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DNC’s Paid Left-Wing Moonbats March Again – Cupcake Nation Protests…

Van Jones says: “Donald Trump’s election was a white-lash“.  Unfortunately for Jones’ narrative Romney won 59% of the white vote. Trump won 58%, so it wasn’t a racial issue. Feminist Democrat Leaders/Politicians blame gender bias against Hillary Clinton for Trump’s … Continue reading

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Wall Street, Main Street, and Global Economics With a Donald Trump Victory…

As we all begin to filter the impact of a historic Donald Trump victory, perhaps it is important to remind ourselves what should be the primary filter for perspective.. …the economics. For the first time in many decades the chief … Continue reading

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Michael Savage Opening Segment – The Trump Victory…

Popular radio host Michael Savage was a strong, albeit twitchy, advocate for Donald Trump throughout the election:

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Ann Coulter: Trump Victory Was The Defeat of Globalism….

Ann Coulter appearing on Good Morning Britain:

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Paul Ryan Post Trump Victory: “this is the most incredible political feat in my lifetime”…

Worthy to note as you watch this…. Donald Trump won Wisconsin, and Paul Ryan lives in Wisconsin. Donald Trump won Michigan, Mitt Romney is from Michigan. When Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney were running for the White House they did … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle: “It’s a Miracle”…

Through the 2016 election Bill Whittle never believed.  He, like many other patriots, had lost all hope. Here’s his take:

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Phase Two – The Postcard Campaign…

Many of you will remember the Postcard Campaign we began on September 28th, 2015.  We updated, continued and reminded several times throughout the entire election cycle, especially when candidate Donald Trump was taking the most fire.  Mr. Trump received thousands … Continue reading

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