Sanctimonious Pontification – #BestElectionEver – Video With Great Ending…

There’s been a lot of these great videos, but this one has the best ending.  Sanctimonious Pontification thy name is…



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  1. More Karmic Kandy Korn! They’re now eating their own!
    ESPN commentator goes scorched earth on ‘flaming hypocrite’ Colin Kaepernick for not voting. So funny, the election results have forced him to say what we all said of Colin Kaepernick: hey’s nothing but a hypocrite! Of course for different reasons, keeping in mind that Steven A. Smith is a Trump hater.

    (Length 13:05 min AND WORTH EVERY DARN MINUTE OF IT! LOL!!!!!!
    ““As far as I’m concerned, Colin Kaepernick is absolutely irrelevant,” Smith charged Wednesday. “I don’t want to see him again. I don’t want to hear from him again. I don’t wanna hear a damn word about anything he has to say about our nation — the issues that we have, racial injustices, needing change, et cetera, et cetera. He comes across as a flaming hypocrite.” (Full transcript here):

    #BlameColinKaepernick LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee love winning!

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    • patrickhenryrevisited says:

      And I’m No Ways Tired Of Their Whining Yet.

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      • SkyPhoenix says:

        Hahaha – I’ve watched more CNN and MSNBC in the last 3 days than I’ve seen in my lifetime because the entertainment factor is way up, seeing them trying to cope with the new reality!

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    • oops! didn’t see that this version has the PILLOW BITER at the end (name unknown, I don’t watch ESPN) who starts walking it back and taking up for Colin, apologizing as only the feminine neo libbers do; but STEPHEN A. SMITH’s rant makes it worth it anyway.

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    • quintrillion says:

      Thanks for write up. Never go to the blaze…no clicks for nutjob beck.
      Never watched any tv only internet rallies and press conferences. I knew Trump would win. No doubt ever, thanks to Sundance. No negative input ever. never watched one second of clinton or Sanders. It was Supernatural deluxe.

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    • I love ALL your posts, MoniQue… I do. I follow you on twitter, though twitter keeps me from getting tweets from those I follow (naturally), but I have to say this and all who want can disagree with me if they want to (naturally!)… but I for one am so incredibly sick and tired of the “black, black, black…” narrative in this nation I could scream!!!

      There is “black” EVERYTHING, television, college, congressional caucus, magazines, there are 20 blacks on football fields and two “others”, same in all sports (don’t watch anyway), etc… This is “diversity”???

      A YUGE part of MAGA to me is to stop all this so called diversity and get back to merit. You either are or you aren’t, can or you can’t, I do NOT care what color you are nor do I need it forced on me 24/7 for a lifetime…

      Whew. Thanks folks, just had to do it. Had to type it.

      With no apologies.

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    • ethicall says:

      Why is there snow outside those windows? I looked on the White House live wed cams and there is no snow. What am I missing?


    • justfactsplz says:

      God heard us Moni and answered our prayers! Trump won. We knew he would.

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    • seventhndr says:

      They had no outrage when he didn’t support his country, but when he didn’t support a democrat… “shit got real”

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    • Got to hand it to the white guy. He said around the 2:15 mark “Think how racist the country was back then” referring to the 1920s. He said back then, when talking about race in a past tense. Good for him.

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      • Maybe, but was this “country” really racist? Or was it some of the people in this country. My peasant family came over dirt poor from a dirt poor country in the 20th century and they were not racist against Negro race one bit. People often speak of black slavery in America, but it was a small percentage of a group of Southern states in the US, it wasn’t all states and it wasn’t all people and many many MANY lost their lives in the CIVIL WAR to end black slavery. Black slavery wasn’t even in all of Europe, only a percentage of countries. I can’t speak to all the countries at this moment, but for sure we did not have black slavery in ITALY. No self-respecting Italian woman would let ANYONE in her kitchen to cook nor allow anyone else to suckle or care for their bambini (childlren and babies). To this day in our village it is considered vulgar and shameful to even hire a cleaning person. We are service-oriented people and prefer to do for ourselves.

        It is obvious who “owned” slaves. They left their mark upon black Americans in the form of SURNAMES. Smith, Johnson, Evans, Williams, Coleman. Not one Italian surname! As I said before, I cannot speak to other countries but there were MANY that did NOT have nor want black slavery. Black slavery was not universal and it was not national in the United States. REMEMBER THE CIVIL WAR?

        For this reason people of Italian ancestry go richter hearing that lie “everyone in America is racist” meme sends us through the roof. It hasn’t been that long since we came to US so it is still fresh in our minds the extreme poverty and rule of Mussolini we fled from. I am sure it is the same for many other immigrants. However, we could easily guess by which language is missing in the surnames of black Americans and know from that. It’s always easy to tell who conquered a race of people JUST LOOK AT THEIR SURNAMES. Even Mexico, all Spanish surnames given to the Indio peoples. Another point of contention, as Mexicans today want to separate themselves into a different race and blame “the white man” aka the cowboys for their loss, but it was their very own people they call themselves HISPANICS, the very word Hispanic is the ancient name for SPAIN! Their people are THE SPANIARDS, aka Europeans aka “the white man.” Check their surnames! What Indio was named Garcia prior to their people the Spaniards conquered the indigenous Indians? I live closeby to SPAIN and they are the same peoples and they are NOT a different race.

        Even with that said does not give the right to blame even the Smiths or Johnsons of today, (I’m assuming most slave owners came from ENGLAND judging by the surnames). They are no longer LIVING!

        We don’t want to forget history because we don’t want to repeat it, however, not forgetting and stuck in the past is counterproductive to life itself. How can the AMERICAN PEOPLE go forward if they are always looking AND WALKING backwards?

        Time to let go of the past and build the future of this great country of America, The United States.

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        • Miss America says:

          MoniQue, you are so right with this post! My grandparents came here from Poland in the late 1920s, but even then their whole family could not escape and some were killed by the Nazis. They were dirt poor in Poland but through hard work became relatively wealthy in America.

          You know millions of white Americans have similar stories, having come from
          Ireland, Italy, Eastern Europe, etc. It has always made me ill to think people might consider me as having “white privilege”. My people certainly didn’t oppress anyone and were escaping oppression themselves.

          The difference is, my people knew how lucky they were to be living in the US. The US didn’t “owe” them anything. America provided them opportunity and with hard work they prospered.

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          • piper567 says:

            Hey, Miss America…your last paragraph is beautiful…
            One of the gazillion pathetic videos of the anarchists currently in our streets shows a very young woman holding up a sign with a “rebellious” look on her face…The sign says:
            This is a teenager who has, you know, not only no education, but no experience. in anything; has never lost a thing in her life.
            Ate lunch with a friend today, and we remarked how this kid would be shot in many Countries.
            These kids are pathetic, know not a thing about their good fortune in having been born in the USA…they know NO US History, and you must wonder how their parents define parenting.
            They certainly do not grasp the concept of opportunity, and hard work has, for them, no context.
            I think one of the succinct observations coming out of this anarchism is the cryptic comment: This is what happens when everyone get a trophy.
            This evening I talked with two wonderful young soldiers who live near me, who were particularly emphatic in their disdain for these youngsters who have never worked a day in their lives….then p**s and moan as if anyone cares for their opinion. Well, they have been schooled to expect their opinions have value. Do not get me started.
            A Very Big Swamp to drain…will take generations.
            So thankful to TRUMP for his willingness to bring on the Drano!


    • mike says:

      I never go to the Beck website I feel he is a traitor and a hypocrite , can’t wait for his website to fail

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      • Political Reviewer says:

        Agree 1000%. Beck is worse than a hypocrite, worse than a traitor. Plus, I think he’s got some serious mental health issues.

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        • olderwiser21 says:

          Totally agree – my friend and I have been saying it all along. He is a completely different guy than he was even four years ago. Unhinged and frantic and so very vague – he can’t put a logical thought together. Something is wrong here (past drug and alcohol use catching up?)

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        • ladypenquin says:

          Agree, likely bipolar with maybe alcohol abuse thrown in. But he isn’t the man he was 8 yrs ago, and his deterioration is continuing.


      • Yesssssss! Thanks! Yes, you’ve got a good point there. I like to give the reference of where I got the source article, however, next time instead of leaving a link, I will just cite the source and not post the link; in this way the source is credited without sending Beck or the likes of Beck any web traffic.


    • Calivet says:

      Kaperpick/Kapersuck is one of the worst players in the NFL. He’s worse then my teams QB (GO RAMS!) and that’s saying a lot. I am glad he is on the enemies team. LOL
      I can’t wait until December 24th at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum when he will be booed and heckled by 80,000 Rams fans.

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    • Sandra says:

      I had to stop watching at 5:41 because I can’t stand these guys debating stupid Colin K’s stupid actions as though Colin K were some political scholar or historian and as though what Colin K is doing is actually important. Colin K is just like all of the other BLM twits, great at putting on the show but he’s got no substance. A rebel without a cause, and a bad rebel at that.. ESPN should stick to sports reporting.

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      • Canada for Trump!!!! says:

        Please put down the remote and back away slowly.
        To really drain the swamp, you need to cut the cord – totally – no more money going fromj you to these criminal terrorist propaganda operations.

        I know it’s fun to watch these leftoid losers heads explode every day, but by continuing to subscribe to their networks and giant cable and entertainment companies and social networks like Facebook, Twitter,, you are just givng them money they will use to attach you with. And your viewership is used as a statistic they can point to “But we have X million subscribers, we must be the trusted source!”.

        Cut all cable and media conglomerate subscriptions, or reduce your package to the bare minimum. Get the internet from a local ISP if you can, or get a basic package from the Big Monster cable company if they are your only alternative. Think of RSBN vs CNN, support the little guys when you can.

        If their cash flow falls, they will have to cut back on programming, which leads more people to cancel, which leads them to bankruptcy. And good riddance.

        Think of the mental health benefits of not having to wade through the septic sewer pipe that is most of our modern medias. You will feel better, believe me. Take the dog for a walk, play sports, do whatever, anything but give these scum you rprecious time, they are so far beneath our contempt they onlly deserve to be ignored.


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    • “trumped up fake charges of corruption” ? They aren’t fake! How the hell are these people so righteous about voting and yet blind about how sick and corrupt The Clintons are?

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      • LOL! In any case, they are now eating themselves.

        And it’s a beautiful thing to behold!

        notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:
        November 9, 2016 at 2:54 pm
        “King James Bible – James 2:13:
        “For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy;
        and mercy rejoiceth against judgment.”

        Let us rejoice then!


  2. Alex says:

    Thank you Sundance for everything you’ve done. I’m a first time poster from Maryland who found your site about two weeks before the election. I can’t tell you how finding this community of insightful and downright fun people helped me get through the lead-up to the election. I’ll be on this site for many years to come. I appreciate you and all of my fellow deplorables. God is good!

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  3. Jimmy Jack says:

    Watching this has confirmed an important decision I’ve been vacillating on for 24 hours now = to buy a pair of American flag made in America cowboy boots I’ve been eyeing but was trying not to buy(budget!). Nah, these are going to be my MAGA victory celebration boots. I will wear them with pride and excitement, possibly even to a protest downtown to laugh at the idiots protesting democracy on the streets of Austin.

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  4. MrE says:

    THIS. Is. Fantastic.

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  5. uvaldegirl says:

    Loved that. The John Oliver segment was the best.

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  6. paper doll says:

    This was the vid I was waiting for ! All the wins without the spin

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  7. Eastwood says:

    This is why the CTH rocks!

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  8. Atticus says:


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  9. Pam says:

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  10. Sam says:

    Hahahahaha! Ahh, the Schadenfreude was a long time coming but now I am going to enjoy every single second of it. We deplorables were right so read it and weep, progressives and GOPe.

    For those who don’t know, “Schadenfreude” is German for feeling glee at another’s misfortune. And I am gleeful, nay, joyous that the leftists and their collaborators in the GOP “establishment or elite” lost.

    And I am pleased that President elect Donald J. Trump is moving full speed ahead, battle stations ready, to transition to the presidency of the greatest nation the world has ever seen. MAGA, President Trump!

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  11. keebler AC says:

    LOL. Winning!

    Read the comments too!

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  12. I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I think this young brave patriot needs our help. I have set up a gofundme campaign on her behalf. Mainly because I didn’t see anyone else do it. I have no connection to this young lady except for my Trump support. Please share this. She needs to know that she is not alone. She was viciously attacked by an unhinged Hillary supporter in her high school.

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  13. mg says:

    The prog. left has plenty of humorless brats. And they are always being shoved in our faces. One would think a comedian could find some humor in the defaulting of the clintonista crime corporation and wieners.

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  14. IMO says:

    Henry Davis TrigglyPuff MASHUP – @Mr_Pinko VIDEO

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  15. Piper says:

    I am going to be one of those people I hate for a minute and post this crap sandwich for you all, but I’m ONLY posting it because I want everyone here to tell me that it is wholey ridiculous and that there is “nothing to see here”!
    Pence has made me VERY nervous from the get-go and I would like Sundance and the Treeper’s opinions- because you are the only ones I trust!


  16. darththulhu says:

    This is all quite delightful, but it isn’t yet enough winning for me.

    As a leftie, I also need to see an equivalent version composed entirely of #NeverTrump jerkfaces. Krauthammer. Kristol. Kelly. Wallace. Baier. Will. Luntz. ROVE.

    Finish with a montage of Fox being forced to call states, and the Presidency, for Trump. Their tears will never cease to be delicious beyond description.

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  17. tradmomof3 says:

    Day 3:
    Canada & Mexico offer to renegotiate NAFTA
    Dow hits all time high since 2011
    Germany admits TTIP now dead in the water
    NYPD FBI still investigating the Clinton/Bush/Obama Cartel …
    Steve Bannon on Exec Transition Team
    Reddit Kids are hot on trail of pedophile ring/trafficking

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  18. catherine says:

    I am a longtime reader of CT, but now is my first time posting here. I have enjoyed the comeraderie of fellow conservatives, Sundance’s thought-provoking articles, and read all of the comments for corroboration of my beliefs. It was sanity in a lonely world. Tuesday night was beyond expectation; watching the press deflate that night, then hearing my liberal friends lamenting /mourning all this week adds to the glow (although watching the violent protests here in the Seattle area causes great anger). Thank you Sundance and all of you keeping me informed and surrounded for the last couple of years. Now the hard work begins to rebuild our government. We have the right President for the job and God in charge! I am optimistic for the USA.

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  19. cuca305 says:

    He who laughs last, laughs best….
    Ann Coulter

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  20. todayistheday99 says:

    Here is one that is posted on /r/the_donald, for those that like extra salt:

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    • Alex says:

      Guess that “big beautiful brown wall” didn’t work out too well for Hillary!

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    • anarchist335 says:

      “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?” says the evil cow. MSM, GOPe, talk radio turncoats, Mook were all telling her she should be 50 points ahead, but not to worry the polsters gave her a 99% chance of winning the White House.

      As the real Great One said, “How sweet it is!”

      Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!


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  21. regedit says:

    …in Christmas spirit

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  22. Squeakywheel says:

    Can anyone name this piece of music used in the montage? It is escaping me.


  23. potid says:

    I didn’t look at,the video. But I always wonder when did we change from those people fighting to be free from ruling UK elites,as one, to fighting each other to protect politicians. Isn’t that what the revelation was fought for? When did United States become we can use the people, and when did people allow it and fight for a politician over themselves

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  24. Tom W says:

    …and Macy’s discontinued the Trump tie product line. I’m sorry, but that marketing decision just cracks me up

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  25. The Truth About the Trump Protests (Length 5:12 min)
    The talented Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet, bomb blasts the butt-hurt supporters of Hillary Clinton and points out their shameless hypocrisy. One of his finest (there is an FU at the end but it somehow feels justified and flows)

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  26. 3x1 says:

    CNN still planting FAKE STORIES after the election

    Remember the hiker that “accidentally” bumped into Hillary the day after the election?

    She was a Clinton campaign staffer.

    All staged. All lies. All the time..

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    • LBB says:

      Varney questioned this early this morning, where’s all the secret service? Guess they could of backed out of the photo, but the panel was trying to discern if this was a legitimate moment. They gave the happening the benefit of the doubt, except Varney wasn’t convinced.

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    • Ace says:

      This is her saying that she’s calm, cool and collected, and not worried at all about what may be coming (arrest).
      I think it has to do with Trump’s meeting with “Obama”. They haven’t got the deal they want yet?

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    • teaforall says:

      Look closely at pic that is not Hillary too thin wearing a winter coat. Hillary is much heavier

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      • bofh says:

        At the risk of re-igniting old discussions, I have to agree with you. To me, that’s the Hillary stand-in that came out of Chelsea’s apartment on 9/11 after the real Hillary crashed and burned at the memorial ceremony. Too thin, too healthy looking. And the real Hillary probably hasn’t been out of bed since election evening, let alone “hiking in the woods”.

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        • TheseTruths says:

          There is no Hillary stand-in. Hillary also looked healthy during her concession speech. She is scary in her ability to look and act like a professional, “caring” politician. She also has looked somewhat thinner during the past few months. And clothing has varied effects. There is no person on earth who looks exactly like Hillary in the face; and that photo looks exactly like her.

          Or — if we want to go down the road that that isn’t Hillary, then I wouldn’t put it past them to photoshop Hillary’s head into an existing pic. But there is no body double that has the exact same facial features, head shape, forehead height, wrinkle pattern, etc., as Hillary.

          If the sun is shining from the left side of the pic, why does Hillary’s face look more washed-out than the other woman’s? Does Hillary’s head look too big for her body because of the camera angle?

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    • DEGinTN says:

      HRC couldn’t take a hike anywhere.

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    • Thanks soooooo much for posting that. I thought it weird that the story was aired. I thought, “She just happened to run into Bill and Hillary together in the woods?” Those two on a nature walk alone? Only if one of them was carrying a shotgun and a shovel.

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  27. Alex says:

    I assume everyone who visits this fantastic forum has resolved not to buy anything from Grubhub until that little clown of a CEO is fired by the Board of Directors. We’ve got to spread the word to boycott this company until the boyCEO is sent packing.

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  28. Rudy Bowen says:

    It must take a truly massive amount of arrogance, self delusion, and stupidity for these guys to do what they do.
    Now I am going to forget they exist.


  29. hugofitch1 says:

    Awesome vid. I’d have added one more thing: the first five seconds of this:

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  30. We all got early Christmas gift! Trump’s win! All I ever wanted for this Christmas was trump’s win! I’m proud and happy to say to all of you here at this site

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  31. Fernanda Powers says:

    I really enjoyed this montage, and a few others that various treepers posted here. I never watched anything from the mainstream media this entire time except for a few clips posted here where various MSM reporters were interviewing Trump or Manafort, etc. Otherwise I got my info from here (watched lots of rallies!) or from @realdonalttrump and sometimes Breitbart (though it takes frightfully long to load on all my computers, so not so much) and paid NO attention to anything the MSM had to say. So I truly had no idea just how out of touch with reality they have been all this time. I watched the very first GOP debate (with all 10 of the leading ones) and it seemed clear even then that Trump was a winner. The way he carried himself, the way he was front and center. And I didn’t even like him back then. I just thought it was obvious to everyone he was likely to be the guy. What I needed to be convinced of (and was) was whether or not he was a good guy. But there was no doubt ever that he could win.

    Now I understand why the day of the election one of my best friends was surprised when I told her of course Trump would win (she was kind of bracing herself for an inevitable Clinton win). And my sister asked me a few months ago, in all seriousness, “do you really think Trump has any chance of winning?” and was taken aback by my confident “oh yes, his chances are very good.” “Um, that is not the message I’ve been hearing.” I was like, “really?” Watching this montage, it all makes sense now. The media have been really hammering a Clinton victory and apparently were genuinely surprised when that didn’t happen. Even in the cleaned up montages, you can see and hear the incredulity on their faces and in their voices. My kids and I followed the election results via the Internet and NO sound, just watched the numbers and the maps, so this is the first time I’m getting the audio of people calling the election.

    I’d pretty much written off anything called “news” on TV as completely wrong, and therefore, irrelevant, for years. And wow, I had no idea just how irrelevant and wrong they truly have been. I sure hope more people will tune them out and turn them off after this spectacular display. Wow!

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    • skeinster says:

      Be interesting to see if any of the introspection some members of the media are putting out there makes a difference.

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      • Political Reviewer says:

        “Introspection” is only a word in the dictionary to the MSM. They are still getting their daily talking points from the DNC and the O-BlahBlah WH.


      • Canada for Trump!!!! says:

        what introspection? they have blamed every factor in the universe for Shillary’s loss except themselves. When they look in the mirror, they see an empty room


  32. I sincerely hope the entire left and these late night hosts and hollywood celebrities stay butt annihilated


  33. kellyseamus says:

    Put it on endless loop. You’ll get higher than Gary Johnson.


  34. ejay says:

    Somehow the video got changed to the video of the pitiful little boy being abused by his mother. I don’t want people to miss the intended video as it’s so good.


  35. Alex says:

    Watching Jorge Ramos blame Trump for the protesters/rioters roaming the streets of our large cities. Truly a vacuous man. Oh, and he couldn’t explain how Trump got more Hispanic votes than Romney. Too funny.
    Ever notice how liberals always name call when they can’t win an argument? Back them into a corner logically and then just wait for the name calling to begin.


  36. The Recent Republican says:

    Meanwhile, Comrade Mayor De Blasio in New York City and Mayor Eric Garcetti here in Los Angeles are claiming they will defy Trump and remain Sanctuary Cities for illegals — including gang members, Mexican cartels, MS-13, and illegals stealing identities and taxpayer money. Because why stop the 113 billion dollar gravy train to foreign nationals?

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    • Political Reviewer says:

      Oh, yeah? We’ll just see about that, won’t we? Couple of tough talking liberal moonbats while their Black Savior is still in office.

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    • Canada for Trump!!!! says:

      yeah, they are pretty funny – how long will they last after their Federal funds are cut off by a Trump Executive Order barring any money from Washington going to “Sanctuary Cities?”


  37. Alex says:

    Me thinks that the new boss in DC will have something to say (and do) about that. Watch the federal money to NYC and LA dry up in a heart beat. And then watch those two spineless dolts fold like a cheap suit.

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    • Proud Texan says:

      They’ll probably just raise taxes on the folks to make up for the lower revenue and call it even.


      • Alex says:

        Wouldn’t be surprised. Because one thing we know is that liberals love to pay taxes.


        • The Recent Republican says:

          Liberals certainly love to raise taxes. Paying them is another thing entirely. Notice all of my fellow Californians who are running off to Texas and Colorado and the Pacific Northwest — only to demand the same things that drove them out of California all over again. Yet another indicator they don’t learn from their mistakes.

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          • My very, very liberal sister and her similarly-IQ challenged husband moved from MA to NH because of “taxes.” I almost exploded preventing myself from laughing hysterically or unloading a big load of sarcasm on her. Very proud of my self-control and restraint!


  38. ejay says:

    The enormity of this election is just barely starting to sink in. What an accomplishment to win when every single worldly power is seeking to destroy! A couple of weeks ago, Julian Assange published an excerpt from his book for Newsweek that is extremely disturbing. For some reason, I just saw it today: ‘Google is Not What it Seems’
    I did not think my opinion of the Obama/Clinton cabal could go any lower. However, I was shocked by the power given to private sector, but connected so-called intellectuals to manipulate geopolitical events. In effect, the Clintons are not merely a connected group of fraudulent foundations, but are a parallel rogue government.

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  39. Betty says:

    Here is a second “In The Hall Of The Trumpen King” video:

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    • Sandra says:

      These videos are so much fun to watch! And sickening too, it’s amazing how brazenly the Dems declared that Trump wouldn’t and couldn’t win, how they laughed at anyone who suggested he could win. I particularly love the clips of smug a-hole Obama.

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  40. Imagine that… the tears aren’t even dry on Hillary’s pillow and the press is ALREADY floating a trial balloon for a “Chelsea for Congress” campaign in ’18:

    Chelsea Clinton being groomed to run for Congress

    In August, Hillary and Bill Clinton purchased a home next door to their primary residence in Chappaqua for $1.16 million, which is intended for Chelsea, her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, and their two children, Charlotte and Aidan.

    While Chelsea currently lives, and is registered to vote, in Manhattan, she could easily make Chappaqua her legal residence…

    EVERY EFFORT must be made to directly link Chelsea to the corruption of the Clinton Foundation. She’s in it up to her ears, and needs to be held accountable for her crimes, just as her parents should be. If she’s not connected and convicted, you will see a “Meteoric Rise” similar to that of Hillary, who shot from FLOTUS to Senator, to Sec State, and then to “Anointed Democratic POTUS nominee”.

    And if that happens, the Clintons will not lose again. They’re crooks, but they’re SMART crooks,and they learn from their mistakes.

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    • Sandra says:

      And did you see the calls for Mooch Obama to run for President in 2020? Like that’s going to work. 🙂

      If Chelsea makes Chappaqua her legal residence then we’d better make sure she’s not taking a homeowner’s property tax exemption on her Manhattan property.

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  41. Alex says:

    Maybe President-Elect Trump can convince one of his adult kids to move to Chappaqua to run against Chelsea.

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  42. valheisey says:

    And then there’s this liberal rant. Makes a good point for both sides .. warning F-bombs.


  43. valheisey says:

    How about this one…

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  44. citizen817 says:


  45. silverlakela says:

    How I’ve been feeling after November 8th.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. HappyAmericanAtLast says:

    Thank you! Made me so happy!


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