President Elect Donald Trump Press Conference – 11:00am Live Stream…

Against the back drop of day #2 for the cabinet confirmation process, President Elect Donald Trump will be holding a press conference at 11:00am this morning.

Right Side Broadcasting Network’s  Liz Willis is LIVE as President-Elect Donald Trump will hold a press conference at Trump Tower in New York just days before taking the Oath of Office.  Live Stream LinkAlternate Live Stream #1

trump crosses

trump convention 2

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971 Responses to President Elect Donald Trump Press Conference – 11:00am Live Stream…

  1. Landslide says:

    Truth, facts, anti-political correctness, common sense—-what a concept and what a beautiful thing to behold. I feel relief, joy, and hopefulness. Thank you, God! I am continually amazed with this entire journey.

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  2. NJF says:

    Tillerson B-slapping Rubio right now.

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  3. woohoowee says:

    Crooked Newz Network trying to walk it back now:

    CNN Statement Distances Network from Buzzfeed Fake News Dossier

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  4. Kaco says:

    This press conference was amazing! Watching PE Trump give CNN the Univision treatment was a beautiful thing.

    I feel so bad for him and his family being raked over again with more lies. I could see Don Jr, Ivanka, and Eric were all smarting at this outrageous smear report. I hope it gets better for all of them with the propaganda, we shall see after the 20th. They have such good hearts in trying to help our country, I am sure they must feel betrayed by all the lies. I pray they all stay safe and remain strong.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      The CNN guy, Acosta, was doing the exact same thing as the Univision a$$: Trying to interrupt the process by screaming over other reporters “I’ve got a question!!!” repeatedly.

      The only difference is, Trump let the Univision guy back into the room and let him ask his question….! once he’d settled down.

      CNN’s Acosta gets a big fat “NO!”

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    • I think the Trump family is getting a lesson in how progressives act.
      Before he announced his candidacy he and his kids could mingle at any cocktail party or soiree and not be treated badly. But once he announced they all turned against him and their evil side was exposed to the Trumps. At one time they were just acquaintances or people to associate with but now they have turned into wretched human beings out to destroy the Trump name and family.
      I truly believe that this was a big eye-opener for them. I remember hearing Trump say many months ago that Ivanka and Chelsea were good friends…..I doubt if that’s true any longer and now the Trumps see what the little guy in mid-America has seen for decades….the evil that accompanies progressivism. How they always look down their noses at us and belittle us and think we are (as Katie Couric said) the great unwashed underbelly of the US.
      Go president Trump give them hell for us! I love how he smacked down CNN. MAGA!

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      • Stu in Henderson says:

        The Trump family is being radicalized to the right as they feel the brunt of the Left-media’s continuing assaults. And that may be good for us all, all things considered (the movement to the right, not the Left-assaults). A reality check for sure.


  5. davikk says:

    CIA, Rick Wilson, BuzzFeed, and Evan McMuffin May Have Discredited Themselves in 24 hours

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  6. Reality Wins says:

    President Trump needs to introduce the word – ENOUGH – into mix. When he talks about how the VA is treating our vets: ENOUGH! When he talks about the intelligence agencies not doing their job: ENOUGH! When he talks about the MSM using Fake News to push their agenda: ENOUGH!

    Once he starts using it the rest of us can in one word pelt the miscreants with “ENOUGH” and they will know just what we mean.

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  7. Tazz2293 says:

    The President laid an epic beat down on CNN Fake News Report Jim Acosta.

    President Trump already the greatest!

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      The rabid response media are woefully slow on the uptake.
      Every last one of those foolish enough to start a pizzing contest with Trump has ended up with a kicked butt.

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  8. Elspeth says:

    The WaPo is only reporting that Trump admits that it’s Russia behind the DNC email hacks.

    Trump acknowledges Russian involvement in meddling in U.S. elections


  9. patrickhenrycensored says:

    PIERS MORGAN: The only hookers in this story are the cheap, lazy journalists who ran with fake Trump sleaze to urinate on his presidency

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  10. Bull Durham says:

    Remember as you hear separation of the nominees from Trump’s promises to the Movement and his own policy pronouncements, Trump allows them all to say what needs to be said in order to get these assholes on the various committees to vote for them.

    It’s all politics. It’s not truth or actuality. All that is within Trump, as all of us know. He will determine all policy. Forget the attempts from the committee to divide the nominee from Trump or his promises.

    This is Kabuki theater.

    It is not worth watching more than a few minutes at a time.

    The defeated and demoralized think they will have supremacy over policy.

    Trump never alters his goal. He just gave up billions of dollars to put his business into a trust.

    His stake in the WH is now at what I’d estimate as his entire life’s work, his income of several billions over four years, and the growth of the business for four years. Easily 5-8 Billion dollars.
    Over 8 years, more than double that.

    So, he’s not going to give an inch to these clowns, these warmongering clowns.
    Tillerson is not surprising. He’s used to thinking the US is a hegemon. During 25 years of his career, the US ran the world. So, he thinks it still can, despite the return of Russia to global power and the rise of China as powerhouse market and wealth investor around the globe.

    The world has changed recently. The US will get a world war nuclear ending if it persists on the path of hegemony, containment of China and destabilization or outright war against Russia.

    The three big nations have to adjust power arrangements. The US will not be able to dictate terms.
    That day is over.

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    • TheseTruths says:

      On the hearings:
      “This is Kabuki theater.
      It is not worth watching more than a few minutes at a time.”

      I have thought that for a long time about all Congressional hearings. A reason to watch is if you want to see how a person handles pressure, and that’s about it. The worst for me is when libs grandstand and pontificate about their issues when it’s their turn to ask questions. I really hate that.

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      • marierogers says:

        makes one think, there must be a better way! all these rabid miscreants should not have a platform to voice their hatred!


      • BigMamaTEA says:

        I still think that watching hearings are as close to getting a handle on each congress-criminal’s real personality, based on how they behave, and the questions they ask. Even your own!!

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    • andi lee says:

      Bull, America has to repair the damage inflicted on her, and by her, first. Hanging by gallows, McCain would be a great start to repair foreign affairs.


  11. Farmon says:

    Outstanding by the PE and his team. He’s getting noticeably better at this. At least four previous presidents pale in comparison. Loved the full disclosure by the female attorney regarding heading off any conflicts from Trump businesses, etc. How much more transparent does it get? He’s teaching America a lesson in exactly what transparency looks like. Everyone associated with Trump seems to be held to nothing less than “class act” status and that doesnt even say it well enough.

    To his credit, instead of being all negative about the media, he did praise those in media that didn’t publish the fake news story about the leaked unverifiable report. That was good to see.

    Also can’t wait to take it to the swamp things in the House and Senate who fight Trump every step of the way. Disagreements are okay with sound logic but they’ll pay at the ballot box if they (continue to) screw with him.

    Finally, do I have it right that he declared that any profits his investments make (inside a trust) will be donated to the US Treasury? If so, he’s making me proud already.

    I’ve never said this before with this much conviction: I AM PROUD TO BE AMERICAN. Did I say I like winning?

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    • TheseTruths says:

      I don’t think he is leaving anything for them to use against him for impeachment, etc., with his business dealings. Very smart. And I can’t even comprehend how sacrificial.

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    • majorstar says:

      “Finally, do I have it right that he declared that any profits his investments make (inside a trust) will be donated to the US Treasury?”

      No. Only room rents in his hotels for personnel from foreign countries.


    • cjzak says:

      I was a little choked up listening to the attorney in effect isolate the builder from his life’s work with his blessing. It was like a man going into battle and leaving behind all his possessions to dedicate himself solely to the battle. I could not believe how thorough and thoughtful it was set up to be, taking every question that could arise into account that might derail the importance of his taking on the job of leading this nation. He even thought enough of all Americans to give back any profits from foreign countries at any of the hotels etc. that might occur.

      It was so sad in a way and so noble and his kids standing there taking the gift from their father to keep safe and protected. The willing sacrifice of this man to give up all that has defined his life to do this for this country and all of us is truly inspiring and humbling. I truly was moved greatly by this.

      I thought it was the best part of the whole press conference and am surprised it has taken a back seat to the sensationalism of the idiot media.

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  12. Farmon says:

    I have to say one more thing: Love that Trump is going to make the VA great for our veterans. They need to have the best for their sacrifice for this country, period

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    • realcapedcrusader says:

      I’m lucky to be able to take advantage of one of the better VA’s, and i’m looking forward to it, and all the VA’s being great. My fellow Vets deserve nothing less than great!
      God Bless America 🇺🇸

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  13. Dora says:

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    • Howie says:

      FNN reporter busted.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Is that the night the LOSER’s LOST?

      And then CRIED, ALL NIGHT LONG, and for the next YEAR or MORE?


    • majorstar says:

      I’d love to see Trump “turn” Huma and bring her under his umbrella. I doubt she’s a real ideologue down deep. “All your aide belong to us!”


      • Ron says:

        She’s an adult, so she knew what she was getting into… but if you read the history of her professional career, she’s been screwed over by the Clintons so often, then even introduced her, and PERSONALLY MARRIED her to her Pedophile husband.

        Think about that. She’s a young woman working for them, they introduce her and shackle her to some kiddy toucher that’s forever ruined that part of her life. She has a child with this asshole and will never be rid of him (the father).

        She’s been hurt by the Clintons much more than you or I have.

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    • Iron Lady says:

      Looks like the gal who took the photo of the notes from the hearing and her lookout are in the background.


  14. wilson can’t take the heat?

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  15. Howie says:

    Fake Newz Network. Zero Credibility reached.


  16. andi lee says:

    This press conference really angers me.

    Donald J. Trump & family, have been run through the gauntlet for 20 months, and, now, this. Jumping through hoops, sacrifices no President-Elect has ever endured in the course of American history. My blood is boiling, a righteous anger. Enough already!

    To anyone who stands opposed to this man, Donald J. Trump, any who conspires to harm, or cause harm, heed this warning, May God have Mercy! Amen!

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    • Dekester says:

      Thank you. Please all true patriots, push back and push hard.


      • petszmom says:

        and the push back starts with stopping all support of the propaganda media by everyone. i am so sick and tired of people pretending to support trump and MAGA and yet they continue to support, condone the media by WATCHING. that means you are OK with the enemy trying to destroy our president and country! why do you need to continuously make excuses for why you watch? everything you need can be found here or on you tube. stop already!

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    • Michelle says:

      I agree, it angers me that, for no valid good reason, people would want him to give up the company he worked so hard to build. I feel that all the anti Trump people don’t even deserve to have him as their president. He is way too good for them.


  17. muffyroberts says:

    Trump tells the truth and tells it like it is. That is why the presser went so well.

    It’s easy to speak and answer questions, if you are truthful.


  18. Ron says:

    I caught the Sessions hearings earlier. The contrast between good and evil couldn’t be more clear.

    One after one, Black Men who had never met Senator Sessions or worked with him closely stood up and accused him of things with absolutely no evidence or any sort of testimony to back up their claims. One supposed Civil Rights leader used his 10 minutes to wax eloquently about all the abuses he saw in the 60’s, none of which had anything to do with Jeff Sessions.

    And one after one, Black men who had KNOWN Senator Sessions stood up to talk about the love he had shown them and their families through personal anecdotes nobody else save them was privy to. They talked about how he hired black lawyers when others wouldn’t, and was the first to come celebrate the birth of one of their children.

    Good vs. Evil.

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  19. Sharon says:

    Just finished watching – so well done including the fact that the family and the VP-elect stood quietly and attentively the entire time.

    Regarding the arrogance of the CNN employee: Mike Pence, Donald Trump, and the attorney (with her co-attorney) had already placed huge subjects/revelations on the table with solid context and content, above-and-beyond-the-call, (and teaching the Constitution as they did it).

    Putting the CNN employee’s attitude and demands in that context is pretty revealing: he’s in the presence of someone who is entirely ‘other’ in terms of politics, elections, and governance – and he well knows what the track record of Mr. Trump is with regard to not tolerating fools gladly or otherwise. Notice was served on that some time back, and yet – the CNNe apparently believes that his volume and his badge will earn him a hearing.

    I don’t find it real useful to continually or simply mock such entities even though that might be satisfying in the short term. I think there is greater usefulness in observing what they reveal about themselves because they are still entrenched. They still have an audience and will have for some time.

    There’s a battle being laid out that will go on for year and I don’t see it as SNL, from either their perspective or ours. I’ve been watching our nation being wrung out and thrashed and deliberately damaged since the days of Eisenhower when I first understood anything about government.

    Those whose hold on power depends on deception will always be able to find an audience willing to be deceived.

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  20. Dommy says:

    It took one Trump news conference to reduce Bent Smith’s Buzzfeed to BuzzardFeed.
    Well done President Trump.

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  21. Katherine McCoun says:

    The Lion Roared today!

    8 hrs later and I am still smiling. Gone all afternoon visiting and errands and just smiling. This was a Legendary news conference! Sad that truth telling and standing up for what is real, factual, logical and pro American has become so rare that it is EPIC and Legendary when it happens.

    I am one satisfied Trump supporter this evening!

    Got flipped off by someone in a much nicer car. My car has multiple Trump stickers (all simply pro Trump and none anti Hillary or smart aleck or anti liberal, etc) so I have no doubt what that was about. He didn’t just flip me off but drove right beside me for a while with his middle finger up. After this press conference I just laughed. Loser hates loosing so he took it out on a middle aged woman minding her own business driving down the road in a much lesser car. I felt bigger and stronger though!

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  22. MaineCoon says:

    OMGosh. Acosta telling Cooper that it’s too bad if people don’t like what CNN does. They can just use the remote!! Like we need his permission??!! And continued by saying CNN would continue to do their job.

    They think they are invincible. Nope! Back to boycotting.


    • Michelle says:

      Yep they were all sitting around whining and trying to justify what they did and insist they are not fake news. They were acting like kids who got yelled at by their parents.


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