CNN Disappointed Because The Stock Market is Rising…

Liberal ideologues who hate America continue their frustrated teeth gnashing.  The current CNN Money headline actually reads:

The Trump market rally: Too far, too fast”

(Via CNN Money) […]  the fact that the market continued to rally last week after Trump won is, in some respects, even more surprising than the fact that he won in the first place.

The Dow jumped nearly 600 points — a 3.2% gain — in the three days after Trump’s victory. It was up again Monday and hit a new all-time high in the process. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq also moved a bit higher after Trump’s win.   (read more)

trump convention 2

Reminder of The Economic Consequences from Trump Policy […] When you combine FULL resource development (in a modern era) with the removal of over-burdensome regulatory and compliance systems (necessarily filled with enormous bureaucratic costs), Donald Trump proposes we can lower the cost of production and be globally competitive. In essence, Trump changes the economic paradigm, and we no longer become a dependent nation relying on a service driven economy.

The cornerstone to the success of this economic turnaround is the keen capability of the U.S. worker to innovate on their own platforms. Americans, more than any country in the world, just know how to get things accomplished. Independence and self-sufficiency is part of the DNA of the larger American workforce.

In addition, an unquantifiable benefit comes from investment, where the smart money play -to get increased return on investment- becomes putting capital INTO the U.S. economy, instead of purchasing foreign stocks.  (read more)


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163 Responses to CNN Disappointed Because The Stock Market is Rising…

  1. libby says:

    Was watching the Clinton News Network (CNN) the othe day.
    Fred was interviewing Warren (I get rich off limiting pipelines because I own railroads) Buffet. (Can only watch on an empty stomach).

    Buffet kept saying that there was basically no way the US could sustain greater than 2%. (Screaming at the tv is not productive, but it is cathartic).

    After 8 years of Trump, Buffet can run for potus on the motto, Make Ameeica Stagnant, again

    (Muslim for Trump).
    God blessed America with Trump
    God bless Isreal

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  2. libby says:

    Have notice economic news coverage of late as follows:

    If an economoc indicator rises, crickets.

    If an eceomic indicator falls, its all Trump’s fault

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    • bofh says:

      Get used to it. Four, or maybe eight years of it coming…

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      • cdquarles says:

        Yep. With Reagan, they used the homeless. With Bush 41, they used the S&L disintermediation and the “no new taxes” bit. Clinton, they ignored the homeless and let him take credit for stuff he didn’t do. Newt’s Congresses helped some. Bush 43, well, they hit him with everything they could, never mind that the war was necessary and duly declared. With Zero, they kept putting lipstick on a pig. “Some things will never change. That’s just the way it is.”, said a song writer.

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        • Marc says:

          The war in Iraq was neither necessary nor duly declared. I’ll say No thanks to the neocon koolaid.


          • cdquarles says:

            Sure it was. What do you think the 1998 Iraq Security Act and the TWO Authorizations of the use of Military Force are? The Constitution gives Congress the power to declare war. The Constitution didn’t require said declaration to say “We Declare War”. In my mind the mistake was stopping short in 1990/91. We should have finished Saddam off then. A cease-fire does not end a war. It just stops the shooting. It takes a treaty to do that or Congress shutting off the money.


            • Marc says:

              Ridiculous. The reality is, the leftists got it right and it was a war for oil and pipelines. We didn’t need to be over there or in Afghanistan but the globalists want instability in the MidEast and the US continues to do their bidding. President Trump will only concern himself with ISIS and rightfully so. Hillary was baying for blood in our conflict with Syria/Russia and all the anti-Putin rhetoric was to warm up the masses to engaging with Russia in the near future. Thank God we avoided that.


              • cdquarles says:

                Believe what you will. Given the ideology of Islam, it is better to fight them there, than here, lest we have to do both.


                • Marc says:

                  We weren’t fighting Muslims until we went into the Mideast to fight Muslims. Why must we create more enemies? Who cares if they’re blowing each other up over there? If and when they come here to commit terror, we take them out or stop them from entering the country through strict vetting and deporting illegal aliens. Many of the 9/11 terror attackers were illegals.


                • cdquarles says:

                  We have had to fight muslims since our founding. Read their book. Yes it is in there. Theirs is a religion of subjugation. Convert, accept second class status if you are Christian or Jewish, or die.


                • Pinkie says:

                  Give me a break. Farrakhan is not chopping off heads. And Sharia will never catch on here — religion is on the decline in this country. There are plenty of real problems on which to spend money and risk precious lives.


                • Marc says:

                  Eternal war in the MidEast is not needed. Send them home and protect the homeland. Unless you’re willing to commit genocide against all Muslims, then you’ll always have terror at some level. It doesn’t need to be here.


    • SeekerOfTruth says:

      The left are in major trouble with Trump and the market. They counted and prepared many comments for if Trump won it would be terrible in the stocks and many other places.

      Their only sound bites were all based on BLAME TRUMP for anything or at least find something to push blame on Trump.

      When Obama was elected in 2008 for the first time, stocks went down 4.1% that week. For Trump stocks went up 3.3% after the initial sell-off programmed in based on bad information. Once humans took control of the trading again Trumpflation market is on.

      The America First stock sectors are ripping up higher. Tech taking it on the nose for bashing Trump continually. Movement if from the international growth stocks back into value stocks that can build America.

      All American companies (small cap and mid cap) are being favored over the super large international companies.

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      • SeekerOfTruth says:

        Silicon Valley CEO’s 40 of them just sent a note of things they want to from Trump. They wanted to open dialogue quickly before Trump reacts to punishing them too much.

        They really really really bashed him and restricted free speech on some social media if you were a Trump supporter. They have much to fear from a Trump win and their stocks show it as many are seriously selling shares now and almost all tech stocks are down.

        Question? Are the tech companies contacting Trump with real communication or more asking for Trump to say some words to stop the tech company sell-off? (Which is all their fault).

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  3. Educated Citizen says:

    When everyone makes money Mr Buffet will not look like a genius. Most of his money was made by controlling government policy.

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  4. FreedomNinja says:

    Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and the winning has already started!!

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  5. Pinkie says:

    It could be that the equity market is responding to the anticipation of higher corporate profits (lower corporate taxes, fewer regulations, etc.).

    But the bond market is tanking. Rates on the benchmark 10 year treasury are up 72 bps since a month ago when Trump gained in the polls after the last FBI release and rates have gained 42 bps of that amount since Trump won. I could be that bond investors have little confidence in Trump’s ability to keep deficits down.

    The people who will be affected the most are home mortgage borrowers who have ARMs (adjustable rate mortgages) and home equity loans. Also higher interest rates can quickly result in the 0% auto loans vanishing fast.

    Good if you are in the market and have no debt. But does that describe the typical Trump supporter?


    • telerider says:

      If your smart it does.

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    • Well sir if you buy a home using a ARM,you are not smart enough to own a home.And a 0% car loan is a lie,the interest is rolled into the price of the car,if you use one of the car companies loan divisions.Myself I will buy two or three old car and pay cash for it.Have a good day.PS China selling US treasury notes has a lot to do with bonds

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Part of the credit for a strong stock market in a feeble economy goes to printing a lot of money and making it available at no or little cost. Low, low interest rates make instruments like savings accounts and bonds essentially worthless to investors, hence a strong stock market: there is nowhere else for investment money to go, supposing you need to make it work for you.
      In a stronger economy, interest rates will certainly rise somewhat, especially if money regains value. It may come as a shock to the very young, but zero interest rates, while advantageous in some ways in the short run, are not a sign of a heathy economy.

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    • Pinko- “but the bond market is tanking” It needs to! It’s ZRIP drivers are 100% contrived fiction. So are the bullshit promissory notes it issues to us. ARM resets? No more zero interest debt on rapidly depreciating disposable assets (cars for you in RioLinda) ? Frikken’WHAAAAAAAAA. Fools and their money are soon to part. Actions have consequences. Debt has consequences. Perhaps you can’t stomach an actual producer opening opportunities for producers? Must your type always mollycoddle the left and sniff sniff at the producers? Oh, and here’s one that will put hot sauce on your tampon: The ethical way of dealing with unpayable national debt is to default on it. For those stupid enough to lend to the insolvent- be it the USA or an individual debt junkie set themselves up for losses. Reality bites hard. deal with it or it will deal with you- harshly.


    • cdquarles says:

      Since the market has changed, that means that bonds are not a sound purchase right now. Bond prices drop as nominal interest increases. [1 year $1000 T-bill sells for $960. If you hold it, you get your $1000. Not that I would voluntarily buy any government bonds. They’re the riskiest kind, in part, because too many think they’re safe.]

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    • I think the bond market is experiencing floods of foreign money coming in. Foreign country’s believe in Trump and his ability to shore up America, making the full faith in the dollars legit.

      BHO pissed off China, Japan and Saudi Arabia by devaluing the dollar and running the American engine off a cliff.

      Same with stocks. I think it’s foreign investment cause they know their country’s markets are crap (dirties shirt).


  6. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Poor CNN.

    They’re not ready for the level of winning that’s yet to come under the Trump presidency.

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  7. appadoo9 says:

    It’s pretty obvious the Market likes a Trump Presidency. the critics claim it’s just sector rotation, but those folks are having a difficult time with their mirror image on that score

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    • free2313 says:

      I believe the Market was part and parcel to Trump’s hidden voters!

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    • smcmull2 says:

      I pretty much got out of the market, but with Trump being elected, decided to get back into the steel market long term. Think this will pay off… Go Trump!!


    • steph_gray says:

      Are those the same “critics” claiming that Trump won only because it was a “cyclical” election (not, you understand, because he was the best candidate with the best message in decades)? I’ve seen that canard trotted out a couple of times now – they are working it hard!


  8. John Galt says:

    US Dollar soars — foreign vacations might become much more affordable.

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  9. In AZ says:

    Article on Zero Hedge believes Soros and globalists will crash the market and blame Trump being POTUS.

    Will happen after swearing in as POTUS.

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  10. Apfelcobbler says:

    So Obama is off to Greece (in debt up to their eyeballs) and Germany (EU boss and driver of EU financial affairs). Banking oversight mission? Globalist strategy redirect? Both?

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  11. alliwantissometruth says:

    Let’s see, 4 more years of an awful economy, no growth, no jobs, racial strife, riots, cop killings, breakdown of law & order & massive illegal & legal immigration, versus a booming economy, steady growth, the return of the job market, restored law & order, an end to illegal immigration & a reduction in legal immigration

    Hmm, what to vote for, the choice is so hard

    An astute, smart businessman who understands investment & knows how to get things done will run the economy & the country better than a know nothing professional politician

    Gee, who would of thunk it?

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  12. ALEX says:

    It will take a few years to wean this economy and you better be prepared. Most people forget nearly half our GDP in the first part of Obamas regime was from fracking revolution. Good luck if you exposed yourself again, 2008 should have been warning enough.

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    • maxx power says:

      Won’t take years, or even more than a few months. Money will start breaking loose this spring. People will stop being afraid to spend, & will start buying things again. Once the ball starts rolling, & Trump’s policies really kick in, we’ll be off to the races. For example. I, myself have only kept my retail business open for two reasons. One, I was waiting for Trump to win, & second, I wasn’t about to allow obama to run me out of business. If clinton had stolen the election, I would have closed the doors the next day. IF people do not start spending money very soon, I will have to close anyway. At least for a while.

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  13. I.......... says:

    I think it is time to drop the name Clinton News Network and rename it. For the most part, I think the Clinton’s are gone. At the moment, I am at a loss to suggest something…………………


  14. woohoowee says:

    🙂 MAGA!

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  15. andymilken says:

    Not “official” yet but already acts like one-
    Also, we need to fight back w/ this narrative. Report whenever you see a threat to our president- like this POS and others- Result-


    • Concerned says:

      I don’t want to sound like I’m insulting you, but can you put just a brief mention of what these articles and tweets are about? I’m at work and don’t want to click on links unless I know the content. 🙂


      • KBR says:

        Matt Harrigan said he wanted to shoot Trump. He is a CEO of packsled.
        The fbi link is for reporting any further such threats you might see.

        Haven’t clicked on any links up there yet, but read about this packsled earlier on our CTH presidential post.

        Hope this helps.


    • Thanks for that link to FBI!


    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Yeah, at least copy and past the HEADLINES.

      Sundance might make that posting etiquette here maybe……..

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  16. Concerned says:

    I remember when on election night the panicky foreigners caused the Dow futures to plunge and the Democrats seemed almost gleeful of the “proof” that Trump would bring disaster. Even though many of them probably made a good pile of cash the next day they were probably upset that the market went up so high because it contradicted their prediction of doom and gloom. These are people who will cut off their nose to spite their face. Laughable idiots.

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  17. redsequin4 says:

    They don’t want any sign Trump is good for America, so a stock market rally is bad news for them. The funny thing is, they’re the ones with stocks, the middle class doesn’t own much stock, except their 401k’s.

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  18. Piper says:

    Mark Taylor of “The Fireman’s Prophecy” has an update for Trump’s presidency! This made me smile- I definitely felt much calmer after watching- hope you all will too! God is moving in America and across the world! It is breathtaking to witness! Praise God!

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  19. flyingtigercomics says:


  20. keebler AC says:

    I hope Soros and his idiot offspring shorted the stocks 😀

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  21. Angry Dumbo says:

    When America leads, the world prospers.

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  22. John says:

    Just get the friggin government out of economic policy. Just get them out of the way and you will see an explosion after 8 long years of regulatory bondage on small business.

    When king Louis’s taxmen asked business in France how to increase production so they could collect more taxes to finish the monument to the leader , the palace at Versailles the disgruntled business owner replied, ” leave us the f**k alone” or translated, LAISSEZ FAIRE

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  23. Reality Wins says:

    And it’s all Michael Moore’s fault, just ask Hitler!

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  24. TC says:

    The pattern over the last 30 years is to wait 2 months AFTER inauguration before the media flips from optimistic to pessimistic (or vice versa if a Democrat takes office) but it sure looks like they are starting early this cycle.

    That said, the market has been propped up and inflated by pure insane levels of monetary elixir by the worlds central banks, juicing companies to take on debt to pay dividends and buy back shares. Countries have also been deficit spending at a remarkable pace. All this easy money can’t continue, and no it won’t be Trump’s fault when the markets collapse back to Earth, but the media will surely point fingers his way.

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    • The media aka the MSM and even some of the so-called “alt right” radio jocks appear to me as crazy. Specifically the panels on the MSM seem to be seeking THERAPY at our expense. We have to hear their worrying, paranoia, lies, innuendo and gossip. In the same way that the current music piping through radios angst, depression, complaining, hatred, unrequited love, lust, violence and wild sexual fantasies. And to think people are actually paying THEM to be their therapists. Paying to be DUMPING GROUNDS for these tortured souls. How many years are people going to pay to hear about lost conquests of love? Tormented souls that can’t have who they want? Time for them to keep their angst and depression and violent outbursts in a DIARY and leave us alone.

      In this new era real music, poetry and art will be channels for beauty, truth, wisdom, fun, joy, majesty, the power of life; and edify people instead of plague them.

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  25. God’s Hand is upon Trump and He (God) is the author of this movement moving in the hearts of the people into God’s own Heart. In other words, God has heard our prayers because we have heard His voice and Trump the messenger woke everyone up who was in bondage from the blanket of deception covering the land.

    Of course the stocks would rally. God wants us to prosper and be well, but He was waiting on us the people to take a stand. The moment we did He moved “quickly” and “bigly.” I hear the Home Depot and stocks related to BUILDING are climbing and this due to the coming rebuilding of infrastructure across the land.

    China whining about APPLE. I wonder what Tim Cook will do? We’ll see!

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  26. Pam says:

    This is just the dems worst nightmare. I love it!

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  27. AndrewJackson says:

    While I agree with you Sundance about the sentiment on the CNN tagline, I suggest we stop focusing on the Stock Market to even slightly gage Trump’s performance. The stock market is currently vastly overvalued (before Trump even became a factor). Interest rates are still at a vastly artificially low levels and stocks/bonds have been inflated because of this. There will be up and down weeks, but who really cares. The most important measure for us will be rises in real wages and and increases in productive output. The average person that voted for Trump does not even own stocks.

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  28. My liberal friends and my own daughter were so upset the day after trump won because market lost 800+ and they were just cursing us! Two days later it closed at the highest since 2011!
    Serves all of them right for expecting the worst! It can only get better now for us!

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  29. JJ says:

    Yeah, the DNC and it’s attached media appendages are doubling down on the same old tactics.

    But hey, reporting fiction while insulting a majority of the American electorate on an hourly basis, seven days a week is a SOLID plan. I endorse it. Heck, they’re even considering appointing a Nation of Islam collaborator to DNC chair.

    Bravo, liberals. Well done.

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  30. Any improvement in the economy will be traced back, by the msm and diehard liberals, to the end of O’s term and not to Trump’s election. We know it was Trump, but they will give O the credit. I recall WJC taking credit when the economy started improving from changes made prior to him taking office.

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  31. Ron says:

    All I know is, Trump doesn’t care about money anymore because he has so much. So he stepped up and is doing what he can, at great personal risk and cost, to “Make America Great Again” as he puts it.

    Warren Buffett also doesn’t care about money anymore because he has so much… Except he supports Hillary Clintons disastrous economic policies. He knows damn good and well that will destroy American workers, but supports it anyways.

    So Trump has ‘screw you’ money and supports the USA, Buffett has screw you money and works as hard as he can to destroy the American Workforce.

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  32. citizen817 says:

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  33. freepetta says:

    I have never seen such a bunch of miserable bas**rds! They would and tried to destroy the entire country for an election. The Dems can’t be trusted with anything.

    Oh and btw Hillary Clinton did not win the popular vote:


  34. CNN is such a joke… you know kinda like the one with the little boy and the bathtub:

    “The water’s too hot. Now it’s too cold. Now it’s too hot. Now it’s too cold. Now it’s too full.”

    Swap out water and temp with economy and growth and you have CNN’s reporting for the next 4 to 8 years! #StillNotTiredOfWinning 😀


  35. RP says:

    Stock market is a suckers game. I read sometime ago that the ‘public’ sector makes up over 80% of the stock market investing. Public sector being pensions and funds starting at your local municipality all the way up to the US treasury.

    Reason why the Treasury propped up the market with QE and bailouts sold to us and intended for shovel-ready jobs, wages and salaries.

    Can’t find my reference, anyone else here have any knowledge regarding this?

    Also, an aside – another govt. run shell game is debt. The debt is calculated against wage, income and capital gains receipts fro US Citizens. What they do not add on the income side of the debt calculation is the trillions of dollars every year the US Govt receives in fines, rents, leases, rights and licensing fees, any gains from US Taxpayer monies invested in the shell game mentioned above here and abroad, etc etc. The debt is only calculated against how much the US Govt extorts from it’s citizens in taxes. Some estimates is that on an honest balance sheet the US Govt income is over $10T a year….

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  36. skyborn78 says:

    How long did it take for people to start saying “It’s Bush’s fault”? Couple of years?? Watch how fast they’ll say “It’s Trump’s fault”. Liberals alway make emphatic statements with no discussion as if they we’re “truth graven in stone”. “Soundbite experts”; If a lib says it, it must be true. Donald has proven them WRONG.


  37. Pat Warnock says:

    CNN can’t give up finding an anti-Trump story in anything – this story is farcical.


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