Globalism -VS- Nationalism: Goose John Kerry -VS- Gander Donald Trump

Liberalism is based on inherently hypocritical positions:



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101 Responses to Globalism -VS- Nationalism: Goose John Kerry -VS- Gander Donald Trump

  1. fedback says:

    ‘Tolerant liberals’ being one of many examples of hypocrisy

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  2. Gowdy was less then impressive on Benghazi. He definitely talks a good game but not sure it’s more then political theater. He supported Rubio for president when he was not eligible as an anchor baby.

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  3. litlbit2 says:

    Thanks for standing up! After all Trump has done for us we must constantly call all your representatives!
    Calling my representatives offices everyday about the exposed obama agenda for Israel! I want my reps to get to a megaphone, I want to hear them!
    They can either start leading or be thrown out. There choice, I will take it from there, watching!

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  4. Sandra-VA says:

    You do realize that the new Attorney General will be the one picking up this project, right? Senator Sessions is the one who will prosecute as facts merit. Also there are several State AG’s who are already investigating Clinton Foundation. Judicial Watch is ensuring the email issue does not go away.

    So, contacting Trey Gowdy is not really going to make a difference since the situation is already in hand.

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  5. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    I still think Kerry is a traitor.

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    • “They” are all traitors. The sooner we can bring others to realizing the awful truth of our situation, the better. Sessions is the only one of them I and my small circle of trusted patriot friends ever felt to be true to the constitution of our once incredible republic.

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    • kpm58 says:

      I bet a lot of Jewish folk are surprised to find out that they are a Republican and not a Democrat.

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      • I have seen a liiittttllle wavering among my saner Jewish friends. I’m gently encouraging them. This is very difficult for them. I believe I must help them feel it is a natural progression in their thinking. Not easy for me.

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    • Sue in MT says:

      When will there be justice?! Let it be soon!!!!

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    • beaujest says:

      Fritz Kohn’s grandson !


    • Bailey02 says:

      Is Obama stupid?
      No one gets elected President by being stupid, unless of course the election is stolen in cities controlled by the Democratic Party, but one must also factor in the intelligence of nearly half of the voters who pull the Democratic Party no matter who the candidate may be. This article is in 2014
      Now 2016, the voters did wake up and the Democratic Party lose…but the question is weather Obama is stupid ? He has taken the most powerful and respected nation in the world and reduced it to ridicule and disdain.
      The danger the nation faces is real and present. The reduction of our military strength has not gone unnoticed by totalitarian and rogue regimes. Obama’s deliberate withdrawal of the nation from its position of global leadership is a threat of major proportion.
      History hangs on questions of leadership and Obama has shown none, nor-evidence of caring about the results of his failures. That’s a pretty good definition of stupid.
      Alan Caruba -Author
      People were born ignorant, but Obama and John Kerry worked so hard to remain stupid.

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      • I actually suspect that Obama is not stupid–he is working from a radical ideological orientation. Read “Obama’s America, 2016” by Dinesh D’Souza.


      • UKExpat says:

        The STUPID ones are those that voted for OBOZO not once but TWICE and the RACIST BLACKS of course who voted for him because he ‘looked’ like them. But there is not one drop of SLAVE blood in OBOZO in fact his “father”, if OBOZO the first actually was his father,,is descended from MUSLIM SLAVE TRADERS and he was raised in RICH WHITE PRIVILEGE,


  6. freepetta says:

    Frankenstein Kerry needs to shut his dumb mouth and go to his rich wife and make more ketchup. I truly dislike John Kerry, he’s a leech and parrot!

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  7. TPW says:

    Go back and watch that last hearing with Clinton……..Gowdy was told to fold……..he was so out of character it was uncomfortable to watch……..told to give Clinton a pass…..

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  8. “Could not prosecute due to democrat interference.” ??? That doesn’t add up, Patriot.

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  9. md070264 says:

    Kerry you are an ass.

    23 day and you’re out ….jackass

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  10. M. Mueller says:

    When has a Congressional Hearing ever accomplished anything? It is all just political grandstanding that they hope the voters buy into!

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  11. M. Mueller says:

    OK. There are 19 responses on this thread as of now, and 6 of them are yours – all saying the same thing. Starting to get a little tiring! All the weird caps are irritating too.

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  12. gamecock123 says:

    BAM! Mic drop….Lurch is no match for Trump! Bwahahahaha

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  13. Helen says:

    If there is any possibility that Obama or Hillary will be indicted, he will use his pardon power. I assume he will use it for Hillary but to use it on himself is a tough one because then he would be admitting guilt about something.

    In regards to this post, how dare Kerry say Israel must either be Jewish or a democracy. He is not God and Israel has every right to be a Jewish state and a democracy. Did he criticize Iran when he made a deal with them. Did he say you can either be Muslims or make a nuke deal with us? No he was like sure Sharia is cool, lets give you a whole lot of money, some BS rules, and don’t you build any nukes ok.

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  14. dianeax says:

    In other words, what that tool of the Muslim brotherhood is saying is “if the choice is one country, the USA can either be Judeo-Christian or it can be a democratic republic, it cannot be both.”

    I pray a lot, trust Trump, and trust that God is on our side.

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    • NC PATRIOT says:

      And that makes no sense—-America was founded as a constitutional Republic using Judeo-Christian laws and principles. It IS both !

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    • eksothen says:

      ” be a democratic republic, “

      What the hack did you read that?? And what the hack is a “democratic republic”??

      The Official title of the US is, Constitutional Republic.

      WHERE is there any mention of “democracy”????

      Maybe you are confusing European failed states that call themselves “democracies”,with America.

      America was and will soon be a GREAT Nation once more, because it is a Constitutional Republic and NOT a tyranny, as all democracies are!!!!!

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  15. Spliff Menendez says:

    That’s just what we need Gordy spending years investigating and talking a big game…but we know that ultimately he will accomplish jack shit.

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  16. rashamon says:

    I think we need to take a few days off. Christmas did me in. The voting was over. DJT won. The Demwits wouldn’t give up.

    So I slept a fair amount since then just to get my brain organized for the next good fight with an interesting group in leadership roles and, I’m sure, able to set forth a pathway to retaining our Republic. We’ve only just begun.

    For an interesting reminder of the formation of the United Nations, review Diana West’s post. We forget our government was infiltrated with Communists and our president not exactly in control. Most of us have had to endure a “history rewritten” for us, so we comply with the NWO. I think those days might be ending.

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  17. Rex says:

    “When do you see the United Nations solving problems? They don’t. They cause problems.” – The Donald

    The same may be said of Barry H. Obama.

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  18. KBR says:

    Just because Kerry said Israel cannot be both, does not mean that Israel cannot be both.

    The man is demonstrating delusions of grandeur by making such a pronouncement. It is patently absurd.

    You are right Sundance, he is a silly goose honking with a lame duck quack.

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  19. singtune says:

    Not Negative ~AlwaysInformed~! We are just Informed & Know the facts. Trey IS one of the Globalist shills~! We are all aware of this fact now~! He is not alone in this, as there are many other so called republicans that are also shills of the 1st order, like Rubio, McCain, McConnell etc.

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  20. disenfranchised says:

    They might have passed it but I haven’t heard them using it 😦


  21. Jim Costa says:

    “Liberalism is based on inherently hypocritical positions:”

    I gotta laugh. I saw exactly this about a week ago spoken about conservatism…
    Looks as if both sides have the same view of each other. (:


  22. jackmcg says:

    Its interesting/ newly relevant that John Kerry is actually Jewish. Many don’t know that. Family name was originally Kohn.

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  23. southernmom19 says:

    Give it a rest now. You’re being redundant.


  24. missmarple2 says:

    Trey Gowdy cannot prosecute. That is the Department of Justice. We do not need more Congressional hearings with ELijah Cummings grandstanding and accusing people of witchhunts.
    The decision to prosecute will be left to Jeff Sessions.
    Sessions might not be able to do so if Hillary is pardoned. Nothing can stop Obama from doing that.
    Obama will not be prosecuted for whatever he has done while in office. I believe that this is impossible due to how the Constitution is written. He could only be impeached and tried in Congress and it’s too late for that.
    I do not want to see Donald Trump tried on charges by the democrats, 8 years from now, because we set some sort of precedent. I also do not want to see this country torn apart by a trial, stopping President Trump from doing the good work he needs to do to get this country back on track.

    I would only support a trial (if it were even Constitutionally possible) if there was iron-clad proof of treason and it is proof that could be released and understood by the public.


  25. tellthetruth2016 says:

    I don’t trust Gowdy and neither apparently, neither does TRuMP…..


  26. jeans2nd says:

    You do realize that many of those democrats worked and voted for PE Trump, yes? Please apply the correct labels, if you insist on using labels. Thank you.


  27. Dora says:

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  28. iago_beets says:

    Gowdy is a lightweight. There aren’t any decent Republicans in congress. The only way to deal with these clowns, our clowns, is to put them in fear of losing a primary. To do that, we have to take the very worst rinos out.

    The worst rino is Ryan. Get rid of him in the next cycle, and the remaining clowns will fall into line.

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    • iago_beets says:

      People, you can’t trust a man that spends as much time on his hair as gowdy does. vain about the hair = vain about media coverage = political posturer.


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  29. On January 20th, the last words Obama will ever hear from President Trump..”Don’ t make any plans to leave the country, Barack.”

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  30. Southpaw says:

    Just read a Zero Hedge article by George Soros with a defeatist angle. Could be psyops. Read like he was sad 😭 that globalism was failing.


  31. Rebel Mope says:

    Two quick points on Kerry’s diatribe this morning.
    Mr. Kerry wants a two-state solution. To that end, Jewish people in the Palestinian state, and Arab people in Israel would, of necessity, be required to hold full citizenship. What he is talking about is voting rights. So the 1.7 million Arabs living in Israel can dilute the vote of the 5 million Jewish people in Israel, and the zero Jewish people living in the murderous hellhole of Palestinian territories can dilute the Palestinian vote. And that somehow equates to fairness.
    But it gets better. The Israeli settlements need to stop because the Palestinian state need to be contiguous. So,just whom is going to inform Canada of our Right to be contiguous?
    Want to know what I think this is all about? This is the trashing of the White House Clinton-style. It’s the removal of all the “W” keys from all the computers- on steroids. A temper tantrum.

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  32. deanna laurence says:

    Only thing Kerry ever good at was “paper cut” boy


  33. Illegal says:

    Kerry is correct Isreal is not a democracy. It never was and will never be a democracy. No where in any of its founding documents or constitution is the word democracy used. Just because it has a government elected by the people does not make it a democracy. It is the same mistake Americans make regarding the U.S.

    “Israel would be described as a Jewish state only, since a democracy cannot coexist with the Jewish religion (or with communism for that matter).”


  34. Michael says:

    How does any sane Jew vote Democrat??

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  35. eksothen says:

    In this instance on this matter I agree 100% with J. Kerry Cohen.

    It is Israel, which demands all other Nations to be more open & democratic by opening up their borders to all. The time has come that Israel practiced what it preaches.

    Israel MUST become a multi Ethnic state.

    Currently Israel is a quasi THEOCRATIC state.

    When you have religious based Law enforced by the state and religious regulations on every day life. That makes you a THEOCRATIC state.

    Israel is NO different to Iran !


    • There are yuge differences among theocracies when they have completely different gods.Therefore your statement that asserts that Israel is no different is simply WRONG.

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      • And Israel ALREADY is multi ethnic FYI.

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        • eksothen says:

          Of the same religion, yes??

          We are talking about, having, Israeli citizens that Ethnically belong to Asia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia….

          I’m sorry. Israel needs to open up it’s borders, and truly become multicultural.

          Remember that’s what democracies, do.


      • eksothen says:

        Yes there are differences. Israel’s theocracy is Judaic, based on the Mishnah I believe. And Iran’s theocratic state is on Islamic law sharia.

        But the governance of both states, Iran & Israel, rely on the adherence of the religious Laws, respectively.

        It is like saying that Ireland is a Democracy and Canada is a democracy. Same governance styled systems, yet there are unique differences, based on the tradition and national uniqueness, of each of these people.

        In laymen’s terms. “Tomatoes or Tomatos “


    • The Demon Slick says:

      Tel Aviv was named the best place to vacation for gay men by travel magazine. In Iran they hang gays using French built cranes. See the difference?


  36. (No Longer A) Bystander says:

    Has anyone noticed that when Kerry speaks, his tongue darts in and out at intervals just like a snake?

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  37. JAS says:

    Swift Boat. “That’s all I have to say about that.”

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  38. Blondsense says:

    Liberalism – When a person’s mind is so open their brain falls out.

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  39. lettruthspeak says:

    I believe Lurch’s botox injections have seeped into his cranium and caused his brain cell to evaporate. God has punished long enough to have to suffer under the criminal acts perpetrated by these scoundrels. I can’t stand listening to them, looking at them, and sharing a country with them. They are so patently evil and self-absorbed just like they were in the sixties when they were hippies and dippies. They never grew emotionally or intellectually passed the age of six. They are nothing but actors, put on a stage by the cretinous, filthy losers that have run America, and the world for that matter, into the ground. Trump is only one man, and it is going to take a Herculean effort by him and us to turn this world around. Pray that we can.

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    • GaryT says:

      Exactly. The 60s hippies are now running the country. Flag burning has a kind of nostalgia for them, not to mention the violent protests. Dope-smoking 0bie even got to play “drones and hellfire” in the Presidential arcade. Top that, Bill Ayers!


  40. liberty2828 says:

    Is Kerry part snake? Totally weird in a complication of his tongue.

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  41. deanna laurence says:

    i have always believed that lick lipping that is habitual, is body language speak for LIAR

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  42. skyborn78 says:

    A future conversation between God, Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama.
    God: Did you, Mr. Obama, with your sidekick, Mr. Kerry abandon my people and try to tell them they had to stop building on the land I GAVE THEM?
    Mr. Kerry: Uh, no God, I’d never do anything like that, neither would my boss.
    God: Would you like to put you hand on the Bible and say that?
    Obama: We’d put our hands on the Koran and say it.
    God: God ahead, and when you’re done lying to me face to face, I have a nice place for you in Hell. It’s a little warm down there, but you’ll be in good company.
    Kerry: Yes sir.


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