4:00pm Election Day Ground Reports – What’s Going On…

One of the best ways to identify what’s going on in any area is a ground report from the people most familiar with it, that’s YOU. If you are voting today perhaps you would consider sharing a ground report from your town, city, neighborhood or voting precinct.


How’s the turnout? Any issues or concerns? What’s the overall climate amid your voting locales? Please feel free to share your personal perspectives in the comment section along with any links to any information you feel might be valuable or interesting.

What’s going on out there?

The first polls close at 7:00pm in: Vermont, Indiana, Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky and Georgia.  Still lots of time to GO VOTE !!

Poll Closing Times Below (all based on EST):

7:00 PM Poll Closing Time

  • Georgia (16 Electoral Votes)
  • Indiana (11 Electoral Votes)
  • Kentucky (8 Electoral Votes)
  • South Carolina (9 Electoral Votes)
  • Vermont (3 Electoral Votes)
  • Virginia (13 Electoral Votes)

7:30 Poll Closing Time

  • North Carolina (15 Electoral Votes)
  • Ohio (18 Electoral Votes)
  • West Virginia (5 Electoral Votes)

8:00 Poll Closing Time

  • Alabama (9 Electoral Votes)
  • Connecticut (7 Electoral Votes)
  • Delaware (3 Electoral Votes)
  • DC (3 Electoral Votes)
  • Florida (29 Electoral Votes)
  • Illinois (20 Electoral Votes)
  • Maine (4 Electoral Votes)
  • Maryland (10 Electoral Votes)
  • Massachusetts (11 Electoral Votes)
  • Michigan (16 Electoral votes)
  • Mississippi (6 Electoral Votes)
  • Missouri (10 Electoral Votes)
  • New Hampshire (4 Electoral Votes)
  • New Jersey (14 Electoral Votes)
  • Oklahoma (7 Electoral Votes)
  • Pennsylvania (20 Electoral Votes)
  • Rhode Island (4 Electoral Votes)
  • Tennessee (11 Electoral Votes)

8:30 PM Poll Closing Time

  • Arkansas (6 Electoral Votes)

9:00 PM Poll Closing Time

  • Arizona (11 Electoral Votes)
  • Colorado (9 Electoral Votes)
  • Kansas (6 Electoral Votes)
  • Louisiana (8 Electoral Votes)
  • Minnesota (10 Electoral Votes)
  • Nebraska (5 Electoral Votes)
  • New Mexico (5Electoral Votes)
  • New York (29 Electoral Votes)
  • North Dakota (3 Electoral Votes)
  • South Dakota (3 Electoral Votes)
  • Texas (38 Electoral Votes)
  • Wisconsin (10 Electoral Votes)
  • Wyoming (3 Electoral Votes)

10:00 PM Poll Closing Time

  • Iowa (6 Electoral Votes)
  • Montana (3 Electoral Votes)
  • Nevada (6 Electoral Votes)
  • Utah (6 Electoral Votes)

11:00 PM Poll Closing Time

  • California (55 Electoral Votes)
  • Hawaii (4 Electoral Votes)
  • Idaho (4Electoral Votes)
  • Oregon (7 Electoral Votes)
  • Washington (12 Electoral Votes)

1:00 AM Poll Closing Time

  • Alaska (3 Election Votes)


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1,103 Responses to 4:00pm Election Day Ground Reports – What’s Going On…

  1. Barcfsuheatrule says:

    I will tell ya it is very hard to get a driver license in FL and to get a voter card you need an ID I think they have made it harder for illegals to vote here. Around that area there are what 300 400 k voters in Florida that may matter as a buffer. I don’t want a recount and if so FL supreme CT is REP and we got Rick Scott Gov and he is not up for reelection and a early support of trump I trust him

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  2. Howie says:

    DDD Report. Light years ahead of the media. We Got It. Somebody told me so a couple hors ago. He loves me this I know.


  3. CheeseHead says:

    And this was one of the top factors that influenced peoples vote according to earlier exit poll release…

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  4. Zennalou says:

    Vote Counts


    The beast—23%


  5. Barcfsuheatrule says:

    Bill Mitchell retweeted
    Beacon of Truth
    18m18 minutes ago
    Beacon of Truth ‏@FactBeacon
    @mitchellvii He’s 6000 ahead of Romney’s 45,000 lead in Collier County, FL.


  6. CheeseHead says:

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  7. EJ says:

    Funny they are calling for 140 MIL. Or about +13 MIL from 2012.

    GOP voted 60MIL in 2012.

    I think Sundance is predicted a 73MIL GOP turnout for 2016, if I am not mistaken. See how neatly that works out? MONSTER VOTE!

    Don’t let up folks, keep pushing friends to vote to MAGA!!!

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  8. JAS says:

    Don’t ask me where these numbers are coming from but I just went to the Bay News 9 website which is local to west central Florida and look at the top right hand corner?


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  9. AmyB says:

    I got home around 5pm from voting in north central Maryland, which is a rural area. I was the only one with any red on but the polling site was much busier than usual and it was still before most people would get off work. Voting was handled very professionally by those working the polls. The good news is no Hillary signs out front, but there were lots of Trump signs on both sides of the entrance, all in a pretty little row! I’ll take that and be happy about it. After all, it’s Maryland.

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    • Shadrach says:

      Awesome. I voted in MD too….I’m close to the DC swamp, so I’ll take my “one Hillary voter cancellation” as good enough for me down here.

      True dedication is: voting even though you know it probably won’t matter, but there’s just a tiny chance it might. So we get out and do it because it’s the right thing to do.

      (Shaking tiny fist at the DC machine) MAGA!!!!!

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  10. Barcfsuheatrule says:

    Trump now up 23,000 including Indies in Pinellas County, FL. In 2012, Obama won this by 26,000.

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  11. bohemian714 says:

    I’ve been lurking here so long, that I feel I know many of you personally, but I’m a first time poster. I voted at 4:00P.M. in Hernando County, Florida, about 40 miles North of Tampa on this 80 degree day of bright sunshine. Hernando supported McCain in 2008 51.22 to 47.65% (87,901 total votes). Hernando supported Romney in 2012 53.5 to 45.1% (83,593 total votes).
    When I voted today, I waited on line for about 5 minutes, but there were probably 40 people voting at the time. I was #580 in the precinct.
    I noticed a few other voters wearing red, but a couple of the workers registering voters were wearing red shirts.
    BTW, my screen name does not mean that I am a beatnik lol. Bohemia is the brand of piano that I own!

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  12. Shadmoll says:

    First post..you tree house folks have been keeping me sane for the last several months..thank you all..SD your work is amazing..voted trump in az today including sons daughter and 80 year old parents who have never voted republican in their lives..new registration computers at polling places causing huge delays…we are ready for President Trump!

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  13. foncag1 says:

    What do you think about North Carolina with Durham getting extended hours?


  14. scully7 says:


  15. bdc5551 says:

    Ali already voted but a friend of mine says poll lines in Canonsburg, PA are MASSIVE. She isn’t very political and wants to go home. I told her to hang in there.

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  16. CheeseHead says:

    Also in Indiana. Actual vote counts, not exit polls…

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  17. Howie says:

    DDD haz got it…We already won!


  18. shannynae says:

    My son, his wife, my nephew and his fiancé all voted for Trump. They were not sure what to do voters and hubby and I have been preaching the doctrine of Trump for months. I heard from all of them today and they got on the train! That’s eleven. Thanks for letting me brag a little. Been working hard the last two months.

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    • Grace says:

      Brag away! That’s awesome! I got my mom to vote for him in the primary, but lately she’s fallen away from all the media stuff. Sigh. I’ve been praying for a last minute switch to Trump, but we’ll see what she says tonight. Thankfully she’s in a red state, so it shouldn’t matter too much…except to me.

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  19. Barcfsuheatrule says:

    Watching a post from Marc Caputo in Broward it says they voted the most ever in Broward at 601 with an hour left


  20. Surfhut says:

    I live in a deep blue precinct in deep red OKC! Arrived at my polling place 15 minutes early and could not believe the lines. Took an hour to get through. The crowd was a huge mix of different races, a lot of millennial young men in suits, a lot of gray-haired people like yours truly. The young lady in line in front of me tried to vote, but she hadn’t registered! Paper ballot, ID required, all went smoothly. I’m not sure how my precinct will vote but am absolutely sure Donald J. Trump will win Oklahoma.

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  21. penny munday says:

    My precinct was hopping when I voted. Since I had to wait for a machine, I was chatting with the workers who said it was steady all day with nary a break.
    The real story is my mother, who after the convention said she was not voting at all because she didn’t like either candidate. I’ve been putting many of the great indy ads on my fb, as well as links to stories here, Wikileaks and Infowars. She voted today for Trump for President. Yay!

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  22. John Doe says:

    Lou Dobbs is watchable and very pro Trump. Huckabee coming up.

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  23. Arkindole says:

    Florida; Hendry County SWFL

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  24. MDiceman says:

    Just voted in Fulton (Howard County), Maryland at 6:00PM. (Polls close at 8:00.) This area is ~70% Democrat. I was in/out in 10 minutes – far different than 2008. I cast vote# 670 of 1758 (expected), 38% with two hours to go. There is absolutely NO support for Hillary here!

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  25. Humble Soul says:

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  26. Rita Hunt says:

    I too am a first time poster. I have been lurking since Treyvon Martin Days. I love this site! I feel like I am talking (or in my case eavesdropping) on old friends. Thank you Sundance, for your brilliant, thoughtful, intelligent posts that have made understanding this crazy election so much easier. Thank you fellow treepers for your humor, your encouragement and the pithy comments! I have learned so much since I have been lurking. I was so excited to cast my vote this morning. I live in a very small town in NE Iowa. In the last month I have traveled to and from Rochester MN and I have seen countless Trump signs, but only 1 Hillary sign. I will now try to find an empty branch and join the party. MAGA!

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  27. Pam says:

    Here’s something really huge if it pans out.

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  28. LBB says:

    Got to have my much awaited moment this morning to vote for DJT. Did the red shirt , red lipstick motif. My husband vote when poll opened before he went to work. He was #6. I went about 11am and I was #392. Small town in NW Illinois , so I am not sure of impact.. Lots of local races had signs , but I had only seen one H & 2 DJT previously. All candidates signs represented outside.
    No indication of the feel for poll, but I did get one nod & a smile when I was leaving, so I’ll take it.

    Going to be a eventful night here. xxxx oooo

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  29. Pig Scrub says:

    We went to the polls about a quarter to 6pm (central NY). There was a short line; the workers said they’d had a steady stream all day. Two more Trump votes for the popular vote tally.

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  30. Red says:

    Mr Red just home from work said he read something on Drudge saying the evening vote will be high….Mr Red said that’s because all of the Trump supporters will be getting off of work….😀

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  31. big bad mike says:

    My best friend is so confident Trump will win – he booked him and his wife into the Trump Hotel in Chicago for the Party this afternoon. He is a very good handicapper and a very lucky guy. He is usually right. Hope the streak continues.

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  32. Humble Soul says:


  33. cheekymeeky says:

    I was a poll flusher in Portage County Ohio in a 60% Republican area. I don’t have any hard numbers yet but R turnout was way up! I have no worries about Trump taking Ohio.

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  34. frangelica1 says:

    I just voted for Donald Trump as my American President !

    In this area of NJ, it is a small community in winter! There were two police officers stationed outside eyeing me as I approached the entrance in my red shirt. I was able to walk right in and there were a lot of people there since they had 2 districts voting. I checked about the machine I used to vote and she told me it is not connected to the internet and all votes get recorded to a tape for preservation and counting. All the poll workers were very nice and told everyone to take your time! No paper ballots! A lot of cars pulling in and I had to park across the street.

    I was the only one wearing red!!!!

    I wrote my name in against some council member that never got back to me regarding a problem I had in the township as a form of protest! He was uncontested!

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  35. Jan Sanne says:

    Shrill never gave people a reason to vote FOR her. She has nothing to offer and her negatives were too much. Late deciders went for Trump. Millions of new voters and those who haven’t voted in a while like me went for Trump. Stage 2 complete. Drain the swamp is next.
    Day 1 – deploy the military on the southern boarder to help the BP while ICE rounds up people who have committed more than the 1 crime of crossing our boarder.

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  36. fred2w says:

    Report from Brookland in Washington, DC

    Just got back from voting for Donald Trump. Except for him, I voted Libertarian and Independent for the down ballot races.

    Outside my polling site (elementary school), I saw a couple of sidewalk volunteers, but they were pushing local candidates. Typically, you don’t see signs for national candidates at this site.

    When I entered the school, I had no line to worry about since the poll workers outnumbered voters. This site isn’t heavy traffic, but it was clearly higher when Obama was on the ballot. So I signed my name to get my paper ballot, but the poll worker didn’t ask for ID. (Blame that on far left Democrats.)

    Despite the sparse turnout , I was identified as voter #772 when I submitted my ballot. I mentioned this to my wife, who said she was the ONLY voter in the school when she voted around 11:30 am. She suggested that voter traffic was trickling in throughout the day.

    I don’t believe DC is turning red tonight. But Trump might do a better second than expected since there is no real energy for Hillary. I can count Hillary signs on one hand in my neighborhood, and the bumper stickers are just as rare.

    So praying in Brookland for a big Trump win. #MAGA

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  37. Brian Drake says:

    It’s a beautiful day here in Livermore, CA, and I went to vote at an elementary school around the corner from the house. The most difficult thing I faced was finding a parking space and figuring out the box in which to sign my name when they checked me off the voter list, because apparently I don’t understand instructions well, hahaha. The poll worker told me, “No, hon, the other box.” (When they call you “hon” it means you’re extra stupid.) Ahem. But anyway. Paper ballot, no other issues except friggin’ CA has no Republican running for Senate, so I voted for the Democrat opposite Kamala Harris to try and block her, but she’s the new superstar so it’s probably moot.

    It wasn’t terribly crowded, and only one person, a poll worker, was wearing a red shirt.

    Praying hard last night and a little today has given me a great sense of peace and optimism so Lord willing we are going to come out on the other side winning bigly.

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  38. Pace says:

    Please help. Who or what is DDD??

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