Sharyl Attkisson Discusses Media Coverage of 2016 Presidential Election…

The media’s bias, elitism, group-think, pearl-clutching and smug condescension has never been more brutally evident as it has been within this election cycle.  There is ZERO credibility remaining within the historic institutions of American media.

Journalism is beyond recovery, it is dead.  However, one of those brave few ,who took the off ramp and avoided the journey to irrelevance a few years ago, is former CBS award winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson.  Here’s her take:

There have been rumors about Laura Ingraham being considered for White House Press Secretary; personally, I’d prefer to see Sharyl Attkisson in that job.


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179 Responses to Sharyl Attkisson Discusses Media Coverage of 2016 Presidential Election…

  1. paulgilpin says:

    being the outsider that i am, i don’t really understand all this journalism is dead malarkey. how far back do you want to go? when did it die? well it’s been dead for a while we just didn’t notice it. well then you are a dumm mass.
    woodward and bernstein are known for one thing. and they were declared heroes. julian assange is now a villain to the same group of people. so how far do you want to go back?
    i have not accepted anything the media has reported on, without verifying it myself, my entire adult life. fifty years. i just don’t understand this media is dead malarkey. and yes, i have no doubt we went to the moon.

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    • Kinda odd, isn’t it…lot of research empirically established the media’s leftist agenda ( not ” bias” ) back in the 80s, see Lichtman et al….although it was well known going back to Cronkite and Schorr etc in the 60s.The Media Research Center was up and running in late 80s, early 90s to document the medias leftist agenda

      The dx now is
      1. that we are saturated with ” news” coverage or commentary, 24:7, on many channels…back in the 60s and 70s, tha national news was on 3 channels for 30 minutes a day… CNN didn’t gain any steam till the 80s
      2.Its absurdly obvious now and easily demonstrated
      3.SOCIAL MEDIA — it’s an avenue to see media agenda exposed and to share our perception with others

      I havent watched network news since the 70s…cable stuff in 80s and 90s….

      The radio news is just as bad – Fox News Radio pumps out the propaganda…( Lisa Brady)

      Ahh for the halcyon days of the 70s— couple of quasi news morning shows, mostly lite entertainment that mostly women watched (7-10 am )— but all the national news got a day was the 30 minute show at 5.30 before the local news came on at 6… The local paper was your main news source…


  2. embbblog says:

    In my opinion, Sharyl Attkisson would be an EXCELLENT CHOICE. She is a terrific, honest-to-goodness investigative journalist. Her past experience at CBS gives her gravitas/credibility and insight into dealing with the MSM. I can think of no one for whom it would be more difficult for the globalists to marginalize/discredit.

    I am grateful for Laura Ingraham’s and Ann Coulter’s voices/contributions to ‘the movement’, but I think having Attkisson as press secretary would help to pull the mask off the MSM in a very visible/resounding way. The msm continues to marginalize Breitbart, but they CANNOT marginalize Attkisson because she had risen so high in the ranks at CBS to become a prominent reporter/substitute anchor on the televised CBS news.

    I think she is the best person for this particularly job at this particular time.

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  3. Donttread says:

    Having Ann Colter or Milo or Laura Ingraham as press secretary is one of those things you think about and relish the fun of it but in the long term would be bad for Trump. Too much fighting, press heads exploding and the press would see it as a challenge to destroy them.
    Sheryl Atkinson is someone I had not thought of but would be fantastic. She is “one of them” in the sense that she knows them all, they know that she is more honest than they are and was willing to take the high ground when they chose the gutter so it is a bit disarming for the press. She is smart, has class and and seems to be unflappable.
    Have no idea if Trump even knows who she is but maybe Preibus or Bannon will suggest it.

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    • embbblog says:

      Well stated. I concur.

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      • I agree as well, she didn’t sell out, paid a price, and has since shown herself to be a real investigative journalist.

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        • mopar2016 says:

          Yeah real journalists are few and far between these days.
          I like Laura Ingraham, but think that Sharyl Attkisson is a better choice.
          Sharyl is a real journalist, so is Catherine Herridge and Lou Dobbs.
          In my opinion Attkisson would be the right choice for “White House Press Secretary”.

          It’s been a long time since we had a believable one. Jay Carney was just an obama tool.
          And the fibber that we currently have is named “Earnest”, is that a joke or what?
          Every time I hear him I think that he’s Joshin us.

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          • 1stgoblyn says:

            Ha ha…I see what you did there and I concur.


          • Sherlock says:

            White House Press Secretary–everyone one we’ve had for the past 8 years has been an habitual liar, that’s their job. The use ’em for a year of so, burn ’em down, then bring in a fresh liar. Press (liars themselves) play along and pretend these people are actually there to impart truthful information. It’s an utter sham, all playacting.


    • fred5678 says:

      I would rather see her as a continuing force for investigative journalism — nobody else is doing it. And I bet she wants to retain that role, as evidenced by her weekly TV show.

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      • rvsueandcrew says:

        I’m tired of scrolling up and down trying to figure out the antecedents for pronouns. I don’t know who has a “weekly TV show” because I haven’t had a television in decades. I guess I’m not “with it” enough to keep up.

        Love y’all but I’m out.

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  4. Disgusted says:

    How about a State Department Spokesperson with some guts and courage as well? After YEARS of the terrible, outrageous O and Hil and Kerry models, I CAN’T WAIT for TRUTH!

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  5. All of these “Why we got it wrong” ThinkPieces are still playing the phony analysis game- putting up a Front of self-declared intellectual superiority. Even when they’ve gotten it so horribly wrong, they’re still playing this game. Why?

    In my opinion, two reasons.

    The first is obvious: To save face and still appear as measured, thoughtful members of the Elite Press Society.

    The second is less obvious AND also the reason for the first: They were lying and Propagandizing in order to manipulate the outcome. Certainly they don’t want us to know that, and if we suspect it, the demonstrative confession (Oh Dear! Oh Dear!) of “We Were Wrong” will distract & cover for it.

    And the loop is complete, back to where we started: Media lying, propagandizing & manipulating the public. They can’t even stop when they’re explaining how wrong they were. This is what happens when one lies. One must keep telling lies to explain all the other previous lies.

    Ironically enough, this Lying is a Universal Truth.

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  6. fred5678 says:

    Sharyl should be the new front row regular in WH press room, to replace that ugly, infamous (now deceased) Helen Thomas. And standard lead-off question from the only honest journalist in America.

    I am very proud that back in days of Fast & Furious, when Sharyl was still at her CBS DC office, and the lone voice on F&F, I had flowers delivered from local shop for her, with a note congratulating her on her courage and honesty, and got a nice public Tweet in response.

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  7. yy4u says:

    I agree Sharyl would be excellent but not sure she was FOR President elect Trump but rather merely reporting as a JOURNALIST.

    If not on board with his policies then she’d be hard pressed to defend them esp. since whoever the press sec is is going to face a really hostile press corps (corpse as President Obama prounounces it and as I think they’re headed for after this debacle on their part).

    Much as I hated Jay Carney, he defended Obama’s policies even when he was made to look like an idiot (about 3/4 of the time). I despise Dana Perrino and she was not as good as Carney as defending her boss, at least until she got a gig on Fox Noise in which she became a loudspeaker Anti Trump.

    Tony Snow was, to me, one of the best.

    Laura Ingraham who has some strange tics at least is on board with President-elect Trump’s policies. I don’t know if Katherine Herridge is pro Trump; if she, she’d do a good job.

    I’d like to see President-elect Trump interview Michael Steele although now that Priebus is CoS that’s probably not going to happen. Steele is a former head of RNC and former Lt. Gov of MD and has worked for MSNBC for a few years so probably knows where a lot of the bodies are buried. Maybe Corey resigned from CNN because HE is being tapped as possible press sec? Kellyanne did a wonderful job on the campaign. What about her? Is it an important enough job for her.

    The sad truth is if one has to find a “journalist” for the job, it’ll be difficult since the media from Fox Noise to MSNBC were all in the tank for Hillary

    As always, Let Trump be Trump.

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  8. Stu in Henderson says:

    I’d prefer Ann Coulter as WH press secretary. Watching her tie the media fools in knots on a daily basis would be must-watch TV.


  9. dbobway says:

    President-elect Trump needs his press secretary to be a “gotcha question” expert.

    They need to take the press to school about their job.

    To ask questions about information we need to know about our country.

    To be journalists not a “TMZ” audition.

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  10. waicool says:

    the press secretary should be a nobody, someone without a name, like that guy in galaxy quest, because eventually, the press secretary has to be taken out and replaced. it’s a dirty job. there are a lot of young great minds who can think on their feet and SPEAK with persuasion and conviction. the idea I always thought would be very effective would be a team of people, like an administration press pool, ideally millenials, men &woman, who rotate the task at will to keep the dialog fresh and unpredictable. A team of future rising journalists who want to establish their names and to show America how simple it is to be great again. eventually, they all will get a little dirty though, it’s that kind of job.


  11. Disgusted says:

    Why is it impossible to get a straight answer from GOOGLE when asking what the last two states to report voting results were, AND which candidate won the popular vote? Snopes is reporting H won popular at 3:00 Monday, Nov. 14th, and claiming she may increase this lead once the absentee vote is tabulated. AS IF! Why don’t they want to report the truth?


  12. sammyhains says:

    President Trump should break up the corporate media monopoly with existing antitrust laws, and pass tougher laws on foreign ownership of US media companies. That would take care of the New York Slimes and Faux News at the same time.


  13. Polish Rifle says:

    Trump’s press secretary will be plucked from his corporate empire. Speculating about which media talking head is best suited for the job is pure unfettered fantasy.


  14. daughnworks247 says:

    Sharyl for Press sec.


  15. average Joe says:

    I googled how to sign up for a pro Trump protest.try it for yourself.see what you get?,I think it’s time for a counter protest!!!!


    • El Torito says:

      I would not. Some Soros buttholes will start in with you and then the msm will report you as a Trump agitator. The idea of Trump remaining silent now is that Obama owns the riots. We need to do the same until the transfer of power is complete.


  16. average Joe says:

    El Torito ,you are probably right.But I just want to do something to counter act this B,s.


  17. dddddancetotheradio says:

    She’s gorgeous.


  18. Buck Turgidson says:

    I like Sharyl much better than Laura Ingram. Laura is a showwoman and strikes me as a bit of a Bushie neocon.


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