Pentagon Documents Prove Trump is Right – Boeing Air-Force-One Over $4 Billion…

Donald Trump came under fire for saying the Boeing Air-Force-One replacement program was ridiculously too costly at a $4 billion price tag:


Immediately the Trump opposition, which is essentially the entire MSM apparatus, went into apoplectic rage and attack mode because, according to them, there was no basis for the price assertion at $4 billion.

However, Pentagon contract documents obtained by The Daily Mail show Donald Trump was precisely correct, and all the moonbat antagonists were precisely wrong.

[…]  The Defense Department budget documents show a total of $2.872 billion in existing and planned spending on the main Boeing project between 2015 and 2021, all for Research, Development, Test & Evaluation – or RDT&E, in government-speak.

A separate schedule identifies another $330.7 million in ‘other’ costs, described as ‘facilities’ for the Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization program – the official bureaucratic name for the catch-all Air Force One project.

All that money, however, won’t get either of the two redundant planes built. That will require a separate $1.062 billion ‘procurement’ request, which the Pentagon spelled out last year. (link).

Yeah, that’s a total of $4.265 Billion.  Just like President-elect Donald Trump said it was…

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216 Responses to Pentagon Documents Prove Trump is Right – Boeing Air-Force-One Over $4 Billion…

  1. HolyLoly says:

    I’m waiting for the proof that Trump won the popular vote when you subtract the several million illegal votes from Hillary’s total.

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  2. joshua says:

    MSM folk and the liberals all had problem accepting what the TEACHER told them in school….unless it was how bad America is or how evil the Republicans are.

    So of course they have to argue and rant that TRUMP IS WRONG.

    Trump is going to be correct MOST OF THE TIME….that is why he got RICH.

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  3. joshua says:

    Boeing Boeing
    by Marc Camoletti
    translated by Beverley Cross & Francis Evans
    directed by Allison Narver

    It’s the 1960s, and swinging bachelor Bernard couldn’t be happier: a flat in Paris and three gorgeous stewardesses all engaged to him without knowing about each other.

    But Bernard’s perfect life gets bumpy when his friend Robert comes to stay and…..

    a new and speedier Boeing jet throws off all of his careful planning.

    Soon all three stewardesses are in town simultaneously, timid Robert is forgetting which lies to tell to whom, and catastrophe looms. A riotous farce that recently enjoyed hit revivals in London and New York, Boeing Boeing is now set to arrive in Jet City—fasten your seat belts!

    Contains sexually suggestive content.
    Run time is 2 hours 20 minutes with one intermission.

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  4. Not a Boeing message per se, but lots of MSM moaning and groaning about Trump calling large company CEOs asking them to stay. The MSM is making it out to look like Trump is going to force something. NO. he is just saying that bus environment in the US will get better soon, and Tariff are possible/likely.

    What is unsaid is that Trump is no doubt collecting a complaint list from these CEOs.
    Fed Government is certainly at the top: IRS, EPA, OSHA, Americans With Disabilities, etc.
    But I betcha he’s gonna get load of complaints about state and local governments also, abusing the American Manufacturers: Restrictive zoning, Water and Sewer, Blue laws, etc. For whatever ails local governmetn, just smack the big business. They always have more money.

    I know here in NJ, there are buildings owned by major Pharmaceutical companies, buildings are physically empty, but can’t classified as empty. Can’t even turn out the lights, or they are will be condemned, the Dept of Environment will come in assess $$$$$Millions in fines for phantom pollution in the ground. The Mafia would be proud.

    Just saying, Federal Gov has been using private business as a cash cow for near 100 years. Local governments are guilty too.

    Trump is breaking the mold in so many ways.
    We are living in historical times.
    Trump Train!!

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  5. DelAware says:

    How much of this overrun is due to sweetheart and back door deals with foreign governments and suppliers creating “externalized costs” that later get built into the price tag?

    Boeing employs many white men and women in its US subsidiaries.

    Bash the company’s execs. But not the workers.


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    • “How much of this overrun is due to sweetheart and back door deals with foreign governments and suppliers creating “externalized costs” that later get built into the price tag?”

      It’s because, back in 1997, Boeing was allowed to merge with the other manufacturer of large commercial airframes, McDonnell Douglas, because there wasn’t enough defense work for BOTH companies to survive independently.

      Boeing now has a monopoly on US-built large commercial aircraft.


  6. UKExpat says:

    It has become blindingly obvious since Trump WON that the LEFTARD MORONS and the MSM CRETINS are now suffering a huge dose of Trump Derangement Syndrome and that for them there is no possibility of recovery after all we know you can’t fix STUPID.

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  7. thesitrep says:

    Wanna do some b’ness with the Donald, you’d better have a sharp pencil.


  8. MissV says:

    Anybody notice a distinct lack of patriotic paint and an overabundance of the sick UN blue on that plane?


    • That has been the standard Air Force One livery since the 1960s, and that paint scheme came about because blue was JFK’s favorite color. (The original concept was in red and gold by Raymond Loewy, who was one of the preeminent graphic designers and branding experts of the era; red was replaced with blue in the final version.)


  9. About a decade ago, there was a great scandal involving a plan by Boeing to lease some 767s to the Air Force for use as tankers.

    Leaving aside the actual illegalites involved (bribing an Air Force procurement official to ensure that the specifications could only be filled by a 767), the proposed deal was, honestly, unconscionable.

    It more or less involved the Air Force effectively paying for the planes three times over:

    The lease was about as expensive as buying the planes.
    The USAF would pay to equip the leased planes as tankers and to remove the tanker equipment, and Boeing would have a very spendy maintenance contract. This would cost about as much as buying the planes would.
    The USAF would be the customer of last resort for the planes in the event Boeing couldn’t sell them to airlines–which was just about a given for the following reasons:

    a. The 767, even a decade ago, was starting to get phased out by major airlines in the US. Indeed, by the time the lease expired, the major customer remaining would be the People’s Republic of China.

    b. No one was going to buy a clapped-out airframe that had been used for the tanker mission–tanker aircraft go through a LOT of pressurization/depressurization cycles (between full cycles of takeoff to landing and partial cycles in going from cruise altitude to mission altitude and back).

    So, the Air Force would end up paying for the same airplanes three times over. All to support the 767 civilian model’s operations and maintenance costs. Yes, Boeing wanted the United States Air Force to subsidize the People’s Republic of China.


  10. Judi Smith says:

    Trump is cleaning house and the dirty business doers are not liking it…go Donald, go!


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