Kellyanne Conway Discusses Newly Announced Trump Staff and Current Events (video)…

Filling in for Sean Hannity, Fox News Eric Bolling interviews President-Elect Donald Trump’s Senior Counsel to the President, Ms. Kellyanne Conway.


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74 Responses to Kellyanne Conway Discusses Newly Announced Trump Staff and Current Events (video)…

  1. I see on Conway’s wiki page, her husband was teaming up with Paula Jones, back in the day.

    Conway married George T. Conway III in 2001. He is a litigation partner at the law firm … George Conway was an adviser to Paula Jones in her lawsuit against Bill Clinton.

    Some serious bonus points.

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  2. wheatietoo says:

    President Trump is not a politician.
    I get the impression that he doesn’t even like to think about politics.
    This is what we love about him.

    So I think that is what Kellyanne’s role will be.
    He has delegated ‘thinking about politics’ to Kellyanne.

    Politics can be all-consuming.
    Let Kellyanne worry about him getting reelected in 2020…and also helping out in the 2018 midterms, to get more seats in congress.

    This is good…it frees him up to devote full attention to Governing.

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  3. bertdilbert says:

    I like the way Trump accommodated her so she could work her family in. Looks like a good fit keeping the team together. This is an A team administration..

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    • Pam says:

      Same here. It was obvious that Trump wanted KAC to play a major role in the administration but she did have her children to consider and I’m glad to see that he understood that and it’s not a surprise that he did since has many females working for the Trump organization including his own daughter Ivanka who has three small children of her own. Yes, this will be a family friendly white house indeed. 🙂

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    • snaggletooths says:

      Trump is use to accommadating workers with families he has been doing it for years, the men in his administration like Reince have younger children also. Its a win win for everyone .
      Not the last 8 years but before that was always fun to see on the news the easter egg hunts the WH put on for the little kids can see that happening again with Trump in office .

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  4. zephyrbreeze says:

    She is impressive. Not a fan of Spicer who looks and sounds creepy.

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  5. markstoval says:

    President Trump is not a politician.
    I get the impression that he doesn’t even like to think about politics.
    This is what we love about him.

    Agreed. The politician is always thinking about how an action will effect his popularity with voters and with his cronies. He rarely thinks simply about what is the right thing to do. Trump may well be that jewel who thinks about what is right for American families and workers.

    Trump might well wish for a peaceful world where nations trade freely and negotiate rather than attack each other. Hell, — as a wish for Christmas — he might even think that our troops should protect the homeland and not be stationed on the other side of the planet. (put them on the southern border maybe?)

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    • Educated Citizen says:

      Agree, politicians always think about politics. They don’t do things that are right for the country and the people, only do things that will help keep power, how to divide the people and rule over them. BO and HRC are perfect examples on how to keep dividing people into smaller and smaller groups and removing the identity of a nation.

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    • psdie says:

      I wonder if he will make a “sneak trip” overseas to see our Warriors?

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  6. mg says:

    I am so happy we have American loving peeps moving into the white house.

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  7. Dora says:

    I don’t know that much about Sean Spicer, but I think I like him.


    Trump names a Catholic who was mocked on Ash Wednesday to be his press secretary

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  8. Angry Dumbo says:

    Trump’s first 100 days were outlined in Gettysburg. Bold. Insightful. Decisive. These promises are why we love Trump and why he will be the greatest President of this century. This is the intellectual bookend to Newt’s 1994 contract, a solemn promise to drain the swamp.

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  9. G3 says:

    Doing everything possible to keep children and families grounded especially in extraordinary circumstances. Family friendly, accommodating Trump administration. Another reason to smile.

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  10. Coldeadhands says:

    For those who think KAC is a lightweight, she says she has time for work and kids cause she doesn’t play golf or have a mistress. Bam! 💥

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  11. don welch says:

    koc is probably the most powerful women in the world right now. that’s a lot of power. think about the alternative….hillary diane rodham clinton naming scotus justices for the next eight years, aided and abetted by e.warren, oprah, nancy palosi, huma abedin and megan kelly. i like this appointment.

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  12. KAC was amazingly placid and in control last night in a full-hour of unabated aggression from Maddow. She actually had Maddow laughing and showing respect.

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    • wondering999 says:

      ^^^ Exactly about KAC. Perfect placidity and good humor, unflappable, then that crack about not playing golf or having a mistress. What’s not to admire?

      I also want to see Katrina Pierson someplace visible. If it isn’t with KAC, then someplace else. Katrina fan!

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    • Notmeagain says:

      I think this is why she is the public face more than Katrina now. She is not flapped, never comes across as angry or defiant. I know a lot of people here, over the campaign, have often expressed desires for more anger, more confrontation, why don’t we have so-and-so who would tell the truth, etc. but it doesn’t work in the long run. KAC is the soccer mom who can sidle up and quietly probe with a shiv without causing apprehension.

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    • LBB says:

      Saw last night’s show. KAC excelled at staying in control of where narrative was going. Maddow definitely tried upending her with blindsided questions. Didn’t get the effect I think Maddow was going for (thought she was going in for the kill and her body language showed an excitement to that prospect) . KAC tamed the beast.

      I wish Maddow would go after all public figures equally, with the same fine tooth comb, not just DJT and those that surround him.

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  13. rashamon says:

    Treepers: I do I love thee? Let me count the ways…– Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    Actually, I don’t have the time right now as that project would take months, but I am amazed at what a loyal constituency you have constructed around a candidate and his core people, which will…will…result in conquering this speedway toward a Brave New World, but instead celebrate individualism and all the rights due to a person.

    Kellyanne deserves a special role where she can use her insights to structure in words and visuals the message of DJT. She has proved to be a formidable member of Team Trump.

    Congratulations, Mrs. Conway!

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    • none512 says:

      Kellyanne as Counselor to the President will be able to watch for the snakes that may slither into the West Wing to mess with the America First agenda. I truly believe she will be able to keep the Chief of Staff in check. She is there to make sure the President’s agenda is not sabotaged by GOPe lawmakers.

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      • none512 says:

        To Admin: Please be advised that “none512” is “Rachel”. I was trying to register with word press so I could “Like” comments and being a not so computer savvy 70 years, I did not noticed that it changed my name from Rachel. I will try to change it back to Rachel Thanks.

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  14. petszmom says:

    i watched on the youtube fox live feed and was greatly surprised that i liked bolling better than sean…sean is great but he is getting really boring…always interrupting, repeating himself ad nauseum, stale guests, etc. really enjoy bolling filling in!

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    • KBR says:

      Bolling deserves a show of his own. The five has become a nasty mess. He has paid his dues there long enough.

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      • joshua says:

        I am personally SICK TO DEATH of Juan Williams and Greg Gutfield…and have LITTLE tolerance for Dana (george bush) Perino……can’t anyone on Fox just NOT write some pathetic excuse for a book and spend all their time selling each other’s “books”….??

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    • louche9 says:

      After so many years on the air, Sean remains inexplicably unable to tell when his guests are about to make their big point. Time and again, I’ve watched him cut off guests right before they get to the essence of their argument. And it’s not to go to commercial; it’s to butt in with another question, or to add something that he was thinking about. I find that frustrating, too – as I’m sure do the guests. Hannity is the personification of Fran Leibowitz’s line: The opposite of talking is not listening; the opposite of talking is waiting.

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      • joshua says:

        absolutely my opinion too…..Hannity gets REALLY annoying.


      • As a person with exactly the same character defect you described in Sean H., I can say that it is rude, thoughtless and self-centered. I’ve been trying to curb my tendencies in the direction with very little success. 😦
        OTOH, I’m smart and clever and funny, so that kinda makes up for it. 😉

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      • petszmom says:

        exactly… you are sitting there with baited breath and in butts in sean with his repetitive talking points…sheesh, i memorized his constant repetition of his favorite obama failures on the black community. yes, we get it, put it on a chart, flash it to the side of the screen and let the guest speak! bolling did an excellent job of having important guests that were actually given lots of time to talk.


  15. @StocksnScotch says:

    Kellyanne — MY CRUSH!!


  16. AFVet says:

    Kellyanne turns 50 on inauguration day.
    Gonna be a big day for her.

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    • Alison says:

      Think about the magnitude of what Sean says when asked about ‘concerns’ that Trump tweets directly to us & essentially bypasses his communications staff. Sean says the staff serves the Pres, not the other way around. Compare that to Hillary’s modus operandi where every little thing was run by numerous staff to ‘massage the message’ before it was published. It was always obvious to me that, despite holding blackmail power over a lot of people, Hillary was never really in charge b/c she had no real competence for the job.

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  17. grainofsalt2 says:

    I can’t wait to see Spicer in next year’s Ash Wednesday. It will drive the liberals and the lying media nuts.

    Trump names a Catholic who was mocked on Ash Wednesday to be his press secretary – See more at:


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