Labor Secretary Tom Perez Announces Bid For DNC Chair…

An interesting choice now presents itself for Democrat supporters, Tom Perez or Keith Ellison?  The Bernie Sanders wing (Anarchists, RevCom, SJW) of the party supports Keith Ellison, the Obama/Clinton wing (Moonbat Limo-Liberals) will most likely support Tom Perez.  However, both options are substantially far left.

Tom-Perez-550x395Keith Ellison crocidile Tears

Today Labor Secretary Tom Perez announces his intention to run for Chair of the Democrat National Committee.   Perez launches a website –SEE HERE– toward that endeavor:

The last month hasn’t been easy for Democrats.  But now isn’t the time to despair – it’s time to organize and fight.  ~ Tom Perez

Prior to becoming Labor Secretary, Perez was head of the civil rights division within the Eric Holder Department of Justice.  Many people attribute the social justice legal concept of “disparate impact” to the activism of Tom Perez.  CTH archives on Perez HERE

Tom perez and Eric Holder

Disparate impact works around the race-baiting problem of equal opportunity by advancing a proposition that only equal outcomes can define whether an adverse impact exists.  A ridiculous proposition.   All people are created equal – but not all people take advantage of the equality afforded them;  some -if not many- are just lazy, and their failures cannot -and should not- be commingled with the success of those who exert effort.

2014 WASHINGTON – A federal judge overturned the Obama administration’s “desperation” move to try to find more ways to prove discrimination in housing in a decision Monday that also delivered a searing rebuke to Thomas Perez, a Cabinet official whom liberals are pushing to be the next attorney general.

Judge Richard J. Leon ruled that the administration cannot rely on “disparate impact” to judge discrimination, dealing a blow to civil rights groups that said the analytical tool gave them more room to file discrimination cases.

Potentially just as important for President Obama’s postelection moves was the rebuke Judge Leon delivered to Mr. Perez, whom he accused of gaming the legal system, timing cases and arranging a settlement in order to keep the Supreme Court from issuing a ruling that would have undercut the administration’s discrimination argument.  (read more)

jmLiberalismIsADisease 001

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75 Responses to Labor Secretary Tom Perez Announces Bid For DNC Chair…

  1. Eric Kennedy says:

    Crap, I was hoping for the Islamist, but if Obama/Clinton side with Perez, we know how this will go down.

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  2. Pam says:

    These dems never learn do they? Just what they need, another SJW to head this sinking ship.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Yeah but, realistically, who could they choose who would be any better?

      Not much to choose from there. And no matter who they get, he/she will just be a Tool.


      • darththulhu says:

        Nah, they could pick Tulsi Gabbard. They could pick Jim Webb. They could pick Janet Napolitano. They could pick plenty of people. It is entirely possible to be affected by the “hug-it-out, kumbaya” tendency without completely throwing one’s critical thinking skills out the window.

        Unfortunately for the present Democratic Party, however, people like Tulsi Gabbard and Jim Webb are (at the moment) personae non grata, and people like Napolitano are sneered at as has-beens. Trump is going to have to spend several years annihilating the efforts of the present leadership before seeds like Gabbard will be able to sprout and grow out of the smoking ruin to assume any position of real influence.

        Maybe by the mid-to-late 2020s.

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        • I figured Webb and Gabbard would defect to the republicans much like Gen Flynn. I honestly think that Gabbard should have been offered a significant position in the administration, Trump puts people in positions to do specific things, once some destruction has been accomplished someone like a Gabbard or Webb could run the “fixed” departments, however they wouldn’t come out unscathed from the cutting.


  3. neilmdunn says:

    How could each one be worse than the other one? Go Dems and no fixing the vote.

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  4. IMO says:

    democrat party full of radicals like the one we’ve had installed for eight long years

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  5. clash108 says:

    It appears the Dems are in a lose-lose situation.

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  6. Alison says:

    Bitter clingers to fake racism. It’s all they have.

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  7. hpushkin says:

    I really want Ellison. The more one learns about him, the more perfect he is for this position. He is my rep. in MInneapolis, so I must be loyal. Just curious who would be more incompetent of the two?

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    • starfcker says:

      I want Ellison too. But really, mr disparate impact would be fine. Either one would be more than capable of destroying any credibility the dimocrat party might have with anyone on the plus side of mean IQ. Looks like we can’t lose.

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  8. Jay Edwards says:

    “disparate impact ” assumes any differential outcome between groups is per se improper… No other evidence of ” discrimination” need be produced—an absurd proposition based on what we know abou individual and group differences and their biological bases ( plural of basis)…

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    • Sherlock says:

      The “disparate impact” theory is the most illogical and dangerous legal theory to have gained acceptance, in my view. Taken to its logical extreme, no law is valid.

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  9. quintrillion says:

    The art work is remarkable. That’s where the evil left belongs, quarantined in a gun free zone.


  10. emet says:

    I looked at his web. In every “Tom in action” picture, he is sitting next to, or interacting with an African American person. I surmise this is because his opponent is African American. The Ds cannot seem to get away from race, nor can they conceive of an America where we are all just American-Americans.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      All Identity Politics, All the Time.

      Should be the Party slogan.

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    • nkmommy says:

      This comment most accurately describes Tom Perez and his circle. They view everything through the purview of race, ethnicity, gender, income. I can understand “mentoring” minorities to reach success but I can’t imagine that Tom Perez and his circle will ever get to the finish line, where they say, “OK, our work is done, we have helped minorities to reach parity, the rest is up to the individual.” Rather, this group of people are always looking around the corner for the next example of something keeping them down.


  11. NHVoter says:

    This is hysterical. I’m thrilled that the Democrats are doubling down on stupid.

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  12. TwoLaine says:

    I didn’t think they could pick anyone any fuglier than DWS, but they have. He’s always reminded me of a wet rat, because he always acts like one.

    What a turn off for the electorate. Scraping the bottom of the swamp.

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  13. Dommy says:

    Sounds like their new rallying cry is going to be “Leftward to victory, fellow demonrats!”


  14. Mr. Morris says:

    Thank heavens the Democratic Party continues to be the party of moon battery. JFK must be very sad and spinning in his grave and his brother Teddy must be thrilled and ready for another gander at Chappaquiddick Island. Fidel lives in The Democratic Party!


  15. grainofsalt2 says:

    McNaughton truly captured the faces of the idiots. Great job by the artist. So many of them looked real.


  16. hificomp says:

    The question is – Who Is Running the Insane Asylum

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  17. Summer says:

    Off the cliff we much!!!


  18. 2x4x8 says:

    speaking of Disparate Impact, anyone catch the story of flight controller falling asleep on duty?

    wonder if it is a result of changes Obama did on hiring Air Traffic Controllers to increase diversity?

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  19. litlbit2 says:

    With the facts presented by Sundance, “Perez was head of the civil rights division within the Eric Holder Department of Justice.” The lying and corruption get a leg up at the DNC!
    Wow! My shorts are wet!


  20. All American Snowflake says:

    Thank God! They finally quarantined the all the Millionaire Limousine-Liberals.

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  21. maga2016 says:

    yea let the guy who can turn a fulltime job into 3 part time jobs at Starcucks take over this corrupt mess


  22. NJF says:

    Had to stop & post this as soon as I got to disparate impact.

    Back to reading.

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  23. Sandra says:

    Either one is fine with me. 🙂 Have fun, nutcase liberals.

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  24. Ron says:

    To be honest, where I”m at is, the Libs are so Stuck On Stupid that I don’t care who their leaders are. The nuttier, the better. They seem completely incapable of learning from past mistakes.

    By. The. Way., the republican party was the same way about … oh… 6 months ago.

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  25. Ron says:

    So, imma let you finish (Kanye Reference) but let me get this straight.

    The guy who ran the LABOR department, during a period of time when Jobs have demonstrably been suppressed… who is getting his ass handed to him by the Trump economy before he even hits office,…. THAT GUY is the one who wants to run the DNC?

    I think Trump could probably destroy Perez’s credibility in 1 tweet…

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  26. annieoakley says:

    There is just something so evil and sinister in Perez that Muzz Ellison may be better. Perez gives me cold chills and always has.

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  27. Dems B. Dcvrs says:

    Tom Perez vs. Keith Ellison for DNC Chair?
    Somebody pinch me, this has to be a Dream!

    These two are about last two I would ever pick to Chair DNC after loosing so badly. Surprised they didn’t tap Rabid Reid.

    I could suggest a few good choices for DNC Chair, but why help the Left out. It is far more fun to watch them keep digging a deeper and deeper hole to climb out of.

    Pass the Popcorn!

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  28. jefcool64 says:

    Man I love how you find these hilarious pictures and videos


  29. KBR says:

    So, does this mean the Dem party is ready to split between saving the “Hispanic” illegals and saving the Moslem ones?
    Is this the start of the Moslo-Hispanic war?

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  30. CUBS WIN! says:

    Tom Perez is going up against Keith Ellison for the DNC job?

    Isn’t Ellison a Muslim?

    Doesn’t that fact make a prima facie case for Tom Perez being an Islamophobic bigot?

    I await the leftist outrage.

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  31. GaryT says:

    I think America wants Keith Ellison. He is the perfect candidate for DNC Chair. Who is this Perez guy, anyway . . . What’s the “poop” on this guy? Maybe America would like him just as well? Either one of these A̶m̶e̶r̶i̶c̶a̶-̶h̶a̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶l̶o̶s̶e̶r̶s̶ viable candidates could probably do the job if you know what I mean. Ya think?


  32. spren says:

    It is the fact that actual cases of racial discrimination regarding individuals are so rare that the SJW types had to invent the concept of disparate impact. We had come so far as a society that abject discrimination on the basis of race all but disappeared. The rare cases that did arise invariably involved discrimination against people who were white (perversely referred to as ‘reverse discrimination’). Instead of celebrating this great turn of events, we had to stir the pot some more and come up with new narratives of why we are still such a racist country. This is very sad.

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  33. aredtailblog says:

    Ultimately, it looks like the left is still going to fail 2020 through the peddling of identity politics.


  34. TheLast Democrat says:

    “Disparate Impact,” or “Religion of Peace.” Or “BLM.”

    I guess that “War on Women” thing did not work out so well.


    • sunnydaze says:

      Yep. Women off the list now. Thank God. That’s the LAST thing American women need is to be disempowered and made to feel like perpetual victims, which is what the Dems do to all their “pet groups”.

      No. Thanks.


  35. distracted2 says:

    Either one of these is the nail in the coffin. I’m not tired of winning yet!


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