Full Circle – Fox News Report: Trump Considering Cruz for Attorney General Spot?…

A report from Fox News implies President-Elect Donald Trump is considering Texas Senator Ted Cruz for the position of Attorney General. –STORY HERE


There’s a great deal of political irony in this possibility.  Most of you know our research indicated the entire reason Ted Cruz ran for the Senate in 2011 was because he was rebuked by the Bush clan as inexperienced, over-reaching and thinking too highly of himself,  when he wanted to be considered for the AG position by George Dubya.

Ted Cruz has always had his eye on the Attorney General position.

Specifically because of his history, it would NOT be surprising to find out that it was Ted Cruz himself, not Donald Trump, who requested the meeting and asked for the job.

Additionally, it would NOT be surprising to discover that this MSM story line is Ted Cruz leaking to the press (through a third party) to keep his name in the bloodstream, and keep his hopes alive.

Specifically because of the intended path that President Trump intends to pursue, the U.S Attorney General position is critical.   The Attorney General, Homeland Security, and Secretary of State positions are some of the most important people for Trump’s swamp draining policy to begin.


If President-Elect Donald Trump made a decision to trust Ted Cruz in the role of Attorney General it would be quite remarkable,….  too much so, to give this story much credibility.

Then again, no-one knows these sketchy characters better than Trump himself.

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505 Responses to Full Circle – Fox News Report: Trump Considering Cruz for Attorney General Spot?…

  1. Strea says:

    It would be nice to have Ted out of the Senate as he is an obstructer.
    Make him the Ambassador to Canada.


  2. mpmp2015 says:

    Lyin’ Ted…just sayin’…

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  3. Guffman says:

    IMO, Cruz lost any hope of any high ranking position within a Trump administration after Trump invited him to the RNC convention and Cruz failed to endorse him – a YUGE disrespect! Then he comes toadying back in the final weeks when it looks like DJT has indeed a good chance to win the general. He’s a snake.

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  4. Dommy says:

    All I can muster is Good G-d, please no.

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  5. NHVoter says:

    From April…Hahaha

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  6. telerider says:

    Washington Times has a story that Cruz is not being considered for anything.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Well. Ted didn’t go to Trump Tower hand the Donald bouquet of roses.

      Cruz for Special Prosecutor looking in to the Benghazi Disaster.
      He would just love to bring down the Congressional collaborators on both sides of the aisle who encouraged the illegal War in Libya and it’s aftermath. The investigation could be expanded to expose and punish the mainstream media which colluded with the politicians to cover up the whole sordid anti-American affair.

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      • lzap says:

        Special Prosecutors do not need Senate approval anymore; but are short lived. Actually, Solicitor General would be a good place for him. No policy, little administration, but a lot of arguing before the court. Not sure he would take it if asked, as it is not a Cabinet Level position. This will be a very important position considering Trump’s agenda.

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    • Before election day Trump had said he would seek Cruz’s counsel before making a Supreme Court nomination.


  7. facebkwallflower says:

    Ted could not be in any position in the administration as he owes too much to too many. Others own him.

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  8. NYGuy54 says:


  9. roxiellTX says:

    Diplomatic President Elect Trump might say thanks but no thanks. We need your help in the senate.

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  10. Trumped says:

    They all walk into Trump Tower.
    Remember when Trump toyed with the media parrading around possible VP picks?
    Remember when Bob Corker was stuttering around facing the people during a Trump rally?

    Loving the theatre.
    All we need to know is in this tweet:

    Ted Cruz is a “contestant”

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    • Nchadwick says:

      I LOVED watching these — What I thought, at the time, was all for show for television — turned out to be the qualities that I learned to love and respect in this election run for president!

      I think it is funny to see the media and pundits TRY to predict and cast doubt on who Trump is choosing for different positions — For the first time ever, I have been able to tune out the “NOISE” and I am confident that when it was announced he won and was going to be our next President, that he is FULLY capable of choosing the best person for the job — It is not for myself or anyone in the media to worry. He has proven that he is amazing at reading people and handling them accordingly.

      My ONLY real concern is though out the time he serves and is around the politicians, and in the “deep water of the swamp” – that he doesn’t lose the qualities that we have seen — that he doesn’t lose his sharpness, wit, and convictions and stays true to himself — I believe that his family will be key to to putting and keeping that in check!

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  11. Trumped says:

    About Liars, society and how Ted Cruz will never have any important position in a Trump admin:

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  12. Jeff Stevens says:

    President-elect Trump: please do not consider Cruz for Attorney General.

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  13. Scott says:

    Say what you want about Lyin’ Ted, and his petulant behavior in Cleveland was deplorable, but he was a hero in the Jose Medellin vs. Texas case, where he stood up against the Bushies and the government of Mexico to put down a vicious killer.

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  14. Jett Black says:

    Cruz needs to be kept as a sword of Damocles over the heads of Demonrats and the entire DC establishment. Don’t want to confirm Mr. Trump’s selection for AG, well Cruz might be next. Don’t want to confirm Mr. Trump’s selection for Supreme Court or any other court, well Cruz might be next. He’s not good for much, but as a booger, erm, bogey man, he’s usable.

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    • singtune says:

      No, Cruz is one of the Main 5-7 Congress Critters on the GOPe Side of the Uniparty~~& he is more than a LIAR~~he is a Person who is just the OPPOSITE of what he says he is~! That Is a Huge SNAKE in my Book~! Plus Cruz is a Bought & Paid for Globalist{Snake} Note:- We will KEEP these Evil People in Congress/Government, if we Keep Pretending they are Good for ~” we the People”~! They have NO use, in relation to Us, as these People are working for the ENEMY of ~”the People”~! {Our “Enemy”~ is the Elite Global NWO Cabal.}

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    • mariner says:



    • wiggyky says:

      I don’t trust a man who claims to be a Constitutionalist, yet violated that very Constitution when he ran for and elected Senator while still a Canadian Citizen. If he was honest he would have taken care of it BEFORE election, not two years after his election.


  15. MeAndMyArrow says:

    Two words. BAD JUDGMENT


  16. IMO says:

    What canadian cruz did to Dr. Carson was despicable he’s a opportunist and will back stab every opportunity he has.

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  17. GForce says:

    MSM is floating the possibility of Obama making a recess appointment before he leaves office. Yikes!


  18. Pam says:


  19. SouthCentralPA says:

    Wasn’t at least some of this negative stuff supposed to buried in Lou Holtz’s coffee can someplace … ? 🙂 Senator Cruz has been a d-ed sight better than a Senator Dewhurst would’ve been.


  20. Tejas Rob says:

    Well, the only reason I would give any credence to the possibility Cruz is in line for a position on the Trump team is, they were chummy early on in the campaign, remember the meeting they had then.

    I know Cruz showed his ass at the Convention, but myself, I can look past that because it got personal between he and Trump, it went a little beyond campaign politics. If that’s the main sticking point it could be overcome. Cruz did do some campaigning here in Texas for Trump. They might already be past any personal differences.

    Plus, I think Trump is looking to hire the right person for the job, whatever job that might be, and if he thinks it’s Cruz, that’s who it’ll be.

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    • Ron says:

      It has nothing to do with the convention, it was crap long before that. Trump will never pick him for any position of power.

      Tape leaked of Cruz in a private fundraising dinner talking about how he was going to stab Trump in the back and was playing him
      One of Cruz’s pac’s slut-shamed Melania before the Utah primary (Trump responded with the Twitter pic that everybody flipped out about)
      Cruz clearly cheated and screwed over Ben Carson in the Iowa primary.
      Cruz went around the country calling Trump a conman and a business fraud.

      Trumps contribution was he called Ted a Liar (he is), said he was born in Canada (he was), and posted a picture on twitter of Melania looking pretty (she is) and Cruz’s wife looking like a psychopath (she does).

      Trump will use Cruz for whatever he can, but it won’t be anyting with power like the Attorney General (who could concievably investigate the Trump administration) or SC (who could alter history with a paid-off decision)

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Cruz can’t be trusted. Neither can Rubio.
      Mike Lee, Ken Cuccinelli, Judas Romney and a lot of other so called conservatives tried to derail Mr.Trump at the convention and hand the election to Hillary. Ted cloture voted to fast track TPA. He also voted for the Corker bill, which enabled Iran.
      He and his CFR member wife (Heidi) worked on the failed “North American Union” project for Dubya in 2005. Raphael and McConnell both fell in line during the last week before the election and campaigned for Mr. Trump. That doesn’t make them trustworthy in my opinion.

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  21. Pam says:

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    • susiepuma says:

      Why yes they do………………..because, you know, they are the know all and be all of everything that is newsworthy…………so honest and well meaning…………they just have to educate Mr. Trump to think their way………………….
      BAWWWAAAAAAHHHHa …..ain’t gonna happen…………those tools still don’t get it…..WE WON, they lost……………….

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  22. kltk1 says:

    I loathe Ted Cruz and hope he isn’t elevated to AG. That said, if DJT goes down that road, after watching the brilliance with which he dismissed Christie, I’ll trust his judgment and believe he’s somehow using CFR Ted to his advantage.

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  23. singtune says:

    Cruz is NOT a friendly of~~ “the people”~~that voted for & want TRUMP~! Cruz is a Bought & Paid for Globalist~! We ~”the people”` are America 1st~!


  24. trapper says:

    I’m sorry, but now every time I see a picture of Ted Cruz I hear his theme song:

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  25. jello333 says:

    Cruz could never get confirmed, or may not even be eligible in the first place. Not after his conviction for lighting the cabins on fire at the summer camp. Oh wait…. I guess he was never actually charged with that, they couldn’t even catch him, because he ran away.


  26. barton2016 says:

    I don’t trust ANYONE who worked for a Bush. And that includes Ted Cruz.

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  27. NHVoter says:


  28. Jon says:

    Cannot trust Cruz. Just can’t do it. AG is very independent. Bad idea for Cruz. No guarantee he won’t denounce Trump, leak, obstruct at behest of GOPe perhaps to rehabilitate his own image. It’s just a bad idea for Trump to have anything to do with Cruz. Cruz is prone to grandiose schemes that never work out. Avoid the trouble!


  29. Travis McGee says:

    Unnamed sources tell me Trump is considering Glenn Beck as court Jester. So many rumors and speculation.

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  30. be says:

    Lying Ted? I don’t think so. I don’t trust Ted.


  31. AmyB says:

    I heard that Cher was seen going into Trump Tower. If she us appointed to President-Elect Trump’s cabinet, well, I just don’t know what I’ll do! I will for sure, stomp my feet all the way to Canada! Yes, I will leave the country! How could he do that to me? I am a supporter! Unless he does that, I mean.


  32. Michael says:

    Please do it. It will make the lefts heads spin.


  33. Michael says:

    “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you.
    This is the principal difference between a dog and man.”

    ― Mark Twain


  34. tammy says:

    President Trump will never allow cruz! President Trump will not go against “We the People”!


  35. selecttimbertrees says:

    The serpent Ted will be miss lead.


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