Carrier Employee Reacts To Learning Trump/Pence Saved 1,000 Jobs…

One of the employees of Carrier HVAC systems in Indiana reacts to hearing that President-Elect Donald Trump and VP-Elect Mike Pence were able to negotiate a deal with Carrier to save 1,000 Indiana jobs.


Even the barking moonbats are giving Trump Credit:

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132 Responses to Carrier Employee Reacts To Learning Trump/Pence Saved 1,000 Jobs…

  1. rashamon says:

    Obama has never held a job “job” nor created one. The thousand Carrier jobs impact another thousand in the community when you consider housing, food, clothing, utilities, transportation, etc., etc., etc., that are impacted by those people being out of work.

    A job is not just A JOB; it’s a whole network of people creating opportunities. MAGA has just begun.

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  2. Don’t believe Trump gave them tax credits like the guy in the second video suggests. My guess is he just told them what the taxes would be once he took over. That would be enough to make most company’s want to stay, and lots of them return to the USA.


  3. davidberrien says:

    Downsides? Giveaways? Why so negative Cenk? Seems to me the 1000 employees will be able to keep paying their taxes now. Is that enough compensation for giving the company a tax break as an incentive? Do some math about that? That’s what a real journalist would do…


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