Kellyanne Conway Interview With Laura Ingraham (Audio)…

d9d51-mouse-mission-impossibleTrump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway announced earlier today that her family would be moving to Washington DC in order to “play a supportive role” for the Trump administration.

Below is an interview with radio talk show host Laura Ingraham that followed later in the day.

At the 11:57 point in the audio recording, Conway appears to let something slip.

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153 Responses to Kellyanne Conway Interview With Laura Ingraham (Audio)…

  1. Sandra-VA says:

    Hmmm….. Laura going to be Press Sec?

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  2. RedBallExpress says:

    The Trump empire continues to grow!

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  3. tommylotto says:

    Press Secretary Ingraham, Confirmed

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  4. Vixey says:

    Laura’s been offered a position? If for Press Sec., I think it’d be a great pick.

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    • west1890 says:

      No shrinking violet, I think Ingraham would be able to deal with the snarky MSM with no problem.

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    • She’s been in the running for Press Secretary but they haven’t put out a pick yet to my knowledge. I just heard on CBN (700 Club) that Kimberly Guilfoyle (The Five) was also in the running. Honestly I think they both would do a good job as they are very strong and capable people who tend to tell it like it is. Plus, they wouldn’t be afraid to take down the media!

      Press releases would be a lot of fun to watch! 😀

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      • cozette says:

        Laura needs to stay on her radio show to keep the troops informed. Kellyannes idea of setting up a sort of tactical rapid response team to mobilize Trump supporters to put outside pressure on people who block Trump and to get ready for 2018 and 2020 is essential. I really like Kimberley Guilfoyle as PS. I heard Roger Stone is lobbying for her. She’s stunning, a super sharp lawyer, has a more sultry playful and playful style which comes off as less ideological or partisan than Laura or Kellyannes branding. Plus she married into the top echelons of the California/San Francisco DNC. She knows Pelosi very well from the time she spent inside the enemy’s tent. She’s comfortable with the left and knows their games. In that way she is very much like Trump. I REALLY hope Trump picks her so our two blonde warrior women can stay on the battle field.

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    • Athena the Warrior says:

      Laura like Kellyanne has younger children and has been weighing the life changes involved with that position. She would be excellent at calling out the media and not letting them get away with anything.

      On a different note. Maybe it has been discussed already but what happened to Katrina Pierson? She seemed like such a shoo-in for Press Secretary during the primaries. I’ve noticed that the two Trump staffers the media absolutely hates have been the most effective- Corey and Katrina. Always on message and doing everything to support PE Trump.

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      • MrE says:

        As fantastic as Laura would be, I personally think that in the end she’s most effective on air, not conducting WH pressers.

        Katrina has been fiercely loyal to Mr. Trump from the get-go, even after she left the campaign, and probably his best media wrangler/pig wrestler. She would be able to continue doing so on a larger scale as Press Secretary, but Laura would have to sacrifice at least some of her own platform.

        My $0.02.

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        • Bull Durham says:

          Concur. Katrina!

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          • no-nonsense-nancy says:

            Katrina was going around the country campaigning for him along with Laura Trump, Diamond and Silk, and another lad, the one who works for Eric. They were doing women’s breakfasts. It was very good. Laura, Eric’s wife, is an ardent Trump supporter and a dynamic speaker..


      • I am hoping Katrina Pierson will primary Ted Cruz for his senate seat.


      • TrustyHaste says:

        Katrina is better at going on tv shows on panels, etc. I think she handles the time constraints of live tv well. For long winded reporters (part A question, followed by a compound question with 2 follow ups, uggh) I can see Laura or Kelly as cutting to the core and being tough in person toward the press crew. But all 3 ladies are excellent communicators.

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        • tampa2 says:

          “Part A question, followed by a compound question with two follow ups…”. Exactly! One question per “reporter” with no follow-ups should be the rule. Compound questions are only to provide “traps” and give the reporter more air time and “elite” status as an “insider” with “reputable sources”. All Bullsh!t. They wouldn’t show Mr. Trump’s rally crowds, so why should we show them at pressers? 15 second limit for all questions and demand all questions preceded by name, alphabet media affiliation and corporate media ownership affiliation. Spot on, Trusty!


  5. pyromancer76 says:

    Hmmmm, yes, “as you will be”. And “…those 10 Democrat[ic] Senators up for reelection”. If Kellyanne is on their case, not many may survive.

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  6. Tonawanda says:

    I read this the opposite way. “Honor and duty” require her to be press secretary, she seems to say, implying that the job is hers if she wants it.

    OTOH, she can do the infinitely more important job of “getting in the face” of ten Democrat senators whose defeat would open the way for the sweeping non-leftist reform this country desperately needs.

    I am a Conway skeptic (one of my rare differences with Trump) and she strikes me as a silly girl at best, although I am less concerned than I once was.

    If I were Trump, I would want her in the face of the senators full time, the type of thing Trump (I am guessing) thinks she does well. Press secretary just seems too tiny for her role, if Trump wants her to play a role.

    But maybe Trump has decided to have her say goodnight Gracie, and she knows how to say goodnight Gracie, with the identity politics that implies.

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  7. I had to listen to the ‘slip’ twice before i heard it and understood lol.

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  8. rsanchez1990 says:

    I’m not so sure the slip is actually a slip. Kellyanne is talking about getting in the face of the 10 Dem Senators up for re-election in states that Trump won. This is something Laura can do using her radio show. She’ll probably even reach a larger audience through her show than as White House press secretary.

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    • NJF says:

      Laura can’t change the voter’s minds, if they don’t listen to her show!

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    • thesavvyinvester says:

      Agree, maybe not a slip, they both see the task ahead, getting those 10 aboard the way GWB did with Zell Miller and John Breaux. I am not worried about the 10 as much as I am our Vichy Republicans, Graham, McCain, Rubio, and you can all name the rest, they could really muck up the gear box. We will need to melt their phone lines and the likes of Laura will have to call them out EVERY DAY. FWIW, Trump’s asymmetrical battle style could have him doing public rallyes in the back yard of the likes of Graham and McCain without asking them to show and promoting his legislation. He is the master at going around these types, my idea is probably miniscule compared to some of the out of the boxers they have up their sleeve to deal with our RINO’s.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Getting the Dem cross over votes. To encourage & cultivate bipartician politics Move beyond Bozo’s stalemate Congress. After listening several times, I don’t think it’s the press secretary role.

      Having KAC & maybe even Laura dedicated in such positions would render irrelevant the McCains & Lindsay, Rubio (to some degree). At least Trump Admin wouldn’t be ‘held hostage’ by them.

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  9. Pam says:

    Very interesting. Hopefully an announcement will be coming soon.

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  10. fred5678 says:

    “election deniers” SNORT!!!

    Just like Al Gore and his merry band of “heliocentric warming deniers”

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  11. dginga says:

    Laura Ingraham makes so much money writing books and doing her show I can’t imagine she’d give that up. But Kimberly Guilfoyle would be a great choice!


    • No. Laura has more experience than Kimberly! She will put the media in their places!

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    • fred5678 says:

      Think long term. Additional exposure and publicity for 1 term might enlarge her market.

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      • Doug says:

        seriously long term it makes sense… some rumors I heard said trump was asking all appointees to commit to at least 6 years. wonder if he will make an exception for press secretary since that one is the most in your face burnout job there is

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      • El Torito says:

        That might make sense for her, but for the majority of us that elected Trump, it’s idiocy, selfish. This election was about COUNTRY FIRST. Not a career, or ratings. Sorry to be so harsh, but your thinking in terms of how one term can benefit her personal business is extremely offensive to me. And was kinda kicked to the curb with the voting in of Trump. Can’t you see that his cabinet picks are anything but career climbers?


  12. She slipped ” like you”! Lol!!

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  13. fred5678 says:

    Laura argues for successful business people to run for elected office.

    The Dems used that approach when they ran a successful ACORN organizer from the South Side of Chicago for POTUS in 2008.

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  14. Howie says:

    It is going to be hard dealing with the leftist lunatics in the MSM.

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    • paulraven1 says:

      In fact, I think this could be fun, and that is how I would pitch the job. If I were Trump I’d be looking at someone with a capacity for joy and for experiencing joy at the expense of the media. It’s way past time we took these people seriously and acted as if we’re accountable to them. We’re accountable to the people, and a good press secretary would torment the media, shame them and talk past over them to the people. The country hates the media but no one on our side (until Trump) has EVER exploited this fact. Tie to turn it into a job requirement.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      If anyone’s even listening/watching by then.

      Pretty amazing the difference between this and when O was selected, eh?

      Did anyone even call him out on that ridiculous Nobel Peace Prize?

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      • kroesus says:

        another impeachable offense not acted upon by Congress there…..the monetary award that accompanies the “Award” is technically an ennoulment and strictly forbidden by the US Constitution,,,,,,Bammy supposedly gave it away to “charities” but the acceptance of the money itself was unconstitutional


    • Bull Durham says:

      Water balloons, Howie. And finish them off with pies.


  15. dianeax says:

    I’m probably wrong, but I didn’t take “as you will be” as anything other than Kellyanne acknowledging that Laura will continue to be a voice for conservative politicians running in 2018.

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    • LBB says:

      All I heard was a regular remark also. I liked Laura’s convention speech, but she seems very independent about her convictions (which didn’t always align with DJT). I don’t know if she would have the patience for the press job. She does seem strong though too. We’ll see.

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  16. Ron says:

    What I thought when I heard this was, I could just see Laura’s face. She’s incredibly, incredibly smart and doesn’t suffer fools lightly…. as seen in her famous ‘bloopers’ reel from her t.v. show… I saw her being interviewed around the time of the election too, really late at night, and the camera cut to her as the host was naming that he was going to interview someone else (so she was learning that she wasn’t up yet, and had to wait more) and her face was priceless, she had this look on her face like “OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD” ….

    So I’m sure when Kellyanne mentioned that Laura caught it, she’s sharp as a tack, and was thinking “What the hell Kellyanne????”

    She would be an excellent press secretary but I agree with the others, she’s making so much money I can’t imagine her taking the job. She’s not rich enough to be as generous as people like Tillerson or Devos have been, for instance.

    Now imagine her arguing with the press. She’ll be excellent at it.

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    • Doug says:

      she would be great and would thrive in the new press room format thats coming


      • georgiafl says:

        WH Press Secretary doesn’t seem like much of a ‘move up’ for Laura Ingraham.

        She doesn’t have the experience for whipping Senators and Legislators into action, nor for AG assistant director or WH counsel.

        Laura Ingraham can best help the administration as an opinion-shaper, like Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs and Jeanine Pirro!

        Now, Kellyanne Conway, however, would be a great asset as an in-house pollster and WH statement forger.

        That’s my read on this.

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    • wyntre says:

      Oh, I LOVE this! What a pro. What a perfectionist. What a harda$$! Excellent.

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      • wyntre says:

        “Where’s TOM! Where’s BRAIN! Jessica you’re in my ear too long. Who’s that Hispanic looking-guy who keeps popping up on my screen?

        What are you talking about? You’re talking too much. I can’t focus.

        I asked for 2 facts that I didn’t get.

        Is make-up coming in to powder me coz I look too shiny.”

        I LOVE her!

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        • Ron says:

          I’m glad you see it the way I do… a lot of people think that video is negative, but I think it does a great job showing how she demands competence around her. She’s trying to do a GREAT job, and wants everybody else to do a GREAT job too.

          My favorite part is when she finds the Hispanic man. “THERE HE IS!!!! Did you see him????”

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  17. sundance says:

    I would simply suggest to continue watching. A book is a series of chapters…

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  18. Serpentor says:

    Great choice. Couldn’t ask for a better choice, actually.


  19. fleporeblog says:

    I actually think people will be surprised on how many Democrats vote in favor of Tillerson and our President ‘s policies over the next 2 years. Do you think the Democrat Senator of WV or ND is not going to give their OK to Tillerson as well as other pieces of legislation that our 45th President puts forward. Those 2 Senators realize that their day would be up in 2018 if they don’t vote yes on many if not all policies proposed. Here is a list of the 10 Democrats up for reelection in 2018 and the states they represent:

    1) Bill Nelson – D Senator, FL
    2) Joe Donnelly – D Senator, IN
    3) Claire McCaskill – D Senator, MO
    4) Jon Tester – D Senator, MT
    5) Heidi Heitkamp – D Senator, ND
    6) Sherrod Brown – D Senator, OH
    7) Bob Casey – D Senator, PA
    8) Joe Manchin – D Senator, WV
    9) Tammy Baldwin – D Senator, WI
    10) Debbie Stabenow – D Senator, MI

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    • don welch says:

      stabinow is a 7 ton rhinoceros stuck in 40 foot of mud. it would take a thermo nuclear warhead to get her butt out of the senate.

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    • chiefworm says:

      I see Nelson is #1 on the list. He’s #1 on my list to go. He hasn’t served his Florida constituents for quite a while. Just a plain ol’ rubber stamping POS Demoncrap. The nicest thing I can say about him is he is an “oxygen thief”.

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  20. NHVoter says:

    Oh please let this be true! I would love to see Laura as Press Secretary.

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  21. LKA in LA says:

    I actually thought Laura could have done more for PE Mr. Trump during the campaign days. Sure, she gave a noble speech at the convention but was right back at being skeptical on the air with her show and any panel she was invited on. These were the days of Wikileaks and the cold reality of evil we were fighting and Laura was ringing her hands over Mr. Trump. She is a bit over rated if you ask me.

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    • rf121 says:

      You obviously are not a regular listener to her show.

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      • Well, I don’t listen to her show either, ever… no one else’s show either. I kind of like to do my own research and thinking!

        I kind of think everyone should try it… 😉


      • WSB says:

        I agree with LKA. Laura started out as a Cruz supporter, I think due to her experience as a clerk for the Supremes. Laura gave Trump a bit of cold shoulder at the beginning. She did board the Trump train, though, and for that many of us are really appreciative.


    • jupitercomm says:

      rf121 is on to something… I suspect you aren’t a regular listener. Laura’s a bit of a neurotic (obsessive worry) but that’s just her personality. She’s also perfect for her early morning time slot imo: I’m not ready for Rush’s high-energy subtleties at 8AM or 9AM.


  22. hank klingyu says:



  23. mg says:

    Now she can tell the media hacks to shut up and leave!


  24. mamadogsite says:

    IMHO, Trump has had so many SMART spokeswomen working on this campaign, and seeing as he is the master of surprises, and many of these women have small children, including Kimberly Guilfoil, how about a ROTATING press secretaries office…on any given day, you never know which one you will get.

    It would take a lot of stress out of this demanding office, they each will bring multitudes of talents , intelligence and class, and women will LOVE THIS. I would also like to see Harris Faulkner from Fox News’ “Outnumbered.” Included.

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  25. kimosaabe says:

    …”as you will be”…
    something in the works for Laura or just not announced yet

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  26. PatriotKate says:

    I thought I read somewhere last week that Laura was out of the running because she wanted influence on policy and not just a spokesperson. I’m sorry I don’t recall where I read that and it may very well have not been true. But sounds like something Laura would have wanted.

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  27. El Torito says:

    I’ve seen too many clips of Laura verbally sh/tting on her coworkers to feel enthused about her. I’ll accept it if it’s Trump’s decision gladly, and she would do a great job, but in the end, my bet is that Trump will not choose her.(Or, he may have already) Even when I see her interviewed on FOX, there seems to be an over abundance of self admiration in her eyes. I know I’m in the minority, but it’s just my personal sense I get from her and whatever PE Trump says goes twice with me.

    A bit early, but MERRY CHRISTMAS to all 🙂

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    • don welch says:

      well……confidence isn’t something that is lacking with trump’s entire team, to date anyway.


    • joanfoster says:

      El Torito, I feel the same way. She inherited a program on Fox several years ago and within weeks blew it because of her attitude. Go to youtube and view the outtakes of her attitude to her supporting staff. It’s not pretty and frankly, it forever changed my view of her. I say no to Laura. She’s too big for her britches.

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  28. MfM says:

    Look at the people that Mr. Trump is picking. I can’t think of one where they aren’t taking a step down in pay and other compensation. Many had a great deal of power and were the one in charge. Now they will be part of a team and have to take direction.

    They have most taken a step DOWN… but it’s because they are STEPPING UP to help the country because in their positions they know she needs everyone to step up.

    If either of these woman end up with a place in this administration they will be doing the same.

    Press secretary is a very demanding job. I wonder if Trump is going to do something totally out of the box and have a couple of people ‘job share’ it. Instead of one person working 70-80+ hours a week he might decide to have two working more normal 35-40 hour weeks. That can work very well if the people’s styles are similar or if they complement each other with different strengths.

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  29. backseatdog says:

    Board of Directors for press secretary. Each one with a specialty. 4 or 5 people working together. Drive the media crazy.

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  30. Mlw says:

    Laura Ingraham is worth 45 million dollars, chump change? I think not! She would be an excellent press secretary, I imangjne most of us could live well for the next 4 or 8 years on 45 million….. I’m betting on 4 because that’s usually the case


  31. Political Reviewer says:

    Laura or Kellyanne or Kimberly…each one would make an excellent press secretary. PE Trump will make the right choice, of that I’m certain. What a change is in store for our country and the lamestream media and the libtard politicians. I can hardly wait for January 20, 2017. MAGA!!! (P.S. to HRC: In case no one has told you yet, you lost again yesterday. Cause you’re once, twice, three times a loser. heeheehee)

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  32. teaforall says:

    Lov Laura bnut, I would lov to see Cory as Press Sec. He is the one person who would handle the press

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    • jupitercomm says:

      My gut says Lewandowski’s a no-go. It’s kinda like Roger Stone said about someone else, it’s not that Corey seems to have a lot of enemies, he just seems to have pissed off a lot of his friends

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      • Bull Durham says:

        He never pissed off Trump. His slipup was with Hope. John Roberts was the only one with the story. Corey slipped and used the “F” word. That’s when Trump bounced him. Everyone thought it was a power move by Paul Manafort. It was a hothead move by Corey. But the communication pipeline was always open to Trump.


    • mark4trump says:

      Corey would throw the press to the ground (just ask Michelle) & Ben S. would be really outraged… 🙂


  33. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I am not sure if KAC was talking about Laura being the Press Secretary or if she meant that Laura would be on air every day taking it to them. It seems that it could go either way in what she meant. I think Trump has talked KAC into staying close by in D.C., because she originally said she was not moving, but now she said she will be moving to D.C. area. Trump can be very persuasive and you just can’t say no. It sounds like there will be a lot of children at the WH. lol

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  34. freddy says:

    I was one…who didn’t trust Kellyanne. I made a mistake and misjudged her. I saw her on Megyns show and they acted like friends as Kelly ripped Trump apart 5 minutes later…..When your wrong it’s best to admit it so there it is……..

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  35. Tejas Rob says:

    LOL, nice catch Sundance. I believe she did let it slip.


  36. Athena the Warrior says:

    Two times now KAC has muddied up PE Trump’s positions on important issues. The first happened as soon as she was promoted to Campaign Mgr. – she muddied up his hard line on immigration which the Corrupt Media exploited for over a week.

    The second was not too long ago when she came out with the nonsense of letting Crooked Hillary heal instead of saying that it’s not the President’s job to bring charges, that falls under the AG’s purview.

    I think the reason why the media despises Corey and Katrina so much is because they never muddied up PE Trump’s message but both KAC and Reince have.

    My $.02

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  37. Spencer's Mom says:

    Wait a minute – everyone is acting like there is only one “communications” position available – that of “Press Secretary” – currently held by Josh Earnest.

    But there is also a “Director of Communications” position – currently held by Jen Psaki.
    There is a “Deputy Director of Communications” position – currently held by Elizabeth Allen.
    And several “Deputy Press Secretary” positions – which Josh Earnest held until he was move up after Jay Carney left.

    And then there are several speechwriter positions.

    So there may be plenty of positions to go around – although I don’t think that the Deputy Positions pay that well to interest someone like Laura Ingraham – who makes much more as a talk show host, author, speaker, etc. But if she is interested in retiring soon – or just giving up her current talk show to try the glamour of working in the West Wing for a few years, then maybe she would be interested.

    Same applies to Kellyanne – i’m sure she can make more money elsewhere – but if she doesn’t care about money for the time being, then, i would say she’d fit into the “Director of Communications” slot.

    It may be a nice feather in your cap to take less money for a few years so that you can say that you worked at the White House – which could translate into big money later on.

    So – just sayin’ – there may be a lot of jobs to go around in addition to “Press Secretary” – if you count all the various “communications” positions – like the one Dr. Monica Crowley just accepted.

    And how about the “Deputy National Security Director for Strategic Communications” position that is currently held by Ben Rhodes?

    What about the “State Department Spokesman” position, currently held by John Kirby, and formerly held by Jen Psaki?

    Lots of “communications” type jobs….

    There may be plenty of announcements coming up….

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  38. Sanj says:

    I think Laura would be great especially if combined with Kellyanne as external face of administration. However, I’d heard that Preibus wired this position for Sean Spicer, so who knows.


    • Bull Durham says:

      Trump would have nothing to do with the Spicer deal. Preibus may want him, but it’s Trump’s call. Preibus is in charge of the clipboard.


  39. jupitercomm says:

    Ironically I’m reading a lot of Freudian literature lately. The 20th French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan had this to say about Freudian slips:

    “in the lapsus it is…clear that every unsuccessful act is a successful, not to say ‘well-turned’, discourse”.

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  40. TwoLaine says:

    She said she had a great long conversation today with ValJar, if that tells you anything…


  41. Batman says:

    What a pleasant interview. So refreshing.


  42. Joe says:

    I can’t listen to any audio on this site because the auto-run AdServe ads keep playing in the background to interfere with the sound. Can’t shut them off. Plus this site seems to Refresh every half minute or so and drags me back to the top of the page.


    • BakoCarl says:

      I had that “drags me back to the top of the page” issue most of the day, but now it has stopped for some unknown reason. Really annoying when it happens!


    • Sandra says:

      I almost hate to suggest this because Sundance might get ad revenue, though I’m not sure if it’s from clicking on ads or just allowing them to run. In any case, de-installing Flash and installing AdBlock gives me near total silence. De-installing Flash will prevent you from watching videos that require Flash, but I think it’s worth it.


  43. Tim Hearden says:

    “As you will be” could mean in the capacity of her radio show. It sounded to me like Laura already begged out because of her kids.


  44. Bull Durham says:

    “working outside . . . So that I will be in the face of those 10 Senators, everyday as you will be, Laura.”

    She seems to be talking about Laura on the radio show, outside the White House system, and she, KAC, will be outside like Laura.

    That’s my take. No slipup. She doesn’t know. If it was decided, they would both know and it would be matter of neither talking about roles.

    The whole communications, press briefings is being designed. No one has a role yet.
    KAC is going to run an outside the RNC and White House polling and political incubator operation to get candidates for replacing Dems and dummies. Trump Campaign money will be siphoned into an org. She will get a million a year and do what she does.

    She will have access. She will be the Lonesome End (remember Army’s football team, late 50’s. Pete Dawkins at running back, wide receiver split out so far he often didn’t huddle up. They hand signaled to him. Bill Carpenter was the Lonesome End. Fought in Vietnam.)

    KAC, empowered uniquely by Trump who knows her talents better than she does.
    Lonesome End formation.


  45. anthohmy says:

    I hear echos of Ben Carson.


  46. Ds says:

    I think you were reading too much into that statement I think she was referring to Laura being the face of them from her platform as a radio talkshow host


  47. joshua says:

    I think it would be great if Trump would have “guests” press secretaries come in and conduct the session on occasions….the guest could “take down” press members individually and not actually be speaking FOR the President…..but would put the media off their game of snark as usual…..Trump CAN do it ALL differently than usual….that IS WHO HE IS.


  48. wodiej says:

    Thanks for posting. Loving the strong, smart women Trump is putting front and center. Want to see Gov. Sarah Palin head up the VA and Ingraham Press secretary.


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