Thread #6 – 2:00am Election Results and Discussion

We anticipate several threads with tonight’s historic election results; therefore threads will be numbered sequentially. It’s over  – Trump Won – WE WON !!

election-day-banner-1trump smile 3

Enjoy this as we await the final details…

….You deserve it !!

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1,735 Responses to Thread #6 – 2:00am Election Results and Discussion

  1. wheatietoo says:

    His 1st Tweet as President-elect.

    He has changed his Twitter Profile…it now reads:
    “President-elect of the United States”

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  2. PCC says:

    With regards to deporting the illegals, consider these two points:
    1. Trump’s approach to get the illegals out has nothing to do with race/creed/religion – -NONE, ZERO, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH . It simply has to do with the (current) law. If you’re here illegally (from where ever, Syria, Ireland, Italy, Mexico…) you have to leave…
    2. The fact that 95% (my guess) of all the illegals are: Mexican, Central American (various); Syrian (non Christian by the way) and other Mid-East (non Christian) is actually evidence of RACIST and ANTI-Christian actions by the current Fed Gov’t / Admin (who let only those select types in.).

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  3. I have been following the CTH for a year and a half. I had recently lost my husband to cancer, the world was in a mess and I felt as if I had lost my sanity. I found this site from Brietbart’s comments and every day I started reading your comments and they were very uplifting. I found I wasn’t the only one that believed this about the current administration and congress. I want to thank each of you for all the positive comments and especially Sundance for all the blogs that were spot on. I will make a donation to Sundance but would like to find an address to mail a check. Don’t like to put my info online

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    • Deb says:

      God bless you. The left wants us to feel isolated, it prevents us from fighting back. Thank God for Sundance, who found a way to unite patriots from across our great country. American is always worth fighting for, and today we have a victory.

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  4. I’m beyond thankful and happy this morning. I’m so looking forward to saying “Merry Christmas” this year. Thank you God for answered prayer.

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  5. Chancellor Jim says:

    I think I love Scott Baio more than Joanie. Congrats to the Hollywood members with a set of convictions and balls.
    Bye Alec

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    • marierogers says:

      a list of celebs who are with TRUMP would be nice to see on DRUDGE!
      when i saw the announcement at 3:15 a m i was overwhelmed..shed a lot of happy tears!

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  6. Tom Hite says:

    I’m guilty of taking pleasure in the pain of others – I’ve been watching MSNBC this morning.

    I am ashamed of myself for this and have turned off my TV.

    Altho I admit am looking forward to reading George Will’s first post election column.
    If he hasn’t harmed himself.

    I will indulge myself one last drink of schadenfreude by reposting the main points of George Will’s last article before the election below.

    His article proves how emotion and petulance can overtake and control even our most articulate.

    Here is the essence of George Will’s final message before the election:

    Will Trump become the first Republican in 60 years to lose whites with college educations?
    Will Trump achieve even Romney’s 17 percent of the nonwhite vote?
    Will Trump hold Clinton in Georgia below the 46 percent that Barack Obama won in 2012?
    Finally, Winston Churchill enjoyed the story of the man who, upon receiving a telegram reporting his mother-in-law’s death and asking for instructions, replied: “Embalm, cremate, bury at sea. Take no chances.” What instructions will Tuesday evening’s returns give to Republicans about what to do with Trump’s approach to the electorate?


  7. Deplorable and Proud says:

    Thank you, Sundance and fellow Treepers. for your encouragement and support throughout this process. You helped save my sanity MANY times! This is the dawn of a new era. For the first time this morning, I woke up not worrying about the country I’m going to leave my grandkids. Let’s roll up our sleeves and help OUR president make America great again!

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