December 25th – 2016 Presidential Victory – Open Discussion

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “2016 Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Trump/Pence presidential victory.

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This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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318 Responses to December 25th – 2016 Presidential Victory – Open Discussion

  1. Bull Durham says:

    Prayers for the families of those lost in the Russian plane crash.
    A great, heroic woman doctor, famously known as Dr. Lisa, tragically lost in the accident.

    She rescued wounded children hurt in the Donbass war. She risked her life many times to convoy the badly injured kids. She was a medical saint, devoted to children. She was heading to Syria to help the children rescued in Aleppo.

    Humanity lost some of Russia’s very best human beings and talents in this disaster.
    The Red Army Choir was a good will project that honored America with many of our patriotic songs.

    It’s all a very sorrowful calamity, especially on this Holy day.

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  2. Southern Son says:

    I should have sounded the Alarm Sooner!
    But Everyone Here!, should watch
    The Legacy…of Bahama OboMao!
    ONn cNn.

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  3. Bob Thoms says:

    I feel both sad and embarrassed by this confession:

    My Pope, Francis, is making it more difficult for me to get emotionally vested about this day (and other Catholic days of importance)…….

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  4. Pam says:

    Merry Christmas to all here at CTH! 😀

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  5. Pam says:

    Before and after! #christmas #savage #kids

    A post shared by Donald Trump Jr. (@donaldjtrumpjr) on

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  6. texastrumper says:

    Merry Christmas everybody!!! Especially to Sundance and team! I do not know if this is the correct forum for my little Christmas day story or not but here goes! I found this great informative site very shortly after the Trump Train came blasting through our home and my wife and I jumped on. Ever since that day and well before the primaries all began I would spend increasingly more and more time in my “Treehouse” getting more and more informed. My wonderful wife never complained because she is just as passionate about our new direction as we all here are! This morning, she gave me a big new 27″ monitor and a new big comfy “Treehouse” chair and they both are just so awesome!! She told me that my “Treehouse” needed to be spiffed up a bit and now I must agree! Anyway, kind of a korny story but I thought it was fitting. Merry Christmas to all you fine Patriots and God Bless you all. Now I am going to fry up a big crunchy pile of Bacon!

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  7. Dora says:

    “Christmas Card” Gen. Patton Gave His Men May Be Manliest Card Ever Created

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    • Lumina says:

      Thank you posting this for the earlier posts of Father’s & family serving during the Battle of the Bulge. My father followed in January that year. He was injured after 3 months. Never spoke of it. My uncle sent my siblings & me this letter a few Christmases ago as he remembered my Dad was serving then.


    • Concerned Virginian says:

      Thank you. My late father was part of General Patton’s army that went to relieve our men at Bastogne. To us girls he told one of the few “nicer” things he remembered from that campaign: the Christmas Mass on the march route. To my son, his grandson, he told the “real”battle details and made him promise never to say anything to me.

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      • RedBallExpress says:

        Most of them took the battle details to their graves. Civilians could never understand what went on and would become upset. It wasn’t pretty. There are no rules in war. Your Father was a hero.

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        • soozword says:

          My father-in-law was one of the first soldiers to fly into Hiroshima after we nuked it. To this day he still won’t tell his stories. Unfortunately, he sold his personal photos of the devastation in yard sales before we even heard about them.

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  8. rebel53blog says:

    Merry Christmas Treepers

    God Bless You All

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  9. Merry Christmas to Sundance and team and all the amazing posters here! This site has been life changing for me. I came here from someone at Zerohedge posting about the “trip wire” series. I think I read for 3 days straight. Almost in tears that someone had finally connected the dots together and explained what my eyes and ears knew to be true.

    That’s when I really started seeing the lies being told on the MSM. Now that’s all i see, LIES. From this sight I learned to Twitter in effort to spread Trumps positive message.

    This site gave me information and courage to hold my one when conversations exploded. This site gave me knowledge about the monster vote and I trusted the math and methodology. Friend still ask how I knew Trump would win. I tell them it wasn’t me and that they need to come here.

    Thank you Sundance for all the hard research, risk and energy you devote to keeping us current and informed. This is a great day to show thanks and donate.

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  10. SteveInCO says:

    Bears repeating over here:

    I woke up sometime after midnight to the sound of…rain! And even some mild thunder.

    I live at almost 7000 feet near the western edge of the high prairie in Colorado (many don’t realize the eastern third of the state is dry shortgrass plains, qualifying as steppe, much like Western Kansas only more so), about as high up as one can get anywhere in the Lower 48 without being “in the mountains.” The concept of a thunderstorm here during winter is just insane.

    By now, of course, it’s all snow, a light dusting that probably won’t last long under our sun and dry air (snow will evaporate under those conditions).

    Merry Christmas to all!

    PS: Almost forgot.

    26 days, zero hours, 50 minutes.

    Not that I’m counting, mind you.

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  11. tuskyou says:

    Merry Christmas Wolverines!
    Wishing everyone good health now and in the New Year. Thank you SD and treepers–this place is the best! God Bless You All!

    Still shaking my head after spending the evening with my in laws. Not there more than 20 minutes when I hear “aren’t you glad the election is over?” Before I can respond someone else chimes in ” yeah, but I’m not happy about the result.” Here’s the crazy part: all night they complained about the state of education, college tuition costs, the economy and the news. But practically everything they wanted done was a Trump policy! The disconnect is unbelievable. I could give example after example of them wanting things to be a certain way and refusing to see Trump is fighting for the same thing… For them!

    These are decent, kind, hard working middle class Americans. Super nice people to be with. I always enjoy my time with them and yesterday was no different. But the brainwashing is pervasive with this bunch.
    They were very interested in my role as an election judge. Lots of questions about how things were done. I knew what they were getting at (not rigged) and encouraged them to give it a try as it was a worthwhile experience.

    They knew I was on the Trump train last Christmas so no need to belabor the point. My Christmas prayer is for them to wake up, maybe by next Christmas. MAGA

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    • Kalena says:

      I bailed on our small dinner plans yesterday. My sister is a lib who hasn’t yet realized that her JFK dem party has had a hostile takeover by the globalist progressives. Yet she is a cancer doctor who retired when Obamacare passed. Her rabid, feminazi best friend was also invited to the restaurant. Last year at Christmas her friend called me stupid for being a Trump supporter. Of course their attitude was he would never get the nomination. Ha ha. He did and went on yo win the election. Same crew invited for dinner at Thanksgiving last month. I pretended to be sick and didn’t go.

      I never liked my sister’s friend before this election. She’s Dutch. Came here as a kid and naturalized. Still has close family in Europe and ooozes socialism as her core belief. She holds dual citizenship now. I do wonder what she thinks of the Muslim overrun of Europe. I told her last year Trump had my support because of his immigration stance. She called me a stupid racist. Of course my sister and she get all of their news from the lib cable channels.

      I figure I will be able to tolerate a sit down meal with that woman next year once Trump proves by his actions a president the lib media has gone off the rails in hysteria.

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      • Patriot1783 says:

        Next time you see her ask if she hates the US and what is was founded on why doesn’t she move back to the country of her birth. She can embrace what the globalists have done to it since she had left.

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      • Dekester says:

        You are wise. Selective avoidance of toxic persons are mandatory for ones long term health.
        Leftists are very,very dangerous and to be marginalized whenever possible.

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      • tuskyou says:

        My in laws don’t realize the dems left them years ago. Sorry to hear about your situation, I hope next time will be better. Please don’t let anyone steal your joy. We have God on our side. And Trump and each other.
        Merry Christmas 🙂

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      • Remington says:

        Maddening isn’t it? I will not associate with anyone who is a liberal. ‘Which for pretty lonely existence here in kalifornia ….The pain exceeds the pleasure. As I say, this will never change. `60 million dummies voted for PIAPS, and they are beyond hope.

        Just returned fro a 15 day cruise to Hawaii. One afternoon a pasty looking guy asks if could join us for lunch. After conversation, he’s Jewish, lives in Brentwood with his girlfriend.

        Brentwood – I’d like to visit Germany soon…..
        Me – Might not be a great time to make that visit….
        Brentwood – Why..?
        Me – they seem to have a problem with mooselums …
        Brentwood – Really…? I hadn’t heard….
        Me – They have about a million of these animals killing, raping, assaulting the public…
        Brentwood – Oh I’m sure they are mostly good people…

        As I run off the fantail yelling and screaming. Two days later, the shit hits the fan….Perfect kalifornia liberal – living in the snow globe

        That having been said, Merry Christmas y’all. Donald and God will be at the helm very soon….Keep praying…

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      • uvaldegirl says:

        I have relatives like that. They always make little digs — go out of there way to — and I refuse to take the bait.

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  12. kpm58 says:

    For all those of the Alt-Left who want congressional investigations of Russian involvement in the election, will the those involved with the American Communist and Socialist Parties investigated too?

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    • singingsoul says:

      I would like to have an investigation into what Obama had in mind when he said ” there will be retaliation to Russia for meddling in the US election.”
      What will he do in the last 26 days that could harm Russia or Putin..??????????


      • Luck is not all says:

        Any thing he could. No doubt in my mind. He is an envious, revengeful little man. He hates that , according to him, Trump stole the votes that were previously his. In the middle of December I was hopeful that it was too late for a great damage from Obama. No, Sir, it was still time to assest the Israeli UN coup. So, lets watch out, danger till the end with Obama. I still can ‘t believe we survived eight years of Obama.

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        Obama would be willing to do anything to cause trouble. I really believe that Putin will know it is Obama and not Trump or the American people.

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      • Assassinate their Ambassador to Turkey and take down a plane full of Russian chorus members.


    • Anton says:

      They aren’t Alt-left (they are not an alternative to traditional Leftists), they’re Ctrl-Left.


  13. Merry Christmas to all!

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  14. SteveInCO says:

    Twenty Six days…exactly! (T minus 26-00:00)

    Not that I’m counting, mind you.

    PS: Need to pick a .45 to buy on Inauguration Day!

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    • Lanna says:

      Perfect way to commemorate our 45th President! So many nice ones to choose from now, Taurus has been working directly with Special Ops feedback, H&K and FNP have been developing for the Joint Combat Pistol Program. Beretta Px4 Storm is priced right, easily modified and minimizes recoil. SIG has a P220 Match Elite that looks like something a Stormtrooper would carry. S&W and Kimber have been developing with law enforcement input. Hard to pick just one.

      Maybe a little engraving on it too — I’ve seen Colorado Gun Writes at the Tanner gun show (haven’t been there in a few years though), and I heard that Gunsmoke is open again.


  15. KoKoPuf says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone!! You folks are the best, and you kept me sane, mostly, through the election!

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  16. Paul Killinger says:

    It now appears as if the House is intent on fighting Pres Trump over his corporate tax rate reduction, preferring a 17% rate to the 15% he has proposed. I heard this from a member of their leadership for the second time this morning.

    This sudden interest in fiscal responsibility would be far more impressive had they not spent the past 6 years assisting a president of the opposition party drive our nation’s deficit to all-time record levels.

    The safest thing for them to do is go along (the one thing they’ve proven themselves good at) with Mr Trump’s tax, trade, immigration and job creation proposals.

    That way we won’t have to replace them along with recalcitrant Democrats in the 2018 House and Senate elections!

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    • CheeseHead says:

      I would expect the chicken sh*t GOP congress to happily go along with whatever President Trump proposes. That way if a few things should happen to not work out they can blame him while they take credit for everything that does work out.


    • rf121 says:

      As Trump says, these idiots can’t negotiate. Lets split the difference and settle on 16%. That is still a Yuuuggggge drop from 35%.

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    • jupitercomm says:

      Assuming that Trump may be using the “door-in-face” technique, wouldn’t this be a master-stroke of persuasion on his part? Perhaps Trump knew all along they’d shoot down 15% but is willing to accept 17%. And in the process, the Congress FEELS like it asserted its own power or authority while in the end delivering the result Trump wanted all along – just one scenario that comes to mind.

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    • booger71 says:

      Trump should start at 0 %


    • Ken Lawson says:

      Just a couple weeks ago Paul Ryan was talking 20%, so it’s already come down from there. Let’s wait and see, but also let’s not be stupid enough to think that Trump can or will get everything he wants. He is up against the globalists who control the GOPe and they are not going to support everything he dose. Instead, they will fight and work to make him look bad. But let’s let Trump be Trump and see what happens.


      • Alexsandra says:

        Agree, I remember that 20%. So funny they’re floating 17% now before Trump is inaugurated. Progress, with still more to come I am sure. Winning.


    • SteveInCO says:

      Hard core negotiating:

      Buyer: I’ll give you $200 (lays it on the table).

      Seller: How about $225?

      Buyer: Huh! Well for expending my valuable time, my offer just dropped to $195!

      Seller’s head spins; they’re supposed to converge on a middle number, not have the offer drop.


    • singingsoul says:

      “Netanyhu – Obama may have more anti-Israel tricks up his sleeve:”

      I hope not. Obama has don enough damage. We are now seeing what a small vindictive man he is. Obama is not a leader he is the albatross around our neck.
      I am not sure why I have a deep feeling that Obama is responsible for more that is happening in the world. I put nothing past him.
      Let us pray that his menacing is now come to an end and he cannot do more damage to the US and to International relations.
      Where is the congress to impeach this sorry shadow of a man….?
      I do not care what a persons skin collor is put do care when a person has a dark soul. Obama has a dark soul.

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  17. Nchadwick says:

    Merry Christmas to all of the CTH – This site is amazing and completely eye-opening… Christmas came early this year and at the hands of the American voters. God Bless the entire Trump family for the incredible sacrifices that they have chosen to make to MAGA!

    One of my FAVORITE presents this year, was from my liberal daughter and son-in-law, whom both saw the light after the expose of how the DNC/HRC stole the nomination from Sanders…. And the fact that mommy planted those conservative seeds deep!

    LOVE THE GIFT and will only use for those especially crappy situations! LOVE IT

    May God Bless you, your family and friends for the next year to come!

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  19. NJF says:

    Merry Christmas to all of my fellow Vulgarians!!!

    Love this place. Best wishes to everyone for a healthy and prosperous new year!

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  20. Bull Durham says:

    Regarding the Russian plane crash, there are two CCTV videos from the shoreline at Sochi that indicate a flash in the sky at the time of the loss of the radar signal of the plane.

    It could be nothing, it could be explosion. Like the Russian airliner exploded over the Sinai.

    Ukrainians rejoicing at the loss of life does not mean it was them, though they have a very efficient SBU with CIA operation. They have assassinated several famous Donbass militia leaders. And there are 4-5 million Ukie refugees in Russia.

    Also, ISIS has operatives caught just recently in Moscow and some in St. Petersburg. So it could be some Islamic terrorist plot.

    All it takes, as we saw with the Egyptian bombing was a soda can of explosive.

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  21. sunnydaysall says:

    Merry Christmas Everybody!! ❤

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    • flova says:

      Where is Barron?

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      • sunnydaysall says:

        I have noticed he is not in any of the new pictures and neither are Ivanka’s little ones! I wonder if that stems from the attacks on the children by the press and one, Rosie O’Donnald… Seems the media and follywood have declared open season on the Trump little ones, and it is just not right.


      • janc1955 says:

        My 2 cents: I think this probably wasn’t a picture taken for Christmas, but at some event during the last year and a half, at which neither Barron nor any of the grandkids except the little girl were present. I think it’s probably very difficult to corral the entire Trump clan for a photo op, so they find pics with the highest number of Trumps and use them when they need them!

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        • J Miller says:

          Or they photoshop a bunch of them together to make the picture. Although I would certainly understand their wanting to protect Barron and keeping him out of the limelight would help.


        • sunnydaysall says:

          I copied the photo directly from Barron Trump’s facebook page! Our Trump groups watch over his page to keep the liberal riff-raff from leaving their disgusting hateful rhetoric on it and this was his first Christmas photo posting! We asked him why he was not in the photo and he never replied as to why…. only that, “he really liked it! ❤ He posted a very lovely Christmas Card video to everyone as well, but today he is void of Christmas musings and is now moving on to the New Year ❤ Please pay him a visit and say hello! He is quite astute and can be very comical and he has some great pictures on his site! Just remember though that the groups watch over his site like loving doting grandmothers, so mind your P’s and Q’s!! 🙂


          • janc1955 says:

            Interesting. I didn’t realize he had an FB page. I’m not really a fan of FB. For someone like the PE’s young child, it seems like a recipe for disaster. Thank God people are watching over it. So thinking out loud here, if the picture was actually taken this Christmas, and he isn’t in it, maybe he took it? Only thing I can think of. I feel very protective of him for some reason. That’s why I’m surprised he has an FB page.

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            • sunnydaysall says:

              You could be right Janc1955 and probably the best explanation yet is he took the picture and that is why he likes it so much! And I know how you feel reference FB, and that is why we are there for him! At 5 foot 10 inches tall, he would seem to be older than his years, but none the less, he is still just a child… Though I can almost guarantee you there is an adult watching over him from his end of FB as well!


  22. litenmaus says:

    December 25, 2016
    “The assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Ankara, Andrey Karlov, was a well-planned and premeditated murder, Turkey’s interior minister told journalists. He said it did not happen at the initiative of the killer or out of personal vengeance.”

    The Alliance for Shared Values (AfSV) a New York-based nonprofit umbrella organization and major part of the Gulen movement also issued a statement denying “Turkish government officials’ allegations trying to link the assassin of Russian ambassador to Turkey with Mr. Gulen or [the] Hizmet movement.”
    “While the assertion is wrong and irresponsible, it is not unexpected since Mr. Erdogan blames Mr. Gulen for any and all harm that besets Turkey,” the statement read.

    July 14, 2016
    “Another link between Gulenists and the Clinton orbit was revealed in a lobbying registration disclosure filed last month with the Senate. It shows that a Gulen-aligned group called the Alliance for Shared Values hired the Clinton-connected Podesta Group to lobby Congress on its behalf. The group seeks to lobby for the “promotion of peace, tolerance and interfaith dialogue.”

    The group’s executive director is Alp Aslandogan, a former professor at universities in Texas. He has also donated to Clinton’s political endeavors, campaign finance records show.”

    Tin Foil Hat is placed upon my head.

    Panetta, Morrell, Podesta, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, & the Clinton Foundation are connected to Mr. Gulen and his Hismet organization.

    It appears to me that AfSV and its public face, Y Alp Aslandogan, were created, marketed and branded in a very specific manner.
    The Huffington Post was used to give the organization mainstream media “legitimacy”,
    Wikipedia was used to disburse [easily spotted] talking points and events, the AP Press was ‘invited’ to share the ‘awesomeness’ of AfSV with the world, AfSV became “affiliated” with just the right “Institutes” for promotion at their ‘conferences’ and You Tube, Facebook & Twitter have helped to give the seeming veneer of legitimacy….. but when one looks behind the curtain….one sees…..

    Clinton money, Clinton connections, Clinton politics & Podesta sleeze…..

    I think, that in the arrogance of belief that Hillary was going to be President clandestine operations that should never have been put into operation….. were. I don’t think this is Obama/Kerry….I think this is Clinton/Bush/Soros grab at being involved in the oil shipping profits of war that they have fought so long to achieve.

    I hope Russia investigates the incident “thouroughly”

    Tinfoil Hat is now off……

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  23. Concerned Virginian says:

    Merry Christmas, friends of the Treehouse Family!

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  24. Dora says:

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  25. ZZZ says:

    I was looking at DT’s Tweets..I hope he doesn’t read the response tweets…the trolls are having a field day and I am so, so tired of their lame brain foolishness.

    Stay strong President Trump – ignore the nutters – we are praying for you!

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  26. missmarple2 says:

    I never read any responses to my tweets, since I figure most of them are like that, since when I do use twitter to post I usually criticize leftists.

    So I just follow the Trump example, post it and move on!

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  27. The Mailman's Son says:

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  28. budmc says:

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  29. citizen817 says:

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  30. fred5678 says:

    What a wonderful and YUGE country — I am sitting here in Florida with the patio deck screen door wide open enjoying the 73 deg breezes, and my younger son calls from Jackson, WY and tells me that it was minus 20 last night, and they had to stop skiing today because of the heavy winds.

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a YUGE year!!

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    • I agree! Enjoy again!


    • J Miller says:

      I’m with you Bluto. Elvis loved Jesus, loved Christmas, and would get angry when people called him the king. At one concert some girls held up a huge sign saying he was the king and he stopped and said, “No, I’m not the king. There is only one king and that’s Jesus Christ.” I think he had the right attitude about Christmas.

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  32. Dora says:

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  33. Athena the Warrior says:

    Merry Christmas Sundance, crew, and fellow Treepers! Without this site, the road to victory would have been so much harder. Great blessings to everyone for a prosperous new year!


  34. Anton says:

    Just got into a verbal fight with my best friend who made some scathing comment about “white men,” mouthing the latest fad slur (she watches CNN and MSNBC). I told her it was offensive and racist, and she had a fit. I also told her she obsessively followed trends, instead of thinking for herself. She had another fit. When she started bad-mouthing America, I pointed out that this was the first country in known human history to recognize human rights, including the right to freedom. She came back with slavery, blah blah. I told her I had never once heard her say a nice thing about America. She shut me down, proudly stating that she was a “liberal,” and nothing would change that. Twice over the past few years, she’s made nasty comments about the fact that I live in an “upper-class” neighborhood, knowing full-well that I live here because of nearby family members. I think down deep, she’s bitter and resentful. I love her, and she is my best friend, but she certainly took some of the happiness of Christmas away.


    • J Miller says:

      Anton, sorry to hear that. “But you said, I think down deep, she’s bitter and resentful.” That statement perfectly describes those on the left. They are not happy, they are bitter, and they resent anything good in anyone else’s lives. Bitterness destroys a person from within. All you can do is love her unconditionally, which includes telling her the truth as you just did, and MAYBE someday she’ll wake up. Blessings to you this Christmas.


    • fedback says:

      It’s a shame. Perhaps it would be an idea not to discuss politics. I believe many have made such an arrangement


      • Anton says:

        You’re right. But, she’s the one who made her stupid comment about while males first, and I just couldn’t NOT say something. I forgot to mention, she also threw in the Second Amendment, which she said was terrible, then backtracked a little. It’s like someone hands out a list of positions liberals are supposed to take, and they just take them, no questions asked.


    • Luck is not all says:

      Get ready. She wont be your friend for a long time now, Being envious of a friend is not conducive to a productive and long lasting friendship. It happened to me twice in my almost 80 years of age and believe me it wont be long , she will show her true colors. I dont mean to cut her out, I mean to be ready .Good luck and Merry Christmas. I hope you prove me wrong, there is always room for redemption.

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      • Anton says:

        No, she’s put up with me for more than thirty years, so I don’t think she’ll dump me. But, being anti white male is all the rage, and she never lets a crackpot fad go by without jumping on, at least for a little while. Before this, it was the demonization of glutton….


  35. Laura Wesselmann says:

    So grateful this Christmas that we the people have chosen one of our own as leader of the greatest country in the world. I hope and pray for the very best from Donald Trump. May the uni-party fade into history.


  36. Katherine McCoun says:

    Dear Fellow Treepers,

    I am posting this long past Christmas – either I am very late for posting for the ’17 Christmas Season or just very early for Christmas, 2018! I won’t say which! 🙂 I am tucking it back here as it is a long post and I don’t want to take this much room on an active thread. Also, if I get this posted now I will be ready to just post a link to this comment come 12/18 and won’t clutter up an active thread with a long post then either.

    I read the book by Jean Shepherd, “In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash”, on which the movie, “A Christmas Story”, was based. It is a work of fiction but many have found enormous similarities between his childhood and the stories portrayed in the book making it hard to disentangle the fact from the fiction. There is much more to the book than the movie, a few additional side adventures as a boy as well as updates on characters now in adulthood at the time the story is told, but in some ways I wished I had let the movie stand alone.

    However, I did find this snippet in the beginning of the book Very interesting and make me enjoy the movie, which I already liked, with extra zest! As we all know, one of the central themes of the movie is Ralph’s desire for a toy gun. In the book, adult Ralph is reminded of this childhood chapter of his life in the following way while eating at an Automat in NYC, sharing a table with a stranger. Below I quote directly (although somewhat abridged) from the book.

    That’s what it said. There was no questions about it. The button was born by a tim Indignant-type little old lady…

    I, toying moodily with my chicken pot pie, which of course is a specialty of the house, surreptitiously examined my fellow citizen and patron of the Automat. Wiry, lightly powdered, tough as spring steel, the old doll dug with Old Lady gusto into her meal. Succotash, baked beans, creamed corn, side order of Harvard beets. Bad news—a Vegetarian type. No doubt also a dedicated Cat Fancier. Silently we shared our tiny Automat table…

    And so we sat, wordlessly as is the New York custom, for long moments until I could not contain myself any longer. “Disarm the Toy Industry?”…”It’s an outrage!” she barked, causing two elderly gentlemen at the next table to spill soup on their vests…”It’s an outrage the way the toymakers are forcing the implements of blasphemous War on the innocent children, the Pure in Spirit, the tiny babes who are helpless and know no better!”

    Her voice at the point rising to an Evangelical quaver, ringing from change booth to coffee urn and back again. Four gnarled atheists three tables over automatically, by reflex action alone, hurled four “Amen’s” into the unanswering air. She continued: “It’s all a Government plot to prepare the Innocent for evil, Godless War! I know what they’re up to! Our Committee is on to them, and we intend to expose the decadent Capitalistic evil!”

    “Here, sonny. Read this. You’ll see what I mean.” She handed me a smudgy pamphlet from some embattled group of Right Thinkers, based—of course—in California, denouncing the U.S. as a citadel of Warmongers, profit-greedy despoilers of the young and promoters of world-wide Capitalistic decadence, all through plastic popguns and Sears Roebuck fatigue suits for the tots.

    ….hurled her parting shot: “Those who eat meat, the flesh of our fellow creatures, the innocent slaughtered lamb of the field, are doing the work of the Devil!”

    End of excerpt. Many today don’t like the movie because of its focus on a toy gun and yet it was that Very idea, the idea of angry liberals against toy guns, that must have been part of Jean Shepherd’s motivation in writing his story. At least he included the idea as impetus sparking the childhood memory in his main character, Ralph. If he was irritated by the angry liberals anti gun nonsense in real life, his “A Christmas Story” has gone on to irritate them season after season for many years and as a now perennial favorite will continue to do so for many Christmas seasons to come.

    Shh! Don’t tell liberals! Right now, when they criticize this sweet, nostalgic story of a world long gone, we can just brush their criticisms aside and tell them they are silly for getting all upset over a lovely Christmas classic featuring a loving family and fun childhood memories. Let’s keep the secret that it might just be a little poke in the liberal nose delivered, *on purpose* ever holiday season! 🙂

    Knowing this was maybe a little bit of his motivation, not just a serendipity, lets me enjoy the movie with a little bit of an extra laugh! Merry Christmas!


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