President Pena Nieto: “Mexico Will Negotiate”…

LOL.  Lemme think…. Well, your economy is entirely dependent on the United States; the head of your Central Bank abruptly quits; your currency is in a state of free-fall; massive inflation begins to shake your weak economy, and there are now riots in the streets.  Hmm, what to do… what to do?

Trump Neito

(Via Reuters) Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Wednesday said Mexico will seek to negotiate issues including trade, security and migration with the incoming U.S. administration of Donald Trump, but would not pay for a U.S. border wall.

Pena Nieto, speaking to an assembly of foreign diplomats, said he would continue to promote free trade integration in North America.  Mexico would invest in a more secure border but not a wall, he added. (more)

trump neito 3father-and-son-4

….”and he introduced an entire generation of people to this thing called ‘leverage‘”…


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189 Responses to President Pena Nieto: “Mexico Will Negotiate”…

  1. Lord Kibble says:

    I’d be much more interested in making Mexico a better country vs Iraq or any ‘stans. We need a non 3rd world country on our southern border. Make Mexico a country Mexicans want to stay in. Make Mexico Great

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    • Iago Beets says:

      Abso-dang-lutely. Mexico is a great country full of great people and we are lucky to have them for our neighbor instead of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, etc. If we are going to help other countries we should help our neighbors, and Canada doesn’t need it. Make Mexico great, with mutual border security and mutual fair trade.

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    • Ozzie says:

      I agree, make Mexico great.
      What puzzles me is the lack of law and enforcement in Mexico? That to me is where I would put money. Just like Barry o tried to do here just reverse it. Barry was trying to make us lawless. With laws enforced the rest will take care of itself. And, most of the real corruption is in the government and law enforcement in Mexico. Barry was breaking the trust we have for police even when they were still fighting hard to hold together our cities and towns. Mexico is just corrupt. Trump could make that a number one priority to do trade with USA and give them all the help they need. I would say Mexico would soon love our president elect as much as I do.

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      • All American Snowflake says:

        Mexico is responsible to make themselves great. You can continue pick up a drunk until he like a dog returning to his vomit goes on another drunk. La Raza is a racist bunch of folk who think they are already great; just like ever drunk you run into.


  2. yakmaster2 says:

    Nieto can say what he wants as part of his political posturing, but (as another poster here said upthread)money is fungible and President Trump will get back that money back later, one way or another. Meanwhile the Dems and low-infos can pretend all the cost for the great wall came out of taxpayers’ pockets. After it’s completed Trump can correct their lies with facts.

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  3. BillRiser says:

    Posted above to response above but post full again..Between unrest more competition for labor it is easier now to make a decision to stay in the USA
    If you have a business in Mexico labor laws are different than here in USA. The worker in Mexico gets retirement,vacation, overtime, housing subsidies and profit sharing.
    Now that more business has moved to Mexico the old supply and demand has taken place. Business now are paying hiring bonuses, free or subsidized in plant cafeterias or coupons to buy food outside plant, subsidized transportation to and from work, in plant medical care, tuition for education, clothing and immigration visa to visit USA.
    What used to be a 25% difference in production cost has been reduced to currently less than 10%!!
    Its the same in China. Its called labor dorms around or part of the plant. So overall it’s not as cheap as many think.
    So change the tax laws and the companies will return or stay.
    The wall is under negotiation now. It will help Mexico.

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    • Iago Beets says:

      Yes; agree–the wall will help Mexico. Mexico should be a great country but for the drug trade. A secure border will help with that, which will help Mexico, immensely.

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      • NickD says:

        Exactly. Block the spigot (open border) flowing out of the pump into the basin (America) and all the water will stay in the ground, instead of flowing through the pipes (Mexico and other L American countries), to use an old hand pump as an analogy

        Please excuse any typos, posted from my phone


  4. UKExpat says:

    If Mexico is so wonderful why do OVER 25% of its population live in the USA.


  5. Bob says:

    My liberal friends keep telling me that Mexican illegals are a net benefit to the US. So it will be a very good thing for Mexico when they are all reunited with their homeland. I say let’s help out Mexico asap!

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  6. MC227 says:

    Mexico isn’t great because it is full of Mexicans. Just like Africa isn’t great because it is full of Africans. The fact is everyone in the world wants to live in a white country. Whites figured out a long time ago that to have a civilized society there has to be the rule of law and free enterprise.

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