Major Award…

…“and we will win, and you will win, and we will keep on winning, …and eventually you will say we can’t take all of this winning, …please Mr. Trump …and I will say, NO! …we will win, and we will keep on winning”..

~ Donald Trump


Major Award

It is our high honor to be recognized for – and on behalf of all Treepers – to accept, this prestigious distinction; while also recognizing our simple band of misfit voices are listed amid names of far greater worth and distinction.

With humble appreciation, profound humility and the deepest warmest respect, and on behalf of the 105,138,593 patriotic refuge visitors and misfits in 2016, we say…



2016 “Blog of The Year

Excerpt from “Our 2011 Mission” […]  So we have choices in our lives. Decisions we each make regarding how we interact, and participate in the lives and links of others; as well as how we choose to construct the links that compromise our own lives.

Do we base our sense of purpose around natural principles? Principles based on natural laws of right and wrong, good and bad, truth and lies. Do we forge strong links based on following our heart, our values?

If we can interact with others absent of a prideful self driven agenda, or manipulative intent, we can then apply such principles and strength to our endeavors.

If we protect the integrity of the soil upon which we build the foundation of our lives, we can live without regret.  If we fertilize and cherish our crop, and the crop of our neighbor with honesty and sincere appreciation for the souls we meet along our chosen path, we will live a life of abundance.

If we tend carefully to the consideration of everyone, yet holding true to our values and principles, we can strengthen ourselves amid the face of adversity and disenchantment. If we do not hide from, nor ignore, our individual and collective faults, we can build the chain of our life with strength, humility, and purpose.

With appreciation, respect, humility, abiding love and thankfulness, we are indeed blessed with abundance.

~ Sundance


…”and we lived in the time of a fearless lion called Donald J Trump”

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533 Responses to Major Award…

  1. Well deserved recognition for a job well done. Thank you for being a big part of the Alternative Media revolution!

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  2. Stoobie says:

    You’ve earned it. In all the blogs I visit, I know of no other which has taught me so much about political awareness, and I say that about ALL the folks here.
    Happy new year to everyone!

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  3. NCPatrick says:

    Very proud of you and your keen insights, Sundance, and all I know is I would likely not have survived 2016 without the Treehouse .. very tough year in so many ways, and often the Treehouse was the only comfort I had. Thank you so very much for all you do every day. I hope we can make you proud of us too. XO

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  4. Congratulations Sundance and many thanks! I can’t imagine a better place to be on the Internet! 😀

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  5. MarkLDE says:

    Congratulations Sundance and Treepers!!! Well deserved! Great way to begin 2017!!! Love to all!

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  6. ZZZ says:

    From Z Blog:

    The top spot goes to The Conservative Treehouse and that seems like a good choice. I was never a reader until this year, but I check in frequently these days. That’s mostly because I hear it mentioned on the great Howie Carr show and John Derbyshire mentions it on occasion in his podcast. That means it has reached a very wide audience in a short period of time. It is a fine site that is worth checking out regularly.

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  7. WSB says:


    Presenting the Conservative Treemansion…

    Just as Sundance analyzed Donald Trump ascendancy to the Presidency, Treepers knew no one else would win this honor!

    Best wishes to Sundance, Menagerie, Puddy, and the team! Words cannot express my personal appreciation and the appreciation from so many! A true refuge!

    Maybe Lou will give a shout out to CTH before the POTUS Press Pool passes arrive!!!!!!!!!

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  8. LM says:


    This place has been a refuge, a source of truth, and a force of great good that has helped change the world for the better.

    For many of us, if ever there could be a digital home filled with dearly loved friends, this place is it.

    Many, many heart-felt thanks!

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  9. LBB says:

    Appears I’m late to the party again. So great to see Sundance and team honored with this award.
    The year and the ride has been eye opening ,a resolve cementer. Many with common visions and goals for our country. May we also succeed this year with holding our politicians feet to the fire.

    Personal note- I was one of those who was not on any social media or posted to any sites prior to this last year, but felt spiritually OK (even led) to become a branch sitter. It is special here to each for their own reasons.

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  10. deanbrh says:

    Every time I come here, which lately is every time I get a few minutes to myself, it feels like i felt on Christmas morning, sitting down in front of the Christmas tree; i just KNOW there’s going to be something wonderful to surprise me. Winning is SUCH fun! A trillion thanks, Sundance. Wish i could turn ALL those thanks into dollars i could donate to you.


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