Green Party Fleeces Sheeple and Files for Recount in Wisconsin…

The difference between the Democrat and Republican party has always been the distinction between one side who will do anything, say anything, manipulate anything, and fight to the death to get their way – and the other party being polite Republican surrender monkeys.

Pelosi Gavel

Any intellectually honest observer didn’t need to look any further than the construct of ObamaCare in 2009/2010 to find the legislative representation of this political truism.

Or perhaps a person might remember the leftist takeover of the Wisconsin capitol building because they lost the 2010 election.  Further still remember the newly minority Wisconsin Democrats actually fleeing the state and attempting to disrupt the legislative session simply by refusing to participate.

The Jill Stein filing for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania is simply an extension of this aforementioned behavior.   The goal is not to change the election outcome, that possibility is beyond absurd, the goal is Alinsky opposition: create mayhem, cause angst, create disruption, seed doubt, undermine, isolate, marginalize the opponent. These moonbat behaviors are simply the antagonistic leftists fulfilling the nature of their ideology.

Wisconsin TeacherThe professional left even acknowledges that fundraising to advance these challenges is essentially a scam.   However, it’s a scam that has benefits even in its futility.

Leftist messaging and narrative building has two consistent theme:

  • #1 – Make the minute scale of radical leftist support/association seem larger than it is by amplifying visibility and dominating the messaging.
  • #2 – Make the minute scale of radical support/association (the loons) of your opposition seem larger than they are by amplifying visibility and dominating the messaging.

jill-stein(Via Reuters) Wisconsin’s election commission said on Friday it had received petitions for a recount of votes in the presidential election from the Green Party campaign and another candidate and was planning to start the process.

“The Commission is preparing to move forward with a statewide recount of votes for President of the United States, as requested by these candidates,” Commission Administrator Michael Haas said in a statement on the agency’s website.

The move follows comments by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein earlier on Friday that her push for election recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania was aimed at assessing the integrity of the U.S. voting system, not at undermining Republican Donald Trump’s White House victory.

While Stein’s effort this week may have spurred hope among disappointed supporters of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the chances of such recounts – if they take place – overturning the overall result from the Nov. 8 election are extremely slim, given Trump’s margins of victory in the three states.

Since launching the recount campaign on Wednesday, Stein has raised more than $5 million. The Green Party said it wants to raise $7 million for the recounts, including the cost of legal fees.

The Green Party has said that despite the millions it has raised to fund the recounts, it could not guarantee any would occur and that if its requests were denied or there were surplus funds, it would use the money to push for voting system reforms.

Stein, who won just 1 percent of the national vote herself, told CNN that while there was no evidence of tampering or other voting errors in the election, only a full review in those states would give Americans confidence in the results.

“This was a hack-riddled election,” she said, pointing to hacking before the vote of political organizations and individual email accounts, as well as recent media reports citing concerns by computer security experts.

The deadline to request the Wisconsin recount was Friday afternoon, while for Pennsylvania the deadline is Monday and for Michigan Wednesday.

Wisconsin’s Haas said that with a federal deadline of Dec. 13 to complete the recounts, county boards of canvassers might have to work evenings and weekends.

The other petitioner for a recount in the state was third-party candidate Rocky Roque De La Fuente, the commission statement said.

Although Trump won narrowly in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, the margins make it highly unlikely that any recounts would end up giving Clinton a win in all three states, which would be needed for the overall presidential election result to change. Trump beat Clinton in Pennsylvania by 70,010 votes, in Michigan by 10,704 votes and in Wisconsin by 27,257 votes.

The presidential race is decided by the Electoral College, or a tally of wins from the state-by-state contests, rather than by the popular national vote. The Electoral College results are expected to be finalized when electors meet on Dec. 19.  (read more)

Democrat Voter - Typical Progressive


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400 Responses to Green Party Fleeces Sheeple and Files for Recount in Wisconsin…

  1. Ron says:

    It’ll never happen, but imagine if this recount turns up fraud by Hillary’s people… which is then latched onto and investigated by Congress, and it ends up bringing down the whole Clinton Empire?

    We can dream.

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  2. andi lee says:

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  3. lzap says:

    I find this very disturbing. A recount if there is a reason is OK, but when it is not for a reason is bad. Election results need a finality in order for the Republic to work correctly. When the election in question is for the POTUS, when we have so many Solders, Sailor, and Marines in harms way, it is IMHO treasonous.

    I feel the Green Party is doing this to raise funds, build up name recognition and develop a list of supporters. They are also trying to get rid of Paper Ballots, when they talk about instant runoff and preference voting, only a electronic DRE (Direct Recording Equipment) machine can record all that. Upon the recount, their will be a very small “RESIDUAL VOTE” found due to the not perfect optical scanning process. Optical scan is not perfect but so much better then the DRE machines

    Their calls to have a national standard voting machine is very troubling. They claim use of “open source” code will make it secure, is just WRONG (did not swear). Open Source code means it is only the higher level code, which has to be compiled by a potentially insecure compiler and then transported somehow to the end machine. It ignores that any real grognog hacker could use low level code that can be hidden in many places in the machine to do it business, as trillions are at stake fake chips can be made for any electronic DRE. DRE must not be used period; the user verification DRE have also issues.

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    • Six months down the road we’ll read about Stein buying a third home, just like Bernie.

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    • svenwg says:

      Paper ballots ONLY! Stored for 5 years in a high security environment. Thereby any election fraud can be traced to dead and illegal voters. Penalty for election fraud, DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD IN PUBLIC,

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      • QuiteContrary says:

        I’d also like to see all vote totals conveyed at exactly the same time. That way, you won’t have the possibility of ballot-box stuffing when they know more votes are needed. There can be no communication with others by election officials who have the vote totals on hand until they’ve been sent. Violation of any of this gets them a 10-year mandatory sentence.

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      • lzap says:

        I think destroying the ballots after a couple weeks like it is now in most states is correct. We need to have the election accepted with finality.

        I think the problem is not the penalty on the books, most places it is a felony with like 5 years in prison for each violation, but that the penalty is not applied, sentience guide lines are needed. If a non citizen votes they and all their non citizen family should be shown the door and sent back where they came from. If a dead person votes illegally, they should also be sent back where they came from. 🙂

        Like QuiteContrary said we need to vote on Election Day, not a month prior. Limited AB only.

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      • georgiafl says:

        NO ballots ‘found’ in trunks of cars, closets, etc.

        All ballots under lock and key, transported like diamonds, gold, etc., with secure custody.

        Time to stop vote, voter and election fraud forever.

        Clean dead people off rolls, link voters to SS#s, Photo ID, finger prints, DNA, iris scans, ear whorls, facial recognition software, or all of the above, if necessary.

        No non-citizens voting.

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    • Paul Killinger says:

      You’re right, it’s all about fundraising. But a more viable Green Party’s not necessarily a bad thing… Just ask Al Gore, who would have been president but for them.

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    • michael says:

      They are doing it for HRC. Make no mistake about it. Clintons play rough to the very end. Its why they have been so successful, being the hacks they are. Republicans are as blind and naive as ever. They need to WTFU!

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      • mike says:

        Third parties like the Greens and Libertarians are perpetually short funded. The is just Democratic money laundering to slip in one more truckload of fake and illegals ballots.


    • It was very close in a number of states, Izap. That is reason enough. If Stein follows the rules and pays the fees, she has the right to a second look at the ballots. She was a candidate, and was told she had zero votes in states where she knows she had some. The recounts are happening before the deadlines for certification. It could uncover vulnerabilities or outside hacking attempts. I don’t see a downside. Don’t you want the victory to be double-verified?


  4. Sherlock says:

    For those of timid constitution, read this woman and buck up. She could teach most of us a thing or two about fighting, not whining and worrying.

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  5. oncefired says:

    These are not small donations that Stein is receiving, She has raised more in 2-3 days then she did for her entire campaign…………I smell Soros and Crew behind this! A distraction worth ignoring! Let the MSM have their time with it, what small amount of credibility they have left will be gone after days of running with this all for nothing!

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  6. oncefired says:

    This tells you everything you need to know about the Stein Recounts:

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  7. oncefired says:

    This should also tell us Treepers that our work is far from done! Obutthead has no plans of hitting the Golf Course everyday after he is gone……….Especially with Satan’s Mistress beside him every step of the way! There is a Special Place in Hell for one Iranian named Valerie Jarrett!

    We need to formulate and put a plan into action to marginalize these Communists! We may have to take Alinsky tactics against these clowns and start following them around!

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    • The Raven says:

      From the hysterical finger pointing, coming from her motherland, you can tell they’re scared.

      Another “cowboy” is taking over and it gives them a case of “robe chili”.

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  8. Libertyvibe says:

    My perspective is a little different on this: Jill has amassed an incredible amount of cash in a very short time. It appears to be more money than she procured during her entire campaign. The money came in steady, even increments, most likely from a bot. The funds were tracked down to George Soros. Not organic Greenies. For whatever reason, Hillary wants us to put the blame on Stein, and Jill has agreed.
    The three states chosen are claiming a “recount” to throw off Trump supporters. We are so busy gloating, that we are not paying attention. Our kneejerk reaction is to scoff, because we think in terms of sheer numbers, and we are quite confident in those. But this is not the grift Hillary is running. What she is actually doing is hoping to “revise’ the way the votes are tabulated. In certain counties, the DNC has noticed a disparity between the paper votes for Hillary, and the electronic votes for Hillary, to the tune of a 7% differential (and you thought they were comparing Hillary vs. Trump votes). They are claiming that this differential is evidence of RACISM! To make it fair, the votes should be leveled up to make them even. When this “leveling up” occurs, Hillary wins these states, and she wins the election. All it takes is a few crooked calls, from a few crooked judges. I am not saying that she has this in the bag. I still believe it is ours to lose. But we are crazy to be ignoring this. Also pay close attention to the fact that MSM has been sharpening up their sabers against Russia again. They are preparing for a war with Russia, assuming their queen bee will be successful with her coup.

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    • lvdancer says:

      The bots started coming in @3:00 am. Every hour like magic, $160,000 was added.
      sundance, I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

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    • LCSmom says:

      How do they know the “fraud” committed was in the machines? Maybe Hillary’s paper vote totals were higher because of fraud there, and not in the machines. the whole thing is insanity.


    • 108nams says:

      LibertyVibe, the hacktivist group Anonymous agrees with you, that we Trump supporters should take this vote-recount threat VERY seriously. Anonymous actually said “It’s over. HRC will steal the election.” They are not joking.


      • Libertyvibe says:

        I don’t agree that they will win. But I do agree that they will try. I believe that the effort they will put fort will be stronger and dirtier than the one the put forth during the election. That means we need to be prepared to match them in battle.


    • paris23 says:

      So they cheated with the e-votes and now claim a suspicious discrepancy. Trump must challenge them. Please write to Trump and share your idea at I think this is right on the money.

      Fortunately, it has been established by voting machine experts that the machines can be easily hacked and that the democrats have been using vote shaving. Also, we have Project Veritas videos on our side. I think their scheme might not stand up in court.


    • old_grouch says:

      What documentation do you have that the funds were traced to Soros? I have seen that people speculate that due to the regularity, these were automated payments, and it sounds convincing, but I certainly have not seen that the funds were traced to anyone.


    • luke says:

      I’m with you and I sincerely appreciate your comment. I have been trying to sound the alarm while fellow Trump supporters get worked up about Trump not prosecuting Clinton (which he never took off the table in the first place). Jill Stein just denounced Hillary for jumping on the recount bandwagon but it is smoke and mirrors. The explanation is simple; why would Stein want a recount of just the 3 closest Trump states?

      This needs to be taken with the utmost seriousness. Sundance please remember what you have always said “There are trillions at stake.”


  9. oncefired says:

    One more, which maybe out of topic, but very important, but if true, we have the Best of the Best in position to handle it. Appears that Obutthead has been busy setting a Trojan Horse over his 2 terms with the help of Grandma Yellen and the TPTB to guarantee a crash and what they hope will be Blamed on and Failure handed to the Trump Administration. The only Problem, they are plotting against a genius and the master of “The Art of the deal”!

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  10. sunnydaze says:

    This recount effort by Stein (in only states won by Trump) is causing her supporters to disown her as a fraud.

    We may be watching the collapse of the Green Party. (YAY!)

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  11. Illegal says:

    If she wants a recount why don’t they just recount her votes. She should not be able to demand a recount breaking out the Clinton and Trump votes. These votes should be combined as other. A recount will show she will still lose!

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  12. Mao's Noodle says:

    Outside of America we call these Greens watermelons. Green on the outside, red on the inside.

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  13. Geri Smith says:

    Dumb asses don’t realize that Trump crushed the bitches by millions in the popular vote. Discount all the illegals voting and boom! It’s not even close.
    Proof Donald Trump Won The Popular Vote

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  14. Shadrach says:

    I guess I am naive, because I don’t see this as a move to get Clinton in the WH. That ship sailed. Not only that, but recounts are very unlikely to increase the Clinton margin. The Dem party must be squirming because there’s a good chance a recount will expose voter fraud, and let’s not forget that the RNC was anti-Trump until close to the end. Chances of voter fraud by Republicans = ~0. The GOPe did not want Trump to win.

    Stein wants to increase her relevance. She could pretty easily have taken Bernie’s place as the “outsider” in the primaries. She didn’t because she had very little visibility to the public. She’s attractive, a woman, well-spoken, and the natural home of all the granola-eating eco-warriors is with her, not with Bernie. She probably saw all “her” voters flocking to Bernie and was thinking they could have been her voters. She may be right on this. They only went to Bernie because he looked like the most viable of the “not Hillary Clinton” democrat candidates.

    To get them on her side early (in 2020?) she needs to have campaign funds to get her face out there earlier. She doesn’t have any funds because she’s the Green Party.

    Stein is probably seeing the fracturing of the Dem party (just as we are) and is thinking there’s an opportunity for her to gain significant leverage…..if only she had the money/recognition to do so.

    So she’s using the angst of the cry-baby Dems as a tool to achieve her goals. She gets her face in the news with this recount. She gets them to donate to the cause, and keeps moving the bar higher until she’s sucked them dry of as much money as possible. Stein is probably thrilled with the amount she’s getting. She was probably just hoping for some exposure with the recount. But the money coming in gives her additional opportunities to collect a bank for the next election.

    She then files for a recount in a state (she probably will have to). That will cost her around 2.5 million dollars, but it will be “worth it” to her to get her the media exposure she needs. The rest is gravy that she will use to keep her face in the news.

    Why would Soros help her? He has his own evil plan. Maybe he sees the Green Party as a more viable route to the WH than the existing Dem party. Maybe Soros agrees that Trump will move minorities to the Rep party, and now he’s going to have to bank on the eco-warriors to achieve his goals. The blubbering protestor “true believers” were mainly granola-eaters (riots may have included more minorities, but rioting doesn’t achieve his ends). What he wants are people who “believe” in a “righteous” cause, not people who damage businesses and piss everyone off.

    So, Danger Will Robinson, we may be looking at the emergence of a more powerful Green Party, but this looks like a fight between the Greens and the Dems, not the Dems and the Reps.

    Just my take. Feel free to pick apart what I said. I’m interested in what you think.


    • Sherlock says:

      HRC put in 20 years and about 1 billion dollars to become president. She lost. For 5 million more the diehards in the Clinton bunker who don’t want to accept defeat can get a recount and see what happens, even if the odds are 1000 to 1. Hell, it’s not their money, why not? So, the nutty “statisticians” approach them, convince them there is a “hook” to get a foot in the door, and lo and behold, a week later Stein has money to recount in three states out of 50, states that would hand it to HRC. Why Stein? Who else–Clinton can’t be seen to be involved because she doesn’t want to be an Al Gore, and because she accused Trump of not being willing to accept results (back when she was super confident of winning).

      Seems pretty simple to me.

      It’s Clinton all the way. And it will fail.

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    • 108nams says:

      I appreciate your confidence in Trump’s win. However, I’m most concerned that the hacktivist group Anonymous has sounded the alarm that HRC WILL steal this election from us on the re-count.


  15. ZZZ says:

    Green Party Fleeces Sheeple

    You got that right!

    IF there was such concern – recounting the blue states is where she should start. – especially California. Shame on her. I wish someone would tell these people that selling there souls is a fleeting thing and eternity is a very long time to regret such actions.

    For the love of money is a root of all evils, of which some having lusted after, they were seduced from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 1Tim 6:10


  16. QuiteContrary says:

    My question is what have these Dems been doing since the election. Have they messed with the ballots or the machines in preparation for recounts? I have no idea whether this is even possible, but I wouldn’t put it past them. Are they starting with Wisconsin in hopes of using the “fraud” they find there (planted by them?) to manufacture “proof” to present to officials/courts in the other two states? I hope I’m giving these Dems more credit for stealing elections than they deserve.

    The media’s been doing a terrible job reporting on this. I’ve been trying to find articles that give a clear picture of what Stein has to do to get a recount in Michigan and Pennsylvania, to no avail. If reporters just called up an elections lawyer, they could have the info in 15 minutes. Why hasn’t this been done? I did read that in Pennsylvania you do have to show some evidence of fraud or such, but the specifics about this are missing. I haven’t seen anything about how you get a recount approved in Michigan, but it doesn’t seem to be automatic like Wisconsin. Does anyone know?

    Of course, Stein and the Dems know why they’re doing this and have the entire scenario mapped out. They’ve been planning this for weeks. Have they been messing with the results in these states, or is this just a way to delegitimize Trump? I watched the election heist involving Rep. West in Florida very closely and was shocked by what I saw from beginning to end. I was also shocked that the media did not report the situation fully or accurately. After seeing that go down, I’d put nothing past the Dems.

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    • Thorfinnr says:

      Unfortunately, there are no depths to the evil and deception that Soros will try. Surely, DJT understands the revolution he’s undertaking and what’s at stake for his enemies, and has properly prepared to counter this scenario. If they try to fake ‘Russian hacking’, Trump needs to be prepared to immediately follow the trail and find the individual.voters one by one to publicly verify their votes. That’s why I’ve hated all this healing and bringing the country together crap. Never lose your edge against these people. They will DO ANYTHING, including fabricating war, to keep him out of office.

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      • QuiteContrary says:

        I’ve been hoping Trump’s talk about healing is just rhetoric because he knows that many on the Left will never give him an inch. I believe he and his people know what’s going on here better than I. I trust them to handle it. He does need to deal with them for what they have shown themselves to be. I think he will, much more so than the likes of Romney and the Bushes.


      • 108nams says:

        So true Thor!! “All this healing and bringing the country together crap” is beautiful but dangerous. Trump’s enemies are powerful and ubiquitous. They don’t appreciate kindness and mercy. They understand one thing only, just like the Islamofascists.


    • Paul Killinger says:

      Yeah, let’s have a FULL investigation of election fraud in these three states… Specifically in Milwaukee, Detroit and Philadelphia. I guarantee the results will prove ENLIGHTENING!


    • gruundehn says:

      As a member of the Pima County Election Integrity Commission I can, hopefully, lay a bit of your concerns to rest QuiteContrary. The procedures in Arizona are similar to those in all other States and require at least two members of two different political parties to have positive control over the ballot boxes until delivered to the county Elections Department where the boxes are watched by elections workers and cameras at all times with representatives from the various political parties (I have been the Libertarian one) watching as well. Once the ballots are counted they are placed back into the boxes and sealed and stored in the County Treasurer’s office under cameras for the length of time required by Federal Law; which if I remember right, is two years for an election with Federal contests and six months otherwise. There is a positive chain of custody at all times.

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      • 108nams says:

        Gruundehn, does it work in such an organized and watchful manner for recounts too? I’m suspicious of the 3 states in particular that are being targeted for recount. Thanks.


        • gruundehn says:

          Yes, the procedure is the same except that it starts from the County Treasurer’s sealed vault rather than the precincts or voting centers.
          Also in Arizona, the Saturday after any election there is an audit of a small percentage of the votes cast, both precinct and mail-in, and this audit is conducted by at least three people who cannot all be from the same party. Usually, there is a Democrat, a Republican and either a Green or a Libertarian and sometimes all four. If a problem is found the ballot goes to a special board as required by State law.


  17. RuckusTom says:

    Republicans better get on top of this. Al Franken of MN and Christine Gregoire of WA won after election results were recounted 2 or 3 times until the “correct” count was obtained.

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    • jack dempsey says:

      Ruckus’, I could not agree more. The recount is not about Jill and
      the Greens. It is about Hillary. I’m afraid they’ll find bundles of
      forgotten Hillary votes with each recount, just as they did for Franken
      in Minnesota, until the Hillary total is correct. This is very serious.
      Soros isn’t done yet. Roger Stone is sharp enough to zero in on
      this and counter attack.

      I bet Jill Stein has found that she has a bank account in the Caymans
      with 5 million in it.

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  18. I wonder … is there the possibility that any voting “irregularities” (read fraud/rigging) could be uncovered in a recount?


  19. 3x1 says:

    I posted some information about potential domestic terrorism at the same Dakota pipeline Stein was arrested at, and a call for help researching in the Presidential election thread

    Steins dirty. Time to dig in and uncover what’s going on behind the scenes. Info at link. Don’t have to be an expert, curiosity and a computer is all you need 😉

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  20. Wisconsam says:

    Wisconsin Elections Commission Receives Two Presidential Election Recount Petitions
    Good information with links and PDF’s of the actual recount petitions…


  21. JBrickley says:

    I have zero problem with a recount so long as they validate every single ballot. Check the names and addresses against the deceased and voter registration rolls. They should not count absentee ballots. If there’s a way to validate citizenship that should be used against every ballot as well.

    I oppose those touch screen digital voting machines, they are known to have glitchy touch screens and are easily hacked. Paper ballots using fill in the bubble are the best solution. There are no hanging chads, etc. They can be scanned and to avoid machine error, easily scanned 4 times in a row. Reject invalid ballots that are ambiguous, if a bubble isn’t filled in completely have 4 humans check it by hand. If done correctly, it may just reduce Hillary’s vote count!

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    • Old CrewDog says:

      In America there is no such thing as “should not count absentee ballots. Invalid ballots can br challenged but you cannot disenfranchse millions of voters.


  22. Under WI law a petitioner has to swear they know of election fraud. Has she not stated she does not know of any fraud.


    • ray76 says:

      According to the Wisconsin Election Recount Manual ( The recount petition must state the following information:

      The basis for requesting the recount. This can consist of a general statement that the petitioner believes that a mistake or fraud was committed in a specified ward or municipality in the counting and return of the votes cast for the office; or more specific grounds, such as a particular defect, irregularity, or illegality in the conduct of the election, may be listed in the petition. The petitioner shall state if this information is based on personal knowledge of the petitioner or if the petitioner believes the information to be true based on information received from other sources. Wis. Stat. § 9.01(1)(a)2.b.

      Followed by a weak attestation:

      I, (name of petitioner), being first duly sworn, on oath, state that the matters contained in the above petition are known to me to be true except for those allegations stated on information and belief, which I believe to be true.


  23. Abster says:

    There is a lot of time to go before PE Trump is sworn in. My gosh, every day more evil rears its ugly head. I hope and pray each day for this country and that PETrump, his transition team and all of his supporters are strong enough to defeat these forces. God bless us all.

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  24. Ono says:

    My question is how does Stein have standing? She did not win one state, she was not even a runner up in one state ; so a recount does her absolutely no good. Is she trying to say that her followers decided to change their mind after they voted? If she is capable of raising 4 million in 24 hours for a recount then she easily could have raised a billion in a year for her campaign.


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    • georgiafl says:

      She’s just a paid patsy – like Bernie.

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    • ray76 says:

      She has zero chance of winning. Additionally her petition for recount is premised on conjecture, exaggerations, distortions, and lies. For example:

      Item 8 in Halderman’s affidavit is pure conjecture surrounding a set of hypothetical events
      In item 6 he exaggerates the DNI-DHS statement, claiming “The Department of Homeland Security has stated that senior officials in the Russian government commissioned these attacks.” The DNI-DHS statement does not claim there is evidence that Russia directed or conducted attacks, specifically stating “we are not now in a position to attribute this activity to the Russian Government.” DNI & DHS believe attacks are “consistent with methods and motivations”. Methods and motivations are not proof of actions.
      In item 6 he distorts Podesta’s e-mail compromise characterizing it as being “broken into” when Podesta himself clicked on spam and entered his password. (See a Salon article dated October 21, 2016 “hillary-clinton-campaign-chariman-john-podestas-email-was-hacked-because-he-clicked-on-a-phishing-link”)

      Note well: Podesta’s email has nothing whatsoever to do with Wisconsin or any other state’s voting systems. This is simply an attempt to prey upon the public mind casting fear, uncertainty, and doubt into it.

      In item 6 he lies about Arizona’s voter registration systems being breached.

      Conjecture, exaggerations, distortions, and lies are nothing to premise a recount on.

      Her petition should be denied as frivolous.

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    • Stein was a candidate, and on the ballot in all these states. That gives her legal standing to make challenges. It doesn’t matter if she has any chance of winning or not. She can argue they didn’t count her party’s votes, and demand a review of all ballots. I agree there’s probably outside funding, but it doesn’t actually matter who pays the fees. All that matters is paying them, and filing in time and according to the rules of each state.

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  25. In the 2012 election, there were voters in the inner cities publicly bragging about having voted multiple times. Their penalty, free media air time. They were Democrats.


  26. redsequin4 says:

    She was always behind this IMO, using Stein as her lackey. Something very sinister is afoot. They’re trying to steal the election or at the very least diminish Trump’s mandate. These are evil people and will do anything, ANYTHING for power.

    If they’re going to recount, lets include states Hillary won by small margins, like say Nevada. Or how about we recount California, what do you think her margin of victory would have been without the illegal vote?

    I knew this was going to get nasty very quickly, there was no reason for Stein to ask for a recount, this is all Hillary. I hope our President Elect and his team are all over this.

    Clinton Campaign Lawyer: Hillary Will Join Stein in Recount Efforts to Overthrow Trump

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