Bob Baer: If Russian Hacking Story is Political “there should be a criminal investigation”…

For the past several days we have been discussing the Deep State shadow war within the various intelligence agencies.  The larger issues have been building for a long time.

CIA Director John Brennan and DNI head James Clapper, both took politicization of intelligence to new levels to accommodate the White House. It is not accidental that both of these names are the primary voices behind the “Russian Hacking Conspiracy“.


Those who have followed the intelligence storyline might find the comments last night (video below) by CNN contributor and former CIA official, Bob Baer, very interesting.  Ideologically and politically Baer is not a Trump supporter:

…”Donald Trump is right, it [CIA] needs to be completely reorganized and get it away from politics. And if it turns out that this whole Russian hacking thing is based on politics there should be a serious criminal investigation of some sort”…

… “And Trump is absolutely right in 2003/2002 with the national intelligence estimate the CIA let everybody down by putting a lot of trash in it, uh, under political pressure, and it’s time to correct that”…  ~Bob Baer, CNN

However, not only does Baer agree with Trump’s intended ‘shake-up’ position, but he also highlights the damage Brennan has done to the agency; even going so far as to call for a criminal investigation if the suspicions of politicized intelligence are evidenced.

The video below is prompted to begin at 07:45 and the discussion continues through to 14:05.  The rather stunning “criminal investigation” comment from Baer comes at 13:15.


What former CIA operative Robert Baer is outlining in the referenced panel segment (07:45 through 14:05) is what we have previously been discussing.  The ideological fracture within the intelligence community caused specifically by political operatives like John Brennan and James Clapper.


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245 Responses to Bob Baer: If Russian Hacking Story is Political “there should be a criminal investigation”…

  1. Watcher says:

    Clapper and Brenner both became CEO of two large corporations after they retired from the air force and cia.
    Clapper with GeoEye and Brenner with the Analysis Corp. These depend on huge government contracts, requiring kickbacks to house reps, senators, executive branch, other retirees, etc etc.
    If they go down a lot will go with them, they are the type that will squeal to keep out of prison.
    Just follow the money.

    I wonder if Trump has been offering deals to rollover to some of the unsavory characters visiting Trump Towers.

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  2. Ken Watson says:

    Comey too. The obvious fact is that he did everything he could possibly do to aid Hillary. No, it wasn’t enough but yes, it was mendacious, unethical and illegal. Two and a half weeks, fellow babies. These guys are covered with bees right now and it is only going to get worse for them. Much worse. Winning.

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  3. Lucille says:

    It means nothing to these traitors that Julian Assange has said numerous times that the DNC leaks did not come from a state source. Clapper and Brennan say Assange is a Russian sycophant, whatever the H that means and have added in that he’s a pedophile!!!

    This is David Seaman’s take on it: “Elites Terrified of Upcoming Wikileaks”

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    • darththulhu says:

      Seaman’s a sincere leftie who got woken up the hard way. Good on him for remaining woken up.

      (I’m certain most of his political positions would be disagreed with by a supermajority of people here, but he calls it like he sees it and he has refused to join in the media efforts to drive the ludicrous narratives about the Emperor’s New Clothes.)

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  4. Jim Costa says:

    “suspicions of politicized intelligence are evidenced.”
    What does this mean? It makes no sense to me.

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    • Bureaucratic-speak! I just H8 it. Use of passive voice means and is intended to me that NO ONE individual is responsible. It just happened.
      Translation: “People [unnamed, of course!] suspect they have seen evidence of politics being injected into intelligence reports.”

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  5. freddy says:

    You need no experience in IT nor Intelligence operations to see right through all this… Honestly those backing and enabling this line of BS are stupid cause we see it… McCain forms this traveling circus and his actors are the biggest liars politically motivated on earth. Brennan and Clapper. It is his revenge for Trump saying he’s not a hero….I might agree at this point… Then Hillary needs some cover for why she lost…She owes a lot of money and needs an alibi. The DNC needs big cover for being so stupid and incompetent they were victim of a Phishing scam they easily engaged in….All these folks pulled out their last gasps for alibis. McCain gets his political hit….Hillary gets off owing billions to Saudis and the DNC doesn’t look like complete morons for being hacked. Can we move on now…..

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    • rashamon says:

      Good grief! The $$$$hit is really hitting the fan. All of D.C. is terrified of what might be exposed about how they have been playing the citizens of “flyover country”, which is basically the populace supplying their paychecks. Same at the state and local levels. The governments have become so law, complicated and entertained in order to obfuscate how seriously they have been picking our pockets and taking our freedoms.

      Good riddance all!

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    • Lisa Reynolds says:

      I think it’s much more sinister than what you’re proposing (i.e., retaliation and cover up for $$ owed). I think (and hope) Trump is about to blow the lid off the whole government mob cesspool.

      But then again, I could be wrong.


    • Notmeagain says:

      Probably covers the salient points. 🙂


  6. Toronto Tonto says:

    17 govt agencies TM 😂

    Not one of them examined the DNC’s servers!

    They probably took Oh Shit Guy’s word for it!

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  7. Julian Assange and others have pointed out that Obama and his lackeys in the intel bureaucracy are being very lawyerly with these stories: They are making true statements about unrelated topics – Russian cyber warfare and the release of emails via WikiLeaks – in such a way that the two get conflated even though it is pure conjecture.

    Yes, the Russians have, and continue , to attempt hacking into American computer systems. (As does virtually every nation and legions of private hackers all over the world.)

    The Russians do put out propaganda – always have, always will.

    The emails that were stolen may or may not have been stolen by Russian Intelligence. Even though people associated with Assange who claim to know say the DNC emails were leaked by a disgruntled Bernie supporter, he COULD have been a Russian. Or a Russian dupe. Or not.

    So, you see, the sky is blue, water is wet, and since SOMEONE obtained emails from the DNC and John Podesta’s gmail account, it is possible that the someone is working for Russian intelligence. Or not. Maybe.

    Any questions?

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    • Oh, and by the way – there is ZERO EVIDENCE of “hacking” vote tabulations by Russians or anyone else.

      So despite all the sound and fury we don’t know of anything the hackers actually accomplished, other than exposing the truth about the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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      • moosebytes says:

        So if the Ruskies tried and failed at influencing our elections, if so, then they are the ones who failed- HRC won the popular vote (only with the help of California).There are so many ways DJT won this election, it’s absurd to try and count them. The #! reason is certainly NOT Russian attempts at doing so. The DNC and CIA and FBI, the IRS and DOJ are so partisan and in the pockets of The left that is nuts for them to even try and hide it. The media and Left are going BS over the rumors that Trump wants to rewrite the CIA’s job description, and well he should as it has become as partisian and a PC hack job as anything anyone could imagine. It’s a no brainer- REVAMP THE SWAMP-CIA INCLUDED…AND THEN SOME!!!

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  8. clash108 says:

    I suggest anyone to read Robert Baer’s books. He has great insights into CIA, and the US govt regarding the evil countries of The Middle East, many that we are in bed with.


  9. C. Lowell says:

    Not sure about BB, but seeing how he’s former Langley, that’s the way it goes…

    Nevertheless, it appears it is political as we knew it would be…


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