Thread #6 – 2:00am Election Results and Discussion

We anticipate several threads with tonight’s historic election results; therefore threads will be numbered sequentially. It’s over  – Trump Won – WE WON !!

election-day-banner-1trump smile 3

Enjoy this as we await the final details…

….You deserve it !!

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1,735 Responses to Thread #6 – 2:00am Election Results and Discussion

  1. Harry Lime says:

    Yay! New Hampshire just flipped to pink again. Just one New England state, please?

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  2. nwtex says:

    um better rethink that.
    Senator Tim Kaine ‏@timkaine 8h

    Thinking about my daughter right now. No little girl will ever again have to wonder whether she, too, can be president.

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    • NJF says:

      What a creep. Little girls haven’t “wondered” that for decades. There have been numerous political, and high powered woman they could look up to, and yet Killry ain’t one of them.

      I sure as hell didn’t raise my daughter to question her worth based on her lady parts.

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  3. Thurstan says:

    There is no doubt a woman can be president. Just not a criminal.

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  4. wheatietoo says:

    A sea of red…

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  5. chick20112011 says:

    More celebrity threats and anguish. another second.

    Janelle Monáe, Cindi ✔ @JanelleMonae
    It’s time for US to RECLAIM This country. U racist, sexist, evil people are not Americans. You are not. YOUR DAYS ARE UP. Mark my words.
    7:14 PM – 8 Nov 2016
    1,387 1,387 Retweets 3,356 3,356 likes

    VEILED threat? How would are days be up? Janelle planning on killing?

    she pitches covergirl


  6. keebler AC says:

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  7. Jhm says:

    It’s 3:30. I’m still giddy wired. But I’m going to bed. I’m prolly going to keep refreshing this page for the comments for at least another 30. We won.
    Really we won!
    God bless America.

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  8. nwtex says:

    We did it Boss! Now, may I please go to my hangar take a YUGE nap….for a few weeks. Thank you, Sir.
    Goodnight Mr President it was my pleasure to get you from here to there and back again zzzzz……

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  9. Is anyone else gleefully and joyfully awaiting Obama’s coments on this?

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  10. Jhm says:

    Never even opened the prosecco. Went straight for my husbands makers 46 when the rolled out podesta!
    God bless goodnight!

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  11. fred5678 says:

    Can’t wait to see the liberal idiots on late night “comedy” shows faint on stage.
    They have been slinging garbage at Trump forever.

    Bite me, you late night cretins!

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  12. JAS says:


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  13. Keln says:

    Sorry guys, I meant to post something great earlier, but I’m just celebrating now.

    Wow it’s been a long, tough fight.

    We won. I said we would, right?


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  14. anarchist335 says:

    Billy Kristol (and your mom) F U! David Brooks F U! ABCNBCCBSCNNMSNBCFNC F U! George F. Will F U! Glenn Beck F U! Mark Levin-Carpenter F U! NYT and WaPo F U!
    Am I a gracious winner? F no! I am the anarchist and now we close the border and stop Barry’s influx of islamic terrorists into our great U S of A. MAGA

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  15. NJF says:

    Gaaaahhh. Can’t sleep. I passed the point of no return.

    Bonus is that promptly @6am I get to watch the Morning Joe crew lose their sh&t.

    Was anyone else watching FBN earlier. Who was that blonde, vile creature who kept bringing up the KKK and all the “things he MUST apologize” to????

    I’m thinking it was theirs one last shot by Podesta & his goons. Cause you know, they have to tarnish his win.

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  16. keebler AC says:

    All kinds of awful if she had won thru fraud. She couldn’t ask for a recount because she’d lose by an even bigger majority.

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  17. Keln says:

    Oh..hey…we won New Hampshire.

    A HUGE congratulations to NHVOTER. Tireless effort to get New Hampshire on the right side of history.

    Thank you so much to her!

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  18. Sherlock says:

    I will miss seeing a Trump rally tomorrow!

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  19. wheatietoo says:

    “What is best in life?”

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    • Keln says:

      Totally should have been Trump’s acceptance speech.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        Maybe he didn’t want to scare all the Special Snowflakes.

        I flipped on MSNBC for a few minutes, after Trump’s speech…just in time for me to hear Chris Mathews say:
        “Well, at least he didn’t say anything scary.”


        Then O’Donnell chimed in and said…”This is exactly the kind of tyrant that the Founders warned us about.”


        Couldn’t turn it off fast enough after that.

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  20. Keln says:

    To all of the beautiful women on here (that is all women), if you happen to be passing through Ohio, let me know. I love hugs. 🙂

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  21. I’m just imaging Michelle’s face right now!

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  22. NJF says:

    Podesta’s twitter feed is glorious!

    For example:

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  23. Harry Lime says:

    Live betting odds at Real Clear Politics now shows Trump at 100%. Ha, Ha, he was in the teens for the entire campaign. Dummies.

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  24. Charlotte says:

    I am SO SOOOO PLEASED. All those internet warriors, the tireless Trumpmeister and JULIAN ASSANGE of WIKILEAKS. Maybe he will get out of that embassy next yr and be able to go home and see his children.I have been sitting at my cuter for nearly a yr 18 hrs a day and retweeting all those Wikileaks to everyone. Along with all the others who did the same. A great sense of relief. And imagine those poor women that Bill raped–the sense of relief for them? They were absolutely afraid that iif Killary won, she’d go after them with a vengeance. And now Pat Smith can feel reassured. We will find out the truth of Benghazi
    And many many thanks to the Treehouse and members Your belief never faltered. You exposed those Demonrats for what they are-truly evil.

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  25. chick20112011 says:

    lots of hate filled hillary supporters at the tag “f*ck white people.endless comments by the hurting,,hatefilled loosers.

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  26. JAS says:

    On CNN now the pollsters going through great lengths to justify why THEY BLEW IT!

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  27. nwtex says:

    Yup. That’s “WINNING” for sure
    President of the United States
    Updated Nov 9, 2016 1:58 AM PST

    276 Trump vs 218

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  28. Sundance and friends .I found this site from another forum link about Jan this year and it was a safe harbor in a violent storm.Also my heartfelt thanks to you SD.I am 73 years old and I said two rosary’s today and when the announcement came tonight that is was over ,I cried like a baby with my wife also bawling. I have to say the American people found out tonight that will continue to choose their President,not the puppet masters.SD just a picture of you or if not are you male or female.We are going to use this site to get this country going in the right direction this next 8 years.G-D bless you and everyone on here.

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  29. anarchist335 says:

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  30. keebler AC says:

    The fraud continues. Keep praying! Safety for Trump and his family. Drain the Swamp! As Trump said, the work continues!

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  31. keebler AC says:

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  32. NJF says:

    Maria looks especially beautiful this morning!!! (FBN)

    Dagen just gave such a smack down on Shillary.

    She said, “she ran on being a strong woman, and then hid in her hotel room, and disrespected her supporters and the nation.”

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  33. sargnickfury says:

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  34. Keln says:

    I want to call out a few people, and this is not an exclusive list, just who I thought of right now as great contributors to our cause of Making America Great Again.

    Bluto – fighting the good fight one Tweet at a time. This American is unapologetic about it. As any good Bluto should be.

    Blognificent Bee – Tireless efforts to promote my silliness all over the web. And obvious love of country. Also representing the Treehouse on camera. And being so cute while doing it.

    NHVoter – Endless, relentless effort to turn the state of New Hampshire into Trump country. It worked!

    Sundance – The consistent voice of reason this entire time. Brother, you have been a harbor for many tattered and battle worn ships. And we appreciate you for it.

    BigMamaTea – If she upvotes it, it’s probably really good. Easy guide to the internet. Just follow what she follows.

    WeeWeed – Just found out last night you’re a girl, so I am shouting out for you because I really love women.

    Wheatietoo – You’ve been on top of stuff relentlessly. Great job centipede.

    NJF – always with a witty comment. I really appreciate you.

    Fleporeblog – where would we have been without your constant data? NEVER QUESTION THE DATA!

    Scully – Bringing The_Donald and 4chan to the masses. Your contribution was totally underrated.

    There are too many to mention and I don’t want anyone to feel left out. Post here if you think I missed you and I will call you out personally on Twitter We are a Great Family. And we are all ready to Make America Great Again!

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Aww…thanks for the shout-out, Keln.
      But your name should be on that list too!
      I hardly feel that I am worthy to be included in such distinguished company.

      Totally agree about the shout out, though.
      I am constantly in awe of Sundance…for all that he does.
      And our merry band of Treepers is a force to be reckoned with.

      We still need to hang tough and help our new Commander in Chief, in any way that we can.
      The forces of evil will not give up.
      So neither should we.


    • Clydeen says:

      Don’t forget Martin! Our official timekeeper of Faith! I want to shout out to some of my fellow tar heels NCPatrick, KBR and RuralNC and Im sure Ive missed some..even Drakken (aka Debbie Downer) its all good brother! The fight is just starting folks, good to know we have a place of refuge. Thanks to all!!!

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  35. wheatietoo says:

    Trump Triumphant.

    YouTube deleted this video many times…but the Deplorables kept posting it again.

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  36. Nonnie says:

    I can’t remember ever hearing a candidate in either a concession speech or an acceptance speech thank and praise the Secret Service. I thought that was remarkable! What a bigly guy!

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  37. anarchist335 says:

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  38. NJF says:


    The news that the Canadian immigration law website crashes and was down for several hours.

    Ha, they probably did it on purpose, bc they don’t want those people either

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  39. Charlotte says:

    And then theres this:

    Malik Obama ‏@ObamaMalik 2h2 hours ago

    My two children died while my brother was President; not even simple condolence. Humiliated and demeaned. God Bless!


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  40. nwtex says:

    Thank you Mr.& Mrs Trump! You shaped the 45th President of The United States!
    Forever grateful, are we.

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  41. nwtex says:

    Are you going to drive that dumpster truck all the way to Canada? Lady Gaga stages protest outside Trump Tower while Katy Perry vows to ‘not let hate lead us’ as Hillary’s Hollywood stars struggle to cope.
    9 November 2016


  42. nwtex says:

    Heartbroken GaGa


  43. nwtex says:

    Last one I’ll post don’t want to litter the thread with all these nobodys.
    Funny stuff over at DailyMail


  44. wheatietoo says:


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  45. wheatietoo says:

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  46. keebler AC says:

    The fraud count is still continuing, attempting to shore up Cankle’s vote count even tho Trump has won decisively. The margin between their wins is being reduced in an unbelievable rate as the total counts go up. There is no way this can happen. I saw a kiss/slap website which shows the rate of slaps to kisses to be 3 to 1 for Cankles so even though Trump won, let it be known there is and was severe fraud going on. Don’t let the media tell you it was close. They are trying to explain the poll and vote discrepancy. We won! But stay en guard against 24/7 media lies.


  47. Preppin247 says:

    TRUMP YEAH… America has a fighting chance now


  48. blognificentbee says:


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