Report – School Bus Driver: “Y’all ready to die”…

The school bus driver was employed by an outside contracting agency for the district. This tragedy appears destined to end up in the ‘killed by cultural marxism’ file folder.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (CBS News/AP) – A school bus driver charged with vehicular homicide in a crash in Tennessee asked the children if they were ready to die, according to the mother of three kids who were aboard the bus. One of her children was among the five dead.


“My daughter said right before the bus flipped that he was speeding around the curve and asked them ‘Are y’all ready to die,’”Jasmine Mateen told CBS News correspondent Mark Strassman. Mateen’s 6-year-old daughter was killed.

Mateen also said she had complained repeatedly since August about the driver’s behavior before the accident, to no avail. She said that just last week the driver allegedly told the kids: “Shut the F up, I have a hangover,” and another time forced the kids to ride in scorching heat with the windows rolled up.  (read more)


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245 Responses to Report – School Bus Driver: “Y’all ready to die”…

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  2. Joseph says:

    Good mom. Makes repeated formal complaints about the driver being unsafe, then leaves her three children to continue being driven by that same driver twice a day. That’s some good mothering right there. Probably couldn’t drive them herself because she “had to” have a job and just “couldn’t” do it.

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    • sassymemphisbelle says:

      how dare you imply that this is the mother’s fault your nasty, vile man. yes some mothers have to work. perhaps her job work hours dont allow her to take them to school. i know mine did back in the day and i wasn’t a neglectful lazy single mother. **************

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      • sassymemphisbelle says:

        my apologies Adrem, his comment really flew all over me. i wish all children could have both parents at home, walk to their neighborhood school and have mom there waiting for them when the kids get home. i was blessed to have that exact experience,but couldnt give that scenario to my son, it didnt make me a failure as a parent. for anyone to lay blame on these grieving parents is despicable.

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      • wodiej says:

        If you know your children’s lives are at risk, then you find an alternative no matter what.


        • zenon9970 says:

          I agree with you. 100%


          • Ozzie says:

            Gave up a great career and job for that reason. I’m not going to be a slave to the system and have my kids pay that price.Recently moved because of drugs in our school. I Don’t care what anybody thinks, you have a choice, it may hurt but, who really matters. Goes along with divorce, abortion, smoking, drugs, drinking, big house, new car, debt over your head. We have to take a look inside or in the mirror and start there. Kids, My kids deserve it. I cannot take credit for anything except the decision and commitment, all the rest is God.
            Will I grieve with the families who have a loss? yes and it drives me to see what I can improve on in my life not who was to blame. I can’t change you unless you want it only myself.


    • Old Sarge says:

      Joseph, get back to us in about 20 years, when you grow up.

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  3. psadie says:

    Jasmine Mateen needs to sue the school district…I know it won’t bring her daughter back but maybe those in charge at the schools will start to listen when concerns are voiced! Is the driver a Muslim?


    • lee77 says:

      She needs to sue both the school district and Durham School Services, the transportation contractor that employed the thug. Since school districts have allowed these conglomerates to take over bus service, there have been multiple problems and in the subject case, it is obvious Walker’s hiring was based on “political correctness,” not common sense.

      It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he is a recent convert to Islam, or at least flirting with the idea. Why else would he have asked the children if they were “ready to die”? Either that, or he’s seriously mentally unbalanced.


  4. djb914 says:

    None of the Local media where I live 11:00 p.m. News or papers, mentioned he told the kids are you all ready to die, I think that would be a VERY important thing to report, The local media reported it as if it was just a tragic accident, not mentioning anything bad about the driver, except 1 station said he had 1 previous accident.

    That said this site seems to find out important things that are not reported elsewhere, which almost always winds up being true (example it is eventually reported in court), This reporter Sundance should teach the Media how to find out important facts that always seem to be overlooked, like the driver telling the kids shut up I got a hangover, that is EXTREMELY relevant, and if reported it should of been immediately investigated and if true, he should be fired, jailed etc.

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    • You might also look at the trend to use third party contractors rather than direct hires which in this case cost five children their lives. The cost of a contractor is generally less which is what makes them attractive to Scroogy employers; however contractors are paid substantially less (the contracting company also takes a skim) resulting in lower quality workers and in this case a grungy looking thug who reports to work hung over and gets people killed.

      Stop relying upon contractors and sue to make your district direct hire. Direct hires are better compensated which result in attracting higher quality candidates (translating in this case, safer drivers to transport your children.)


  5. Nick says:

    Affirmative Action at its finest.

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  6. It appears the driver was an external contractor rather than a direct hire. This is part of the problem, the school district tried to save money by pushing the responsibility to vet and administer employees off on a third party. Folks, stop using contract labor, in this case the district’s desire cut a corner cost five children their lives.


  7. wodiej says:

    Since the school knew there were complaints, they are liable. If my little kids were riding the bus and I knew someone like this was driving, I would find some type of alternative transportation for them.


  8. David A. says:

    So sad, so tragic !

    Yet another example of how far we have fallen, on the whole, from the Vision the Founding Fathers laid down.

    The thought of State-run, government run schools NEVER was part of their worldview, practice or plan.

    All schooling was run Privately, home based by loving parents, tutoring, or church run.

    This way, evil intended strangers have NO access to the most the precious gifts God can give us: our children.

    Its for this very reason my wife & I decided to make every sacrifice to Home educate our children.

    We just pray that more parents wake up to their duty & act on the conviction to undermine the Statism, which amounts to the near worship of Caesar, by deciding NOT to submit the minds of their impressionable children to the “Hive Mind Indoctrination Center”, that their local “public” school really is.

    May God quicken us to action before its too late !

    David in East Texas


  9. UKExpat says:

    The number of VIOLENT outrages being committed in the USA by the SONS of OBAMA is becoming a situation which must be directly addressed.


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