Sunday Talks – Sean Spicer Interview With Jonathan Karl…

Jonathan Karl fills in for George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week and has a lengthy interview with incoming Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer:


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95 Responses to Sunday Talks – Sean Spicer Interview With Jonathan Karl…

    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      I really wish they would Quit giving interviews to the same people and start giving interviews to the local media, who would love to get interviews. …….

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      • grainofsalt2 says:

        I think Spicer owned whoever this guy is in this interview.

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        • I’m glad I tolerated this garbage to the point of getting to hear Spicer wear karl out when he told him all about bypassing the enemedia. Loved that part…

          Otherwise, I’ve been bypassing them for decades already unless it’s something posted like this was, and usually even then!

          Yeah. It’s a shame that the vast majority of mankind listens to a handful (by comparison) of paid puppets that spew the globalist propaganda and nothing more.

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          • singtune says:

            Yes, I stopped watching this Garbage over 10 Years ago, but it is enlightening to see it is “Still” going on, when Sundance posts these clips~! It is hard for me to believe that so many are still Listening to~~&~~Believing this C**p~!

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        • yes, grain, Spicer did, indeed, own that guy! Do you think Spicer has been sandbagging? Stuttering, not seeming to be able to keep up, like that pathetic little bird who fools the predator into thinking the bird is vulnerable and following the bird with dragging wing AWAY from the nest where the kids (important people) are?

          And notice how desperate that guy was to ensure there would be daily Presidential press briefings? Like he was afraid he’d have to cover “tweets,” for crying out loud!

          Maybe if there was a more professional-sounding or important or academic-sounding word than “tweets,” it wouldn’t be so demeaning for these oh-so-important news people? I’m just sitting here laughing my socks off!

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  1. angryduc says:

    They want an out of hand acceptance that Russians did some sort of hacking to justify the draconian media first amendment infringements that they just pushed through into law. There is no evidence Russians did any hacking.

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    • paper doll says:

      Just like they wanted President Trump to say he would accept any outcome to the election ( but didn’t ask Hillary)….they keep wanting to slip a leash over his neck and he keeps disappointing them lol….one cannot agree to their BS. How can they expect him to agree to this clumsy undermining of his landslide? It’s laughable

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      • singingsoul says:

        To me it sounds as if the WH has given the go ahead to the “Russia did it ” without questioning. Trump is supposed to take Obama’s word and the never Trump people in the Senate that Russia did it without evidence..?
        Trump just shoes to me that he is a leader who does not fall for incomplete briefings to make ups his mind.
        I agree with Trump, even though I do not trust Russia, that it is better to have a relationship with them than not. There is something strange going on in this administration and some of the usual suspects in Congress and Senate that they are obsessed about Russia. What are they hiding…????

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        • Helen says:

          I think they are embarrassed about Russia going in and straightening out Syria. Remember Putin saying “do you people know what you have done.” They are just trying to prove Putin has no credibility before he talks to Trump.

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        • saywhat64 says:

          Running guns out of Benghazi and shipping them to islamic terrorist in Syria and Iraq. Remember the Gang of 8 all signed off and gave their AOK.

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        • coltlending says:

          There is a therory that, as so often throughout history it’s been about power ($), Oil.

          It’s the same now.

          Syria is important because two proposed Oil pipelines, one American and the other Russian, will traverse Syria (primarily to supply Europe).

          Hillary got Obama to try to take out Assad so they could all get taken care of by Sidney Blumenthal’s contacts over there.

          Or something like that.

          Well, creating ISIS blew up in Obama’s lap and being what he is, an empty suit, it all got out of control for him.

          Or not. It’s very possible Obama has set the dogs loose in the ME on purpose.

          It doesn’t really mater.

          The Globalists are losing control. And, the lesson to be learned for them — and — their puppets in the U.S. Congress is this: All those ME leaders who thought they were firmly in power are gone.

          The same can happen to those in Congress who don’t get with the America First program.

          Will they get in line?

          Probably not.

          We knew they would go to any length to stay where they are.

          So, who wants what they want more?

          Them or us?

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        • LEET says:

          Exactly! “Singingsoul” What are they trying to hide?!?! There is ALWAYS a devious agenda with whatever narrative they are pushing and I believe you are correct, they are setting this narrative in motion in an attempt to hide something….a whole lot of bad somethings.

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        • singtune says:

          These People are Globalist’s & following the NWO Agenda 1st & foremost, “singingsoul”~! They are totally AGAINST us.


        • auscitizenmom says:

          I bet they know that Russia knows things about them that would be really bad for them if it got out.

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        • paper doll says:

          The NWO has wanted war with Russia for years. To take out a nationalist power and steal their resources etc. Events change, but the goals remains the same. The evidence imo is so thin because A : it’s BS. and B : they did not think they would have to provide any evidence since of course Hillary would ” win”… and so did not create any…but surprise, Hillary did not “win”

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    • grainofsalt2 says:

      The interviewer tried hard many times but he failed. Spicer shut him off good.

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      • starfcker says:

        “No, no, no, it’s not, hey” Spicer has an aggressive streak when he gets going. He may be a keeper. Is Mr Trump too cheap to buy all his people nerd glasses like all the smart looking pointy heads the liberals have?

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    • Paul Bozzi says:

      They want to justify their sorry azz polling.


  2. The Boss says:

    Media whores are so predictable.

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    • JEN says:

      How true! Johnathan Karl’s twisted, select questions to Sean Spicer were so transparently predictable; the smirk on Karl’s face while asking the questions was predictable.
      The media wh@@$, as you put it, are still clueless! Even after DJT’s landslide election and the total repudiation of BO and HRC, the media still believe that we the people are stupid and easily influenced by their propaganda, and that we swallow what they say hook, line and sinker. How unfortunate for the media! They are digging their own grave. Actually, it’s deep enough right now for them to lay it. They just don’t know it, yet.

      Sean Spicer did great!

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  3. Could only take 5 min of this negative SOB (ABC interviewer). Avoid these Sunday programs. Spicer was doing fine.

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    • Charlie says:

      Need to watch interview to the end Spicer buried him. Johnny didn’t know what hit him, love watching them look like idiots. Long live the main stream media it needs to be a slow death taking liberalism with it. This new administration is all business and ALL of them have a backbone. 2017 is promising to be tough buck up we need sheepdogs.

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  4. markstoval says:

    “There is no evidence Russians did any hacking.”

    It is even worse than that. There could be no evidence that Russia did any hacking. The people who hacked the emails and delivered them to Wikileaks could have been anyone in the world and they could have made it look like they were in Russia (or Florida) and they could have made it look like the had my IP or the IP of Elton John. Spoofing they call it I hear.

    The same story goes with the “hacking of the election”, whatever that is. There is no proof, only a desire to go to the brink of war with a nuclear superpower that has the strongest army in Europe. At least I hope the fools only wanted to go to the brink and not actually destroy the human race in a nuclear holocaust.

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    • singingsoul says:

      I think I know what it is this is the last gasp of the globalists to stop that globalization fails.
      This is an excuse that Trump is for Russia one could hear it in the set up questions by the media. This pining a Russian relationship on Trump was born from the Hillary camp we saw in Wicki Leaks emails.They are now spinning it again for the last gasp to neutralize Trump and the “Make America great Again.” This is totally a trap set for Trump to disparaging him . These people never stopped from the day Trump ran for the Presidency.
      The same players are beating the drum about Russia. They know this will take Trump of the agenda and disparage him and his presidential win. Ryan wants his agenda watch it play out and that is why Trump needs us and that is why we need to hold Brannon and Trump accountable to hold Ryan and his ilk accountable. We are the strength to support Trump and keep the Ryan’s McConnel, Graham, Mc Cain and others in line.

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    • maga2016 says:

      all indicators say that Seth Rich gave the dnc stuff to wikileaks

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      • singingsoul says:

        I believe you are right. When you look at Assange when he was ask in an interview he wanted o say yes but could not. I saw the pain in his face. Podesta found out who leaked and Seth needed to be an example. They have to pin this on the Russians so no one will question what happened to Seth Rich. There are several agendas working.
        If the media was truly the media they would play over and over when Obama said the Russians did not hack the election. The media that is not even US owned in many cases influenced the election.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      “The same story goes with the “hacking of the election”, whatever that is.”

      Hacking the election is about hacking people.

      The Clinton people were using their own people to act as Trump supporters, then lied about what they were doing. The “media” were willing accomplices by “verifying” the lies the Clinton people purposely created. Why this does not make everyone angry is beyond explanation.

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  5. Craig W. Gordon says:

    Double standard main stream media. Remember hilLIARy wanted the ‘reset’ (red button Russian translation was ‘recharge!’) and she failed! Now the MSM is opposed to any Trump diplomacy. Hypocrites!

    MSM is worried about being by-passed by Trumps direct Twitter comms with the American people.

    Spicer did a great job in this interview.

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  6. Mr. Spicer, take your vitamins and get plenty of sleep at night so you’ll have the energy to wipe that smug smile of the face of every one of those SOBs.

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  7. Preppin247 says:

    As for Mr. Spicer…I like the guy..watched a few minutes of him this morning on fox. He was control the conversation and let the newsbot know that the administration would be setting the narrative

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  8. Dave says:

    Yet Mr. Trump picked another winner. Spicer is GOOD!!! I’m so NOT tired of winning 😉

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  9. The smug smile and condescending attitude of what ‘s his name his is sickening.

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  10. teaforall says:

    Spicer took MSM to the woodshed. Very articulate I am impressed

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  11. jonvil says:

    I want to thank all the commenters here for their feed back, I lack the patience to listen to MSM talking head with oral diarrhea.

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  12. coltlending says:

    The ABC guy and his ilk are going to try and put the acid in between PET and the American people EVERY chance the get.

    Mr. Spicer did great!

    I only have one suggestion. Me might have addressed that sanctimonious smile on the ABC guy’s face.

    “There’s a new Sheriff in town.” Loved it!

    Loved the doubling down on Twitter too.

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  13. Abster says:

    Spicer very impressive…didn’t even come up for air! I refuse to tune in to these shows. Every one of these fools thinks it is okay to talk down to or talk over their guests. Maybe charm school would be of help.

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  14. andi lee says:

    Spicer is spot on!
    DNC email “content” is not being addressed, nor the totality of MSM collusion with the DNC. Hence, misleading “titles” with anonymous sourced content. Pure unethical sorcery.

    More lawbreaking:
    •The CF, CGI, Podesta lobbying firm’s pay-to-play in Podesta emails. Food Groups.
    •The Project Veritas exposé.

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    • fedback says:

      It’s like having the fox guarding the henhouse.
      DNC and media were caught colluding and after a few hours panic they came up with ‘the Russians did it’.

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  15. Joshua2415 says:

    Sean did well. He did not accept the corporate media premise on anything he was asked which I liked. I just wish he had said plainly that despite it’s title, the recent intelligence summary report provided no proof that Russia was behind any hacking of the DNC. That was a missed opportunity in my opinion. My two cents, worth every penny.

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    • StateSovereigntyNationalUnion says:

      I was impressed.

      Instead of what we see so much and either (1) arguing the media trap questions directly (stupid) or (2) answering with a non answer and shifting gears to preferred talking points (does not call out the media nearly enough) he rejected the media premise full stop + also segged extremely effectively into his own talking points (that were very well prepared, related to the line of questioning and made Karl look as biased as he is : namely segging to what has not been covered by by media such as interference in the election on the HRC side + PETrump’s accomplishments prior to taking office).

      And he turned a question about GOPe Senators wanting stiffer reactions to whatever Russia did (or did not do) into 2x repeats of the Obama Russia failed reset + why wouldn’t the President of the USA want a relationship with both superpowers in the best interests of the American people?

      Karl got way worse than he tried to give. Media are not used to this type of republican and hopefully because all types of liberal media are generally not smart, will not even be able to figure out how to adapt let alone overcome.

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  16. fedback says:

    ‘No, no, its not hey…’.
    Good stuff from Sean, much tougher than I initially presumed

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    • That’s cause he wasn’t tough before. Not sure why. I proposed above on this thread that he may have been sandbagging in the past to lead the media folks into thinking he would be an easy target. No more!
      I still don’t know whether that was deliberate, or whether Spicer genuinely was a bit off-kilter at the beginning before he found his footing. All I know is that he hit the jackpot this time!


  17. freepetta says:


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  18. Thomas J Addison says:

    Jonathan Karl “Marx”, what a dweeb. Was he wearing a skirt behind that desk? He certainly was undressed by Spicer.

    Total hit piece.
    “Oh look the headline says this”.
    “Oh, look, he used a mid-day Twitter”, and they just happen to have the graphic ready.

    Looks like John Boy.

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  19. FLOTUS Melania #1 Fan says:

    You know that your “career” in “journalism” is not going so well when you’re relegated to a fill-in for George Snuffalumpagus.

    Also, the hipster glasses in an attempt to look “with it” don’t do anything to hide the bald spot.

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  20. grainofsalt2 says:

    The Lying Media continue to use the phrase, “hacking the election”. It should be “hacking the DNC emails” to be exact IMO.

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  21. What a contrast Spicer is to the professional liars Obama employed in the job.

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  22. missmarple2 says:

    Excellent job by Sean Spicer! He got a lot of information in so I listened to it twice.

    I really liked his point that NOTHING was done when China hacked all those government employee records, including security clearance information.

    I also liked that he didn’t let Karl derail the conversation and didn’t accept interruptions.

    Excellent! I am very confident that once again, President-elect Trump knows who is the best person for the job!

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    • Heartsurgeon says:

      They asked the same question over and over again..hoping for a “gotcha” quote. Spicer answered the question up front, and had to repeat it each time. Wasted time. The follow “interview” with Shiff left me feeling dirty. Everytime he appears on tv, i have an uncontrollable urge to shower afterwards. One gets the impression he is perpetually interviewing for Huma’s position….

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  23. jupitercomm says:

    Washington Times has a short piece about Spicer talking to the media today, but ran across these two odd items

    I can’t evaluate this one as good or bad. Not enough context or evidence

    This one is not good. Particularly since Cotton is considered an immigration patriot by some


    • Sentient says:

      Screw Cotton.

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    • I’ve never liked Cotton. So, why didn’t any of these guys say something to Obama about our relationship with Russia if it was so unacceptable to them; no, they wait until one of their gets in office and then they decide to do something. No respect for him at all…and Ryan needs to go, period. I’m calling my congressman tomorrow to tell him Ryan needs to go.

      In terms of the Biden comment, I think Issa was saying that Biden would be a good person to negotiate for the Dems,; maybe he is right, I don’t know, but the comment was what it was and I do not know why he would say it. These GOP types just can’t stop bowing down to Democrats. So sad.

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      • maga2016 says:

        they are so dumb. they’re thinking to be tough on Russia you have to insult them and cant be friendly. The tough talk can be done behind closed doors, like in business.

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    • singingsoul says:

      Did anyone noticed Cotton growing a beard…? He looks like a wanna be refugee…:) (s

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  24. Sentient says:

    Jonathan Karl: “Does President elect Trump accept the fact that Russia was behind the DNC hack?” FACT? Heck, we don’t even know whether the DNC was hacked (versus an insider leak). The only fact I know here is that Karl is a HACK.

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  25. Wow, I take back any concerns I had about Spicer. He was really really good in this interview. Also, Jonathan Karl was a lot less antagonistic than the usual crowd. He was pretty mild, I thought. Sure, he pushed the Russian thing, but not really aggressively. For those who don’t like to listen to these things, it was really good for out side and you might want to give it a try, just to see how Spicer handled it. Bravo!

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  26. MVW says:

    There is no getting around going into the scorpion pit, it has to be done. Spicer does it with hobnailed boots on. I heard the crunching sound as he stomped his way through the interview.

    McCain, Leslie, Rat Ryan, and other Crooked Cucks will have to be made into glue before the first 100 days is up. As for the media, we will have to see what is done.

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  27. Stu in Henderson says:

    It was the kind of interview from a soon-to-be Republican comms director for which we have been waiting years! The PE has elucidated the real political divide in this country, i.e., between the globalists and their many enablers and those of us patriots/nationalists in the Main Street segment of society. Particularly clear to me is that Trump will face more direct opposition from the likes of Ryan, McConnell, and the Bobsey twins (McCain and Graham) in implementing the agenda on which he campaigned than from Democrats. Any Republican who can’t emulate Sean Spicer and fight the Democrat/globalist/media narrative when interviewed will be outed as a globalist-supporting RINO – because the PE and his spokesmen (correct English) have shown the way it’s done!

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  28. Marygrace Powers says:

    Spicer was a pitbull/went after Karl with a vengeance/
    Exactly what we’ve needed/ we wanted tough/
    Well/ we are getting tough/ TRUMP TOUGH/ Perfect WH Press Sec/

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  29. harrietht3 says:

    Oh me!
    This Sean Spicer is a steamroller!!!
    Quick, articulate, knowledgable, and completely unfazed by the rather ponderous Karl.
    Way to go, President Trump.
    Portends greater things yet to come.
    Happy New Year.
    Clearly a dynamo.

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  30. Stu in Henderson says:

    Looks like PEOTUS will have a least ONE ally in the US Senate! A lot of them need to be replaced in ’18, ’20, and ’22, including every single one of the Republican “leadership”!

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  31. Bruce says:

    Go to the corrupt media interviews and stuff their garbage in their faces. Take the truth directly to the voters repeatedly. This makes the media look bad and smell bad as long as they are dishonest. Cut your cable and satellite and stop funding the enemy. Boycott their advertisers products en mass. Hit them in the pocket where it hurts.

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  32. emet says:

    Meanwhile, over on CNN “Putin hacks Mariah Carey’s sound system”.

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  33. missmarple2 says:

    Well, darn. The second link didn’t show as a picture.

    You will have to click on the link to see the resemblance. Think of it as a surprise!

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  34. mimbler says:

    Thanks to all of you brave souls that took a bullet and watched the interview and reported back; I was able to force myself to watch it. Sean did a great job representing us, pushing back and effectively communicating -our- message, and was likable while doing so. Great choice by Donald!

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  35. myrightpenguin says:

    Good start.
    A slower more authoritative speaking style would help. The person interviewing you is scum and they should be made to feel that.

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  36. KBR says:

    Every subject started with a headline from a MSM outlet, as if every headline was the words of God. “The NY times headline said thus and such”

    I think Spicer did a great job.

    I woukd have said, “the NY times is anti-Trump and admitted that, and continues that position” before I went into any sort of “answer.” I hope Sean Spicer begins to attack the source and thus the premise in a quick statement before giving answers to these blatantly loaded questions.

    I will be very happy when the “press” is completely different from the propagandists we have now.
    I will be very happy when we have a press.

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  37. Dave says:

    Someone here earlier posted about Pat Cadell calling out the media as `Enemies of the American People’. I found that speech, it’s great, he even predicts someone like Trump would come along and take them over….Didn’t like his comparisons of whom it might be, but I think Trump must have watched this speech…. [9/26/12] (26 mins) Check out the question and answers at the end. Whole speech is worth a listen though.

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    • Yes, Dave, that is an excellent talk. Prescient, too. It was given in Sept 2012.. Amazing, given that he is a Democrat pollster. OTOH, I have observed that old-line Dems are not the malicious idiots of today’s Dem party.


  38. PatriotKate says:

    Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia. Good grief! They have one track and only one track.

    Sean Spicer did an excellent job and, like Trump, he pushes back when they try to interrupt him.

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  39. CharterOakie says:

    Spicer was very effective. Took no cr@p. Batted it back instead. Nicely done.

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  40. golfmann says:

    The single stump question to be asked is ” would all of this “concern” about Russia possibly interfering with our election have been raised if Hillary had won?” Who honestly could answer yes?

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  41. Ace Frehley says:

    Herr Karl still has Hillary up by double digits.


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