Sunday Talks: Reince Priebus -vs- Chris Wallace – Fox News Sunday…

Reince Priebus appears on Fox News Sunday for an interview with Chris Wallace. Unfortunately Reince does not call CIA Director John Brennan a liar. He should. Both Brennan and James Clapper (DNI) are political operatives.

The Trump Team should consider broadcasting their own round table “Sunday Talk” discussion, via RSBN or other, from Trump Tower.  Bring in a guest like Sharyl Attkisson (or other) weekly, put it on YouTube/Facebook and it will have multiple benefits.


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66 Responses to Sunday Talks: Reince Priebus -vs- Chris Wallace – Fox News Sunday…

    • smiley says:


      this is getting so old.

      totally uninformative and obnoxious.

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    • smiley says:

      reminds me of that other fake news guru…

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    • The point Chris Wallace and apparently all the other news jerks are trying to get across is that PETrump doesn’t believe the reports of the intelligence community. This is a very serious charge underlying all the questions and assertions and claims, which holds absolutely no water at all. The other stuff is just fluff and an attempt to create such a muddy mess of ideas that the only thing that remains in the brains of the public is the underlying charge.
      The real question is: WHO is pressing this particular point? Why?
      Let’s stop criticizing the stupid MSM and delve deeply into what is really going on in the underlying story.

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      • Sentient says:

        I certainly hope Trump doesn’t believe Brennan or Clapper. Comey is questionable at best. The problem for Trump and Priebus is that Joe Sixpack still has a residual belief – contrary to much evidence – that the intelligence community merits our trust. So it’s hard for Priebus to call Brennan a liar, especially when the Electoral College hasn’t even voted yet. I don’t care if Trump and Priebus don’t call them out publicly as long as they keep working to uproot the rot – which runs deep. In fact, uprooting the rot will probably require months – if not years – of feigned trust in untrustworthy people, so that those untrustworthy people become careless about covering their tracks.

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        • UKExpat says:

          “The RUSSKIES are Coming” brought to you by the SAME people who gave us the old classic ‘Saddam has Weapons of Mass Destruction’ and Clintoon ‘Didn’t then Did then Didn’t again commit TREASON’ . Pardon me for not giving a Flying RUCK what they just SAY and offer no PROOF for.


      • dbethd says:

        Sounds like it’s coming from Obama & whoever controls him, from the little clip they showed at about 3:06. Something to the effect that if the American people trust the intelligence community more than Russia, then the American people BETTER LISTEN to what they have to say! Emphasis mine(sarcasm intended).


    • Mike says:

      I think Chris Wallace should take Soros along, and go ask Putin face to face.

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  1. Mr. Morris says:

    Since CIA Brennan, FBI Comey, DNI Clapper declined to appear before Congress as requested, one can only assume the tale of Russian hacking the Presidential Election is fake news.

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  2. India Maria says:

    “The Trump Team should consider broadcasting their own round table “Sunday Talk” discussion, via RSBN or other, from Trump Tower. Bring in a guest like Sharyl Attkisson (or other) weekly, put it on YouTube/Facebook and it will have multiple benefits.”

    I emailed this very suggestion to Joe Seale at They are looking for programming. Bring Jack Prosobiec, Bill Mitchell, Adam Gingrich on, and have a REAL Sunday discussion. I am sure this will happen. Only a matter of time.

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    • joe_smith_4365 says:

      this would be great except Sharyl Attkisson should host it

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    • Alison says:

      I LOVE your idea, Sundance. I have never – in my lifetime – listened to a Sunday talk show nor do I replay them here. But I would definitely tune in to a show like you described – issues, analytics (maybe you!), civics, revelaing inner workings our federal govt as it benefits (or not) Main Street. The topics are endless & we are hungry fir truth.

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    • Bob says:

      Yep, if the swamp is going to be drained, the Sunday talk shows and the heads that go with them should be gone as well. Then the left won’t have a platform to drag the likes of Susan Rice around to boldly lie to the American public.

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    • paulraven1 says:

      Yes. Something, anything different. That we are still parading out mealy-mouthed GOPe boobs like Priebus to do battle with MSM Leftists is kind of incredible. Trump just won an historic election by calling Obama the most corrupt president in history and the MSM totally dishonest. Now we have Priebus going forward hat-in-hand to these lying maniacs like some kind of Bush mouthpiece? Come on, Trump. You can do better.

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  3. Absolutely a stellar idea sundance. ie, Sunday Talk from Trump Tower

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  4. “Computerside chats”

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  5. fred2w says:

    @ Sundance

    Hopefully, you sent this idea to the Great Again suggestion site:

    You should use snail mail as well.

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  6. snaggletooths says:

    They could have their own Sunday talk but then they be no different then Hillary & the others on the left who can only go on certain shows. I think with Trump on twitter as is his social media director Dan along with Sean Spicer assorted others his message gets out.

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  7. Howie says:

    He is a shill. A twit, A fop, A globaloney specialist. He has….short circuited and shall be given no quarter.

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  8. Thorfinnr says:

    I hate this playing coy and vague crap. This is not honesty. This is the same old swamp. Somebody explain why we can’t come out and tell it like it is? If Brennan isn’t a liar wherror is the proof? I feel like this is going to turn into the same old hem and haw politics as usual games and noting has been changed.

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  9. He isn’t POTUS yet….give him a chance. I can’t believe Trump would not fight back over false accusations. But, he does have to get into office, first.

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  10. wondering999 says:

    Counting the days until inauguration of President Trump.

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  11. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Chris Wallace is a PINHEAD!

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  12. BobBoxBody says:

    Most people know these guys are frauds or woefully out of touch with reality. Trump and his administration are just helping to keep people appraised of that fact as they finally hit the ground running. When people start to see tangible improvements to their lives while these guys keep asking their stupid questions, their legitimacy will collapse completely along with the entire MSM propaganda complex. Once they start to branch out and go directly to the public, the people will be a lot more prepared to hop on board whatever direct means of communication that Trump puts forth to circumvent the propaganda arm of the political establishment.

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  13. I agree with SD – why can’t Priebus come right out and remind Wallace that Brennan is a PROVEN liar who lied under oath to Congress AND was caught hacking Senate emails! Brennan is a partisan hack – there is no need to be showing deference to Brennan.

    If Brennan has irrefutable evidence that Russia hacked Podesta’s and DNC emails for the purpose of throwing the election to Trump why can’t he come out and make a definitive statement to such effect? Why can’t he provide EVIDENCE? Instead he issued this vague statement “There’s strong consensus among us on the scope, nature, and intent of Russian interference”. What does he mean by “interference” were voting machines hacked? By “us” who exactly is he referring to? Does NSA agree that Russia “hacked” the Podesta and DNC emails? Instead of innuendo why isn’t Brennan dealing in FACTS? He needs to put up or shut up.

    Unfortunately the response on this subject by the Trump team has been very weak and uncoordinated. For example in an interview yesterday Sean Spicer accepted the basic premise that Russia hacked the election – he only disputed whether it effected the outcome. This position is contrary to that of his boss – Reince Priebus – who – at least – is not willing to accept the basic premise. I hope Trump is aware of how badly botched the response has been by his communication team.

    Rep Peter King is not so timid. He has called for an investigation into what he called a “hit job” by Brennan.

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    • It’s far better for Rep. King to speak out about Brennan or anyone else in the Obama Admin., rather than Priebus at this point in time.
      Don’t fret; Pres. Trump knows what’s going on and how to handle it.


    • gringz says:

      Exactly! If they had facts and evidence to prove that Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta then thety wouldn’t need a consensus. They would be saying that they have proof, not that well, it looks like their mo ….. yadda yadda and therefore whe have reached a consensus.


  14. paulraven1 says:

    “Unfortunately Reince does not call CIA Director John Brennan a liar.”

    Of course he didn’t. He can’t. He’s not capable of it. He’s GOPe. I had sincerely hoped Trump would find spokespeople who could and would. Maybe he still can. But we will never get what we really need from people like Priebus or Conway. Never.

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  15. Get Em Trump says:

    word on the street is that Brennan has converted to being Muslim, and he is one of the top officals that has done so at the top of the largest intelligence organizations. This would not surprise me at all…..


  16. freepetta says:

    Same stupid questions. It gets old.

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  17. missmarple2 says:

    I think holding back on calling Brennan a liar while Brennan still controls the CIA is probably a good idea. Asking for evidence is a good way of neutralizing this.

    Some of you guys need to remember that Trump isn’t in office yet, and Obama and Brennan still have power. I would prefer that Trump get through the inauguration before fights are picked. We are still in perilous times.

    Why everyone doesn’t trust Trump about this stuff, I have no idea. I voted for him because I am positive he knows how to navigate through the dangers and get us to a place where these people like Brennan no longer have any sort of influence.

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    • boogywstew says:

      What she said!

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    • jackphatz says:

      After the inauguration, Trump can tell them all to go pound sand.

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    • Howie says:

      This is an evidence free scheme. As usual.

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    • Summer says:

      I agree completely. Some people expect Trump to be confrontational which exactly what his opponents are hoping for — to be able to say, “see? We told you so — he is impulsive, has bad temperament and he is divisive!!!! Can’t have this uncouth maniac anywhere near The Button!!!!”

      Trump is very smart by playing nice with his enemies now. Anyone with a functioning brain can see the difference between Trump having a positive message and calling for unity, Trump magnanimously extending his hand to his worst detractors, and the UniParty who is flipping out spewing hatred and treason and trying to subvert the Constitution and the will of the people in 30 states ONCE AGAIN.


      I do wish Trump people start concentration upon WHAT WAS IN THE ALLEGEDLY HACKED EMAILS. Why would these published DNC and Podesta emails influence the elections at all as the Clinton campaign insist? Was it because CORRUPTION of the Clinton campaign was exposed to the American people? Democrats are shifting the spotlight from their exposed corruption to Trump being a beneficiary of this exposure, and even the initiator, as Obama spokeskid intimated. That is outrageous because they practically accused Trump of conspiring with Putin.

      Tomorrow we will see the effect (or lack thereof) of these shameful actions by the Clinton machine. It is not over until it is over.

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  18. jackphatz says:

    12:26 seconds is way too long. Can’t we just have the words scroll along the bottom then listen for the answers?


  19. callahan44 says:

    I do trust President Trump. However, I wish he, and his people, would just ignore, boycott the lying, disgusting main stream media, like the truly (to borrow a phrase, irredeemable) Chris Wallace, CNN, and all of the others. If Mr. Trump’s people are not prepared to publically call them–and the lying CIA director– the liars they are, please stop granting interviews. The MSM has been OUR enemy from day one. Why give them any credence by appearing on their shows? I hope President Trump relocates the White House press room to the most dark, dank, rat infested part of the cellar. Actually, my wife thinks they should be kept outside–all year long.


  20. I don’t trust anything the CIA, FBI. State Dept. or MSM says anymore…


    • Mr. Izz says:

      If I openly said that to family members, I would be labeled a crazy.

      But if they questioned me about it, my response would be, “why should I believe them?”

      If anyone can answer that question, then maybe I’ll reconsider, but I highly doubt anyone has a proper answer.


  21. saywhat64 says:

    I have just received from a very good inside source that the Trump Team is remaining mostly silent on John Brennan until after 1/20/2017. After that he is going down HARD as he is culpable in many obama crimes including obama’s forged birth certificate from back in 2012.. 2016 was great but 2017 is looking even better. MAGA

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  22. Sandra says:

    Dickerson and Wallace keep repeating the same questions over and over and over because they are not getting the answers THEY want. This has nothing to do with informing the public, which should be their role. Priebus was clear. Conway was clear. Ugh.


  23. UKExpat says:

    Did the RUSSKIES hack the VOTERS or the counting of the votes – NO THEY DIDN’T . Did they give the DISGUSTING DemoncRAT emails to WIKILEAKS – WIKILEAKS says NO and NO PROOF that they have has been given.


  24. triper57 says:

    Chris, why should we believe this administration’s claim? They have been proven to be liars through countless embarrassments over the last 8 years. Just Benghazi has proven they lie for political reasons. Case Closed unless you can come up with believable proof.

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  25. Yggdrasil says:

    Reince Priebus is a typical Washington politician. He’s afraid to give honest answers so he comes of sounding like a jerk.

    Why didn’t he say, “No, until we see the facts on which Brennan based his statement and hear from the other intelligence agencies, we don’t accept the opinions of an Obama-appointed official that call into question the legitimacy of the election.”


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