President-elect Trump Tweets Chicago – Trump Tweeks Rahm Emanuel – Or Did He?…

Here’s a great example of how the media will get a story wrong 100 times, before they realize the reason they’re getting it wrong is due to the inherent political-ideological filters they use within every presentation.

Against a horrific year in Chicago for shootings and murders President-Elect Donald Trump sends out the following tweet:


Without thinking, and relying on their traditional filtering prism, immediately the media transmit a narrative of President-elect Donald Trump challenging (attacking) Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.   The MSM proceed to present their narrative accordingly.

However, the continually short-sighted media never pause to remind themselves that Emanuel traveled to Trump Tower less than a month ago; and consider the pragmatic effective approaches deployed by Donald Trump throughout his career.


It is inconceivable to the media that Emanuel would benefit from a good cop/bad cop optic with actual intended results.  The MSM can’t conceive of Rahm Emanuel being open, strategically open, to President-elect Trump’s assistance after five years of intensely out-of-control violence within predominantly black communities.

Emanuel is a lot of things, lots of them not-so-good, however one of his strongest political attributes is his Machiavellian outlook and ability to see the angles long before they appear on the horizon.

Mayor Emanuel knows, specifically and strategically knows, the environment right now in Chicago is almost a perfect template for President Donald Trump to stun the media with an effective, assertive, proactive, common sense, protectionist and practical approach toward community policing.

Sheriff Trump is on the horizon, with a massive sun behind him, sitting atop a pale horse, wearing a big white hat.  Watching, waiting and twirling a Zippo: “I’m your huckle-bearer”; more than ready to show how intent he is to save innocent people from horrific crime-ridden consequences of those who view public safety through the same prism as all other considerations, politics.

President Trump will not suffer fools lightly – he never has; especially when their foolish action compromises the safety of their citizenry.  Trump doesn’t see the color of the neighborhood, he see’s ineptitude, incompetence, weak leadership and failure.

Trump’s political mantra is to return ‘the era of competence‘.

The president-elect sees Chicago, a city containing important properties to him – a city he is very familiar with, through the prism of political incompetence.   Trump is also very in tune with the people who live within these neighborhoods and are forced to suffer the consequences of this incompetence.

This is not the typical president Mayor Rahm Emanuel could navigate.  And the people inside Chicago are more than ready for a new approach.  Toward that end allow me to provide the audio visual demonstration:

First Video from a 2013 Chicago Town Hall on violence, addressing this exact issue. Listen closely.

Second Video from a group of Chicago activists watching President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address. Again, listen closely.


Donald Trumprahm-emanuel-1trump crosses

….things make a bit more sense now?

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247 Responses to President-elect Trump Tweets Chicago – Trump Tweeks Rahm Emanuel – Or Did He?…

  1. I’m really curious to see how O is received in Chicago. I’m sure he’ll have his slavish fans. but wouldn’t it be something if there were protests and boos? I think there’s a lot of disgust with O in Chicago. But he’ll probably speak in the nice neighborhoods with all the yuppie liberals.

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    • lastinillinois says:

      He is a hero to 99% of chicago.

      I see and hear it everyvday.

      The citizens of chicago, by and large, are a complete lost cause when it comes to politics. They are either dependent on government handouts or government jobs, or are convinced that every politician who isnt a democrat is evil.

      Chicago is lost. It is California on the Great Lakes.

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      • RedBallExpress says:

        Throw Madison and Milwaukee in with Chicago.

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      • EternalVigilanc3 says:

        Doesnt seem as if Trump has given up on Chiraq why should you? Chicago has a few true patriot groups you just have to search them out. I would suggest you start by checking out the IL-NRA forum. Many members do live downtown.

        Also based on your 99% comment it seems you live near north or the north shore. Head ondown to 35th st grab a burger at the depot and tell me again how the chi loves ozero by 99%

        Then again you may be a former democrap seeing the light for the first time and realising youre in a viper pit. Basing that on your 99% comment, which virtue signals that chiraq is lost. Hope is never lost.

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        • RedBallExpress says:

          We should never give up but it is a sorry state of affairs in Southern WI and Northern IL. Trump hit the nail on the head when he said no one wants to live like that. Maybe they are sick of it and are willing to try something new. I hope so.

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          • Frankly Ben says:

            Agreed completely: right is right. If President Trump can navigate the shark infested waters of racial politics in the quintessential machine city of Chicago and gain enough traction for Republican, free-market reforms, who knows, miracles can happen.


      • E C says:

        The rationale I hear for voting democrat is “the democrats are bad, but the alternative is worse”. With those few words, they are telling the dems that they don’t have to promise anything or do anything. Sad.

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      • That’s amazing. I live in Philadelphia and it seems things are the same way. Republicans are so marginalized.

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      • The Devilbat says:

        I don’t agree that they like Obama. I was at Chicago’s O’hare airport a while back. Someone giving free advice regarding the current political situation had written on the wall of one of the bathroom stalls . . . . . . . . “Flush Hard, Its a Long Way to Washington.”


      • pattyloo says:

        that is not the way i see it. i’m a Chicago native. many, many of us are like the silent majority who voted for Mr. Trump. We do not like Obama. i have not heard where Obama will speak in Chicago. I assume indoors? if so, they will limit attendance to liberals who will cheer on command. i wondered why he chose to speak in Chicago, knowing what I know that he’s really not very popular here. My guess is they will construct a fake event where it looks like Chicagoans love him.

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        • Kekela Ward says:

          They do the same thing when he comes here to Honolulu. Same safe places, same safe “crowds”. I saw AF1 taking off from HNL last night. It was beautiful even in the dark, with the Stars and Strips lit up on the tail.
          I was even more moved when I thought, “Next time I see you, a REAL AMERICAN LEADER will be aboard.”

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      • mightyconservative says:

        I’d agree with your opinion of urban Chicago, but not so much suburban Chicago. I live in a heavily democrat suburb. Obama signs were extremely prevalent in 2008, less so in 2012. Not ONE HRC sign, and only one bumper sticker this entire election season. It was stunning to me.

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        • Sandra says:

          That’s a good sign! Maybe people are waking up!

          I live in Chicago, the city. I was a Democrat until 2008. I started voting Republican then and have not gone back. Now I am firmly conservative though I am not a registered Republican (and won’t be until the swamp is sufficiently drained). I have a feeling that there are many more like me, I’m sure we’re not the majority but who knows what might happen if Trump has a good first four years. 🙂


      • Kekela Ward says:

        I don’t know…those Americans residing in Chicago in those two videos don’t seem to taken with him


      • EJ says:

        Were you born here? Like all things in Chicago, it depends on where you are. Don’t forget also that half of Chicago right now are liberal college graduate transients. Your average blue collar guy doesn’t buy into the liberal BS.

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      • KillinEmSoftly says:

        Agree with your assertion…I read a few blogs about Chicago sports – and anytime the comments go political it’s like reading Salon…


    • pyromancer76 says:

      Please remember, these places are all funded by the federal government — purposefully so as to create socialist fodder for The Machine. When Pres Trump and the incoming administration change the environment — also helping many of the dependents to become job holders once again — things will look very different.

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    • Living in Chicago I can tell you that most conservatives learned long ago to keep a low profie. We don’t put up lawn signs for fear our homes will be vandalize. We don’t have bumper stickers for fear our cars will be keyed.

      I don’t think there will be much of a conservative presence to Obama’s farewell speech.

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    • cozette says:

      Jim Brown and Ray Lewis have got Trump to buy into their amazing Amer I can program. It’s a comprehensive template that has already been successful. It taps into successful black athletes to partner with them. Also Kanye West, the pop culture icon, who caused quite the stir when he was seen at Trump Tower with Trump recently, is from Chicago. Kanye is, according to Scott Adams, a Master Persuader, a baby Trump. This getting soooo interesting.

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  2. Rickster says:

    Jake and Ellwood would Love our new President!!!!!

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  3. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Great stuff, Sundance. Thanks for the write-up.

    People still do not understand how intelligent Trump is and how strategically he sets things up months and years in advance.

    That lesson should have been learned by the end of the 2016 primaries. But even after the general election, many still underestimate Trump or don’t grasp the depth of his brilliance.

    Soon, everyone will understand.

    Can’t wait until January 20th.

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  4. Texian says:

    [No explanation needed..].

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  5. anarchist335 says:

    Riding a pale horse is a bad vision sundance.


  6. Esperanza says:

    Interesting clips. But I can’t help feeling the problem is they think government will help them. 80 percent of the time government is the problem. Rather get up off your backside and do something.

    I’ve spent a lot of time in that kind of meeting. But it’s talk all talk. Goes nowhere.

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  7. rashamon says:

    The problem of pay-to-play in Chicago…everybody who is somebody is involved in the revolving doors from one money-making power job to the next. The micro finance business, where Obama’s mother worked in SE Asia under Peter Geitner of the World Bank, is just one example (also see Haiti and child/women trafficking) as are these foundations, even if originally funded for the right reasons, which have gone way, way progressive to line of the pockets of elites. The Chicago Climate Exchange is now defunct, but the major players are still working their scams.

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    • mightyconservative says:

      Beck, when he was still good, reported on this years re are so many inestuous relationships in that crowd, it is sickening.


  8. F D says:

    P E Trump will probably turn Chicago around. Instead of people killing each other, he will give them economic opportunities to work and improve their lives. He provides the policies; they do the work.
    It would be nice to hear a thank you to P E Trump.

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  9. EJ says:

    First, the Chicago “grass roots” organizations are not looking at an alternative to Democratic policies, they just want Rham out, because he turned his back on them. Unlike Daley, who was a master at keeping the Hispanic, Irish and Black politicians happy, Rham is too arrogant to see that needs to play the politics game. He is just doing what he thinks makes sense in a very brash way. In the mean time, he literally pissed off everyone. I.e. the CPS teacher’s union; the CPD with all of his changes; the entire city b/c his boy McCarthy literally destroyed the police department and set a wild fire of crime; tourist b/c they keep getting robbed;f conservatives b/c he will not deal with the governor (although the governor is willing to deal), the black community by burying the Laquan McDonald tape; etc. etc. Literally nobody likes him. They are too stupid to see that liberal policies are bad for them; they literally just want power and Rham out. At this point, I think he is too clueless to see the life line that Trump is offering him.

    But even if he did,

    Trump and Rham are going to have a very hard time changing Chicago policing for the better. Instead, Chicago is only going to get worse. The super-libs elected a new states attorney Kim Foxx, who will likely be like Marilyn Mosby part 2. The people in those videos just want power and they blame everyone but their own communities. Now they have a person to help prosecute the police. The war on the CPD is coming and things will only get worse.

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  10. TheLastDemocrat says:

    There is no easy answer for the “inner city” problems. Across the years, I have lucked into jobs which had me working with “inner city” or project housing groups in four different major cities, in different parts of the country.

    As with anywhere, most people are good people.

    I see Trump as maybe having a few ideas for federal involvement – maybe not what Dems would come up with. But the progressives are going to have things backfire when they start shouting for local rule, and no fed hand-outs or intervention. -Some will be shown to purely be party idealogues versus solving problems.

    As I said, I have worked, or sought education, in various locales. I MOVED for opportunity.

    Many Blacks went to Chicago when it was an industrial center, and labor was needed. This is reflected in some of the Tony Morrison, and in the Maia Angelou. And, in the story of the burgeoning of Chicago Blues. –But the jobs are not there like they used to be.

    Like my parents moved for opportunity, and I have moved for opportunity, it is better for a big population to move from a place where there are no more jobs to where the jobs are. Chicago used to have a lot of VA hospital capacity but they have winnowed that greatly – the vets left.

    We cannot push a noodle uphill – we cannot sustain low-income people in place. “We” (federal or state or local policy) could either foster job creation with low-tax zones and other economic development strategies, or somehow provide support for that nut you need to relocate and get “re-” established.

    A major problem is cultural perceptions. If you have been brainwashed that the entire country is against you, you have no incentive to calculate out a move; you see the ghetto and think that is the only place you can move in. These ideas are poisonous.

    Another cultural problem is that of absent fathers / teen sex is no big deal.

    All of these poisonous ideas came from the welfare-pimp flavor of Democrat Party, and from the Marxists. Marxists seek to foment division anywhere they can, and they are anti-nukelar family, and are against traditional values regarding sex and marriage – as a way to weaken the social strength of the nukelar family and Judeo-Christianity.

    I lectured a group of health care professionals. I showed that sex ed and easy-access birth control does not reduce STDs, or unwanted pregnancies, or out-of-wedlock birth, among teens. I think ALL still believe that the problem of teen single-parent pregnancy is “education” and more birth control. No. The “problem” is culture. As a democrat in the 1980s, our greatest joke/insult was to repeat the “family values” mantra in jest. Now I am wiser.

    The Black community needs to figure out how to get all of this cop-killer, sex-saturated, misogynistic music out of the ears of the younger generations. Sure, I made fun of Tipper Gore when she proclaimed the influence of music on our youth, but she was right.

    BTW: you can still hear Mike Brown’s anti-cop, dope-filled amateur hardcore/rap music at soundcloud –


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    • Frankly Ben says:

      Brilliant post. Orthodoxy rules, the herd mentality controls. The truth is most of us go along with the herd irrespective of race or community.

      I agree that the Dims have partnered with the hard left to ingrain the notion that class and capitalism are the “enemies of the people”. And they, as representatives of a benevolent government are the defenders against the “system”.

      But the Dims have been too corrupt, have not improved the quality of life but worsened it and the time may now be ripe for true, self-empowerment, real Republican solutions, and President Trump may be just the warrior to actually pull it off!

      If only enough of a core of reformationists can arise in the cities in partnership with a Trump administration program to revitalize – the herd may turn on the failed past and follow the new leadership.


  11. pyromancer76 says:

    Thank you, TheLastDemocrat, for your efforts. Your imagination may stimulate more (some) solutions. It seems to me it needs the layer approach. Help the most able to help themselves first — with some basic safety net below, with work requirements, even if only in the immediate community. Problem: someone needs to supervise and organize. Not an easy task, like your experience shows. But then, you did not have an administration in accord with your good judgment.


  12. jstanley01 says:

    Libtards and race hustlers are busy blaming all the problems in the black ghettos on the fraud of “white privilege.” Meanwhile whites, living outside of the gated-community ghettos constructed for the rich, are angry and fearful at blacks for black-on-white crime, dangerous public schools and out-of-control street crime, while being sick and tired of being blamed for the dysfunctions of black culture.

    The forgetten men and women in the equation are the mass of law-abiding blacks, who bear the brunt of the consequences of the black criminality that is rampant in inner cities nationwide. It looks like Mr. Trump is going to make them his secret weapon. Smart. Very smart.


  13. MC227 says:

    Nobody is going to fix that mess. Chicago has a black problem not a gun problem, not a jobs problem, not a poverty problem, not a school problem. A black problem. They have zero impulse control and can’t think 5 minutes ahead. Put a number of them in one place and there is ALWAYS a shooting, knifing, rape, robbery.


    • cozette says:

      It’s not skin color it’s culture. The inner cities have been full on assaulted by cultural Marxist brainwashing. Remember who controls the media and pop culture platforms. People enslaved by ghetto culture no matter what there skin color is hopefully inspire our prayers and compassion.


  14. UKExpat says:

    Get used to it America this is how the DemoncRAT Party PROPAGANDA ARM oops! sorry the laughing stock of the world America’s pathetically politically biased Lame Stream EneMedia is going to skew , misinterpret and DELIBERATELY misrepresent all news while Trump is President.. Thank God his Tweets will stand as evidence to expose them for what they are.


  15. UKExpat says:

    America’s Black ‘Youths’ while comprising only about 6% of the population nevertheless manage to commit OVER 50% of all the MURDERS and OVER 65% of all the VIOLENT. This is the REAL problem and the one that all the Black RACE BAITERS and their white apologists run away from. An America without Blacks would be one of the safest, least violent, least corrupt country’s on earth – and that says it all.


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