Weird Psychobabble Farewell by Megyn Kelly (Video)…

In a weird, almost uncomfortable to watch, mess of psychobabble – Murdoch’s little princess, Megyn Kelly, bids farewell to her audience and announces her yearning to connect with the algae and dance with the old trees…. or something.

Later bitch… (((whoops, was that my outside voice)))

Megyn Kelly Debatemegyn kelly faces of meth

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314 Responses to Weird Psychobabble Farewell by Megyn Kelly (Video)…

  1. marierogers says:

    now theres another TRUMP hater..sweet talkin bimbo DP..send her to NBC too!

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  2. Bonitabaycane says:

    Who is going to watch Meeeegny? Conservatives and Liberals despise her IMO. She will be a bimbo without a country. 🙂

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  3. maxwell102 says:

    Megyn’s interviewing of Fatboy of Flint, MM, was probably the tip-off she was going to NBC. She was much to much buddy buddy with him

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  4. FL_SunshineKitty says:

    She sounded just like a politician in that speech of hers

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  5. India Maria says:

    Sure, sure, this boring news babe is still going to make a lot of money. But I see this as a CRUSHING defeat of a Corporate NewsWhore who challenged the People’s Champion, and has now been relegated to Siberia. I don’t care how they spin it, this is a DEFEAT; it is EXILE; it is a good ‘ol fashioned can of whup’ass by Trump on (AT THE TIME) the MSM’s darling.

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  6. MC227 says:

    She will become even more irrelevant at NBC. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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  7. truthseekerr says:

    More WINNING.

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  8. stobberdobber says:

    Sorry couldn’t watch it. Can’t stand her and never could.

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  9. Did I hear her say she’s taking a new job so she can be closer to her young children, the oldest of which is seven? A loving mother would have done that seven years ago.

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  10. NoeliCannoli says:

    Remember Michelle Fields? Neither does anyone else. That is Megyn’s future too. She won’t be the last cocky person to underestimate the Boss.

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  11. yy4u says:

    NBC bought a pig in a poke.

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  12. As stupid as CNN is, I have to give them credit for allowing Megyn to ‘slip’ away to NBC either intentionally or through incompetence. CNN has a victory….now back to their dredge of crap….


  13. Sentient says:

    This whole Mygyn Kelli thing just reminds me why I don’t have cable.

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  14. jbrickley says:

    She sounds like her viewers are going to follow her. Bzzt, wrong! Bye bye you crazy moonbat. Nobody is going to see you again. NBC is lighting their money on fire quite literally.


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    • olderwiser21 says:

      I am always amazed at how self-important these “news” boobs think they are – no one will follow her anywhere and most Fox viewers will be glad that she is gone, including most of the other tv personalities at Fox. No love lost there, I am sure…..what egos these people have!


  15. mamadogsite says:

    Funny thought…..she is going to have her own daytime show. Well….who is going to be home to watch? The new Administration is all about jobs, jobs, jobs…so since more and more people will be working now, who will be home to watch her? And a Sunday night show? Yep, as someone mentioned in an earlier post, Siberia, for sure.


  16. Ficklefinger says:

    Is that the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s “Messiah” I hear loudly coming out of the windows at the FoxNews building? I hope NBC has a bigger building. She has too much ego to fit inside a normal building. I can hear Her Kellyship asking in a few months, “Why am I not 50 points ahead in the ratings?” Megyn Kelly is what Marie Antoinette would have been if there were TV networks in 1792 in France.

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  17. freddy says:

    megyn Kelly is a role model and someone for your daughters to look up to… If your a criminal and expect your kids to use every dirty trick and underhanded woman witch craft to claw your way through life. She is the one at work men tell each other to stay far away from or her teeth will end up ripping you. She will do the same there and the women will hate her within 90 days……..

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  18. Benson II says:

    Glad to see the picture and words of the beech before the debate. That picture and her own words showed everyone who she truly was. She really thought she was so important she could take down Trump in one debate. Dellusions of grandeur and a Nasty piece of work is all she is.

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  19. gary says:

    Megyn just never got it! Trump gave her a chance to redeem herself when Ailes set up a sit down with Trump. And instead she resented Ailes for trying to put her back on track and change her delusional view of Trump. She couldn’t humble herself and learn from Ailes (the Master).

    Well, she then stabbed Ailes in the back, and she did everything she could at FOX to turn viewers against Trump. Epic Fail.

    Megyn , you are the laughing stock of the media and you don’t see it, do you? You think it was Trump coming after you that was so unfair. You didn’t see you threw the first punch, and Trump is a counter-puncher. He is not done with you yet, wait and see, what a take down looks like. You failed in your takedown, Trump will show you how it’s done. 🙂

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  20. not2worryluv says:

    Megyn Kelly light-weight, pill popping wanna bee that will have NBC cancelling her contract by mid-year. #Draintheswamp includes MSM memes like MK.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way in or out!

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  21. CC says:

    Bye Felicia…


  22. entagor says:

    The Botox went to her brain


  23. Mr.Right says:

    quick comment…

    dont care. not watching / reading this


  24. thesitrep says:

    Who is this Megyn Kelly chick?
    Is she a news bimbo or didn’t I see a few sexy photo spreads of her?


  25. says:

    I love it when someone tells me how “connected” they feel to me… while reading the line from a teleprompter. LOL

    Good Lord these people are insufferable…

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    • TheseTruths says:

      “I love it when someone tells me how ‘connected’ they feel to me… while reading the line from a teleprompter. LOL”
      That last line — “Thank you for watching…with love” — was too much. It was obvious that it was difficult and emotional for her to say good-bye, but I haven’t read anything about her colleagues liking her, and she knows how much some people have come to loathe her. She’s either deluded or trying to frame the narrative if she thinks viewers “love” her.

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  26. Summer says:

    With her ratings tanking, book flopping, Ailes accusers joining, and the pathetic history of alienating the REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT who would never appear at 9pm — the Murdochs made a correct decision for once.

    She joined the team that was banned by the RNC from the Republican debates due to highly unprofessional behavior. Very appropriate. Birds of a feather…


  27. jstanley01 says:

    She’s joing the journalists working at NBC News? There are jounalists working at NBC News? That’s odd. I haven’t noticed any journalists working there since 1968.


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