspicious. I hope the Trump team is on it to identify all of these people and keep track of them at future hearings.

      Tillerson is extremely bright and accomplished. I seriously doubt he would ever leave any important papers out in the open.

      Is the woman who is not Truong or Song visible just to the right of Tillerson at 4:19:15?

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      • maggiemoowho says:

        Yes that is the woman. You can see a dark mole on her cheek, by her nose. I didn’t see a mole on either of the other two ladies. There is always make-up I suppose, but they just don’t look the same to me.


        • Concerned says:

          They don’t to me either. Song looks completely different. Truong is a lot closer but has a more refined face, different hairline and part, and other distinguishing features. So who is the camera chick????

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  28. sundaybu says:

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  29. OP says:

    The snoop parts her hair in the right, Doris parts hers on the left…not the same person, anyone with a side hair part knows it’s damn impossible to change it.


  30. 4bleu says:

    some thoughts…
    ID all of them in that group in the video and it’ll be clear.

    One would assume that there is a sign-in sheet and ID check for every person allowed into a hearing room and one would assume that the general public would not be permitted to hang over the seat of the high-level person.

    This where people may not be sensitive and miss how bad this all is if they haven’t seen this before:
    So high-level he must have a pod of close protection when he is out in public even before getting this new high profile appointment that will absolutely require more 24/7 pod of close protection…

    … but that assumes an honest political environment that wouldn’t meddle with what should be raised level of standard security procedures. Tillerson is the head of a multi-billion dollar international corporation, he was selected for the Secretary of State position. That anyone could mill around his seat, when he was absent from it and was expected to return, is serious security negligence.

    Anyone remember the tall woman reported to be someone with Code Pink, who jumped out of the audience gallery and had her ‘blood-stained’ hands one inch from Condi Rice’s face as Rice entered the hearing room to testify? Rice went ‘statue’ but If that woman had tried that exact same trick to any random woman minding her own business at Walmart and the targeted ‘victim’ would have punched her and put her in a choke hold.

    When someone charges you, yelling, and has ‘bloody’ hands so close to your face you can’t see what’s going on, they are fair game in self-protection. That the congressional security had allowed her to get so close to Rice is shocking, and that the tall woman got into the hearing room with a bottle or packet of red fluid is another serious security fail.

    By the video of the assault on Rice, it was a hostile assault by the legal definition and critically, there was no one or anything there to have stopped her from seriously hurting Rice if the tall woman had decided to. Yet, some months later, the tall woman was on video apparently doing the same type of in-your-face assault to Rumsfeld who was at that point in his life, retired from career and minding his own business off to an evening show.

    The Song suggestion was interesting in that we all dutifully went hiking to her page to notice that she’s anti-EXXON, and to notice the current anti-EXXON legal activity in Massachusetts, which is a useful tidbit to know. It’s a small climate activist world, she may know the person in the video.

    EXXON has been the left’s chosen bogey-man for the oil industry since EXXON-Valdez tanker ran aground and spilled oil, decades ago. Trump supporters are being physically attacked, there are vile calls from even celebrities to their large audiences of followers and fans to do worse. Why isn’t there better security?


  31. andi lee says:

    This is why I had to stop following 0 Hour. More harm than good.


    • Wayne Robinson says:

      Well there you go she isn’t fleeing in guilt simple statement that she is not the one. I believe her as I remember from the beginning there was no certainty about who the bad after was . This is enough for me. I have no reason to indict her .

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    • Concerned says:

      I wouldn’t refer to the accusers as “trolls”. She is a reporter after all, someone who could very well have been at the hearing, and she bears a rather striking resemblance to the perpetrator.

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      • Seth A. says:

        Well, she probably would think they are trolls since she sees major differences between herself and the perpetrator. It is like that one person your peers keep mistaking you for but you don’t see how they can possibly make the mistake.

        Personally, I don’t think she bears any resemblance to the woman at the hearing besides how they are both Asian women on the chubby side.


  32. Gee Bee says:

    It is neither of those women. Do we even know if the person is from the press? You need to delete and print a retraction.


  33. Ziiggii says:


    • Concerned says:

      I understand Song’s frustration, but I don’t think she can authoritatively state where Truong was or wasn’t. (For the record, I don’t believe the woman at the hearing was Truong.)

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  34. JohnP says:

    Does this help?

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  35. wizzum says:

    While not wanting to “blame the victim” Tillerson should not have left his notes where someone could read or photograph them. It is DC after all. Would he do that in China or Russia?


    • Concerned says:

      I doubt he left anything there of interest. But the photo-takers were hopeful nonetheless.


    • Max says:

      ..anything in those notes he was making public at the time. But it shows the mindset of someone trying to capture something in hopes of being able to use it for their advantage.


  36. Plain Jane says:

    In the photo that goes with the Michael Carter tweet, the woman looks Native American to me. Are we sure it isn’t FAUXahontes in a wig. 🙂


  37. RedBallExpress says:

    There is no way Rex Tillerson left anything of importance unattended. I left a meeting room for a few minutes once and the SOB CEO copied everything I left in my briefcase. I know because later he returned poor copies of things I had not given him. I was a trusting 30 year old and the lesson was permanently etched into my brain. My vastly more experienced & older mentor later explained what the standard operating procedure is for those moments. I guarantee Rex knows tricks most of us have never heard of. Anyone can make a mistake but for all we know Rex fed the fools some false info.

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  38. 4bleu says:

    first guess was actually ‘staffers’ for someone, assuming a Democrat. Reason for guess – assuming that staffers would be allowed to get that close, but not the general public

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  39. Armie says:

    Same thought, given the seating location.


  40. facebkwallflower says:

    Trying to read the comments on phone and not scrolling well. If these questions have been asked, could someone link me to the comment/answer (right click on date and time of comment to copy/paste) Who is the gray-haired man that seemed to go along with her snapping pictures? And the younger fellow with satchel? Also, who is the person in black at beginning of video looking on a desk? We see the back of the person and then two women in coats seem to walk/meander, almost too nonchalantly, to block her from view of cameras.

    Just all seems so orchestrated.


  41. ZZZ says:

    whatever, whomever…it was sneaky and unprofessional.


  42. Max says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier to identify the man she’s seated with and speaking to?

    She’s most likely an unknown staffer that resembles Doris, clearly she points out the papers to this man and goes back for another shot, apparently at his suggestion ..shouldn’t be too difficult to identify those folks seated right behind Tillerson.


  43. Seth A. says:

    I know who that woman is! She is Rosie O’Donell with a disguise that would put all the Hollywood makeup artists to shame. She’s back and she wants revenge!


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