December 19th – 2016 Presidential Victory – Open Discussion

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “2016 Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Trump/Pence presidential victory.


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This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,084 Responses to December 19th – 2016 Presidential Victory – Open Discussion

  1. NYVoter999 says:

    texas is now official, Trump 36, rand paul 1, john kasich 1


  2. Jake says:

    36 Texas votes for Trump.. Puts him over the top…

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  3. Martin says:

    Will Dobbs ask Sheriff Joe about the press conference he held the other day concerning Obama’s birth certificate being forged to which no one in the press has brought up?

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  4. SteveInCO says:

    Six faithless electors (so far–CA. HI, and NV have not reported in). They won’t change the tally, but this is the highest number of faithless electors since the 1800s.


    • Alexsandra says:


      Further down this page are a number of either really stupid or really sly posts from a Ho Hum that purport to be from Rudy Guiliani’s twitter re pizzagate. THEY ARE FAKE.

      I put a note there at the end of his repeated posts, but thought I’d better alert here also.


  5. thetrain2016 says:

    I bet there will be a Kasich Victory Party in Ohio, just like after the primaries, thousand of balloons, millions of confetti… Waiting for Trump’s concession speech.

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  6. NYVoter999 says:

    guys, lets all remember who was the first to stab us in the back by saying “Vote your conscience” it was lying Ted, lets remember that for good, he started this behavior of stabbing our back from within.

    lets keep them all out of the GOP, dont let them fool you another time, never ever vote for him regardless of position he is running, and as well as Kasich & Jeb keep them all out. go vote your conscience in the democrat party.

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    • I think Cruz has done some penance. He campaigned in MI for Trump, a state Clinton was likely to win, but went for Trump by less than 10K votes.
      He also campaigned in Iowa for Trump, and phone-banking for him also.
      I am not a Cruz fan, but everyone said some bad stuff about each other during the campaign.


      • NYVoter999 says:

        but never ever did someone from us in our circle stabbed us in the back by promoting and giving the idea of turning our back on the nominee, there should be consequences on that, if someone wants to promote that behavior should they go to the democrat party and dismantle them from within.

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        • Mr. Izz says:

          Yeah, I can’t support Cruz from here on out. He had MANY chances, and he failed to support PE Trump. He had months to come out and support Trump, he had a moment in the spotlight to support the nominee, and doing a last ditch effort to help Trump at the 11th hour doesn’t mean much after everything else he has done (or didn’t do).

          He’s been exposed. At this point, he’s just trying to save his political career. I can’t think of a single reason to support him.

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        • He was a lone dissenter that was of any importance. He was booed at the campaign.
          Kasich actively used Ohio GOP HQ to campaign for GOP candidates except for Trump.
          Again, I am not any bit of a Cruz supporter.


          • Ray Titus says:

            And, as others rightly said above, Cruz should never be supported. He lied, cheated, and showed his true colors. We don’t need that and the country doesn’t need that.


            • I don’t support Cruz, but I support any action Cruz takes to support Trump.
              Same as Gabbard, McConnell, and McCain, I support neither of them but would welcome any support they show for Trump.

              Romney, Kasich, and Jeb are exceptions. I will not support, or say anything kindly about them no matter what they say or do.


            • cjzak says:

              Yep and he has that ‘little matter’ to clear up about whether he is a legal citizen or not. Still hasn’t produced the evidence that I know of. Weasel comes to my mind when I think of him and it will take some major doing on his part to make me think differently.


      • BakoCarl says:

        He may have done some penance . . . maybe even some that materially helped PE Trump to a win. Frankly, I don’t see repentance here , but instead actions to avoid his future marginalization in the Repub party.

        A molester may have tearfully apologized and served his allotted time in prison, but I still wouldn’t trust him with my daughter.


      • WSB says:

        It was a ruse.

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      • Bert Darrell says:

        Officially, Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes but we know that the number should have been higher due to precincts in Detrot counting the same ballots up to 6 times in heavily democrat locations.


    • Alexsandra says:

      Lying Ted. I haven’t forgotten. And I don’t think a lot of Texans have either. Ditto Jeb.


  7. Martin says:

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  8. JasonF says:

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  9. 2 EV’s in HI going for Trump while Oblamer is staying there would be a great end to a great day.

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  11. BakoCarl says:

    No foul intended to all the great “White Hats” from Texas.

    The Fellows’ Throes in Texas

    There’s some lame electors in Texas, I hope I never see,
    What a mess they made of voting, such absurdity.
    They needed new electors, they really weren’t so smart,
    If I had messed it up that bad I think I’d just depart.

    With the nation waiting anxiously, they took many roll calls,
    Minutes and hours passed slowly; oh how the time did crawl.
    Then with new electors installed, much to our surprise,
    We saw you needed a Chairman, we couldn’t believe our eyes.

    So then you took vote after vote, to get from four to one.
    At last, we’re through with this, the voting’s finally done.
    But no, it seems, not so fast, you need a Secretary, too.
    So you vote again, quicker this time. Now, at last, you’re through.

    With the preliminaries well past, it’s time to do your job.
    But even then when all was done, two votes from Trump were robbed.
    In days to come, we’ll look back to cheer “Trump won the race,”
    But with those thoughts we’ll recall your electoral disgrace.

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  12. I’d like to thank all the concern trolls out there who have continued to make CTH a forum for all of your worry and paranoia over the past month.

    First it was Jill Stein and how she and the Dems were scheming to steal the election from Trump. Turned out to be much ado about nothing.

    Then it was the Electoral College and how rogue electors and the Dems were going to somehow steal the election from Trump. Again, much ado about nothing.

    The fact is, there are laws and processes in place that have stood the test of time since this Republic was founded to ensure that elections matter and the transfer of power takes place both peacefully and legally. Just because the media and a bunch of bat shit-crazy moon-bats (see Sundance’s later post) wish it were different doesn’t make it so. You waste your time and energy concerning yourselves with things that just aren’t possible.

    So what’s next? That Obama is going to somehow start a war and cause an invasion of the U.S. so he can declare martial law and keep the presidency? Yeah, that sounds worth worrying about…

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    • BakoCarl says:

      Concern trolls do not worry, nor do they have paranoia . . . they’re TROLLS. Their purpose is to disrupt order, facts and logic on a blog.

      One of they’re greatest achievements is to get blog posters infighting among themselves, putting other posters down, giving them unpleasant labels, making posters waste their time and energy finding fault with other posters instead of providing verifiable facts to respectfully address issues.

      It seems as though, at least in part, they have accomplished that objective.


      • Research Brad Woodhouse, head of Correct the Record and recipient of Democrat/liberal/corporatist largesse. With a bank roll like that, he can keep people posting for eons.


      • BakoCarl, I enjoy your poems – you are a laureate indeed – but in this case you are wrong. All I’m merely pointing out is that the posters here who do this kind of thing might be organized – who knows? – but what they are, are people whose intent (deliberately or not) is to dampen the enthusiasm of those who worked their asses off for the President-elect and point out every cloud that might be on the horizon. Sundance’s post about the WH communication staff is exactly where this forum’s energy can and should be spent. I recognize it’s an open forum and folks can post what they want – and that’s OK – but they can’t be afraid to be criticized when they’re posting nonsense about how some loser Texas elector somehow poses a threat to Trump’s electoral college victory.

        There are plenty of clouds on the horizon for folks to point out and make everyone aware of – as far as I’m concerned, it’s the fact that the nepotism that is rampant in the various federal departments and agencies of under virtually every secretariat will make it that much harder to implement real change and make congressmen and senators think twice or want to broker deals when the time comes to doing the heavy lifting – but that’s just me.

        People that push false news and make mountains out of molehills deserve every criticism they get. They’re not putting contributors who have the President-elect’s best interests against each other; they’re just doing it to raise the hackles of me and many others. And as for facts, simply reporting what some nitwit on FOX News or Politico or CNN says shouldn’t be considered facts or anything related to facts. I’m more than willing to respectfully argue against a thoughtful position or concern, but to insinuate the sky is falling when they known damned well that it isn’t, or are too ignorant to check the facts out for themselves before expressing their concern, well, it’s their right to do so, but it’s also other folks’ right to call them on it when they see it.


  13. hank klingyu says:

    Cogratulations Donald Trump,
    Haha Hillary loses again !!

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  14. mary kate conly says:

    Treehouse Friends, so excited, just got our tickets to the the Deploraball! Got a decent hotel nearby and was able to get Amtrak tickets from Phila and back. I lost 32 lbs since the PA Primary, primarily by running my tootsies off in my TRUMP 2016 campaign gear, mostly to the cheers of my neighbors, almost every day. And I’m happy to say I triggered a scant few special snowflakes on those runs as well.

    As I educated and enabled friends and family in PA to vote Trump to save America, I also took care of my self. I now have boundless energy to MAGA (and a very festive outfit to wear to this celebration! )

    Hubby hates crowds but can’t wait to go, surprisingly, which I owe to President Trump. Hubby says it will be a great “experience” and won’t complain about lines/waits etc. He said President Trump must hate crowds/delays/the general BS of public life, so hubby is happy to suck it up to honor President Trump!

    The birth of our Lord. Holiday get togethers with family and friends. A new year to work hard, take care of my family, and serve my community. A new President. A new era for our country and its brave citizens. God Bless!

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  15. MfM says:

    One of my FB friends, a Hillary supporter and SJW type just posted that ‘we need to start working on every election going forward so that Democrats start winning.’

    They went on and on about a race in the Virginia Beach area, District 85 and the election is January 10th. I gather the person won a State wide race and moved up.


  16. kinthenorthwest says:

    Interesting Piece By Allen West
    DISTURBING new report details how Obama administration is “sticking it” to Trump

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    • WSB says:

      Thanks for posting, Kin. How is your shoulder?


      • kinthenorthwest says:

        Thank you so much for asking.
        Having fun with snow and PT…As they say no pain no gain…
        Good news is that today for the first time in about 9 months I was able to use one of my good Barretts in the back of my hair without crying in pain…Thank You all for your Prayers..
        I have long straight hair so usually put a barrette in the each of the sides or one in back–Back is for my nicer barrettes which I love using


  17. citizen817 says:


    • thetrain2016 says:

      It doesn’t mean, these criminals going to stop. And no such thing as second pardon…

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    • Patriot1783 says:

      Yeah, who cares about the victims or the families of the victims of these felons.
      Not the soon to be booted out US President, nor his wife.

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    • WSB says:

      This is why Sheriff Apiao’s press conference last week is important. If Obama’s birth certificate is fake, there may be disqualifying factors in play here to nullify his presidency and thus retract any pardons, Hillary Clinton included. This would stem from not being natural born, not being a citizen, being the son of Frank Marshall Davis, falsifying college records to receive international or US student loans, etc.

      If Obama does pardon all participants in CGI and CF, all people in prison, and other loose canons, January 20th will be an interesting day.


  18. velvetfoot says:

    I just thought it’s time to revisit this video of the Trump administration in 2018.
    (There’s a little advert in the beginning, but it’s the only version of the video I could find)

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  19. This is interesting. Not sure where to post this so I post it here. I notice that Rudy Giuliani has been active the last few hours on his twitter account and he is posting some startling stuff about Pizza Gate


  20. Lucille says:

    Greatly disappointed to think this female is in any way thought of for a position other than as the dumper of round files (no offense intended toward dumpers):

    SR 1409 – Is Carly Fiorina in Any Way a Conservative?


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