President Elect Donald Trump Press Conference – 11:00am Live Stream…

Against the back drop of day #2 for the cabinet confirmation process, President Elect Donald Trump will be holding a press conference at 11:00am this morning.

Right Side Broadcasting Network’sΒ  Liz Willis is LIVE as President-Elect Donald Trump will hold a press conference at Trump Tower in New York just days before taking the Oath of Office.Β  Live Stream LinkAlternate Live Stream #1

trump crosses

trump convention 2

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971 Responses to President Elect Donald Trump Press Conference – 11:00am Live Stream…

  1. Fox Business is deeply disappointing. They’re covering the DC Circus instead of Trump. We’ve never had a shortage of bloviating Senators – why is that being covered when Trump is doing anything?

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  2. Katherine McCoun says:

    That was a beautiful thing to watch. If you didn’t see it, watch it tonight. Worth it. I am smiling and laughing as I do my housework just thinking about it. Didn’t think I would live to see the day

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  3. jan says:

    I started laughing when he said “failing pile of garbage”.

    Finally, someone with guts as President.

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  4. Pam says:

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    • rvsueandcrew says:

      An adult establishes (and respects) boundaries.

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      • Trump should force all reporters to attend and complete courses in Journalism 101, Ethics, and Decorum during Press Conferences. They must provide verification of attendance, along with passing an exam that shows understanding. Then, if they break Decorum, they shall suffer a one-year ban from attending future press conferences.

        They act like monkeys.

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        • maga2016 says:

          that would be awesome

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        • Reality Wins says:

          YES! Add that it has to be from Liberty University, they have to pay a fee that goes to the national debt, a fee for a license to report, and they have to renew the license every year. These shills want big nanny state government for us, let’s give it to them for a change.

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          • Why Yearly?? ,, I prefer Quarterly,, XD


          • Not a license. But a Pass to cover WH might be okay. Most reporters do not present or even have formal credentials.
            But, while I’m here, I explain another journalistic phenomenon. You know how shocked! Acosta was that he was called out and not allowed by our man to ask a question? I’d be willing to bet that that was the first time in his entire career as a political reporter that a politician was not coddling him and fawning all over him.
            In my own career, no politician that I covered EVER was anything but very friendly to me. One Dem even sought to do a favor for me. It was a good one – he got me a job at a paper when the big city paper laid me off for a while. He was the last good Dem in Oregon. The favor didn’t go him any good bc I was not going to be covering him and his agency any more!


        • Shirley32 says:

          And they don’t even have the respect and decency to stand when called on. Trump had to remind one of them to stand before asking his question. Journalism 101.


    • not2worryluv says:

      I loved his comment on the plastic red “reset” button without mentioning Hillary by name.

      Amateur Diplomacy at best – and even then they screwed up their translation on the Russians word for reset.

      PE Trump’s response was brilliant!

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  5. Bob Thoms says:

    Absolutely stellar performance by DJT !

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  6. Ivehadit says:

    Tear of joy!!!!!
    The reason we all feel good is because intellectual dishonesty violates our personal and spiritual boundaries. Lying is a boundary violation. It creates anger and confusion in those being lied to. Donald is clearing the air after DECADES of boundary violations against the American people especially from a certain Arkansas family.

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  7. KBR says:

    We love our President elect Donald J Trump! He is truly truly a strong and great man! The lion roared today!

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    • Guyver1 says:

      One of the most awesome sounds in nature, which I have been lucky to hear up close and in person! That deep, rumbling roar jars every bone in your body, and every other creature in the area falls silent for several minutes.
      The MSM will be butthurt about this for weeks.
      Watch them run back to their ‘safe space’!

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      • svenwg says:

        I had a lion roar in the middle of the night during a camping trip in a game reserve in South Africa. The guide told us not to worry at the loudness as it was not close, but somewhere in the valley. The next morning as we were packing up, we found the remains of a fresh kill just the other side of some thorny scrub bush about 10 yards from our campsite. I can attest to the loudness as well as how ones ears keep hearing it long after it has ceased to roar.

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        • Guyver1 says:

          It is an awesome sound. We are lucky to have heard it in person. I wish every Treeper could go through the experience.
          My dad was with me when the lion cut loose, the look on his face was priceless- he was very impressed, and he loved it!
          One of those awesome experiences you never, ever forget.
          But then again, our lion will soon be in the White House!

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    • Fe says:

      Does Sundance have a roaring lion picture?


  8. lastinillinois says:

    Santorum still pushing back, the guy is great.

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  9. CO Gal. says:

    For better ow worse all 3 major non cable stations covered it and they commentators are still blabbering.

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  10. wyntre says:

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  11. DebbieUK says:

    Fantastic.Sitting here with my son laughing our heads off. BBC another beauty…LOL.

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  12. Tony Stark says:

    CNN should rename themselves FNN for Fake News Network.

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  13. rsanchez1990 says:

    One other refreshing change in press conferences from BO to The Donald: I’m sure you all noticed it, but NO STUTTERING! No long, drawn out “uhhhh”s. Just our president getting to the point, no fillers.

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  14. jojo says:

    I’m not tired of winning yet and I’m thinking I’ll never get tired of WINNING!.

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  15. I’m going to need another computer! So much going on today. I’ve been pausing, muting and everything I can do to get all of this information at the same time. Not to mention making coffee and listening to my husband telling me about what’s going on.

    Very interesting day. Mr. Tillerson is on!

    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ MAGA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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  16. satmfs says:

    One of the first things near the top of Trump’s list should be to form a commission to investigate the media’s blatant left bias and Buzzfraud type fake BS and use the results to craft a rock solid set of ‘Truth of Journalism’ laws with the harshest penalties for violating them. The media has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they cannot and will not police themselves and it’s time for Trump and his DOJ to step in and do it for them.

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  17. burnett044 says:

    oh yeah…that made my day…

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  18. Blaze says:

    At first I was thinking Trump should NOT allow CNN in that press room. Now I can see why he wanted them there….the take down was PERFECT…”You are FAKE news!” Awesome day and we are just getting started on a more awesome FOUR YRS!

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  19. Finalage says:

    Trump demolished the media. Utterly and totally demolished them in that news conference. It was beautiful! You could hear the air in their balloon deflate when he announced that he would donate all foreign profits not to charity, but to the US Treasury!πŸ˜‚

    Trump is a maestro and he will not be cowed or defeated. He will indeed MAGA!!

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  20. mikebrezzze says:

    Trump’s next move have FCC fine CNN into oblivion

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  21. patrickhenrycensored says:

    The picnic is over for the basket of despicables.

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    • Southern Son says:

      BUCKET, of Despicables!
      Baskets are for Desirables.
      Flowers of Liberty, Fruits of Our Labors,
      and the Nourishments for Our Society.
      A basket, would be a bad choice for Dipping out a Septic Tank.
      So… we’re gonna need a Bunch of Buckets, to Dip Out the Dispicables, from the Cesspool.
      Yea, it’s a Nasty Job.
      But if President Trump, and Everyone in his Administration, are willing to put their Families and Fortunes on the back burner, to get started Dipping, It is Our Generational Moral Imperative to roll up our sleeves and get to dippin’ too.

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  22. JoeS says:

    Jim Acosta of CNN just reported that Sean Spicer told him that if he “did that again” (referencing his acting up at the PE Trump press conference), that he would be thrown out of the press conference.

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  23. rsmith1776 says:

    Um, so how did the CNN prostitutes enjoy their deserved golden shower now?

    [sorry for the language…. but unlike others, I was not entertained today…. my heart bumps erratically at the thought of everything ONE MAN – even a strong man – has to take on our behalf, it’s very sad in reality, the manipulation, the lies, the disgracefulness of this all!]

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      good point. Prayers for PE Trump’s safety and health. I also pray for his discernment to be sharp and keen.

      When he mentioned that Russia could have been/was behind the DNC leaks, now called “hacks”, I was surprised. At this point, sad to say I have full confidence that the “intelligence” agencies are fully capable of feeding him whatever information they choose, true or not, as a means to the ends that they want, including conflict with Russia or delegitimizing the info that was leaked from a leak/hack of the DNC.

      I loved that he refocused on the content that was in the DNC emails as well as the Podesta emails including that Hillary had received debate questions ahead of time and took no action to notify anyone that she had received this insider information that is essentially cheating.

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    • TheseTruths says:

      I hear you, but what always strikes me is that it didn’t have to be this way. If Republicans had some strength and courage, they could have been standing up like this all along. They are too afraid of their donors, political correctness, their election chances, etc.

      Trump is facing a lot of really difficult things, but I really don’t think what happened at the press conference today was one of them. I think he thrives on just telling the truth and standing up to bullies.

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      • Donald Rumsfeld stood up to the press bigly! The press was able to take him down bc the other Repubs didn’t stand up for him. That is why PE Trump has assembled a huge team of media defenders who can be everywhere at once pushing back. As witness Rick Santorum today, as many Treepers have pointed out.


    • Dekester says:

      You are so right. I am thinking though that there may be tens of thousands of patriots that will don their part, however small.
      Several of us up here North of the 49. Are speaking up for the soon to be leader of the free world.

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    • louche9 says:

      What we are taking heart from is his fearlessness in response. We haven’t seen any real push back in so long. Can you imagine how Jeb!, Graham, Rubio or any of those wimps would’ve responded to such continual onslaught? It will get easier after Trump takes office, when there will be more than one real man on staff doing press conferences on a routine basis.

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  24. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    How about a press conference every afternoon and a rally every evening????

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  25. Albertus Magnus says:

    I hope PE Trump takes this opportunity to ban CNN from all future press conferences.

    Want some irony? Watch a recording of today’s Outnumbered. Watching Meghan McCain spit nails because CNN and Buzzfeed just ruined her daddy’s ability to push the “Attack Russia” effort was WONDERFUL!

    Wonder why she nor Bret Baier or anyone else on the show brought up her dumbass daddy’s role in this fake story1.


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  26. mo says:

    President Trump is AWESOME on steroids.
    This country is SOOOOO lucky!

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    • Finalage says:

      The greatest news conference I’ve seen in my life! And the previous greatest news conference was by Trump too! MAGA!!!

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    • I liked listening to SherriDillon. Didn’t even have to mute her! Finally a woman without a shrill high voice. She was great. It’s been a long time since I heard a woman speaking that isn’t shrieking nor nagging nor going out of her way to “be heard,” and who didn’t have one of “those voices” high and girlie that sounds like a high school girl or scratchy and shrill like an old hag like Hillary.

      Great job Sheri.

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  27. blognificentbee says:

    CNN must be having their highest rating in the past 30 minutes…we all tuned in for a little bit on schadenfreude (sp). Back to the boycott!

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    • Southern Son says:

      You are So right bee!
      I’d had to watch ’em Squirm n Cry.
      For those that say we shouldn’t give a click, they See the Spike and Valley in ratings.

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  28. NJF says:


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  29. Summer says:

    Loved the presser. Hopefully, Clinton Fake News Network will not get a chance to ask any questions for a long, long time. Like, for the next 8 years. And no more interviews. Ever.

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  30. NJF says:

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  31. teaforall says:

    PE Trump in total control. Great Press conference. The press was put on notice world wide today and in every American home . Fake news CNN NBC

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  33. EbonyRapror says:

    I didn’t have a chance to watch the Trump news conference and I’m sorry I missed it based on the comments. Go Trump go. Gotta love the guy.

    However, was anything other than the fake news story discussed? Like what he is going to do with his businesses?


    • NJF says:

      You have to watch. It’s not that long.

      His lawyer lays out all of the divestiture info. Very well done. It should shut the media up but it won’t


      • EbonyRapror says:

        Thanks. I’ll watch it tonight after work.


        • sunnydaze says:

          I missed the first half, Ebony. I’m gonna watch that later when it’s on youtube and read the comments here as it goes along.

          This a Must. See. Presser!!!!!! (Judging by the 2nd half I saw).

          As good (better?!?) as any Rally he did!


      • majorstar says:

        The real interesting thing is that it was disclosed that the President (and VP) is exempt from all conflict of interest laws. He could run his business personally while President if he cared to. He doesn’t, for appearances sake. What a boss.

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        • MaineCoon says:

          I loved it when Trump said ‘I can run my business and I can run the county” under the law. He actually has the capability to do both simultaneously! Ponder that feat.


    • TheseTruths says:

      HUGE amount of info on his businesses. I recommend you watch it.


    • blognificentbee says:

      Yes, Eric & Don taking over, all ina trust. Al DJT hotel profits will be donated to US Treasury. Announced VA Sec (can’t recall his name). EPIC Trump, be sure to watch when you get the chance.

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      • weavinplain says:

        Not ‘all hotel profits’. He will donate all profits from ‘foreign gov’t officials’.

        Re announcement of Shulkin for VA – did you notice Trump say that he had interviewed over 100 possibilities for this post? How many do you suppose he talked to for top shelf appointments like SOS, SOD, etc. ?

        No surprise that he has such a brilliant Cabinet roster. They have the Trump mark all over them.

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  34. Pam says:


  35. Tonawanda says:

    The headline on Drudge is so beautiful (I don’t know how to post a screen shot).

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  36. NJF says:

    Bret Baeir just alluded to a “confrontation” between Spicer & “a journalist” after the press conference?


  37. Steven says:

    I know it’s too soon for the video to be closed captioned, or for the transcript to be typed. I’ll look for them in a while, but if you see something, appreciate you sharing the link. Thanks!


  38. Red says:

    Add to the long list…..We are Going To Make America Fun Again!!!!!! I love this Man!!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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  39. KBR says:

    Acosta’s last words “This is not appropriate!”

    The ConNewsfakeNetwork, the after the most inappropriate and licentious lies, feels it gets to decide what is appropropriate?

    Hahaha! Never!

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  40. NYGuy54 says:

    Watching Outnumbered on FNC. What a horrible show. Not a single person on there that I find worth listening to…

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  41. fred5678 says:

    I bet CNN’s Jim Acosta now dining alone at the Trump Grille.

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  42. freddy says:

    If your not currently watching CNN you must turn it on..then never again…They are using McCain as a good reason to believe all this….They have like 10 people on their round table…It’s so much fun to watch that many liars in one place….Trump pleae ban these criminals and purveyors or smut…Wolf Blitzer is done and always remembered for the lies they are telling………….McCain Clapper and Tapper…Nice try fools…..

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  43. parteagirl says:

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  44. Mickey Wasp says:

    Mr/Ms Moderator – need some help. While I can post comments and reply to others. I cannot ‘like’ replys, without it going to wordpress and it does not recognize my info, as CTH does. What am I doing wrong? or is there two type of log-ins? Or is there a fellow Treeper that can guide me …
    There are many comments by fellow Treeper’s that I would like to ‘upvote’ …

    Did President Trump kick azz or what !?! MAGA

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    • Guyver1 says:

      I have the same problem… I am ‘WordPress illiterate’…
      It allows me in with just an e-mail address and a username, but that is not enough to allow me to ‘like’ comments…


  45. Southern Son says:

    And the #bestelectionever!!,
    is Precisely why I never Cut the Cord.
    It Sinks In, and is More Enjoyable, LIVE!!
    The LION!, is what will take, to Destroy
    Enemedia, and GlobalComProgism.
    THIS!…is OUR Moment!!

    Press ON!!

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